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RT @SG: Pay us the extra dollar or the pedestrian gets it. < A little too late for that threat isn't it..?
Apparently Liverpool 'fans' in NYC wear pink shirts...
. @sfoutsidelands It might be worth taking a look at your confirmation page. White on grey isn't the strongest look.
.@adamclyde you'll be pleased to know that I'm making my annual pilgrimage to the baseball tonight. I"m sure it'll be riveting.
That's one way to spell it RT @TheBikeValet: @benwhiteSF excepting pre orders, we won't bill until we ship. Details on the site ;)
Good evening Oakland
Things I don't like about America. When an emergency alert goes off in your building with no context, first thoughts go to a crazed gunman.
CNN cites that plane dipped below 4,000 feet. Not to be crass but wasn't that obvious given it crashed?
RT @harrymccracken: Drew Houston says that if Dropbox can save every user 15 minutes, that's 7800 years saved.< and irrelevant
Surprised I've not seen any tweets from @abothman to @adamclyde yet.
You, once you've discovered your first sloth to adopt @woodlandalyssa
RT @mjasay: Is Mozilla saying that it only respects a certain kind of speech? I find the treatment of @BrendanEich appalling.
If there is a more satisfying thing than deleting meetings from my calendar then I don't know it.
.@dsarno @marksluckie Do we know if it includes bloggers (professional and otherwise)? Likely wont make up the gap but would be more telling
Well I don't think we were expecting this: #ChampionsLeague
And so the #AprilFoolsDay jokes appear. First up @VirginAmerica and @nest solid start, gets progressively worse
RT @ThePeterHa: bc that’s really how it works RT @Techmeme: Office for iPad and other initiatives show Nadella's Microsoft is already on a better course
RT @tim_cook: Welcome to the #iPad and @AppStore! @satyanadella and Office for iPad
Meanwhile Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' 40th anniversary edition on @Spotify. Don't mind if I do.
.@SAI @LisaEadicicco reports on MSFT Office for iPad by doing no reporting herself. Strong work...
Absolutely brilliant intern resume made from lego - someone hire this girl stat:
RT @hughlaurie: There is no more depressing, morbid, life-denying word than "ew".
Despite #googlenow's best efforts, I still don't want to watch Hannah Montana The Movie.
Well this @att blog didn't play out quite as was they had hoped
Client compliment of the day "it's the body" in reference to my godly athleticism... thanks @abothman
Leverage, divide & conquer, avoid duplication .................
Truth: When you say "you know" in meetings, there is a 90% chance that they in fact do not know because you don't either.
An interesting, though already understood, concept of where marketing is heading and why it's bad for ad teams:
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