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That hour just flew on by. Thanks for chatting everyone. #Manwich #NoPhoneZone
RT @mommacuisine: I LOVE ALL THE TIPS & STORIES OF FAMILIES AROUND THE DINNER TABLE! That is what #MommaCuisine is all about! #manwich
RT @lisanoel03: Hungry for more #Manwich and meal ideas? Sign up for bi-weekly emails for mealtime inspiration
A9: We also have a book of conversation starter questions that is on the mantle for nights when the conversation is stagnant. #Manwich
A9: We play 3 good things or High/Low. 3 good things about the day or their high point and their low point of the day. #Manwich
A8: Dinnertime as a family is a great bonding time, so much more relaxed at home. #Manwich
Q9: What do you do to keep your kids engaged while at the dinner table? #Manwich #NoPhoneZone
RT @rychepet: @TaraNoland Q8 Kids learn more from us than we know---cooking should be one of those SKILLS :) #Manwich
RT @ahytts: @BenSpark Q8 Teaches them creativity when you involve them and that home cooked food is so much better. #Manwich
RT @harmonykumfer: @BenSpark I enjoy including my grand daughters as they enjoy putting side dishes together with the meat and they will eat #Manwich
RT @TwoDartMom: @BenSpark Q8 It brings us closer together as a family making memories together #Manwich
RT @mommacuisine: Q8 Cooking at home creates traditions, family bonding, home economics, and basic skills! #manwich
Q8: For the final prize tonight: how do you think creating and cooking meals at home affects your children? #Manwich
Q7: What are some of the misconceptions about cooking at home? #Manwich
Q6: I am the worst bad snacker offender. I guess that to have my kids eat healthier snacks I should, too. #Manwich
Q6: Fourth prize question. How do you get your kids snacking during sports and activities? #Manwich
A5: I try to get the kids to help with the meal if it is something new, then they are curious about it. #Manwich
RT @mommacuisine: Kids love macaroni, have you ever considered adding #Manwich to it?
Q5: Who is ready for the third prize question? How do you get your kids to try new foods and ingredients? #Manwich
Q4: What inspires you to cook for your family? #Manwich
RT @mommacuisine: @BenSpark @mellanhead I use my @kenmore slow cooker RELIGIOUSLY! #manwich
Q3: Second prize question, how do you choose which meals & recipes you’ll be cooking for the week or evening? #Manwich
Q2: What are the biggest obstacles with getting the family together around the dinner table? #Manwich
Q1: For the first prize question, what are your favorite childhood memories around the dinner table? #Manwich
Anyone on the #Manwich Twitter party hailing from MA?
RT @Daddymojo: @BenSpark @mommacuisine I'm tweeting from a place that has a kitchen...#Manwich
I am so happy to be a co-host of tonight's #Manwich Twitter Party. Are you guys excited?
RT @kittylover1313: @mommacuisine They are awesome prizes!!!! Good luck everyone!!! #Manwich
RT @mommacuisine: Welcome everyone to the #Manwich Twitter party! Where are you tweeting from tonight?
Re: Giveaway: The Step2 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor! -
"I want the Skyward Summit. My Son just spent a ton of time climbing one of these at play group." - Drew
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