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God rest ye merry library folk / let contracts you not dismay / for surely with our Jenica / twill all soon be OA
to save us all from vendor's bills / and money gone astray / o tidings of freely available joy / available joy / o tidings of freely available joy - Pete
Merry Christmas all :) - Pete
I liked this, but i want to LOVE it. - barbara fister
Holly's favorite Anna
Barbara, thank you for your Inside Higher Ed article. I appreciate the "no shit, Sherlock" response more than the "OMG! Elsevier is soooo Evil" response I've been reading from too many sources.
Anna and Barbara, here's another one in that vein: - Stephen Francoeur
Katy S
Manley Arts: Making Choices, by Will Manley | Booklist Online -
Manley Arts: Making Choices, by Will Manley | Booklist Online
"This is why I feel strongly that a new self-published book entitled Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy,by an Iowa librarian named Laura Crossett, is something that belongs in every library in America—academic, school, public, and medical. Crossett is an interesting blend of contradictions. She’s religious and irreverent; courageous and scared; rational and emotional; clear thinking and muddled; in love and out of love. There is, however, one aspect of her personality that is clear and constant: she is a gifted writer who is able to clearly articulate all the conflicting aspects of her personal dilemma with grace, wit, candor, pain, drama, and, most of all, humor." - Katy S from Bookmarklet
Wow. So two retired-in-Livermore library writers loved Laura's book--but Will's endorsement will sell many, many times as many copies (especially in Booklist!) as mine would. Well deserved. - Walt Crawford
It's really great! - Katy S
Whoa. - laura x from BuddyFeed
Wonderful. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Congratulations! - Betsy
Holy crap. Um, my book just showed up in the same essay as tripartite government. - laura x from BuddyFeed
That is rad. - Meg VMeg from Android
The Institute for Research Design in Librarianship has launched its website: Stay tuned for the call for proposals. I'll post about it here.
<3! - Meg VMeg
Awesome. I can't wait to apply! I was just thinking the other day that I need a crash course in research methods. - Laura Krier
Wow! This looks fantastic! - Galadriel C.
the call for proposals is up! info about the institute, how to prepare your application, and a course overview are ready for you. *nibbles fingertips in excitement* - Marie
File under: All your listserv are belong to us. We're sending email blasts this week about the call for proposals. LSW heard it here first (because you are my favorites)! - Marie
Applications are now being accepted. We look forward to reading your proposals! Get started at - Marie
This got passed around at work so I imagine you'll get a couple people applying from my place. - Hedgehog
~Courtney F
Thank god. I don't know that I could be a good librarian without you all.
Or thank cod. - barbara fister
In Cod We Trust - Andy
Crime and mystery fiction
Best Swedish Crime Fiction Novel 2013 and the Martin Beck Award winners -
Chat Ref Question:
[citation needed] - Stephen Mack
Meg VMeg
If we instituted impact factor ranking at the *publisher* level, would that facilitate Open Access while simultaneously dampening the current "content" explosion?
I think Cameron was trying to develop an If number for publishers about 1-3 years ago. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Huh. I wonder why it didn't work. - Meg VMeg
It may have worked, I just haven't seen the results of what he may or may not have put together. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Steele Lawman
Siding With Google, Judge Says Book Search Does Not Infringe Copyright - -
"The long time that it took for the case to be decided may have helped Google significantly, because it effectively resolved many of the concerns about the scanning project, said Nancy Sims, a copyright program librarian at the University of Minnesota. “Seeing it in action may have had an influence on the strength of the fair use ruling here,” Ms. Sims said." - Steele Lawman from Bookmarklet
yay Nancy! - RepoRat
How a Densely Populated Neighborhood Became Turner Field: A Map Essay | University Library Blog -
How a Densely Populated Neighborhood Became Turner Field: A Map Essay | University Library Blog
Our GIS librarian does cool stuff. And does a great job writing about it too. - ellbeecee from Bookmarklet
awww! In happier news, I was just contacted by an incoming PhD student who says I came highly recomended by his advisor-to-be -- who is one of the faculty I haven't been able to connect with yet!
My blog has looked the same since... maybe 2007? So I changed it:
very nice! - RepoRat
NOOOOO. Not change! - ellbeecee
Beauteous! Even on my phone! - laura x from BuddyFeed
Very nice. And now you've done it, so I don't have to. "Want a spiffier blog? Go read Pegasus Librarian. Better written, too!" - Walt Crawford
At yes, the famous Law of Blog Thermodynamics. *sage nod* - lris
I thought there must be a law for it. Conservation of blog attractiveness? - Walt Crawford
Just lovely, Iris! I like that there's Iris-art on the front page. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Nice!! - YvonneM
Song dedication thread! Dedicate a song to a fellow LSWer. :)
I dedicate "One-Girl Revolution" to Jenica, laura x, jambina, and Secret Agent Fister. - RepoRat
*puts thinking cap on* - Heleninstitches
I dedicate the Mary Tyler Moore theme song (as performed by Hüsker Dü) to Martha: - Steele Lawman
For all the serials and e-resources folks, Respect: and Stand: - Kirsten
"Little Room" to Steve: - laura x
"Still a Weirdo" to Pete: - RepoRat
^ LOL - Heleninstitches
*wants a song* - Rachel Walden
For Rachel, Dar Williams "Better Things" - RepoRat
perfect, thanks :) - Rachel Walden
woohoo, theme songs! thank you, Rattie. - barbara fister
any time. keep 'em coming! - RepoRat
"blowing in the wind" for stumped reference librarians everywhere. (I am deeply song illiterate, I'm afraid.) - barbara fister
You know how my nightmares usually include family and close friends behaving in entirely uncharacteristic ways? Well last night one of my wonderful co-workers was moving into my tiny office. One of the things she absolutely needed to bring was her weird candle/table/woman.
please note: this thing is not in evidence in her real-life office - lris
Catherine Pellegrino
Many happy returns of the day to our own Mover and Shaker, Shover and Maker, and Carping Nerdboy Steve!
Happy birthday, Steve :) - Pete
happy birthday steve! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday, Steve! - Betsy
Happy day! - ellbeecee
Happy Birthday Steve!! - Hedgehog
Merry birthday! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Happy birthday, my friend. :) - laura x
happy birthday! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Happy birthday my friend. Demand hugs from all and sundry on my behalf, please. - lris
Love to you, Steve - maʀtha
Happy, happy birthday! - Galadriel C.
Happy birthday, Steve! - RepoRat
May your day be felicitous (and less pompous than mine seems to be so far)! - Stephen Francoeur
Happy birthday! - Mary Carmen
Many happy returns of the day! - Marianne
Thank you all! - Steele Lawman
Happy happy! - Meg VMeg
Hope you get all of the presents that you wanted. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Hippo birdies! - Deborah Fitchett
Happy birthday! - LB: Ratchet Bear
Happiest of birthdays! - Jed from iPhone
Have a great birthday! - Katy S
Happy birthday! - Jen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEELE! - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Happy happy birthday. I hope your day was fantabulous. - Megan loves summer
Thanks everyone. I had a lovely birthday. - Steele Lawman
~Courtney F
we just released Summon (we're calling it OneSearch) and I just got email from the President of the University!!! (he likes it!)
Is that the 2.0 version or 1.0? - aaron
we are still on 1.0 and i'm not clear on when our 2.0 roll out will be. - ~Courtney F
WE DID IT. We had a great event with Rainbow Rowell and the panel discussion. Rainbow was wonderful, the panel was great, and the auditorium was mostly full.
Hooray! - Katy S
The tweets are kind of awesome - maʀtha
I'm proud of what we did tonight. It was a big deal. #righttoread - maʀtha
Woo! - lris
yay! - Rachel Walden
I am so tired I could cry at the ref desk, but mostly good crying - maʀtha
Post from one of our panelists: [note: post has been revised and now includes more goodness] - maʀtha
Sarah rocks! - Katy S from iPhone
Whoever thought to include an LIS educator and ask how LIS education handles this kind of thing, THANK YOU. And wow, did Dr. Park hit a grand slam with that blog post or what? - RepoRat
Me, but Katy suggested Sarah Park Dahlen specifically. So, really, Katy. - maʀtha
And now I head out to the Rainbow Rowell reading SPPL is sponsoring. No panel discussion tonight, just geeking out on the bookish goodness. - maʀtha
I am so happy for you all! - laura x
Another great evening. I got to meet two of the media specialists from Anoka-Hennepin and they thanked me. Rainbow got to revel in being Rainbow and we all got to talk bout the books and it was a glorious thing. I'm so proud of what my wacky idea became with a lot of hard work and collaboration. We did it. - maʀtha
definitely a thing to be very very proud of! - RepoRat
So much awesome! I'm so very glad this went so well and that it received such great publicity. - Katy S
Steele Lawman
Overheard in the library: "I always know which printout is mine because who else is going to be reading about circumcision?"
laura x
Yesterday's ref shift: And what about the site Where do they stand on interracial marriage? And do they say the earth is 6000 years old? Is that true?
Hello fine peoples, is anyone else running into problems submitting ILL's from Google Scholar? We get a message about CrossRef linking being down.
We have open URL linking via SerSol - maʀtha
we have SerSol too, but I'm not entirely sure how someone would request an ILL from Google Scholar, since our Open URL only shows up for items we can access... - ~Courtney F
the ILL link shows up under More under each item - maʀtha
it is normally super cool - maʀtha
holy shitoly, Martha - how do you do that? I must be missing something ... we don't have an ILL link in GS. Just links for what's in our databases. - barbara fister
Of course, we have only a link resolver, no discovery system. Because we're antediluvian.And poor. - barbara fister
Well, I learned something new! :) I'm afraid I'm still not helpful, though, because our ILL link goes to ILLiad and doesn't throw the error :( - ~Courtney F
Barbara - if you send your holdings to GS from your link resolver it should work just fine - no discovery system needed. Ours looks like this: - Jen
We have "more" on some of the references (maybe 3 of 10), but they tend to take one to the SerSol link resolver, and then the person could ILL if needed. No help to you, but this is a new feature for me. - Joe - Systems Analyst
how did I not notice that "More" feature before? excellent -- though possibly moot soon-ish if the Scholar going away rumours are true - awd
Are there actual rumours (eg of the "I read in a news site's comment thread that someone's friend's cousin's dog who works at Google says that ..." form) as opposed to doomsday speculation (eg of the "Google takes away all the cool things and this is a cool thing ergo they're going to take it away" form)? - Deborah Fitchett
The most I've seen is extrapolation via comparing Scholar to other services that Google has killed. On that scale... it doesn't look good, but arguing from hindsight is iffy. - RepoRat
Aaron, Joe, I think that feature (ours is set to "check library holdings") was there for a while, when we implemented it I noticed it was there. But then google added the "cite" feature, which then pushed it to under more. There's a bit of documentation on when this feature appears next to a result, but in general if is [book] or [citation] it wont appear. Due to lack of structured... more... - aaron
Seriously, you guys didn't know about the ILL link in Scholar? Well, it is super, until today when it stopped working. - maʀtha
Probably because it's so hidden, few people used it. And given how "data driven" Google is they probably noticed..So decided to kill that link. Or it's one of the "experiments" they like to run, - aaron
I wouldn't be surprised if their corporate partners would want it killed dead. I actually saw it briefly yesterday on some results. Not today. Pouting. - barbara fister
Huh? Corporate partners you mean Elsevier and the like? - aaron
BTW, this seems to be fixed. Everyone go and submit ILLs via Google Scholar now! - maʀtha
GS works because Google gets info from publishers. Publishers apparently see value in Google indexing their stuff. They may see less value if they think libraries are Google partners. Though I suppose they wouldn't object to libraries paying those crazy prices, which we often do because those publishers make old-fashioned ILL so danged difficult. - barbara fister
This is my year of outreach events at work. We have the NLM Harry Potter exhibit coming in January. Public librarian has found a Fake Hagrid for us! And we might have librarians in picture frames. And luminaries outside on the labyrinth. And raptors and snakes and rats. Who knows?
the National Library of Medicine has a Harry Potter exhibit? - DJF
DJF yep, it's been going on tour for a couple of years now: mpow had it three years ago: - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm pretty excited about Fake Hagrid - maʀtha
My mother loved Robbie Coltrane. - DJF
Nice lecture series, Andrew. We are planning some academic discussions as well. And a magician and a costume party. And maybe a band. Who knows? - maʀtha
JAson FLeming
OH (from the other room): "When I grow up I want to be what my dad is right now. A Librarian!"
Apparently he is mostly interested in the bringing books home for your children part - JAson FLeming from Android
laura x
Please do not go into public library work if you are uncomfortable around people with serious mental illnesses. Thank you.
Or, as Rochelle said to me once, to work in a public library, you need to know how to safely wake a sleeping drunk - maʀtha
erm ... how do you do that? - henry
i could say all of this about both the music industry and the publishing industry. - Big Joe Silence
Henry--stay at least five feet away and don't touch. Pound on a table, clap your hands, speak loudly. If none of that works, call police or rescue. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Also, training on this should be mandatory (not to excuse rude behavior by library staff by any means). - YvonneM
I have long admired the patience and skill displayed by Oakland Public Library staff when dealing with certain members of the public. & I'm including kids with no home training in there! Our librarians are awesome & mostly unrecognized as such. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
What Mandy said. - MoTO Moca Blend
Galadriel C.
Library Sciencer + The Cod: now available on a mug, shirt, or bag: Zazzle has a 20% off code - OCTOBERSAVER - that ends today. (
And if you're willing to do a 30-day free trial of their "zazzle black" service, you can get free shipping (just put a reminder on your calendar to cancel it. I do this with a lot of sites, actually :) ) - ellbeecee
Brilliant - maʀtha from Android
Especially since I broke my cod mug recently - maʀtha from Android
I'm amused that you can get it as a stein. - LB: Ratchet Bear
Me too, Martha. - ellbeecee
Hmm. Christmas gifts for my ipeeps. - kaijsa
Thanks, Martha - I will have a cod mug! - barbara fister
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Hey buddies. We're launching our new website (hopefully) Tuesday. Aside from major design, color and navigation, what needs work of fixing?
That looks great! Am I supposed to understand the clickable "user identification" image above your chat widget? When I click on it, it times out. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, that was a dumb experiment. It's a link to our print management software for people who bring their own laptops. Will change it back to text, and it only works inside the library. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
"My account" requires Flash, so I can't get to it from my iPad. - lris
Oh, so does the whole catalog. Any way around that? - lris
The catalog is a disaster that we are in the process of dumping. There is an alt version of it, but we'll be done with it by early next year. Two and a half years of miserable patrons and staff that we'll never get back. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Oof. I'm sorry. The site itself is easy to understand as far as I can see. We're learning really interesting things by having first year students look at ours. I wonder if there's a way to do something with yours? - lris
Oh, we actually did user testing and got good information! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
oh good :) - lris
Love it. I can't wait to start using it as a patron :). - GretelSK
Love it. My only comment is that I can't tell immediately in the newsy section in the middle which things are links and which are not. - laura x
Yeah, all the in text links are pretty light. I asked for a different color, but was told that would be an extra charge. Bold? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
The link change should be a pretty minimal adjustment to the style sheet. Can you get a quote and haggle them down? - Rachel Walden
At this point, no. Maybe after we launch (TOMORROW!). We are already significantly overbudget, so will wait to see what sorts of comments we get. Thank you all. Keep it coming, if you have more. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
laura x
If I'd had any idea how much librarianship intersects with capitalism, I might have chosen a different field. (Like, I dunno, burying my head in the sand.)
You could be a hermit. I don't think they have much to do with capitalism. You know, hang out in a cave, eat rice, ruminate. #helpful - maʀtha
LSW: Jen
Highlight of the day was getting a thank you from a faculty member for a reference question I answered three odd years ago on the topics of sidepaths. There was chocolate (!) and the best part, a copy of the published article.
Aw, job well done! - Marie
way to go! - Meg VMeg
Woo hoo! - Galadriel C.
I think I got you beat. I was just in India to do a keynote, posted my foursquare checkin at the airport in singapore on facebook before I flew off. The next thing I knew, a ex-phd student I assisted in 2009/10, actually got in touch and insisted to show me around, which she did! Feeling really honoured & a bit embarrassed she took the time to do so, cos I know she is quite an important & busy person in the scheme of things. - aaron
Jen and aarontay: Nice! - Betsy
Sidepaths? - Betsy
These stories were the highlight of my day, too. :-) - Megan loves summer
aarontay - wow, that is amazingly cool. I love our users :) - Jen
Also, the sidepath (think sidewalks for bicycles) movement was pretty cool as well. The article is at: - Jen
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
If we had a catalog that worked properly, I could share a link to our newest addition--Laura Crossett's Night Sweats. ;-)
From a deanly email about my department: "It's my firm belief that the instruction you deliver in the library is equal to the very best instruction anywhere else on campus." *beams*
Wow. - Steele Lawman
Double like. - Joe - Systems Analyst
For context, at our school there is one dean, and this was one of her 3 associate deans. Big Cheeses, all. - lris
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