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Floppy Drive Imperial March -
So all the music was just the sound of the Death Star booting up. Nice Find - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Infographic: The History of Networks (Social Studies Blog) -
More companies are using the free-cycles of their graphic designers to create infographic advertisements. Education for you, viral marketing for them. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Mexico based designer - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
BP Oil Spill Response Parodies Flood YouTube [VIDEOS] -
Only the BP spills coffee one is funny, very very funny - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Titan's atmosphere oddity consistent with methane-based life -
I remember reading somewhere that the ultimate purpose of life is consume and covert free energy. By that standard, the purpose of intelligent life (expressed in humans) would be to uncover and consume difficult to reach energy stores (such as oil and other hydro-carbons) - it's good to see this model is being played out elsewhere. Where there is energy, there is life. Burn baby burn. - Ben Shoemate
Robert Scoble
Want some inspiration? Watch this, and learn how I discovered it because of today's plane crash:
I learned about this because of Janis Krum's blog. He was the guy who took the photo of today's plane crash and posted it to Twitter. His blog is here: -- want some inspiration? Think things are hopeless? Watch that video and see if don't find some inspiration. Thanks TIm Ferriss and Janis! - Robert Scoble
The paths we find things through are pretty weird. I know Tim personally but haven't had time to get to my RSS feeds lately. But, they come to me anyway. One of the lessons I've learned in my "media snacking" journey. - Robert Scoble
That confirms it. I SUCK! - Ron's Home And Hardware
I got to Janis' blog from his Twitter account. His photo today made me wonder who he was. - Robert Scoble
Really cool video. Even cooler back story as to how you found it! I'm starting to get this FF thing! - Troy Malone
✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ This is precisely what I'm talking about, Robert. Thank you. - michael silverton
there's this kids 15 minutes of fame... - Terry O'Fee
Terry: because of Twitter our fame allotment has been extended to 19 minutes. Didn't you get the memo? - Robert Scoble
This was meant for me today. right now . next week. next lifetime...thanks - bcultral
I don't know if traditional market models can ever catch up to these phenomena. - michael silverton
Robert - this is the first time you have made me cry - great find, thanks for sharing it. - Ben Shoemate
Great find Robert, Nick speaks at our church all the time and all over the world, he hangs out after he speaks and he greets every single person who waits in line and gives everyone a hug. Here is Nick's site - Kelly Johns There's a video floating around of his whole presentation and it's pretty awesome. - Paul Reynolds
Wow. Thanks Robert. - Nicola Quinn
Amazing! - Amit Morson
I'm just grateful all survived so CNN breaking states! PTL! - Melanie Reed
Very inspirational. The guy has done amazing things, and I definitely get the message - right up until he starts in with the evangelism. Is it just possible he could have achieved the same things on his own - or with a support system that didn't carry the Jesus branding? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Hi Mary, a heavy duty topic worthy of it's own thread, IMO - michael silverton
Mary, I don't think it is a matter of Jesus "branding", it is his testimony, it is a genuine explanation of how he's been able to overcome his circumstances. I don't think Nick would be the man he is today if he would have "done it on his own" - Kelly Johns
Moving, thanks! - Alexandros Georgiadis
Tears in my coffee cup. Good way to start a day of opportunities for those with more. To whom much is given, much is expected. Thanks for sharing...awesome. - Carl
Kelly, I suspect you're right. Especially since he's a preacher's kid. And I really do get that it can take a huge spiritual foundation to overcome big obstacles. But just once I'd like to see an inspirational story that doesn't turn out to be a lead-in to a Christianity message. Are we - as a culture - as Americans under the First Amendment - saying that nobody can overcome great obstacles who is not a Christian? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Let's see some examples of great inspiration from the secular world - or the other religious and spiritual traditions. For instance - Stephen Hawking has lived decades longer than anyone with ALS normally would. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
True. I made the mistake of watching a second video. And - the language in the first video is the lexicon of the Christian brand: witnessing, faith, God's plan. Witnessing and the idea of God's plan for a person or a community don't exist in, for example, Judaism, and the concept of faith in Judaism is rather nebulous, at least in the Reform tradition. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Just saw this post randomly. Hope things are well. - Janis Krums
Ben Shoemate
Message to Mosquitoes: Urine Trouble -
I imagine that to make sure this pesticide is truly safe to use, scientists will make sure no other animal makes use of these pathways...right? - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Dick Cheney Admits to Torture Conspiracy -
Isn't this the same guy that justified invading Iraq by saying "Saddam is a madman who tortures people". As far as I'm concerned, America turned its back on torture in 1776 and I'm not willing to go back. This is a principle worth fighting for. Today they may only torture the people "suspected" of being terrorist, tomorrow it will be those suspected of maybe knowing a terrorist, then it will just be people they don't like. Being free comes with a price - that price is tolerating and protecting freedom in others. No one is free if they are afraid that their own government has a flexible policy on pre-conviction punishment and torture. Imagine a world where your afraid to speak or even start a business that might compete with an established and corrupt corporation with powerful friends. Somehow, your name "accidentally" ended up on a terror suspect list. Under our system before Cheney, your just held and inconvenienced while your name is cleared. After Cheney you may be tortured to... - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
I've seen this before but didn't know this toilet was in Houston, I'll have to check it out. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Abandoned Coal Plant: Well, That's Depressing [Image Cache] -
In my dream office, when I'm on a video conference call, this is what people would see in the background. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Sewing machine / -
I have always wondered about how a sewing machine works...even after watching this graphic I still don't think I could explain it very well. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
I think its important to read the comments on this one as it seems the author might have gotten it wrong. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
The Fake Freeway Sign that Became a Real Public Service -
Someone needs to do this in Atlanta and add the little Airplane symbol to all the signs going to the airport - I miss the turn every time. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
How Conceptual Metaphors are Stunting Web Innovation -
very interesting read - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
wow....just wow. Really inspirational. At a time when google is growing ever more omnipresent in our lives with access to most (if not all) of our digital lives on their servers and thus operating with more trust than what we allot the government and often more than we give our friends and families if you really think about (people will google questions they wont talk about with anyone after all) - it is a great feeling to know that perhaps that trust was not completely misguided. Google is big, but they are not as big as China. They will most likely lose this battle and it will cost them. Microsoft and others will be tempted to capitalize on Google's losses. But I hope they don't. I'd like to see corporate might facilitate the peaceful revolution we all hope for. Today - I Support google! - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
America’s Most Expensive Cities -
I'm really surprised to see Houston above DC I would have thought Houston really much lower ... I guess times have changed in the last 5 years... - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Government Jobs Have Overtaken Goods-Producing Jobs -- By: Stephen Spruiell -
This is a copy of this chart which has more info http://themessthatgreenspanmad... also remember this does not show the services industry which is where most people work. Manufacture jobs decline with machines while gov grows with the population... - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
It's funny cause its so true. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
With IE 9, Microsoft fights back in browser wars -
IE 9 - and I just debugged another app to work with IE 6...again. sigh... - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
The IsoFlow Infusion Catheter Allows For More Precise, Powerful Cancer Treatment -
This is one of the best ideas I have see this year. Really smart. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
A New Calendar Can Solve World Problems, Says Galactic Research Institute [Paranormality] -
WTF!? How can something so meaningless have such great graphics? - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Humans Aren’t Going to Mars — or Anywhere Else — Without More Money -
Is it just me, or does the "flexible path" plan sound like a recommendation to build a starship Enterprise. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Memory and mood: Negative emotions nullify a problem with recall -
I was actually thinking about memory over the weekend. It seems to me that our mind uses language to "objectify" the present into words. Once our surroundings are broken up into objects, a narrative is stored in our minds as a memory. If a memory has no corollary to a present object, for example if you see something once, but then never see anything like it again and can not describe it with words, it is be difficult to retain in memory. Once it's described with words, you can remember the words which are a low bandwidth recipe to recreate the event. Since words are reusable, they take up less space than storing the experience itself. We always imagine robots as having high-bandwidth memory. That is, a detailed audio-visual-tactical recording that can be replayed in high fidelity. But that would take a lot of space, and the memories would not actually be adding to intelligence since they would be of no use to understand other events, to compare and contrast until they are broken down... - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Our Health Care Problems Are More Vivid When Presented in Colorful Graphical Video Form -
Everyone needs to watch this video to help understand why we need healthcare reform to change the way doctors and hospitals make money - not based on the quality of services, but the quality of health. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Burial Plot next to Marilyn Monroe for sale on eBay -
Here is a disturbing trend that is sure to catch on - selling the land your family is buried on. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Bonhams To Hold Big Sales At The Venetian In Las Vegas -
If any one is looking for gift ideas for me - bookmark this. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
FCC Takes On Apple And AT&T Over Google Voice Rejection -
This is why I pay taxes - go get'em boys! - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Google Similar Images: A Glitch? -
I think this blogger misses the point that these images ARE very similar. And as a sub-set of the larger set are dead on. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Moral of the story - don't go to Dubai. - Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
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