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Rochelle *boom* Hartman
When your patrons log in to your public workstations, do they have to click on a massive internet use policy or something short and readable (that no one actually reads)? Anyone have a super swell, concise policy to pass along?
no. ours log in to standard university system - which has no use policy. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
nope, ours just login and aren't presented with any type of policy or anything - Sir Shuping is just sir
Giant long unreadable policy that no one reads. - laura x from iPhone
I bet you could make a Twitter contest out of this: best sub-140-char computer-use policy... - RepoRat
Giant long unreadable policy that no one reads too. We have one when you try to access our IR too - aaron
we have this *at work* (not a library environment). i know most don't read it because there are incomplete sentences ... - henry
I suppose "don't be a dick' wouldn't work? - barbara fister
We have a sentence or two as you log in to the computer, doubtful that many read it. - Kathy
We assume that they have read the internet use policy brochure. If they act up, we call them on it. We leave the onus on them to read the damn thing. Sekret Agent Fister, I would LOVE if "don't be a dick" would work, but there are too many definitions of the word dick. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
"Don't be a dick" works for me. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
When you login via our ezproxy, after you enter your userID and password, click submit, you get an additional page after that, showing the Appropriate use policy, which you have to "Accept" before getting forwarded to the resource. You do this each browser session. Fortunately, last year, we finally agreed that this was redundant to make our members accept each time they login, due to comments in our library survey. It is especially annoying on mobile 3g etc. - aaron
laura x
Who all has admin privileges at I can't update the WP install.
I seem to have admin, but the update is asking for an FTP password for your account. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Yeah, that's what I got, too. - laura x
betting blake just needs to adjust something on the server. i know he moved my site recently, maybe was moved just recently as well. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Blake fixed it for me when I got that message. - Jenica
That happened on both my blogs with the last update. I wonder what happened. - lris
I think in updating the servers and moving sites around, a certain bit of code has to be written into apache to allow updates to happen from the web vs. updating from the server. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Ah, sorry, permissions, try those updates again! - Blake
Relax, Blake doesn't care about updates. No big thing. - barbara fister
ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ - Blake
Heheheheh - lris
Walt Crawford
When UC Berkeley's library was promised $6 million a year in additional funding, comparisons were made to Michigan. Now that the NCES 2012 data is out, I did a quick reality check--normalizing all numbers to be 2012 dollars (that is, increasing earlier figures by inflation rates). Here's the skinny:
In 2002, Berkeley's library system had a $65.9 million budget (in 2012 dollars), while Michigan had $55.3 million. - Walt Crawford
In 2012, Berkeley had $47.3 million--$18.6 million LESS in inflation adjusted dollars--while Michigan had $63.8 million--$8.5 million MORE in inflation-adjusted dollars. - Walt Crawford
So $6 million is a start, but only a start. (Yes, Berkeley has suffered the largest budget cuts of any library in Carnegie Classification 15--the old R1 and R2--that fully reported in both 2002 and 2012. In fact, it's more than twice as big a hit as the second-largest loss.) - Walt Crawford
Actually, you can remove that CC limitation--it's by far the biggest cut of *any* academic library responding fully in both years. The four worst cuts are all on the west coast, three of them in California, two of them UC campuses. - Walt Crawford
But hey, $6 million more per year is at least a step in the right direction. - Walt Crawford
Thanks for the reality check. "Saving" the library seemed a little exaggerated, though as you say, better than nothing. (It also requires half a million from the faculty yet to be raised, iirc.) - barbara fister
Based on the stories, I think "saving" the library is justified, in that further shrinkage would require shutting down many of the branches (and there's already been some consolidation). Still...having the modest increases-over-inflation that Michigan has had would be great for Berkeley. And improbable. - Walt Crawford
[Davis is also in the most-loss four, and some other UC campuses aren't doing great either. Now that the Calif. economy's beginning to pick up, I hope we'll see more positive change in the future. But I'm a hopeful sort by nature.] - Walt Crawford
My student and I wonder, is the hashtag an act of flashmob curation of public opinion?
It's also an individual's response to loneliness / powerlessness / marginality. - Steele Lawman
And its status as context-provider leads right into #sarcastic #bullshit and #spam - Steele Lawman
wait. I thought amassing assault rifles was an individual's response to loneliness / powerlessness / marginality. - DJF
hashtags, assault rifles, and pornography. - Steele Lawman
On twitter, maybe. Here on ff...not so much...mostly. - Steel Penguin Slippy
I like to think of them as a metanarrative - maʀtha
it's a hook-and-eye connector to other people. Also, mass cataloging of very short texts. - barbara fister
I want to ask my colleague / Internet law professor about this! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We have added a checkbox to our reference/appointment stats for if the appointment is about going to library school.
Happy to be a referral on that one. :) - RepoRat
:) - lris
I think I need that on my consults report. - kaijsa
Send 'em to me! - Lily
Do you get many such questions? - aaron
I used to get a lot more of those visits/shadows. I've become a lot less flagwaving for the profession than I used to be. So many of the visits I've had are with local people who are bound by geography. There are only so many library jobs in town.... - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
The last couple of years it seems like I've gotten a couple questions about this each year. - lris
I don't get these questions. I have, however, probably talked a couple of people out of library school though at various points. - Hedgehog
MPOW sent a recent grad to library school a couple-three years ago. She was one of those "suddenly realized that she wanted to be a librarian" types and worked at our actual library for a grand total of one semester. Wonder how she's doing? - Catherine Pellegrino
I think I have spoken in person (not counting emails) to a grand total of 3, mostly final year students., graduate students finishing up their degrees wondering what to do...2 are working as librarians now, 1 is in the same place even. 1 decided to do a phd instead. So I have a "success rate" of 66% - though it's hard to say if they have made the right decision. - aaron
Lately we've had 2-3 do internships with us annually, and they almost all go on to library school. I forget how many librarians we've tracked down who are alumni. - barbara fister
Sir Shuping is just sir
yay!!!!!!!!!! had a professor ask me who he could talk to about OA and was able to say "me." First professor in a while that has asked me about it. He's an editor of a journal and he's got some awesome ideas and I'm going to talk to him more about them.
Sweeeeeeeet! - RepoRat
I'm excited about it and that he doesn't want to just have a traditional journal posted on the web, he wants to be able to encompass a bit more. Their web person is Lincoln Mullen and he's doing some interesting stuff: - Sir Shuping is just sir
Duuuuuuude. - Joe - Systems Analyst
you win the Internet today! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Nice! - barbara fister
Awesome!!! - laura x from iPhone
Yay! - Galadriel C. from Android
very cool! Would love to hear about where this goes! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Good job, you! - Meg VMeg
thanks all! once i know more i'll share :) he's already got plans in motion and i'm just happy he's going to let me be a part of it. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Awesome! - Tamara J. B.
Meeting with a prof about his first library instruction session led to discussion of what the need actually is, led to him brainstorming about including me as a lab component for the research methods class they are designing for the major. W00t w00t baby!
did that start with your inviting him for coffee? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Awesome! great opportunity. We have been doing this with political science - lab described here: - barbara fister
Love it! - Jen
Actually, it started with my syllabus blurb, and then he invited me to coffee! It's the magic tool! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Awesome Barbara, thank you! I'll admit Research Methods isn't my preference for this kind of thing -- I've always wanted to do a lab component for the first research class in the major, walking them through the variety of research opportunities when they have a topic in hand -- but I'll take it! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Crime and mystery fiction
Thanks Rob - Jose Ignacio
How wonderful! Thank you muchly. - barbara fister
D'ya think anyone would mind if I just put my head down and nap on the reference desk?
nope. i fully support it. - Sir Shuping is just sir
you might get a neck crick, though - maʀtha
*sends a pillow* - Marianne
Napping in sympathy - I'm a Mondaynight librarian too. ZZzzzzzz. - barbara fister
*zzzzzzzz* - Betsy
Mondaynight Sympathy sounds like it should be a sonata. ETA: It would probably be quite soothing and pleasant to sleep to. - Deborah Fitchett
Home, in bed, nearly sleeping. Mmmmmm - lris
Night night. Don't let the bed bugs bite. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of Russian able to help me with a PDF? Or tell me how to get text from PDF so I can use Google Translate?
you should be able to open the document, select the text within the pdf and copy it. Then paste into google translate. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Really? huh Okay - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I did not get the "paste" option in GT after I copied it. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Sometimes in Reader you need to use a menu Copy option rather than Ctrl-C. And sometimes there's no text behind the PDF and you can't copy it. - Walt Crawford
Pretty sure the latter is what's happening. So, I reiterate my request for assistance from someone who can kinda read Russian. Thanks! I am pretty sure it's a rejection letter for a position, but I'd like to give patron a bit more. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
You can try me - fister @ (Very rusty, though) - barbara fister
Courtney F got me an in-the-ballpark translation. Thank you, Special Agent! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I read Russian. karlsej @ - JffKrlsn
laura x
Some of you know that a friend of mine from long ago, Suzy Wolfe, was the victim of a double homicide, along with one of her sisters, at their home in Pittsburgh on Friday. I'm posting here as well because one of their other sisters, Jen Wolfe, is a librarian at the University of Iowa.
I don't know if any of you know her personally or professionally, but she and the whole family could certainly use your prayers. - laura x
Here's some of the news coverage: - laura x
Oh, Laura. That's just awful. Loving thoughts for their family. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
omg how awful.... - VALZ SCARLETTS MAMA
How sad. I'm so sorry. - barbara fister
A pipe burst in our main library penthouse overnight, flooding tech services plus our five floors of stacks. Water flowed down through the telecom runs, soaking each floor through those closets. Even though one faculty office was hit hard, most of the damage to the collection is confined to three boxes of gift books. It's amazing, and credit goes
to our custodians who started cleanup fast enough to save the stacks areas. - kaijsa
I was pretty useless, showing up at the usual time to a library well under control and open. Our administration, staff, and student employees were really amazing and were here starting at 3am and working for hours to clean up. Just wanted to share that I work with some pretty amazing people. - kaijsa
Wow! - Katy S from iPhone
Yes. Wow. - Betsy
Wow. - Rachel Walden
I've been seeing the temps (or lack thereof) up in Laramie thinking of you. Guessing I should have been thinking of Coe instead of you. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Wow indeed. That's some great luck combined with hard work. Kudos! - Jenica from iPhone
Thanks, all. Joe, it's warming up a bit (to the teens!), but snowing again for the next few days. We're hearty up here in SE Wyoming, but it's getting old. - kaijsa
oh gosh - maʀtha
Wow. - Steele Lawman
Yipes! - RepoRat
Wow. Well done! - Catherine Pellegrino
Go Wyoming! - laura x from iPhone
I want to know what goes on in the library penthouse. *waggles eyebrows* - Marie
oi. Custodians are the unsung heroes of libraries. - barbara fister
I get a lot of "Show students how to find x scholarly articles on the database in 50 minutes" instruction requests. I'd like more student participation vs. me doing a database demo. For ex, I think group work would be a good alternate option but the computer lab set up (and non-movable equipment) in the instruction room make that difficult...
..1 thought I had was to get student volunteers to walk through the databases and have students call out suggestions to them-assuming I get volunteers. Any suggestions welcome. I've been looking through articles & blog posts and not finding many things that fit my restrictions. Thanks. - YvonneM
I just came back from a class where I showed them a canned Venn diagram, explained the process, and then asked them to create their own diagrams. I put a blank one on the board & filled it in with one team's topic. … you could expand from that to have them do some searching -- but at least that'd start them with some interaction. … I find they're pretty willing to talk if I get them off on the right foot. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Since I could bore myself *ded* in 50 minutes, not to mention the students, I tend to show them how to start and let them search for the remaining 45 minutes. If they don't have topics, it's a little trickier to set them up to explore their options. Basically, I started doing this when it dawned that when given a short amount of time to search they asked me things I'd just explained at length. So I now skip the explanations. - barbara fister
Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. :-) - YvonneM
Man, if I knew how to make this specific request more participatory, I'd be a much happier librarian, I tell you what. I've tried what you're proposing and had it go over like a LEAD BALLOON -- but other librarians I know do that all the time and it works great for them. So much depends on your student body, ow they're socialized, what kind of classroom environment they're coming from, etc. - Catherine Pellegrino
What I've been doing lately, which is kind of a variant on what you're proposing and on what Barbara does, and which seems to work well in groups where you're pretty sure that either SOME of the students have had some library instruction before, or ALL of the students have had some instruction before, is this: I ask the professor to ask them to bring in one article/item that they could... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
what I keep thinking I'll do is a flipped session, have the students do online tutorials ahead of time and use the class sessions for active learning. - maʀtha
Martha, I tried that too, a while back, and a) had a hard time finding tutorials that covered the material I wanted to cover and b) they didn't watch them. But, again, it works great elsewhere, or so I'm told. If it works for you, RUN WITH IT. - Catherine Pellegrino
yep, I've run into both of these issues - maʀtha
Kind of like what Catherine said, but needs less pre-planning: Getting students (usually the ones who claim to know everything already) to come up and do the demo has worked really well for me. I find that most students really want to see their peers succeed, and will jump in with helpful advice. I can chime in with additional ideas for refining, etc., but find that having a student run... more... - kaijsa
So excited to see this thread as I have a similar class next Thursday. I'm going to ask that students all come in with one article they found on their own before class and also send out a three question google form asking them about what they would like to see covered. You all rock! - Jen
^^^ brilliant. Thanks for the awesome. - barbara fister
Nice! I just emailed a prof about this and he agreed to have them do this. :-) - YvonneM
Jen, could you send me a link to the Google form? - YvonneM
I've also gotten participation up by concentrating on building out keyword maps. When a prof doesn't give me any sense of a topic, or just a really broad topic, I take that and get two keywords from it, e.g "Facebook and depression". Then I pair them up, tell them to take 5 mins or so in an academic encyclopedia on sociology, look around, and add keywords to their list. We talk about... more... - Regular Amanda
^^^word to this. Active learning FTW. - kaijsa
What kinds of things do you consider when you're asked to sit on a journal editorial board?
is it OA, what have they recently published, where do they do outreach. - jambina
what if it's not OA. dealbreaker for you, jambina? - Marie
I'm not jambina, but it would be a dealbreaker for me (said the person with tenure). - Stephen Francoeur
peer-review (or not), subject scope, how long they've been around. - YvonneM
I *might* consider it if it gives authors control over their work - retain copyright and have a non-exclusive arrangement with the journal so that they can self-archive without a big hassle. I did once resign from a board because the publisher did something I found unethical. - barbara fister
Belong to any of the truly evil nasty big pigs (T&F, Elsevier, probably Emerald)? NOPE. Next. YMMV. - RepoRat
OA is a dealbreaker for me. some of that has to do with my gig though, gotta walk the talk. - jambina
You are being asked to do volunteer work. It makes sense to ask yourself if the cause is just. - RepoRat
You people are delightful colleagues. Thank you for your responses. - Marie
Happy Birthday to our very own Jambina!!
Happy birthday! - Pete
i will put the requisite #fuckyeahbuttercup ... Happiest of birthdays, Amy! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Happy birthday, babe! - RepoRat
Happy Birthday, and let me just state for the record that "Jambina" rocks as a screen name. - MoTO ChilliSauce
w00t! Happy Birthday! (And B is right about the screen name.) - Catherine Pellegrino
*tosses confetti* - lris
Happy, happy birthday! - Galadriel C.
happy birthday! - Sir Shuping is just sir
¡Feliz cumpleaños, querida Amy! - Eric Sizemore
thanks you guys! - jambina
Happy bday jambina! - Joe - Systems Analyst
Happy, happy, happy, Amy baby! - Ruth Kneale
Bon anniversaire ! - barbara fister
Happy Birthday! - Katy S
About to start drafting examples of "information literate assignments" for teaching resources page. Do you have any you're willing to share?
this has some we recommend to our faculty: - ~Courtney F
feel free to use anything from this workshop handout (a Word doc) - barbara fister
This handout (Word doc) was used in a faculty development workshop at MPOW recently: - Catherine Pellegrino
^^^ those are awesome! - barbara fister
Catherine, those are fantastic! Thanks all! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Now to cull and shape. Cull and shape! A good, usable libguide tab will come from all this wonderful, it truly will! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We're working on something similar. I have various materials from workshops, but our instruction coordinator is working on a libguide, which will be much nicer. My eye is on this space, too! - kaijsa
I would like to copy several/all of the ones Catherine posted for our website, but I'm not sure how to give attribution... just say they are from Saint Mary's? although I'm not sure from what you said that they are actually from SM... - JffKrlsn
Hi JffKrlsn - the handout I linked above is mostly my own work (I think there's one in there that I cribbed from someplace else and incompletely cited) and you (or anybody else) are welcome to use, copy, transform, mutilate, or otherwise muck about with it however you want, with or without attribution. Good pedagogy wants to be free. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, terrific! This is an old thread, glad I was able to find it. Those assignments are great. - JffKrlsn
You can see how our instruction librarian referenced our handout at (the handout is at the bottom) - Rebecca Hedreen
Feel free to use any of this document that might be useful - - barbara fister
Campus marketing just launched the new university Homepage. It is *Entirely and explicitly* marketing and recruitment. They've created a new homepage (with a stupidly, formerly well-marketed name that meant something different) for people who actually work or attend here, or need actually university information. I feel so 1997.
our marketing and on-campus sites are pretty explicitly separate. it's put us in a strange spot as the library because they want us on the marketing site, but we feel we should have a better presence in the on-campus stuff - ~Courtney F
There is a very long email discussion going on among the ref staff at our 2 branches trying every search we can think of from the site. We cannot find our libraries. We cannot FIND our libraries! It's like they've created a sub-net of just marketing pages, walled off from actual university sites! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
our university home page is pretty much marketing focused, but they have made it fairly straight forward for employees & students to maybe get to where they need to be (or at least in the general vicinity. Which is good, because searching is useless). It is nice to know, though, that the library appears in no fewer than 3 links on the main page (it's in the footer, it's in the menu under students and in the menu under Faculty & Staff). - ellbeecee
Also, I finally found the UNR libraries after clicking on where I expected it to be (Academics, Support, View Centers (OOPS, BAD LINK) and the link from OOPS BAD LINK to the site map. Hrmmm. - ellbeecee
(glad to know it's not just us!) Up until yesterday, there was a sliding bar along the top that contained the 8 essential links for UNR-actual folks -- including the libraries. Did that really take up too much real estate? it was tiny, and slipped open when you clicked on it. And WAS USEFUL!!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I sometimes think marketing wants to hide the library - interferes with marketing a lifestyle choice that looks tempting to their imaginary target 18-year-old. My 18 year olds, back in the day, weren't fooled by website-as-viewbook. They wanted to know what was really going on. (The younger one turns 30 today - !!!!!). - barbara fister
oh well doesn't everyone just google for the library site anyway? :p - aaron from BuddyFeed
barbara fister
DO anybody no? Overview of how academic libraries are faring financially since the crash? asking for a journalist. Story out of Berkeley prompting big picture question. My brain needs reboot.
Well, ARL has reports-n-stuff, but that's obviously a small subset of "academic libraries." ACRL does some stats too, and that would be a broader respondent pool. Lemme look. - RepoRat
oh awesome, it's for pay. respondents get free access, so buddy up with one mebbe? - RepoRat
yeah, I wish ACRL could free the stats. I hear the federal library stats thing is going to go away, replaced by a few questions in IPEDS, which may make ACRL stuff more valuable. - barbara fister
The 2012 NCES data should be online in a week or three, I think (but don't quote me). Taken in concert with the earlier biannual surveys, it provides some information. And the price is right. (Barbara: I *hope* you're wrong: the NCES academic library reports are extremely valuable.) - Walt Crawford
Here's the address for the NCES academic library datasets, 1996 through 2010; presumably 2012 will show up there when it's available: - Walt Crawford
And, ahem, although it doesn't cover much since the crash, The Big Deal and the Damage Done (based on NCES 2000-2010) does include some massaged data about overall spending (which I assume to be equal to overall funding). Most academic libraries did not keep up with inflation from 2000 to 2010, quite apart from serials prices. ("Most" = a slight majority.) - Walt Crawford
The link for that (for ebook and campus-licensed ebook, go to Lulu and search "big deal damage done"): - Walt Crawford
it's a very good reference for this question. Didn't think about the overall stats in the book. Thanks! And as for NCES data, I'm afraid the damage is done, though I don't have any link to share explaining what the plan is.. - barbara fister
If true, that would make the 2012 figures--which most definitely *will* come out--a landmark and the period between 1996 and 2012 open for all sorts of analysis that will be harder to do down the road. Depending, of course, on what the IPEDS questions are and whether the answers are at all comparable. - Walt Crawford
Here's a preview of the new collecting form from IPEDS. I'm sad that the services data isn't being collected any more. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Thanks, Lisa. Love that first question: is the library collection entirely electronic? No? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Oh, wait ... I lapsed into a fugue state for a moment..... - barbara fister
Hmm. If the results are made available in a coherent matter, that would allow me to do about two-thirds of the stuff I'd like to do (maybe more), although there are some serious pieces missing. Including what Lisa sez. - Walt Crawford
Karen Meek
Henning Mankell about his cancer | Henning Mankell -
Very sad news, indeed. - Jose Ignacio
Oh, that really is very sad. - Margot Kinberg
Oh dear. - barbara fister
When reading the post my first thought was I will look forward to his observations. My second thought was no one can look forward to reading about cancer. My third thought was I hope not to be reading posts about his cancer for an extended period but his spare description suggests a long journey is before him. - Bill Selnes
When you do weeding, do you use the word weeding in communications to patrons? Or do you call it something else? We're crafting a letter to faculty.
I suppose if you want to be really 1984, you could call it "resource reallocation." :) - Katy S
Heh - maʀtha
Maybe I'm overthinking it. - maʀtha
Improving browsing and discover ability . :p I'm not allowed to weed though, not at mpow anyway. - Hedgehog from Android
I would not call it "weeding" but rather "withdrawing materials from the collection." There's no need to be weasely about it, but there's no need to be unnecessarily off-putting--as I think "weeding" would be to some people. - Steele Lawman
When we weeded 10-20% of the collection we took Steve's tack. It ruffled feathers, but they've since come around to seeing it as a good thing. (We assured them the stuff we weeded was low use, and now they admit it's easier to find things on the shelf and they don't miss anything we tossed.) - kendrak
we called it "pruning" last summer with our faculty - ~Courtney F
Deselection - Christina Pikas from iPhone
A friend of mine had a list of 20 different terms for weeding. My favorite is performing collection control. - Zamms
We're not allowed to weed - DJF from Android
collection control. Love it! - holly #ravingfangirl
we call it de-selection. - Jenica
never ever, David? - maʀtha
If something is lost, we can remove it from th catalogue. Otherwise no. It just goes into deep storage. - DJF from Android
er, why? - maʀtha
I think R1s don't weed in general. - lris
We're not allowed because "we're the resource library" --although, my science librarian deaccessioned/recycled a lot of bound science journals when we closed his library. My student are currently "working on a weeding project" which involves 2nd copies and a very very limited other list of things. Even pulling 2nd copies though will open up a lot of space for us. - Hedgehog
Usually weeding. Our grad dean calls it scrubbing the shelves or closet cleaning. Some libs call it repurposing cause we either send to Better World Books or they end up pelletized for heating buildings. - Kathy from Android
I wish we could just throw the damn things away. (not all of them, just the deaccessioned ones) - Steele Lawman
Book burnings are efficient, of course. - Zamms
Editing. - Lisa Hinchliffe
^^^ Lovely. I wish that would be understood and accepted. - barbara fister
"Collection evaluation" or" collection review," with a description of "withdrawing" titles that meet x criteria. - Freeda B.
Thanks for validating my instincts about this, everyone - maʀtha
Welp, I guess we are sticking with weeding as the term of choice. - maʀtha
I call it weeding but usually try to explain in a quick sentence or two WHY libraries need to weed. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Jason P
Does anyone have an easy/effective way to convert from Goodreads CSV format to something that Zotero can import? Seems like it should be easy, but I haven't found a tool that can do it. Thanks for any ideas.
I've done this from LibraryThing, but no idea about GR. - barbara fister
I could probably write something that would do a quick and dirty job of it. If you have a Mac - DJF from Android
It's not actually for me, David -- it's for a grad student. I was hoping that there was an existing tool out there! I appreciate the offer, though. - Jason P
The League of Extraordinary Librarians: a reader's advisory course for TCCL staff - Home - http://leagueofextraordinaryli...
"This course consists of 15 lessons (the last lesson is a quiz) -- choose to do one or all, depending on whether you want to be a so-so librarian or join The League of Extraordinary Librarians. (Hint: the more lessons you complete, the more extraordinary you will become.)" via - Betsy from Bookmarklet
Oh, AWESOME. - laura x
Very nice (though it makes me sad that "customer" seems to be the term used for people like me who use public libraries). - barbara fister
There seem to be a few public librarians who adamantly prefer customer to patron (or user or member of anything less 'businesslike'). Fortunately, it's relatively few, but it includes some "thought leaders." - Walt Crawford
We're supposed to say "customer" at MPOW. - Betsy
Cool. I'd like to do this but so rusty on publib stuff - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Betsy: And that's a shame. Libraries aren't businesses, patrons don't pay you each time they take out a book, and the whole model is unfortunate. Not your fault, I know. - Walt Crawford
A few years ago, we had a speaker (sorry, totally forgot the name) who recommended we use the word she said patrons use to refer to themselves: members. I've actually had people refer to themselves as such ("Sorry, I'm not a member of your library, but..." If we had to change the word, I'd rather use member than customer. - Betsy
Quite possibly Joan Frye Williams: she suggests that word. (She's also a friend and good people.) - Walt Crawford
Yeah, that's her. - Betsy
Yeah, I like member. Aaron Schmidt has written about it, too, IIRC. - laura x from iPhone
As a public library patron, "member" sounds fine to me. Years ago, IIRC, we ran a poll on the subject--and "member" didn't get much traction. (More than "customer," though.) - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Just read RTennant's piece about being a "high-functioning introvert," and I'd like it...except that the title's suggestion that introversion is some form of malady or disability bothers me. A lot. It's like being a high-functioning left-handed person (or a high-functioning...nah, let's not go there.)
Was he referring to himself or to other people? Because if he's referring to himself, perhaps he feels like introversion is something that has held him back. If he's referring to others, that's a bit insensitive. - Steele Lawman
He's talking about himself, but with things like "This is the life of a high-functioning introvert," it's hard not to take it as more general (but then, RT tends toward that). Read it yourself: - Walt Crawford
A lot of people with autism who are called (by others) high functioning have issues with that label, e.g. - barbara fister
That "high functioning" phrase has gotten a lot more popular. From Sherlock? - Rebecca Hedreen
laura x
Hey, according to someone on GoodReads, I'm "clearly a liberal, also a Catholic." #nightsweats
For the record: Radical. Episcopalian. - laura x
You liberal/radical Catholic/Episcoplians... - lris
Episcopalian: Protestant, yet Catholic... Radical indeed ;) - Michael W. May
Hardcore liberal but Catholic-lite. - Steele Lawman
High Catholic pope-lite liberrl. - barbara fister
Crime and mystery fiction
I am looking forward to this one, though I am generally a serial-killer abstainer. McFetridge is a good writer. - barbara fister
I wouldn't class it as at all typical of the over-done "serial killer" novel. He has a lot more going on in it. - col
Trying not to feel too guilty about calling in sick when we're scrambling to cover shifts during Midwinter. Blerg.
It's not your fault that you're not well right, regardless of who else is in or out. Now, If you'd said "Haha! I know Jimbob, Joe and Sue are all out at midwinter and I don't want to do extra shifts so I'm just going to be sick so I don't have to deal with it" well, that'd be wrong. But you're not doing that. ;) - ellbeecee
if you don't stay home and get better, it will be worse in the long run for the department. And for you. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I can understand that feeling and I know there have been times when I've been made to feel that way, but like the others said you're sick and your health is more important. I hope you feel better soon - Sir Shuping is just sir
Don't go in and make everyone else sick! Then nothing would get done! - Rebecca Hedreen
Hope you feel better soon - maʀtha
Feel better, iris! And feel no guilt. Your wellbeing matters more than shift coverage. - barbara fister
Feel better! - Meg VMeg
Christina Pikas
today was the first time i'd heard of knowledge unlatched ( - does anyone know how this is different from is it just that it's things that are already published or...?
yeah, that's the basic difference: KU wants the money up front to publish at all, whereas is going after stuff that's already published. - RepoRat
Also - when I looked at it, it seemed to be a package deal, not title-by-title. - barbara fister
KU reminds me a lot of SCOAP3, actually. If only any of the titles were at all relevant to MPOW's subject focus. - Deborah Fitchett
Its a consortium arrangement so institutions subscribe to a package of books to cover the costs of production from a range of publishers. Total price is set up front so institutions have an interest in growing the program contributors. Its clever and seemed to work for a first round. Maybe something in this for journals in AHSS as well. - Cameron Neylon
Great... some library vendor found my gmail address, so now I'm getting vendor spam and documentary film spam on my personal email as well.
I tried to click the "unlike" button, but I couldn't find it. - barbara fister
Man, those documentary film many emails. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I blame Google+. Sorry. - kaijsa
Catherine Pellegrino
I am utterly perflummoxed by the highlighted statement on an item in our collection. Is everything I know about copyright law wrong? Can someone explain to me how copyright law permits publishers to set an apparent expiration date on a publication?
... send that one to Nancy Sims on Twitter. I know of nothing in copyright law that would justify that statement, but IANAL. - RepoRat
no, that's just made up crap. unless you leased the book. But in that case, the clause is dependent on commercial contract law, not copyright. - DJF
This book will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
LOL - lris
FTR, the item in question is a serial (ISSN 0199-8803) and it's just barely conceivable that it was, in fact, leased instead of purchased (by Campus Ministry, not by the library). - Catherine Pellegrino
I could see that there might be some business publications that might recommend a person not use a publication after a certain date, but to forbid use? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Private city directories, like the old "crisscross directories" were always leased, but they had to be returned at the end of the year, I believe - DJF from Android
In any case, not copyright law involved. What a hoot. BTW, I once heard an author say she wished books would self-destruct so that people would have to buy new copies of her books instead of used ones. Went immediately on my "never buy a book by this person" list. Bitterness can warp the brain. - barbara fister
Margaret Atwood alternates between "libraries cost authors valuable sales" and "libraries are the best thing on the planet". I've given up trying to track her current status - DJF from Android
weirdest freaking statement I've ever seen, but like others have said that's just a bunch bs - Sir Shuping is just sir
How do you deal with faculty purchasing requests when only a handful of faculty ever actively (and heavily) request books? I worry a little that we're creating a rather lopsided collection but we don't want to tell faculty to request more as a whole *or* tell an active researcher he only has "x" amount before they're cut off if we don't have to.
we let the departments figure that out themselves. They are all nation-states with their own rules and cultures. We try to fill in gaps knowing they will miss things. Also we sometimes ask (being an undergrad insitution) "wow, that's a lot of books! which course or courses will likely be using these?" Just for kicks. - barbara fister
I haven't worried about it. Here, the departments don't control the budgets, we do entirely. Requests are great, but not everybody will make them and we rely heavily on setting up good approval plans and doing targeted searches and firm orders ourselves. - kaijsa
We've switched to a strategy similar to Kaijsa's. We all got tired of reminding faculty to request things and thus fund remaining unspent. We also shifted some funds from one-time purchases (books) to continuing resources because this seems to be where the demand is. We are also doing more with patron-driven acquisitions in conjunction with ILL requests and EBL. - maʀtha
In our system the department chooses a library liaison from their own faculty, and decides whether that person funnels all requests to the library or if individual department members should submit their own requests. So if the department is happy with someone who submits all their own requests first and only then sends along others' picks, that's OK. And it is made clear that we do the actual selection. (We use ILL, reference questions, reviews, all the usual things.) - Rebecca Hedreen
Thanks everyone! Based on the suggestions here, I think we'll probably focus more on beefing up our collection development of other subject areas and not worry about the faculty requests themselves. - MontglaneChess
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