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RT @LandOfHistory: Thanks to special riders like @PaulRevere1734 #Revere the local militias had ample warning #LexCon
RT @PaulRevere1734: "Noise!" I say, "you'll have noise enough before long. The Regulars are coming out." #Revere
RT @modstgodds: I am enjoying reading Paul #Revere 's tweets thru the night better than the Watertown fire fight last year! @PaulRevere1734 Godspeed Paul!
RT @HstryOrg: #Revere was not alone in this - the web of messengers was vast and complex - but his courage on that fateful moonlit night is not forgotten.
RT @PaulRevere1734: From then on until Lexington, passing through Menotomy, I stop at each house, warning of the Troops' approach. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: I wake the Captain of the Minutemen in Medford. This is no time to sleep! #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: My journey has become dangerous. By Good Fortune this Mare is quick and strong. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: With good Fortune, I get clear and the Redcoat gives up the chase. I keep a fast pace 'til Medford. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: One Officer gives chase, but I have a head start. He tries to cut me off heading o'er a field but gets stuck fast in a Clay pond. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: In a heartbeat, I turn about & gallop back pushing for Medford by the longer road. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: Unfortunately those British Grenediers were on horseback and heavily armed. #Revere
I am on sitting on pins and needles and refreshing like mad. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: They have seen our signals & have already dispatched a messenger to Lexington and Concord. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: While my horse is prepared, a fellow patriot tells me he came across 10 armed British Grenediers on his way down from Lexington. #Revere
Anyone headed to #NGS2014 in a few weeks?
RT @PaulRevere1734: Safely arrived in Charlestown, I meet Colonel Conant and other 'Sons of Liberty'. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: The moon is rising, hiding us in deep shadow. The Soliders on board are quiet. We must hurry before they stir! #Revere
RT @PaulRevereHouse: An artist's portrayal of @PaulRevere1734 being rowed across Charles River w/British warship in the distance. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: How will we avoid the HMS Somerset? If the Regulars see us, we are dead men! #Revere
RT @karmstr112: In case you don't know, you can also follow @PaulRevere1734 ride on an interactive map #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: A sigh of relief as I see my two friends in the boat waiting for me. Lights flicker on the Man of War in the distance. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: My mission is of Capital importance. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: Our spies report to Dr. Joseph Warren. They say the British soldiers that occupy Boston are readying boats and equipment. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: Dr. Warren fears the soldiers aim for our powder stores in Concord, or, worse!, our leaders in Lexington. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: I must reach Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: As leaders of our movement, they could be arrested and hung as Traitors! #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: The Regulars are already stirring, will the cover of Darkness be enough concealment from Patrols? #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: Before that though I must go to see a friend about the signals. Two lanterns, I tell him, as the troops go by water. #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: Doctor Warren is agitated. When will the Regulars make their move? #Revere
RT @PaulRevere1734: Clever Dr. Warren has sent two riders, myself & William Dawes, to Lexington. #Revere
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