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Uber ride so far: boyzone and Celine Dion. 5 stars or 1?
MT @garyvee: Snuck on wifi real quick, realized I didn't out an "out of Twitter" notice up #offtheGrind[r] for 2 weeks,
FFS RT @cfarivar: Los Angeles Police Investigate Shooting of Unarmed Black Man
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Daily News memo on Robin Williams is, uh, wow.
If this was done by any other company, the (tech) press would lambast it for the weirdest kind of ambulance chasing
RT @BBCtrending: Gunned down The African-Americans fighting against media stereotypes #IfTheyGunnedMeDown
RT @JamieSport: She doesn't have a name of her own, of course.
Accidentally interrupted these two on date night
Classic date night material
Interesting news coming out of @biteglobal. A restructure that very likely should have happened 4 years ago
You're welcome World - deep fried boozed courtesy of the homeland
RT @dabeard: Updated, interactive: Who has been killed in Gaza: combatants, adult civilians, kids
Vancouver, you rarely disappoint
And of course our old comrades in arms and trend setters @adamclyde, @shellynoel and of course @abothman. #junipernetworks
Incredibly proud of the team behind @junipernetworks as its recognized as one of the top social brands on @linkedin
Very, very well done RT @gretchbender: Watch the Greenpeace-Lego attack ad via @Adweek
Brilliant RT @BostonDotCom: ‘How to Survive the Running of the Bulls’ Author Gored at Running of the Bulls
RT @jamesdotwarren: Wow. Just wow
RT @luckyandi: congrats to @cricketwardein on your new role at @EdelmanPR/@EdelmanDigital! the west coast is lucky to have you back!
Cue the tech community regurgitating and reinterpreting every sentence of the @WSJ article on Apple. #redundant
I was convinced the piece on football being gay because of its shoes would have come from @ChrisMatyszczyk.
Brilliant - 16 yr old kid makes app to track all money accepted by US politicians from corporations
RT @bentonstrong: More than 60 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. 60. People. Should lead every news show in America:
RT @PaulBegala: Tim Howard is so great at blocking things the Republicans want to make him Speaker. #USMNT #IBelieveThatWeWillWin
RT @kellyfineman: Possibly the best summary I've seen today:
Thank fuck for hotel wake up calls
Today is the Lion King's 20th birthday. I know @plangley15 will celebrate this with me
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