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RT @ChipMonkMedia: On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the Great War ended. #RemembranceDay #LestWeForget ❤️
Illinois and American Revolution
Signed up to adopt a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. #church #walkthewalk
RT @birdsblooms: This birding hotspot in Florida showcases a variety of beautiful birds. Do you have a favorite hotspot?
RT @RagLinen: Smithsonian shows some love to Journal of the American Revolution and George Washington's ivory (not wooden) teeth
RT @USGS: UV light proves an effective tool diagnosing white-nose syndrome without harming the bats:
Blackbirds Eating in the Dead of Night | Audubon Magazine via @AudubonSociety
George Holmes and John Calvert are now approved patriots for #NSDAR.
Drumming my fingers. William Hill had a grist mill in 1782 in Fauquier co. but didn't pay tax in 73 or supply flour to the war effort. Odd.
Why Do Americans and Brits Have Different Accents?
As wind funnels thousands of songbirds to Duluth, reports of dead songbirds are on the rise | Duluth News Tribune
RT @geneabloggers: 23andMe Ancestry Composition: Comparing Full Siblings #genealogy #dna
RT @geneabloggers: The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution - giving the vote to women - passed today in 1920 #genealogy #blogging
2 hours, no intermission. To battle! #Macbeth @ParkAveArmory
Although I am a Robertson, tonight I have been assigned to Clan Cawdor. #Macbeth
Wandering the rooms at the Park Ave Armory waiting for #Macbeth to start. #armourthyself
Well. Bit the bullet and ordered a DNA kit. To see what is what, or not. Have you done it?
Working on my CDXVIIc app and although John Endicott is my ancestor and a product of his times; what a jerk.
Finding Your Alaskan Gold Rush Relative.
Fave session today was Lacopo's Breaking Down German Brickwalls. Funny, Informative, a little racy. #NGS2014GEN
RT @mlangsdorf: #ngs2014gen Many people thanked me today for telling them about James Beidler Great article in FTM with websites for German research 😃
I bought 2 of the German lectures to use as possible DAR programs.
RT @ancestry: Meet Rebecca Whitman Koford dressed as one of her ancestors holding a photo of her 5th great grandfather. #NGS2014Gen
Loving this game. Bought one for a door prize. #NGS2014GEN
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