Berci Mesko, MD
What should the next Scifoo Lives On Second Life session focus on?
Some new topics. Perhaps focusing on how people are supporting and implementing collective intelligence and openness in their work - Deepak Singh
Thank you, Deepak! Any suggestions for speakers? - Berci Mesko, MD
Pierre, Andrew, Cameron, and of course, the usual suspects. But we should go outside the Biogang as well. - Deepak Singh
We have a whole new area on Second Nature island for SFLO - it looks a lot neater - Jean-Claude Bradley
Pierre has started a discussion on RDF - I would like to see him or somebody do a brief poster on that - Jean-Claude Bradley
@JCB, sorry you won't see my on SL. At this time this is too *geek* even for me :-) ... and my laptop only runs under linux. As people are interested about RDF+science I may write a presentation about this subject in the next days. - Pierre Lindenbaum
Idea 1: What about a session about collective intelligence and openness in the work of scientists? (as Deepak suggested) - Berci Mesko, MD
Idea 2.: Specific examples how doctors and scientists use the tools of web 2.0. - Berci Mesko, MD
Idea 3: The best and most famous educators who organize simulations in Second Life (Ann Myers Medical Center, DougPennel, Imperial College of London, NHS London)? What do you think? - Berci Mesko, MD
@Pierre - don't worry about it - you'll hear about what happens on FF anyway - Jean-Claude Bradley
FF = collective intelligence - we could meet about that certainly - Jean-Claude Bradley