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Christina Pikas
What methods do people teach in the social sciences for evaluating things that are not exactly scholarly journals but aren't exactly magazines like The Economist?
So like Foreign Affairs? - JffKrlsn from Android
Yeah- like that. Some of these are well know. To be biased but how to train newbies? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Or how to understand it oneself? It's a big issue in poli sci because of the need to publish quickly. - JffKrlsn from Android
I think some basics apply to all sources, and they're more rhetorical analysis than anything: who wrote this? who was the audience? what evidence is provided? does the argument it provides make sense? is this source likely to be a persuasive one for my readers for this particular writing purpose or should I drill deeper? I could evaluate a Tweet that way! :) - barbara fister
barbara fister
That's so funny! It's a joke, right? Right?
*eyeroll* - RepoRat
Liebert Open Access will let you read this article for $424. - barbara fister
ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-- - RepoRat
Also comical: GS alerts says a piece of mine is cited. If so, it's probably by someone who didn't read it. (I wrote a critique of crime fiction using "copycat crimes" in the title, but it was about crime fiction not about actual, you know, crime. - barbara fister
*snort* - Marie
Not to be all wet-blanket here, but I think the "Liebert Open Access Options and Benefits" thing is actually a banner ad, not something that's intended to indicate that the article displayed on the page is, in fact, available open access. When I clicked on it, it took me to a page that explained the publisher's "author pays for OA" model. Not to take away from the horribleness of the... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Only $51 for the article, $424 to sub to the journal. - Joe
Joe: True...but that $51 only buys you 24-hour access! - Walt Crawford
Oh, I thought "unlimited access pay per view" was for the article. Still. It's interesting that this is something that comes from a GS link. It's one of those "we just started publishing 70 journals in multiple disciplines including bioscience, engineering etc etc" outfits. - barbara fister
I'm not too thrilled if those are going to start showing up in GS results. Oh well, teachable moment. - barbara fister
Official #teamharpy Statement on the case of Joseph Hawley Murphy vs. nina de jesus and Lisa Rabey -
Suing for 1.25 million dollars. What a fucking douchebag. Hope he gets hit by a truck. - Steele Lawman
I just saw this on Twitter and wondered when it would get posted here. What Steve said. - Catherine Pellegrino
He claims that the statements by the two women "have caused him to be regarded with feelings of hatred, contempt, ridicule, fear, dislike, approbrium or disesteem." Joke's on him, as most people I know have ALWAYS felt that way about him. - Steele Lawman
This is utterly outrageous. Any guy who has a whole internet joke to himself ("nice shirt!") can't really say that he's innocent of causing contempt, ridicule, dislike, and disesteem. - lris
Dude. I hold him in contempt, ridicule, dislike, and disesteem JUST for calling himself a "library futurist." The rest is, I don't know, icing on the cake? - Catherine Pellegrino
does anybody know the ultimate origin of the "nice shirt" meme? can we date it? I think that might help the defendants. - RepoRat
I do not know. However, I know that it was a meme in 2008 when I hung out with library friends in Chicago for ALA Annual. He even looked me over and said "Nice shirt" in some hotel lobby or other that year.I remember almost nothing else about that encounter except that I fought the urge to laugh because of his reputation for saying just that. - lris
I remember it from IL in 2008 and CiL in 2009. - laura x from iPhone
I was just about to post a link to this (comment: Really?) but I'm late to the party. Still, damn. Nice suit. - Walt Crawford
Hee hee. Nice one, Walt. - laura x from iPhone
They are looking for witnesses. I hope they find some - maʀtha
I hope so too. I wish I could be more help to them in that way, except that I'm actually really grateful that I don't have anything useful to offer them, you know? - Catherine Pellegrino
Well, any of us who can honestly say that we learned about Joey Digits's conference behavior from FriendFeed (where AFAIK neither defendant has participated) may have a role as a character witness. - RepoRat
lisa just posted to code4lib with links to their page and saying that soon they'll have a link up for donations, as well as requests to continue to spread the message - Sir Shuping is just sir
Lisa's posted to FF --but only in the past 6 months. - Hedgehog
I believe I was first nice-shirted at SLA in 2008 (twice at that conference). - Meg VMeg
Unfortunately, isn't "nice shirt" rather innocuous? I mean, I know it could still be creepy, but it's just the kind of thing a smart creep would say, because it doesn't say anything about the person's body or anything. - Steele Lawman
Yes, it is very savvy, Steele - maʀtha
Sure, but at the same time, if he's pretty much the only person to have told all of us we have nice shirts (excluding people we actually knew at the conferences) that's kinda weird, and we all found the encounters weird and noteworthy, which is also important. I don't think it would win any of us a settlement if we sued him for harassment, of course, but it also does nothing to defend his thought that he's totally wronged by people who mention that he harasses women. - lris
He must be being counseled to remain silent. This is the quietest I've ever seen him. I'm still wondering about his quick stint and departure from III. - Mary Carmen
MC I kinda wondered as well. And I'm wondering if that was III silently acknowledging that there were things outside of work going on that they didn't wanna touch anymore - Sir Shuping is just sir
I met Joe once at CIL in...08? 09? and I know that there were several different people then that told me that....well he was basically someone to steer clear of because of how he treated people. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I met him several times when he was science librarian at Yale. Only thought was that he was an energetic new librarian who hadn't been ground down yet. Didn't see the behavior mentioned but hat means nothing. The shirt thing is odd. Did he ever say that to a man? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Never heard him say it, but I imagine that as an innocuous opening line he had used just to talk to someone. I first met him around 2007 or so at SLA, and he seemed ambitious and fresh outa libschool in HI. - Joe
It may have been intended as innocuous, but it was pretty tone deaf. It's weird because the phrase itself is utterly innocuous, but the vibe of the interaction wasn't. Whatever his intentions, his reputation wasn't helped by that particular conversational tick. - lris
I would argue it was intended to /appear/ innocuous. - Joe
That is my suspicion as well. - lris
It is a line with possible/plausible deniability of a sexual advance. - Joe
Yes, and it accomplishes a wonderful end, which is that I feel stupid saying "that made me uncomfortable." - lris
I am still disappointed that I was on an elevator with him and did not get nice-shirted. (CiL 2009) - laura x from iPhone
I remember you noting that at the time. :) - lris
Someone said "nice shirt' to me today O-O (He actually liked my shirt. I think.) - barbara fister
I have submitted my entirey hearsay witness - to whit, "I hear he's creepy.I hear this often." Not sure it will help, but worth a try. - barbara fister
I submitted my "he said I had a nice shirt" statement yesterday, with the caveat that it was a decidedly weird vibe at the time, and at the time it was already a bit of a joke in our crowd and our crowd didn't include either of the defendants at the time. - lris
Nice Shirt goes way back, but I will say while it was odd, it was not aimed only at women, and always struck me as an ice breaker form a socially awkward person who had been taught to always compliment folks, and that was his go to compliment. If it had only been women, that might be one thing, but I do remember men getting 'nice shirted' as well - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
on a related note, I hope there is a way to use older profile info on social media sites as information for this case. I seem to recall different info on a certain flickr profile. Glad there's an opportunity to provide character witness information. - Elizabeth Brown
Hm. Does the Internet Archive pick up old profiles? - RepoRat
I think I shall be sending Agent Fister's latest LBF to the few colleagues who don't understand the whole #teamharpy issue. Perfect framing and summary. - kaijsa
I was just coming here to link to that post too. Fantastic piece, Barbara. - lris
I regret saying that I hope he gets hit by a truck. Not because it wasn't what I was feeling, nor because I'm worried that Joey Digits might sue me, but because I like to say that Mr. Rogers is my hero, and it isn't very Mr. Rogers to wish that someone would get run over. What I really wish is that Joey had read the posts in question and thought not, "how do I sue for defamation?" but "how do I stop hurting people?" That's the more Mr. Rogers wish. - Steele Lawman
Laura Norvig
I don't really know what Digital Humanities means.
It means your palimpsest is in the other castle - Pete
don't worry, neither does anybody else - RepoRat
Digital Humanities is what *you're* doing. Not what that other person over there is wasting their time on. - John Dupuis
Apparently nobody does because everyone keeps writing about how to define it. - barbara fister from iPhone
Give it ten years and it will be called "humanities." - barbara fister from iPhone
Digital Humanities is people who are tired of having to deal with the senior "regular humanities" people who are in the way... kinda like libraries vs digital libraries? - Aaron the Librarian
I [heart] this thread - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Am I a Digital Human? - Andrew C (✔)
The matrix? - Steve C Team Marina
Better World Books: eDelivery -
Better World Books: eDelivery
So, BWB now has a "2 hour edelivery" option. Rather than mailing you the print copy you just purchased, you can have them destructively scan the book and email it to you. - DJF from Bookmarklet
Has anybody tried it? I'm curious. - DJF
I guess you'd have to pick just the right book to destroy. That could be tricky. - Stephen Francoeur
I'm going to pick something relatively inexpensive and very common. Probably something I already have in print. - DJF from Android
hmm. could be interesting for some things I have in print but would like an eversion of as well. - ellbeecee
US customers only. The rest of us get a confusing error message. - DJF
interesting implications for ILL?! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
1) it's an Internet Archive style book scan: a PDF of page images with unedited OCR text. 2) It's watermarked with the purchaser's contact info, so I wouldn't want it release it into the wild. - DJF
Somebody tell the author's guild so their heads can explode. - barbara fister
barbara fister
Good morning, LSW! How's everybody doing?
We've been up for an hour and are eating breakfast. - laura x from iPhone
sleepy. Been up for almost 3.5 hours - Christina Pikas
Good morning! I'm drinking a ridiculously bitter mug of tea, but otherwise am fairly good for a Monday morning. - Kirsten
Good morning! Butt totally DID NOT WANT to be in bike saddle, but I got to work anyway. Time to slog through the email, catch up on the class discussion fora, and get tomorrow's lecture done. - RepoRat
Looking for my mojo. It may have been left at home today. - Stephen Francoeur
If you find it, can I have some? - barbara fister
I might need a mojito more this morning. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Mr 19 just left the house for his first day of class at university! Yay! (Philosophy at York's bilingual campus Glendon College which is fortunately long walking/short transit distance from the house.) - John Dupuis
Having historic rain - 5 inches have fallen since midnight! Streets are flooding! Rain in Phoenix is always front page news, but this is crazy for us! I'm in my office, but probably half our staff are still at home. - Grumpator
It are sunny on my back. In the mornings I can only see one of my monitors at a time but it's worth it. :-D - Deborah Fitchett
Catherine Pellegrino
First and second slides of a short deck I'm using in a class later today:
Whoa, is that on purpose? Or a backronym. - Meg VMeg
The M - ML - MT arrangement? I have to think it's on purpose. We happen to have the only logical letter in the entire LC classification. - Catherine Pellegrino
"Awesome. So when I go to BS...." - barbara fister
Every schedule in LC was designed by a different working group with subject matter expertise. This is why there's no uniformity between major classes. - DJF from Android
I do have a really hard time helping students find call numbers in the BS range while keeping a straight face. - Catherine Pellegrino
^^ I am so glad it's not just me. I predict that this will continue to be funny to me, for as long as I work in libraries. - Regular Amanda
"All of this section is total BS. Enjoy!" - YvonneM
The LOC classification makes me cry. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Damn right library science is under Z. - Zamms
Chris, I think you mean Zzzzzzz. - Stephen Francoeur
I was thinking ZOMBIES. - Zamms
Hi all - have been absent from FF and all your wonderful blogs due to what I thought was a bad cold but turned out to be pneumonia. Have just hit "mark all as read" on the 3000 odd posts that had accumulated in my RSS reader but I hope to be catching up with all your reviews and recommendations from now on. I've missed you
Understand from your note that you are much better now. I hope to see you soon up and running again. We missed you too. - Jose Ignacio
Oh, so sorry to hear you were sick, Bernadette! Delighted to see you back and hope your recovery's going smoothly. - Margot Kinberg
Yes definitely mending nicely now thanks...but haven't read a word for feels very strange. - Bernadette
Welcome back! Glad you're on the mend. - Karen Meek
sorry to hear you have been so unwell Bernadette. hope you have had a good chance to rest up and recover. - LauraRoot
We miss you when you're gone - sorry for the illness, glad you're feeling better, and look forward to your catching up - Moira Redmond
Stay well! - barbara fister
was wondering what had happened to you. - Kerrie
I thought something was wrong. You have had a couple of tough years. May you enjoy good health and good times going forward. - Bill Selnes
barbara fister
Lulz and Dissent: A New Book about Anonymous | Library Babel Fish
"bid daddy cell phone guy" is a nifty new moniker :) - barbara fister
Galadriel C.
PSA: An undetermined number of Ebrary and EBL e-books are not actually entire e-books. At a faculty member's request, we purchased an e-book via Ebrary, only to discover that some of the pages in said book are not available.
As you expand the TOC of the e-book, any chapter/section title followed by [text] means that the text isn't actually there. - Galadriel C.
According to Ebrary, this is because of publisher mandates at a title-by-title level. However, Ebrary can't give us a list of e-books that aren't actually whole e-books. - Galadriel C.
Sheesh. Thanks for the warning. I'm going to make a Twitter feed and it's just going to be called "@%$ing ebooks" and it will be full of swears. - Regular Amanda
Wow. We haven't run into this at all (likely just sheer dumb luck). But it's totally, totally bogus that such books don't come with a warning or notice of some sort, pre-purchase. Also bogus that PQ can't provide a list of titles with text missing. - Kirsten
Also, according to Ebrary: "Because publishers don't tell us that they are giving titles with removed content, right now the best option for identifying books like this is to look through them. I'm sorry there isn't an easier way. Luckily, this is a rare occurrence." - Galadriel C.
That is an unlike like. - Joe
This is so far beyond outrageous that I don't even know what to call it. - Catherine Pellegrino
lol - Meg VMeg
So...where's the discount for every time we run into this that is (at minimum) equivalent to 2x the cost of a print book so we can have 2 copies on hand as well? - Hedgehog
This may be why e-resources librarians drink. - Marie
Edited to add that this incomplete e-book issue occurs with EBL e-books too. - Galadriel C.
Can they tell you which publishers at least? So then we can set up a schedule, so that they get a call every 15 minutes for a whole workday, complaining about this? - Meg VMeg
According to Ebrary support, they don't have a list of publishers that provide incomplete e-books. However, I've sent a note to our rep to learn more and request more details. - Galadriel C.
This is wack. - Steele Lawman
And there goes the idea that vendors are looking out for us. (I mean, if it's that rare, couldn't they have started a list? Bet both they and the publishers hoped we wouldn't notice.) - barbara fister
that is beyond bogus. maybe we can crowdsource a list and then name-and-shame the publishers. - RepoRat
Publishers negotiated/paid for just print reproduction rights for the relevant essays. Assholes. - DJF from Android
Satan invented permissions to tormet us. - barbara fister
Something something open access noncommercial - DJF from Android
In further correspondence with Ebrary, their prevailing theme is that because this is infrequent, it's not a big deal. This is such an unbelievably awful user experience, and since there is no pre-purchase warning, poor customer service. - Galadriel C.
you didn't get what you paid for, and it's not a big deal? wtf? - RepoRat
If you were an individual, rather than an institution, this would be totally call-the-credit-card-initiate-a-chargeback territory. - Catherine Pellegrino
I know, right? We do not have the time or staff to review every single ebook to make sure it's complete and then track refund requests. - Galadriel C.
Is that the actual message from Ebrary, with the word "luckily"? As if the pages are accidentally missing and they accidentally sold it to you anyway. Luck should not be involved here! - Megan loves summer
Yes Megan, that's an excerpt from an Ebrary support message. - Galadriel C. from Android
that is some straight-up boolsheet. - RepoRat
That's nuts. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
gah - maʀtha
Gah indeed - this is crap. - Jen
Dandy. - Heather
Galadriel, are you on ERIL-L or SERIALST? I'm curious to see what kind of response you'd get there. I know publishers monitor both. Let's raise a stink! - Holly's favorite Anna
Whoa - Christina Pikas from iPhone
o_O wtf kinda crap ass bs is this?? i respected ebrary for the most part, but this...this is some serious crazy crap - Sir Shuping is just sir
Even before this, ebrary was a waste of electromagnetism - DJF from Android
Anna - I'm on ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L and am planning to post. I'm just waiting for further another response from Ebrary after elevating the issue from support to our rep. Yes! Raising a stick is certainly warranted! - Galadriel C. from Android
Let me know when someone posts on this and I will signal boost the crap out of it. That's beyond outrageous, it's straight up fraud IMO. - Andy
will watch for your post on liblicense-l and raise sh*t at mpow. - jambina
Apparently the issue is because of copyrighted content not being released for e-publication and its becoming a "smaller and smaller problem." Yet, our users have reported 3 incomplete ebooks since last week. Posts to listservs coming tomorrow or Wednesday! - Galadriel C. from Android
I just happened on this tweet, which I think may involve people who aren't in the conversation going on here, but is definitely related: - Catherine Pellegrino
I just tried the "refer to print version" search in ebrary and 30 books we own showed up in the search results. 29 included omitted figures and illustrations and the 30th was the book above that excludes entire chapters. - Galadriel C.
And it gets curiouser and curiouser for now the Ebrary e-book includes all previously missing content with no notice or further explanation. (This isn't go to stop the listserv post from happening though!) - Galadriel C.
"cheese it, the cops! I mean, the librarians!" - RepoRat
This can also happen in Gale Virtual Reference Library. We bought the multi-volume American Decades: Primary Sources from them, only to find that in a significant number of cases, the introduction to the primary source was there, but the primary source itself was not. When we realized this we stamped our feet and complained, with the results you might expect. - JffKrlsn
Most of the talk here has been about Ebrary, which we don't use at MPOW, but I can confirm that at least one book from EBL is missing chapters (Introducing Don DeLillo edited by Frank Lentricchia, Duke UP). (EDITED: we haven't actually bought it yet, but it's in our catalogue for PDA purchase) - Megan loves summer
Just to follow-up on Megan's note, that yes, this problem does indeed apply to all e-book aggregators. We found the above example in Ebrary, but ProQuest has confirmed that EBL is also impacted but continues to note that it's not a big deal because it's not common. - Galadriel C.
I found 5 books missing images in our ebrary collection and 26 books missing content in our myilibrary collection (all images except for one book missing four poems). - DJF from Android
It's a while before my next deadline, but I haven't gotten in any trouble for a while, so I'm thinking about writing this up for my next LJ column, unless it's resolved by then. Would y'all be okay with that (it's fine if not)? Would you want yourself and/or your institution mentioned? Would it be okay if the column linked to this thread? - RepoRat
Silence = consent? - JffKrlsn from Android
RR - please do! I will also forward you a copy of the list post once it is sent. - Galadriel C.
Thank you, Galadriel! (Anyone else, please feel free to object! I will not be upset in any way if you do!) - RepoRat
Does anyone have an EBL example? Our rep says it's only for ebrary content, but your responses indicate otherwise. Thank you Galadriel and all - you do a great service by sharing this information. - Jen
Hey Jen - the above book had missing content in both Ebrary and EBL last week. We bought the Ebrary version and previewed the EBL version to check across platforms when we discovered the EBL problem. Unfortunately, I don't have screen shots. I don't know if the content appeared in EBL as it did in Ebrary this week though. Also, you're most welcome! - Galadriel C. from Android
I'm not speaking on behalf of my institution here, but would love to see the thread in an LJ article. - Megan loves summer
Oh, and I have a screenshot from EBL (Introducing Don DeLillo), which is missing a couple of chapters. Let me know if you want it. - Megan loves summer
Galadriel--which listserv, if you don't mind me asking? - YvonneM
ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L as well as the list for the Boston Library Consortium's Heads of Resource Management community of interest that I'm a part of because the BLC has a pilot consortial PDA with Ebrary. I was planning to post last week, but the situation keeps changing and I didn't want to post right before the holiday weekend. - Galadriel C.
checking in RE posting, has the post posted? - maʀtha
Not yet, I'll post here once it has been sent! - Galadriel C.
Doing that "Refer to the print edition" search in our ebrary library came up with 97 titles, 94 of which were published by Liberty Fund Inc. - that phrase is usually on a page in the front matter, between a cover page and the title page. I only mention that because it doesn't seem like that would be important content. That said, 3 other titles are missing images for sure. - Grumpator
Huh. So, like, that was the only page missing? Weird. (Who removes the half-title page just 'cuz?) - RepoRat
Yeah - though here's one (The Free Sea by Hugo Grotius) that has a cover page, "page intentionally left blank," series title page, then 3 pages "refer to the print edition" (pages iv-vi), then the real title page. Seems so weird. What could possibly be on those pages that can only be seen in the print edition? - Grumpator
In most print-book designs, two of those pages would be blank (because verso) and the third might be an epigraph or a dedication or something? I can't imagine why they'd take out a freakin' epigraph. Oh, wait -- possibly a frontispiece? Lack of image permissions could be a thing. - RepoRat
Seems to be. I just found one, same publisher, that seems to be missing an image in chapter 10, so their omissions are not limited to just Front Matter content. Which means that my list of 97 titles just became a bit more significant. - Grumpator
We've got 115 hits for "Refer to the print edition", a good number from Kent State University Press (and Liberty Fund, Inc.) Most looking like images. - Meg VMeg
I take it back: the largest proportion is Liberty Fund, followed by maybe 10 from Kent State, a handful for Wesleyan, and single records from Routledge, Wayne State, and University of Georgia. Hilariously enough, this is the first time that "sort by publisher" has been helpful to me. - Meg VMeg
6 books from Greenleaf saying, "To view this chapter, please refer to the print" - Meg VMeg
Ok folks, I've sent the post of to ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L. In the post, I focus solely on our experience with the Ebrary e-book missing chunks/chapters of core text. Please respond to the post with your own experiences as you see fit and let the signal boosting commence! - Galadriel C.
Thanks for letting us know. :-) - YvonneM
You're most welcome! - Galadriel C. from Android
There was no follow up discussion on the list. Did you get any direct emails? - Joe
I got two direct messages with one indicating that they were going to reply to the post Friday. If folks subscribe via digest, they may not see the post until tomorrow. - Galadriel C. from Android
On off list reply shared that EBL gave a completely new reason for why the content was missing from the EBL version of the e-book: The publisher accidentally sent the wrong file. - Galadriel C.
Curiouser and curiouser. ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
I see two new response posts on the topic today on ERIL. - Marie
Hey, is it time for a new LSW room tagline?
How about- this tag line is intentionally left blank. - Joe
Catherine Pellegrino: "Today I weeded a rock from the ready-reference collection at my library." - RepoRat
For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. - Galadriel C. from Android
okay, Galadriel's just cracked me up. - RepoRat
Seconded. - Julian
Definitely Galadriel's. - Catherine Pellegrino
Fourthed. - Walt Crawford
All in favor, say "aye." - Julian
Aye. - Joe
We now move this matter to committee... - Julian
Don't we need to discuss which committee this moves to? - Joe
I nominate Galadriel as Chair of the Tagline Committee for 2014-2015. - Marie
Seconded. - RepoRat
Thirded. - Joe
Eh... it's her baby now. - Julian
(I love this thread) - bentley
Aye, aye. - laura x from iPhone
well done, people! - maʀtha
will someone with powers please make the change? - maʀtha
Someone? Bueller? - Kirsten
*WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE ACTIVATED* The tagline is now 'For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition' What a great idea of mine. - Pete
LOL - maʀtha
I think lris and Steve have admin privies. - Joe
So she's chair of the committee responsible for setting the tagline, but she doesn't have the authority to do so. Typical. - DJF
The actually work is appointed to the tagline subcommittee. - Galadriel C.
I like this entire thread. - maʀtha
is tagline one word or two? I think it should be "tag line." What style guide are we referring to? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"tagline" - maʀtha
(I also love this thread.) - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Except I Know You're Being Ironic... *weeps for teh future* - Aaron the Librarian
So brilliant. - barbara fister
Much wow. - bentley
^^^ that's brill too. - barbara fister
:-) - bentley
Did they stick the woman in the middle to remind us of Alice from the Brady Bunch:
Of course! - Joe
That's a whole lotta white goin' on. - Kirsten
and of course the sole woman is in HR. - RepoRat
my thoughts exactly, RR - jambina
Wasn't Sidi at Elsevier at one point? - Joe
Yep. He was product manager for EV and then for science direct - Christina Pikas from iPhone
RR said what I was thinking. - kaijsa
RR I thought the same thing! and i found the picture of all the hands together a weird image to include given that all of them people are white - Sir Shuping is just sir
They had to use random hands because none of the heads worked for claiming diversity. - barbara fister
Megan loves summer
Further to the EBL / Ebrary books-missing-bits thread: here is a screenshot of an EBL book from Duke UP that was in our PDA catalogue (now removed so that it's not accidentally purchased). It says that Duke doesn't hold electronic rights to the material, but apparently EBL sees fit to sell it anyway.
I am gobsmacked. - barbara fister
I wonder if this is a gross mishandling of international copyright? - lris
Isn't this one of the same titles that was mentioned in the other thread? EDIT: oh wait, it was Megan who mentioned it, in exactly this situation. Nothing to see here, please move along... - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, sorry, just made a new thread for the screenshot - Megan loves summer
Just unbelievable. - Galadriel C.
This is one of the problems with big deals. It's really hard to be sure we're geting what we think we're getting and what we're getting changes. - barbara fister
Pages 43-66 - all with the same statement about Duke not having rights to the material! Megan - I'm not mentioning this e-book in the listserv post so as to focus on the tale of our e-book with missing content and the correspondence that has occurred with Ebrary and Greenleaf as a result. - Galadriel C.
Freeda B.
Did something change with Google News? I'm testing out some searches for a class, looking for news reporting about the 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike. I'm trying to find news reports from September 2012, so I'm limiting by a custom date range and nothing is coming up. Is this just me?
Huh...I can duplicate the no-results here. - Hedgehog
I found one result, and even extending it out through September didn't add a more results - ellbeecee
Apparently it won't work past a month. From their help: "For date ranges earlier than the past 30 days, use Google Web Search." I'm not sure when this happened. - barbara fister
Ah - it went away when they ditched their news archive program. - barbara fister
Hmm, that is pretty disappointing. Ah well, I guess I'll be sticking with our library news resources. - Freeda B.
re: ebooks. A faculty member found one this week that had no references in it. Argh. One of the chapters mentioned some articles he wanted to track down, but the citations were non-existent. At first I thought it was because of the ebook vendor (Routledge), but that made no sense. A colleague mentioned that books r doing away with citations.
these days (wtf?) - see article in the CHE ‘Wait, Your Footnotes Are in Cyberspace?’ | Vitae . Both my faculty colleague & I find this incredibly disturbing. I'm spreading the word on his behalf. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Citations are part of the argument. This smells like cheap publishers trying to sound "modern" but really just saving some printing and editing. - DJF from Android
... a LOT of editing. Citation checking is one of the more laborious and time-consuming editing labors. (I say this as an author who has been caught out by attentive editors.) - RepoRat
Citations are indeed a key part of the argument and scholarly discourse. Yet another disturbing trend. - Galadriel C.
(commenting to keep track of this -- I'm floored by this!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Noticed that Glenn Greenwald's new book on Snowden didn't have footnotes except online- I figured he was still working on them when it was time to go to press. It stinks. - barbara fister
Also some university press tried this in the late 1990s - iirc - a math book? Didn't catch on. - barbara fister
I could understand (but wouldn't like) if they did this in print books - but then said "go online for the citations" - but this was in an online book. No space restrictions! Just, as RR says, editing. *grrr* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I heard of a medical text book doing this and only the first purchaser could login to the web page to see the citations and some other bits. I'm horrified, as well. - Christina Pikas
That's disconcerting to say the least, I think those citations would be very necessary. - MariWeaver
in related news, head of our PR faculty wants to complain to publisher about this. They want to use the textbook, but not if it doesn't have citations in it. And person who first alerted me to problem wrote strong comment on the Chronicle blog post. Yay for mai faculty! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
That's awesome; - Galadriel C. from Android
Christina Pikas
I am amazed - on a listserv (posts weirdly arriving out of order) someone actually defended a publisher for obvious exchange rate profiteering because they fund events at SLA. I can't even.
exchange rate profiteering is when a (mostly) UK publisher charges US the highest the dollar was for the entire year - even if only at that level for an hour. So say it's usually 1:1.1 but one day something weird happens and it's 1:1.8. they'd charge the 1.8 for the year. - Christina Pikas
And so odd that someone would use the word "profiteering" in their defense of it. Seems like you'd be a little more weaselly about it. Maybe they don't know what it means? - Meg VMeg
I would like to see what the budget of the IOP is. This person noted "I doubt, based on the information I know, that society publishers are making 30%+ profit annually." The ACS is probably close to that number. I would not be surprised if the IOP gets close to the percentage of what the ACS pockets for other society functions and for their endowment. - Joe
I just responded to the list. Wonder how the publisher will respond. I bet they don't like me as much now. But, it seemed odd that no one was asking the question wondering how much profit that they are putting back into the society. - Joe
Many seem to think that it is ok that libraries are supporting non-publishing activities of societies. Because society members are in our institutions, so it comes back to help the institution in the end? (The University doesn't have to pay as much to register 3 faculty members for a conference?) What about all of the subscribers to a journal who don't have members, but still have to... more... - Joe
Well, I think there's a teensy distinction worth respecting: it's usually nunuvourbizness really what anybody does with the money paid for the literature. When it STARTS being our business is when we're being massively overcharged and f***ed over and told "it's okay that we're f***ing you over, because we're a SCHOLARLY SOCIETY!" That is just F***ED. UP. - RepoRat
I'm with Joe and John on this. If we want to support the society, we can become institutional members of the society and/or increase the number of our employees who are members and support their activities in the organization. When we pay for the literature, that's what we should get, plus a little saved for archiving, to save up for the next tech refresh, etc. I seem to remember that's what APS does. - Christina Pikas
FWIW, I just checked with our ethics about a springer event to be held at the peabody with free lunch and cocktails. I have to pay for anything over $20 and then get MPOW to reimburse. Pretty sure I should be doing that at conferences, too. Looking at a publisher favorably because they bought be a drink last summer is soooo not ethical, imo. - Christina Pikas
It's acceding to bribery, not so? - RepoRat
Seems like it but a least two people on the list made it sound like it was the opposite. I wonder if the vendors thought they were buying me? I hope not. I listened to their pitches and I maybe had more information about their products, but I tried to be as fair as possible. - Christina Pikas
Whatever they thought... you are, like, the last person I can imagine succumbing to payola. - RepoRat
I went to 4Cs, a conference for writing instructors, in Atlanta a few years ago. The textbook publishers ran busses to the ball park that they had hired. Tons of food, open bar, you could use the batting cages, and students pay $60 for their writing handbooks. Full disclosure: I have done freelance work for this publisher, but I was struck by the irony of hungry grad students and... more... - barbara fister
Which, of course, is the very dilemma that library associations face, using funds from Elsevier to put on conferences where librarians grab swag and then make speeches about evil Elsevier. And we wonder why we get absued by big publishing. They figure we don't mean it. And we keep cutting those big checks. - barbara fister
The IOP does put on good receptions throughout the conference. Many people may view the association in a favorable light because of the way libns are treated. - Joe
Oh, I thought exchange rate profiteering was when a US publisher charges $19 in the US for a book, and £19 in UK, and €19 in the rest of Europe. - April Russo
That is one way to do it. - Joe
Megan loves summer
Question for those of you who create videos and tutorials and things (e.g., interactive Captivate thingers): where do you host the tutorials/videos, e.g,. for the purpose of embedding in LibGuides, course management systems, etc.?
This may be a 'duh' question, but at MPOW, we're stumped. We had been using a purpose-built, but expensive and clunky repository to host tutorials/videos (among other things), but it's being decommissioned, and now we don't know where to store our stuff! - Megan loves summer
We only have a few, but they're stored in my account at - Catherine Pellegrino
You could probably use - just explored this for a prof assigning podcats. Or Vimeo or Youtube? - barbara fister
Hmm. Thinking of using Vine since 3 seconds is about the limit of my patience as a viewer :) - barbara fister
Oh, yeah, I have a screencast account. Will look into how much space we need--that might work. The prob with Youtube (and I believe Vimeo) is that I think we'll lose the interactivity of "clickable" Captivate tutorials. At least that's what we've found so far... Will look into! - Megan loves summer
Oh, gotcha. - barbara fister
Oh, yeah, I don't know if the clickability gets preserved at, either. - Catherine Pellegrino
We use our YouTube channel; Our ID team uses Kaltura. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We host a pile on our own server. Probably not optimal. - Deborah Fitchett
Crime and mystery fiction
Review of Tatiana by Martin Cruz Smith (2013, Simon and Schuster) - http://theviewfromthebluehouse...
Review of Tatiana by Martin Cruz Smith (2013, Simon and Schuster)
I've been meaning to read this. - barbara fister
The Nursing faculty at MPOW have gotten into the habit of using RefWorks RefShare to share weekly course reading lists with their students. Since we are discontinuing our institutional support for RefWorks at the end of next summer, they need to find alternatives. Both Zotero and Mendeley provide "groups", which allow sharing of references...
The problem is that Mendeley free only allows a user to create ONE account that restricts the ability to add citations to a group to the owners/members of the goup, while also allowing the list of citations to be publicly visible on the net. - DJF
Zotero offers MUCH BETTER options for distinguishing between public vs private, and read-only vs editing the contents of a group. - DJF
Is this a question? Zotero is MUCH better than any other tool out there for group libraries. Although Flow has potential (as yet unreached) for possibly being better - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Another nice thing about Zotero (compared to RefWorks) - you can use it post-graduation. The investment students make in leanring the ins and outs could keep paying off. Though not so much if most of the stuff they need to read is toll acess :( - barbara fister
Barbara, RefWorks changed its policy a while ago, so that alumni are covered by your institutional license. For as long as you maintain your institutional subscription. So, our alumni who continue to use it, are going to be losing it anyway. - DJF
Ooooohhh, right - i had forgotten that. I suppose people who never were affiliated couldn't use it though? I mean if a group of practicing nurses decided to have a group, it would be limited to people who'd had a RefWorks account from school. So still score one for Zotero. I am a good weasle. :) - barbara fister
Meg VMeg
Today I got to show how bad an expensive thing's search algorithm/logic was, to the person who made the thing, in front of people much more important than I am.
I felt bad, but what could I do? Socialization is a bitch. - Meg VMeg
Usually I only get to demonstrate how bad things are to vendor reps at conferences. They're always terribly distraught but so far it's never really helped anything. - Deborah Fitchett
Awesome. - laura x from iPhone
You're a good egg, Meg. - Stephen Francoeur
it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. - RepoRat
If the person is interested in building a good Thing, you did him/her a huge favor. - barbara fister
Sounds like ACRL proposal decisions are coming today. Who's in? Report here!
One panel accepted, the other rejected. This is good, as I wasn't as enthused about the second. - kaijsa
Rejection here. :-( (It was a co-authored thing; I wouldn't have been able to go anyway) - Megan loves summer
Preconference rejected. Should mean RDAP is a go for me then financially, so I'm okay with that. - Hedgehog
rejected. - jambina
rejected too. Glad I'm in good company :) - copystar
This is why we need to do an LSW online conference. There is no need to hide the ideas and presentations of you awesome folk. - Joe
one rejected, one accepted (should add that i was not the lead on either - other folks did the heavy lifting) - barbara fister
A panel accepted. - Sarah from FreshFeed
rejected - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
barbara fister
Dear Friendfeed Crime & Mystery Fiction friends! I have a survey for you!
A little more context for this survey is here: - it's part of a research project in part inspired by being part of this friendfeed room. - barbara fister
Barbara I have wriiten a twitter entry with a link to your post - Jose Ignacio
Thanks so much! - barbara fister
I have done it :). - Karen Meek
squee! thank you. - barbara fister
Bump in case other FF bloggers are seeking a reason to procrastinate. Many thanks to those who already took the survey. - barbara fister
Just posted my answers Barbara - Rich Westwood
Thanks, Rich! - barbara fister
So...what are y'all doing for OA week?
I'd *like* to suggest a "bring your CV and let's see what we can grab for the IR" but would love to hear how that's gone other places. - Hedgehog
Praying that next year they'll change OA week to sometime in the spring. - Meg VMeg
We held ours early this year because the official one is around our end of year exams. List of events archived at, pending videos of them all being uploaded to our community archive. - Deborah Fitchett
Something? I really have no idea. Our marketing committee is planning it and apparently mum on details. - ~Courtney F
I don't know, but it needs to be enticing - we are trying to lay the groundwork this year for recommending an OA mandate next year. - Jen
we do OA month in february since it always falls during midterms in october. Abs - have done a CV drop off before to moderate success - jambina
I would love some day to see a one-hour library subscription blackout teach-in across the land. But this is an idea that exists only in my head in an imaginary alternate universe. - barbara fister
Our schol comm librarian is doing IR workshops, but I don't know what else. - kaijsa
Early plans are to combine a showing of The Internet's Own Boy with some sort of event on government surveillance. Since I'm on sabbatical this year I'm not involved in the planning. - John Dupuis
I'm in the process of planning a faculty panel talking about their experiences w/OA publishing and recommendations for students/early career researchers. I've got a couple profs on board and wrangling for a few more I have yet to hear a response from. The actual logistics and scheduling of this panel are still beyond my ken, but I'm hoping to get it worked out soon. Otherwise, I dunno -... more... - Grumpator
I ran a panel like that last year. It almost came together by itself: my only regret is not getting the gender balance I wanted (ended up 1F:3M) but the race/discipline/seniority/kind-of-OA-experience balances all worked out well. Oh, and I regret not having thought ahead to film it for our community archive because they were great. I just came up with a bunch of questions which I let... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Thanks Deborah, that's reassuring! My gender balance is similar, but I'm still hoping for some other responses which may help even it out. - Grumpator
In a surprising twist, our spam system is preventing me from sending messages to Gustavus librarians. Is Barbara blocking me? ;)
Revenge for the 30 Years War? - Spidra Webster
Whaaaa....???? It's probably because our PR is so dreadful. If it's me you need to contact, I have an alternate identity, as you might imagine for a sekrit agent. - barbara fister
*Your* spam system is doing it? That seems odd. - Meg VMeg
I got around the difficulties by using Gmail. And yes, nothing about this makes sense. I can't WAIT to hear from the server dudes what happened with this one. - lris
Ha! Turns out we had a compromised account that caused Carleton email addresses to be blacklisted by the spam folks. - lris
Spending some quality time at Gustavus. My first time in their library!
I didn't know that time at Gustavus could be anything but. - Joe
Sad I am not there. But hope my colleagues treat you well (the few who are around in August!) - barbara fister
Galadriel C.
It is now official: UConn Libraries is discontinuing access to Web of Science as of 9/1/2014.
In 2005, UConn Libraries began a subscription to Scopus with the intent to, after a period of time, evaluate both Scopus and Web of Science and determine which *one* of these two resources should be maintained given use, user feedback, coverage, and fiscal resources. - Galadriel C.
Our usage overall for Scopus over the last three years is higher than that for Web of Science, while the cost of Scopus is significantly lower. - Galadriel C.
Additionally, while Scopus does not yet have the deep coverage that Web of Science does, Scopus does include books, patents, and more conference proceedings at no additional cost. - Galadriel C.
We have determined that our priority in collection development is e-preferred full text content. When we examined our top five e-resource subscriptions by spend for FY14, Web of Science was the only one that is an abstract and indexing resource while the other four are full text journal packages. - Galadriel C.
An official press release, and hopeful an article of our findings from the massive analysis that we did are forthcoming. - Galadriel C.
wow. very interesting! - Christina Pikas
As a side note, should you ever cancel Web of Science, have your internal communications to users ready to go as soon as you tell Thomson Reuters as they will soon blast an e-mail to your campus alerting everyone of the upcoming loss of access without warning you first. - Galadriel C.
^ Good grief. - Marie
Yes, indeed Marie! They even sent one to the archivists and the president of the university. - Galadriel C.
Reminds me of stories I've heard about that time we canceled subscriptions to Elsevier. - lris
Wow! Can't wait to read your full article - nice work! - Jen
But remember, vendors LOVE librarians! - RepoRat
Jeez, that's dirty tricks. - barbara fister
o_O WTF Thomson? that's messed up - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yes, I had strong words for TR. They first said that they knew it was a challenging situation and wanted to help make sure that users had time to switch their alerts. I kept reiterating the four main points *besides* budget for the cancelation. - Galadriel C. from Android
I don't think any librarian needs to be ashamed of budget management. Also sod you, TR, you disingenuous jerks. - RepoRat
I also explained that I knew with the loss of revenue from a big university that it was a challenging situation for them and that I could see their interest in alerting faculty with hopes for a reversal, but that they should be working with the library as their primary customer and that we were profoundly disappointed in their actions which represented a poor business practice. - Galadriel C. from Android
<3 <3 <3 - RepoRat
The ACS pulled the same stunt with our faculty fifteen years ago when we SWITCHED from print to electronic. They spammed all the faculty telling them we were canceling journals. - DJF from Android
Oooooh, interesting. What happens to your WoS backfiles? Or did you have them. - Meg VMeg
We'll be receiving the back files (1974-1995) on CD or external harddrive. Because Scopus is in the middle of reindexing records to go back to 1970, we're going to wait a year and see if we need to invest in locally hosting the back file. Originally TR said they host the bckfile for 10% of last year's subscription fee but then said that they no longer host... - Galadriel C. from Android
...because they need to focus on existing subscription customers. - Galadriel C. from Android
Interesting. We're deeply invested in backfiles, which has made me hesitant to consider canceling, even if my Science librarian wasn't so deeply in love with TR. - Holly's favorite Anna
^ same. - Marie
back in the day I was hopeful that this would be the end result. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
AND this is not news to Web of Science, iirc. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm just happy that there's competition. I actually like WoS a lot better than Scopus, but competition is good. - Christina Pikas
the competition made Web of Science better … but not better enough, imho. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Looking into back files and our investment in them was interesting. It proved to me that licensing them should be much stronger as we paid once for the back files; so, we shouldn't have to maintain an incredibly expensive A&I subscription in order to access back files easily especially when there are competing A&I resources that on our campus is used a lot more. - Galadriel C. from Android
Would someone mind unpacking the backfiles question for me? I'd like to understand it better. Is the issue how much of purchased backfile is covered by whatever A&I databases have been separately purchased? Or am I totally not getting it? - RepoRat
RR - Web of Science as a regular annual A&I subscription presently includes 1996 to the present. If you want to go further back, the library has to pay a one time fee to purchase back file coverage that is chunked out by year. For example, UConn purchased back filed that included 1974-1995 for art and humanities, social science and science. As long as we had a subscription to current WoS, back file content was also available on the WoS platform. - Galadriel C. from Android
Oh. And that backfile access goes away when you discontinue WoS? - RepoRat
Many libraries have purchased more extensive back files. - Galadriel C. from Android
While it is very true that one has to be able to find a citation to even know that full text exists, there are other ways to get citations (subject specific databases, Google Scholar, Scopus). In addition to paying a very high price for WoS citations and platform access, we are also paying for an OpenURL linker to connect from citations to full text, and then paying millions for full text as well as a lot for ILL if we don't have full text. - Galadriel C. from Android
The cost of access is absolutely unbelievable. - Galadriel C. from Android
Yes RR - the back file access on TR's WoS platform goes away when you no longer have a subscription. University of Prince Edward Island cancelled WoS and now they locally host their own back files. There is no support from TR once they've handed over the raw back files as I understand and it took them a while to get it set up. The whole set up of requiring a subscription for platform access to back files bothers me greatly especially since the back files alone are quite pricey. - Galadriel C. from Android
Wow. That is pretty f***ed up. How much did UPEI have to do to make use of those raw backfiles, if you can give me a sense? - RepoRat
Agreed. In the correspondence I had with UPEI, I got the sense that they had a very competent IT/systems person working on it and it took about a year of steady work amongst other responsibilities. I also *think* it occurred before a lot of libraries were investing more in hosting their own digital collections which may or may not have make it easier - I don't have deep grasp on what local hosting would entail. - Galadriel C. from Android
Thanks, Galadriel. Now I feel I can usefully explain this to students. - RepoRat
You're most welcome! - Galadriel C. from Android
Is there a tactful way to push back when a researcher (not faculty or student) feigns ignorance of resources in a way that makes it clear they expect you to do the work for them?
Does your library have research tutorials you could recommend? - YvonneM
Not really (though I'm taking a class about that tomorrow!). - kendrak
Say something to the effect of you not depriving that person of the opportunity to learn how to use that resource. - Joe
I tell people I can show them how to do X once or twice, but they have to take it from there. Is that tactful? - kaijsa
as an academic library, we are committed to teaching our colleagues how to search rather than doing the search for them. we're teaching them to fish! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Respond with clarifying questions about what they've tried so far (which resources, what search strategies), and where exactly in the process they're getting stuck (what they expected to see, what they're seeing instead). Explain that if they can tell you a bit more about what they've tried, you can give better suggestions/instruction. - Meg VMeg
I send them the links to the articles, and information on how to find more like them, and how to connect off campus. "I just want the PDFs." That's not an endearing response. - kendrak
All of my suggested responses come with teeth-bared polite smiles... - Hedgehog
Quote licences. They need to find the *links* And being able to do that is a skill they need to demo. - Pete
"Are you having trouble accessing the PDFs when you go through the steps I listed before? Where are you getting stuck?" - Meg VMeg
Thanks. I'm copying that line. - kendrak
If you're feeling especially annoyed, you can tell them to make sure to copy/paste any error messages into the email so you can help troubleshoot. And that you definitely want to make sure their off-campus access works (in addition to their knowing how to get to PDFs) because you know how annoying and time-intensive they will surely find it, if they have to email someone every single time they need a PDF. - Meg VMeg
"It's not my job to do research for you." A colleague basically had to say this to a guy in our econ dept. The charitable interpretation was that he was used to a corporate environment where somebody did his research for him, probably female. The more accurate interpretation was that he was an a$$hole. - barbara fister
^^^^ this. - Joe
Meg's responses are great. If they still don't take the hint you can ask for screenshots. And screencasts. - Deborah Fitchett
Campus tour guide with flare: black suit and dark glasses, plus tour-based stand-up routine.
Oh, Carleton students. - barbara fister
I'm holding the 1st liaisons meeting tomorrow (we have never been coordinated as liaisons, per se. Used to be coordinated from the collections side....). Topic is outreach strategies. I have one speaker who has been with the same department for 20 years; one who has waaaay too many departments; and me, on general strategies. Can I pick your brains?
I just want to make sure I have as many perspectives as possible. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Do you mean for instruction- and collaboration-type activities? Or collection-type activities? - Freeda B.
Outreach activities that liaisons might undertake and deploy. We want to strengthen getting to know our departments and having them get to know us. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Sure, I work at a pretty small university, so I rely heavily on face-to-face contact. I attend a lot of meetings in the university, I have invited faculty members out for coffee (ask them about their research!), etc. I also try to offer my "expertise" when working on instruction-type things, as in I don't always just do what the faculty member first asks for if it doesn't seem like a good fit for the context/assignment/class. I find e-mails are not ever very effective. - Freeda B.
Thanks Freeda. What kind of university meetings do you attend where you think you are liaising/outreaching (to destroy perfectly good words!)? I used ot do a lot of that, but this uni is really short on committees. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I try to hit each department once a semester or once a year (usually in Spring when things are not as crazy - though October has been a good time, too) - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron, how do you "hit" your departments? What methods do you use? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Me: I send a welcome email to new faculty this time of year, setting up a meeting with them to introduce them to library resources and learn about their teaching and research. I send an email around now to my faculty with a blurb for their syllabus, and reminding them I'm here for research instruction and they should get in touch to schedule with me, and also asking for their syllabi... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Rudi, I've been on strategic planning sub-committees, a committee on first year student experiences, the student learning and assessment committee, and I am a member of our (small) AAUP chapter. I think that the smaller committees or sub-committees are a better place to connect with people, and I look at it as indirect liaison work. I'm not actively promoting library services, but I am... more... - Freeda B.
I show up to the faculty meeting and say hi. Preferably with an invitation and 5-10 minutes on the agenda... but they are suppose to be open meetings so I am not opposed to just showing up, sitting quietly for a couple meetings, then starting to interact (while using the face time at the end of the meeting to chat people up) - Aaron the Librarian
For me, a lot depends on the culture of the department. What works for one would be a bust for another. For example, one department meets weekly, another has no regularly-scheduled meetings. I also found once while doing a massive budget-mandated pruning of whatever resources departments felt they could live without that I had to make sure backchannels were available for dissenting... more... - barbara fister
^^ this is terribly collection-centric, sorry. But the same applies for teaching relationships and other outreach efforts. Departmental politics is always worth studying as you decide best way to approach IF you have the time/resources. I'm at a small place and we each have only 5-6 departments to work with. - barbara fister
Following on from Marie's post: Who is your (living) library hero you haven't actually met?
Mine is Denise Troll Covey. - RepoRat
Uh, RepoRat. :) - laura x from iPhone
^ - Marie
Caroline Haythornthwaite is on my list. I have many heroes! - Marie
You mean met in person? - Julian
Yep. - RepoRat
You, if only because I am a tease / git ;) - Pete
Aw, hell. I swear I wasn't fishing, y'all. - RepoRat
Heh heh. I'm throwing in a vote for Repo myself. :-) - YvonneM
I'll throw in another one: Sandy Berman, if only to give him a kicked-outta-librarianship fistbump. - RepoRat
I'm lucky enough to have met RR a couple of times, so I'll vote for Secret Agent Fister. - John Dupuis
I've seen Sandy speak! It was awesome. And we corresponded once. Also awesome. - maʀtha
I also saw Sandy speak once and got mail from him once. He is great. And I see Secret Agent Fister is going to be at my state library conference this fall! - laura x from iPhone
That was supposed to be secret (jk). it would be sweet to meet you! - barbara fister
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