Benjamin Golub
Macbook Pro won't boot. The sleep light comes on but the screen stays blank. The sleep light glows brighter when the lid is closed. Any ideas?
Tried removing battery, holding power button for 10 seconds, removing RAM, etc. - Benjamin Golub
Did you check to see if it was just the display that died? Does it chime when you start it up? - Mark Trapp
No chime. - Benjamin Golub
Resetting the PRAM/NVRAM didn't work. It's like the Macbook is asleep. I'm going to try running the battery down. - Benjamin Golub
It's upgrade time! Are you a 13", 15" or 17" sorta guy? O_o - Adrian
If removing the RAM didn't help, that sounds like it might be a logic board problem. Does target disk mode work? - Mark Trapp
Definitely sounds like the motherboard is kaput. - Adrian
Target disk mode doesn't work either. - Benjamin Golub
The worst part is I erased the sparsebundle that Time Machine was stored on in an attempt to get Time Machine working again (it hasn't backed up for like a week). That did work this morning; but the backup didn't finish before the machine got into this state :( - Benjamin Golub
You said you reset the NVRAM, but was that just Command+Option+P+R? Relatively newer MacBooks have an SMC, which is reset with Left Control + Option + Shift with the power adapter plugged in and pressing the power button. The adapter indicator light should blink from yellow to amber to green if you do it right. Some people call the SMC the NVRAM, so just double-checking. - Mark Trapp
Well, unless it's an unrelated failure, your hard drive should be okay: you should be able to unplug it and copy the data. - Mark Trapp
It's a late 2008 Macbook Pro. Trying the SMC thing. - Benjamin Golub
Here are the full SMC reset instructions just in case my abbreviated version doesn't do anything: - Mark Trapp
SMC reset is the modern "zapping the PRAM"? - Big Joe Silenced
SMC reset didn't work. - Benjamin Golub
Is it connected to any external devices? Even a USB keyboard or mouse? - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Nope. - Benjamin Golub
Yeah; appointment scheduled for this evening :( - Benjamin Golub
Apparently it's a common issue with the nvidia chipset on the logic board. They are fixing it for free! - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
Oh sweet! I was going to ask if you had tried hooking it up to an external monitor. I have a 2008 MBP whose display died a similar death but it works great if you have an external display. - Akiva
External monitor didn't work. The thing isn't posting at all. - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
Wow. Much worse than my situation. Although I've discovered that it's rather difficult to get people interested in buying a laptop that only works with an external monitor... - Akiva
Hi! I have the same problem... How's your macbook? Is it working? - Dana Mae