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Berci Mesko, MD

Berci Mesko, MD

Founder of, author of, health 2.0 consultant, Wikipedia administrator doing PhD in personalized genetics
Be Healthy And Get Rewarded--Incentives Driving Engagement In Health And Wellness by @JohnNosta
Human extinction risk and uncertainty: Assessing conditions for action
Social Media in Clinical Practice: The #hcsm handbook!
The New Bionic Sports of the Future Transhumanist Olympics
Smart skin patch knows when you need your meds #medicalfuture
Curated news about the future of medicine
What science fiction can teach big business
I just sent out The Medical Futurist Newsletter 21/07/2014 -
From Doctor to Futurist: Step #8 My Own Methods
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Going Fully Digital as it Opens in 2015 #medicalfuture #healthIT
Immersive Infections #medicalfuture Very thorough article about the bio- and dataterrorism of the future.
Does Illumina Have the First $1,000 Genome? #genomics #medicalfuture
AdhereTech Gets $1.75 Million And Second Patent, Readies Next-Gen Smart Pill Bottle
Monitoring Drivers’ Health With ECG-Sensing Car Seats
Via @nprnews: Big Data Peeps At Your Medical Records To Find Drug Problems #hcsm
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Digitális kórház épül Abu Dhabi-ban -
A Fully Digital Hospital Opens in 2015
A Fully Digital Hospital Opens in 2015 -
A Fully Digital Hospital Opens in 2015
Utrecht Set Become a Global Center For 3D Bioprinting #3dprinting
Susannah Fox is leaving Pew Research She has done an amazing job!
My blog about the future of medicine
Intuitive Surgical Exec: Here Is Why Robotic Surgery Is Useful
IriTech introduces the FiDELYS smartwatch
Computer or Human Caregiver?
Google And Novartis Tracking Diabetes With Smart Contact Lenses
Friends Who Are Unrelated Share A Surprising Amount Of DNA
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