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ThinkGeek :: Giant Plush Microbes -
ThinkGeek :: Giant Plush Microbes
Spore recreated. - Andrew Trinh
We have the common cold and beer yeast - they are super cute! - Rachel Lea Fox
Collect all hundred thousand! - Josh Haley
My mom has the louse. It's cute! - Rochelle
My favorite action shot from that page. Don't forget to read the caption: - Cyrus Lendvay
I got a red blood cell last time I donated to the Red Cross. Very cute. - Karen
I have Dust Mite, Book Worm, and Mad Cow, and have given a Red Blood Cell, and a Beer Yeast to friends. - Ragani Harris
i got my BFF the syphilis microbe for her xmas...the gift that keeps on giving! - Elyse