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Techstars’ Cohen Opens Up About Attracting Investors, Raising Money | Xconomy via @xconomy
Feld Thoughts: Pubble Q&A – #askbfeld
[Video] Introducing the NEW Techstars TV & a video on the impact starts have on the world:
Re: David Einhorn: ‘We Are Witnessing Our Second Tech Bubble in 15 Years’ -
"I think Ben Horowitz did a nice job of tearing apart Einhorn's specious and self-serving assertion. Rule #1: Everyone has an agenda. Rule #2: If you an entrepreneur, ignore the noise and focus on your agenda. Rule #3: Never forget Rule #1." - Brad Feld
Re: Meditation and the Narrative -
"Awesome story. Clay Christensen is so amazing." - Brad Feld
Re: Book: Things A Little Bird Told Me -
"Not yet." - Brad Feld
Re: Book: Things A Little Bird Told Me -
"One of my favorite words." - Brad Feld
Re: Book: Things A Little Bird Told Me -
"Biz on Colbert - never did, but I'll go watch it right now. Here it is in case anyone else wants to watch it." - Brad Feld
Big day for the Colorado Startup community. Launch of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network.
RT @PivotDesk: It's time to rethink the 5 year lease #startups
At @returnpath board meeting. I've been involved for 14 years. #playingthelonggame
Feld Thoughts: Book: Things A Little Bird Told Me
Book: Things A Little Bird Told Me -
Gee - another predictable morning - David Einhorn Just Cried Bubble And Let Slip The Shorts Of War
yeah @rajatsuri - i'll give SVep3 a 6 of 10. i laughed a few times finally. i'll hang in for ep4.
ugh. i give SV episode 2 a 3 of 10. Hoping episode 3 trends up.
Ok - i give Silicon Valley Episode 1 a 5 of 10. Trying episode 2.
as much as I'm resisting it, i'm going to go give the Silicon Valley TV show an honest try. More in 90 minutes (or less)
Corporate Acquisitions Of Startups -- Why Do They Fail? - @sgblank nails it again!
RT @kerryritz: highly recommend @hertling Singularity Trilogy-hybrid AI/human world-loved The Last Firewall. cameo appearance by VC @bfeld.
RT @KelseyJMorgan: @techstars is hiring Hackstars and Associates for their Los Angeles program. Learn more and apply here:
A Makerbot Sculpture of Me
RT @AndySack: Techstars isn't just a 3-month accelerator - It's a network for life! Read about @Iseff 's experience with @techstars
Re: A Makerbot Sculpture of Me -
"Ooh - I see a snowshoe app in my future." - Brad Feld
Re: Meditation and the Narrative -
"I'm halfway through Season 3 and my mind is blown. And the Hound definitely has a code of conduct." - Brad Feld
RT @sether: you knew this was coming. the colorado cannibis capital summit. http://rockiesventureclub.wild...
RT @jane_knows: Counting down to my new book's debut. Still time for a free sample: #sleepyourwaytothetop
RT @StockTwits: At its peak, RadioShack was a company worth $15 billion. Today, it hit an all-time low --> $RSH
Feld Thoughts: A Makerbot Sculpture of Me
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