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Hutch Carpenter

Hutch Carpenter

VP of Product for Spigit ( Father of two young 'uns who misses running marathons. San Francisco, CA.
Scientists Find an Earth Twin "It'll remain speculation for long time, if not forever" > Give us 1000 yrs, we'll know
+1 > RT @Renee_Hopkins I must go -- thx @sourcePOV for a great topic, @DrewCM for cat-herding, @JohnWLewis for transcript-herding! #innochat
A4: Flow of insight very relevant for new capabilities. In LW's #innochat re: innovating at the core, we saw need to understand changes.
RT @skap5: Favorite flow characteristic is thixotropy. Static innovation processes don't flow until agitated! #innochat
RT @ScottPropp: A3. Really clear questions bring clarity to OI/CI and allow flow without organizational constraints #innochat
RT @innoalchemist: OI feels like problem solving to me -- ideas not insights in general #innochat
A2: Insight flow conundrum. No structure: no one participates (seriously, all theory aside). Too much structure: kill off insight. #innochat
A2: Structure has many faces. There's evaluation process. But there's also structure for types of insight to be captured. @skap5 #innochat
A1: Ideas are a form of problem-solving. Something we're naturally inclined to do. Insights require more of a discover mentality. #innochat
RT @Renee_Hopkins: In a word - yes! RT @DrewCM But are ideas uninformed by insights doomed to generate concepts in search of users/customers? #innochat
RT @LoisMarketing One doesn't necessarily lead to other. Each can remain free-standing #innochat A1 > Makes sense - other uses for insight
A1: Witzenmann actually has a crowdsourced "trendspotting" effort. Employees post interesting finds they come across. @sourcePOV #innochat
RT @sourcePOV: A1. If we take a collaborative innovation frame, the currency must be fluid, the dialog full of .. 1st insights, then 2nd ideas #innochat
A1: Insights inspire ideas. They're: (1) people's #jtbd and how they're feeling about them; (2) new tech & models for delivering. #innochat
Hello #innochat. Hutch Carpenter, Senior Consultant with @hypeinnovation here. Looking to get into the "flow".
Strategies to address #socbiz community dead zone: moderate/respond to submissions; remind participants; leverage advocates @Colin_at_HYPE
What are people doing during a #socbiz campaign "dead zone"? Day job; thinking; questioning the process. @Colin_at_HYPE #cmgr
. @Colin_at_HYPE talks about #socbiz community "dead zones". Period where engagement drops off in middle of campaign. #cmgr
Engagement inhibitors incl. lack of: awareness, campaign relevance, belief in sponsor, peer participation, feedback - @Colin_at_HYPE #socbiz
4 elements of idea campaigns: sponsor-led, time limited, appropriate audience, selection criteria - @Colin_at_HYPE #innovation #socbiz
Per @Colin_at_HYPE: Key in innovation #socbiz: get people involved; collective expertise; better use of org knowledge; apply to innovation
Good webinar for innovation, #socbiz managers: Keeping Campaigns Alive - Best Practices for Engagement 11am EDT today
I'll be in NYC on Monday (6-9 pm) for @IXChat Innovation Cities Tour > Innovation stories and drinks. See you there.
RT @SameerPatel @bhc3 wait. So no social CRM case studies on the @USAirways gaffe? :) > I'm sure some bright light will write one...
RT @charlieisaacs: IMO:The right decision. Great job @USAirways > That US Airways Employee Won't Be Fired for Honest Mistake >
While unfortunate, @USAirways tweet gaffe will have *no* effect on its bottom line. @united (breaks guitars) @Nestle (FB page) didn't either
#gamification: incorporating stimuli into an activity to influence people's actions toward a desired outcome. > What's right or wrong there?
Say 'Big Data' again, I dare you, I double dare you...
RT @Paul4innovating: Exploring Diffusion and Adoption of New Innovation - Part 1 #innovation #diffusion
RT @leimer: Amazon nixes the idea of accepting Bitcoin
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