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We added a few features you might have missed recently: support for thumbnails ( and "Best of" for users/groups on the iPhone (
Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 3.05.19 PM.png
Rumors of FriendFeed's death are greatly exaggerated. (Thank you, Ben!) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, guys :) - Franc, a rememberer
Stephen, very happy to see new features like this, but I think the "death" part is the major users reducing their activity. I'd love to see some support from Facebook in promoting FriendFeed more to encourage those users to go back. Or maybe they don't want to? Regardless, bonus for me! Thanks Benjamin - you're awesome! - Jesse Stay
Jesse, fair enough but major users always did come and go. Some of the departees who left said they were doing so because there was no new development. Clearly not all development is halted. Last week Paul hinted that FF may receive a major new feature, and characterized his participation as "20% time" -- I'll take that. - Stephen Mack
I backed down off the all caps. The group "best of" is really useful, love it. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I agree - I'd just like some confirmation that Facebook cares about all this so I can know whether to focus my efforts on Facebook or FriendFeed or both. - Jesse Stay
I noticed the best of on the iPhone the other day, wrote it out on a cake and then ated it. - Josh Haley
Thanks for the update Ben - AJ Batac
Jesse, I think you should focus where your users are focused. What do SocialToo users want? But if they want Facebook focus, you should still keep an eye on FriendFeed, since the future Facebook will look a lot more like FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, I'm not sure we know that. - Jesse Stay
Paul Buchheit said the FB acquisition was attractive because of shared vision/direction. I would be surprised if a lot of that vision wasn't already embodied in this product right here. - Bruce Lewis
ffcode: you can do that. Here is the "Best of week" from one year ago: - Benjamin Golub
ITS ALIVE!!!!!!! MUH HA HA - Roberto Bonini
آقا دستت دردنکنه :دی - گیلداد
Spotify via AirPlay to my Airport Express. Is it possible?
Albino Alligator Reflection -
Albino Alligator Reflection
Macbook Pro won't boot. The sleep light comes on but the screen stays blank. The sleep light glows brighter when the lid is closed. Any ideas?
Tried removing battery, holding power button for 10 seconds, removing RAM, etc. - Benjamin Golub
Did you check to see if it was just the display that died? Does it chime when you start it up? - Mark Trapp
No chime. - Benjamin Golub
"It's dead, Jim" - Tinfoil 2.0
Resetting the PRAM/NVRAM didn't work. It's like the Macbook is asleep. I'm going to try running the battery down. - Benjamin Golub
It's upgrade time! Are you a 13", 15" or 17" sorta guy? O_o - Adrian
If removing the RAM didn't help, that sounds like it might be a logic board problem. Does target disk mode work? - Mark Trapp
Definitely sounds like the motherboard is kaput. - Adrian
Target disk mode doesn't work either. - Benjamin Golub
The worst part is I erased the sparsebundle that Time Machine was stored on in an attempt to get Time Machine working again (it hasn't backed up for like a week). That did work this morning; but the backup didn't finish before the machine got into this state :( - Benjamin Golub
You said you reset the NVRAM, but was that just Command+Option+P+R? Relatively newer MacBooks have an SMC, which is reset with Left Control + Option + Shift with the power adapter plugged in and pressing the power button. The adapter indicator light should blink from yellow to amber to green if you do it right. Some people call the SMC the NVRAM, so just double-checking. - Mark Trapp
Well, unless it's an unrelated failure, your hard drive should be okay: you should be able to unplug it and copy the data. - Mark Trapp
It's a late 2008 Macbook Pro. Trying the SMC thing. - Benjamin Golub
Here are the full SMC reset instructions just in case my abbreviated version doesn't do anything: - Mark Trapp
SMC reset is the modern "zapping the PRAM"? - Big Joe Silence
SMC reset didn't work. - Benjamin Golub
Is it connected to any external devices? Even a USB keyboard or mouse? - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Nope. - Benjamin Golub
Yeah; appointment scheduled for this evening :( - Benjamin Golub
Apparently it's a common issue with the nvidia chipset on the logic board. They are fixing it for free! - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
Oh sweet! I was going to ask if you had tried hooking it up to an external monitor. I have a 2008 MBP whose display died a similar death but it works great if you have an external display. - Akiva
External monitor didn't work. The thing isn't posting at all. - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
Wow. Much worse than my situation. Although I've discovered that it's rather difficult to get people interested in buying a laptop that only works with an external monitor... - Akiva
Hi! I have the same problem... How's your macbook? Is it working? - Dana Mae
Corrupt Time Machine? Check your router! -
Thank you DreamHost for storing my password in plaintext :(
You're paying extra for that, you know. - Akiva
There should be a registry of companies that do dumb stuff with passwords. We can then query it with a chrome extension and display some sort of icon if you are on their site. I'm at a loss as to the correct icon for "dumbass site". - Joe Beda
We met this old man and his tiny dog Rusty at a creamery in Petaluma. They ride together and Rusty has his own helmet and goggles!
Har! My friend does that with her Maltese. - Spidra Webster
If you use the FriendFeed Facebook application make sure you've configured it properly. We are switching to a new method of publishing in the not too distant future. If you see this message at just click on the link to provide the proper permissions.
Screen shot 2009-11-10 at 5.49.36 PM.png
We might also be sending you a notification asking for the permissions. - Benjamin Golub
cool, thanks! - Susan Beebe
Attachments FTW! :-) - Jesse Stay
Just keeps looping and I cannot get it to accept. - Scott Whaley
your app does not work - Rimtech4
I disabled Friendfeed wallposts a while ago to avoid duplicate aggregate streaming there. - John Lam
Orpheus' music was so powerful that no one could resist it—not even the fairest maiden. He chose the lovely Eurydice to be his wife. But their joy was brief. As Eurydice walked through a meadow shortly after their wedding, a poisonous snake bit her. She died, leaving Orpheus alone and deeply saddened. Overcome by grief, he decided to travel to the land of the dead to get her. - Azeem Baloch
how can my feedback well - Azeem Baloch
Mmmhh, its 2012 now and Friendfeed cannot publish to my FB account since a couple of days. Any ideas how to fix that? - Michael Hohl
Is it possible to upgrade from a TiVo HD to a TiVo Premier and keep my old plan? The TiVo Premier UI looks much nicer than my TiVo HD. And rumor has it a Netflix update for Premier only is coming soon! But the new TiVo plans are twice as expensive as what I pay now :(
I think I fixed the Twitter consumer. I apologize for such a long outage! was to blame.
Great Job, Benjamin - Marco Rossi
Do you think that the Manage Applications page ( will ever be fixed? - Marco Rossi
Love that.. Thank you soooooooooo much !! - Peter Dawson
seesm that inbound to FF is working..but from FF to Twitter is not :(- - Peter Dawson
Thank you! - Ahmet Yükseltürk
Thank you! - ideali
Eyvallah kardeş. Allah razı olsun ilgileniyorsunuz bizimle. - Erhan Erdoğan
Thanx! - Laura Fujiko from FFHound!
Loved Friendfeed as a Twitter client. Is that completely off the table? - Cliff Gerrish
Thank you! Does it have some cut-off date on retro-import? :) - Count Caturday
Thank you! - Alex Kapranoff
Great job! that connected my tweets to ff and all :) - alperyz from Android
Thanks again, Benjamin! - Stephen Mack
Benj always to the rescue. Thanks!!! - AJ Batac
Mine still doesn't work. =( - rönin
Thank you, Benjamin! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Yay Benjamin! Thank you sir! - SAM
: ) though I don't import my twitter. - Franc, a rememberer
Hurrah! :) - Tyson Key
It is broken again :( - Ahmet Yükseltürk
And now it's fixed again! - Stephen Mack
Bank of America took over my Schwab credit card. They shut down access to the Schwab card from the old website and won't give us access to the card on the BoA website until "sometime in December". Meanwhile my account is paperless so it's going to be a pain in the ass to make sure I don't miss a bill payment.
ugh. - Kevin Johnson
That sucks. :( - Derrick
When they do things like this, it makes me wonder if they're counting on you missing a payment. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
There is no wonder. - Josh Haley
Ha3rvey: that's what I told the customer service guy before hanging up on him. I'm pretty sure they are just dragging their feet to collect fees. How hard would it have been to leave the old Schwab website up while they waited on our new cards to be delivered? The old cards still work, just the website doesn't. - Benjamin Golub
Wells Fargo has certainly been known to stack the deck in order to ensure more fees. - Spidra Webster
Refuse to pay any fees for nonpayment of bills they don't send you or give you access to. - Bruce Lewis
:( - Anne Bouey
Does the new Messages app just know if a contact is running iOS 5 so it doesn't have to send a costly text message or do I have to somehow trigger it?
From what I have been reading, iM is the first option. Although if it cannot figure out, SMS will be sent the costly route automatically. No option to stop the message from going out... - kartik vaithyanathan from iPhone
I dare say it would work off the same set of pipes as FaceTime... since iOS5 works for iPods (without SMS feature) - Johnny from iPhone
Oh I figured it out. When you can send an iMessage the text input field changes from "Text message" to "iMessage". Neat! - Benjamin Golub
Yeah, it goes by AppleID, and I think it matches phone numbers to Apple IDs in its database to faciliate autodetection. - Kevin Fox
Quidditch at UC Berkeley
Rock balancing in the National Aids Memorial Grove
"Peek a boo" and "I haz a shoe"
Dramatic Colosseum -
Dramatic Colosseum
Awww. Megen found these while unpacking
Oh that's awesome! Hey, if you ever need another deck, we've got a handful of extras. :-) - Kevin Fox
And by handful he means we will likely have enough to give out at our 50th wedding anniversary! - Rachel Lea Fox
FriendFeeders at our wedding :) (this time in higher resolution)
102918-2011-05-29 golub aurora inn v2.jpg
102922-2011-05-29 golub aurora inn v2.jpg
The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge -
The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge
Megen took this photo :) - Benjamin Golub
FriendFeeders celebrating :)
We iz so cute!!! It was an amazing wedding for an awesome couple!!! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
Congratulations again, Ben! - Louis Gray
I love Violet in the third one! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
Congratulations, Ben and Megen! - Anne Bouey
You should start to see FriendFeed email notifications again! (for comments, direct messages, etc.)
Sorry for the delay in getting that fixed. - Benjamin Golub
Wow. I thought there wasn't going to be any more work on Friendfeed after Facebook acquired it. - Morton Fox
No problemo - sofarsoShawn
Thanks, ya'll! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Gettin em - thanks! - Christopher Galtenberg
I'd rather not :) - maʀtha
waht about the Twitter imports ? - Peter Dawson
Will they be on time again? - Skyler Call
Uh oh, BG - I disabled Home Feed emails about 3 hours ago, old ones still came in (ok) but new ones have started to come in since (some as of just 5 minutes ago) - Christopher Galtenberg
What about Twitter? Mine's still broken - my FF posts are published at Twitter but my Twitter messages doesn't publish at FF. There are lots more like me. - @barisunver
Stop about Twitter, please. Let's focus on email, because there's a semi-serious issue still pending. - Christopher Galtenberg
They should have the same importance. You don't seem to have a Twitter problem and I don't have an email notification problem. That doesn't mean that one problem is more/less important than the other. - @barisunver
Yes. It works - Vincio
My inbox is being literally flooded right now. I'll let Benjamin decide the priority set. - Christopher Galtenberg
FF also seems to be ignoring the Unsubscribe All email option <= HELP - Christopher Galtenberg
Partially works, cool! - Burcu Dogan
30 new emails since last comment :( Please check the code, have it look at current preferences - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher: it's likely just a delay cause by the sudden huge amount of emails we had to send out. I'll look into it shortly. - Benjamin Golub
Thanks, Benjamin. Some are from posts only a few minutes old. Thanks again. - Christopher Galtenberg
B-Glob is on the job! - Josh Haley from iPhone
Thanks. Any updates on Twitter imports? - Paola Bonomo
Trickling in, but I'm getting ' em - #cryptic from FFHound(roid)!
@Benjamin, at least tell us if you're gonna do anything about Twitter updates! :( - @barisunver
Once again, thanks for donating your time to us FFers! - Eric - Let Me Know
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