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Hutch Carpenter

Hutch Carpenter

Senior Consultant for HYPE Innovation ( Father of two young 'uns who misses running marathons. San Francisco, CA.
The evening parade of helicopters from Manhattan makes me think, "There's go some fat cats."
Happy Singles Day (11/11)! Well, at least if you're in China. > It's a made-up celebration bigger than Black Friday.
Off to New Jersey, there's some client work to be done for @hypeinnovation. Not only do you help, but you learn just as much too.
On call w/ prospective @hypeinnovation client, woman flat out stated issue w/ previous innovation: "It's 100% about governance" > Usually is
Two hours to go until my webinar starts, #Gamification: Lies, Damned Lies and What Works: > "Lies" part will be fun.
Re: The SF K Files: Hello From Confused (but hopeful) Parents From Pac Heights! -
"Small item. Technically, Stuart Hall is not a parochial school. I guess you could say it's" - Hutch Carpenter
Radio Show Interview: Collaborative Innovation at Scale -
Talk-n-Tweet | Collaborative Innovation at Scale -
Sharing economy is still in early adopter phase -
At 8 am PDT/11 am PDT, @Colin_at_HYPE webinar, "Innovation Management Day 1: How to Launch Your Program Effectively"
Random Sunday morning question. How is Biz Stone's Jelly app doing?
Animated graphic shows the growing intensity of tweets globally about #Ferguson > Note the intensity in the U.K.
Know the ALS ice bucket dunking challenge? Local headline straight from The Onion: ice supplies depleted due to it.
+1 > RT @JohnWLewis: Thank you, @Renee_Hopkins, for a great #innochat today. Looking forward to hearing about times/dates of #semantichat.
RT @atownley: A4: Key is in the context. Something that achieves the same result in dramatically different way may be innovative #innochat
RT @jgombita: A4. I put in a vote for OUTCOMES. "X was designed/created, so the outcomes would be less Y, more Z, for a net result of A outcomes #innochat
A3: Are there things that can't be innovated...? > Laws of physics? cc: @JohnWLewis #innochat
RT @DrewCM Isn't that a suggestion box? Where the fond hopes of the disgruntled few meet a dusty demise. #innochat > #IdeasBlackHole
RT @Emeka1968: @bhc3 I think that it's at the ideas viable checkpoint that most innovation fails #innochat > True. A needed confirmation.
RT @JohnWLewis: A2 There are many activities and most are much more serious than undirected solicitation for "ideas". #innochat
A2: Innovation activities: (i) Does current mode fall short? (ii) Are there ideas that can better outcomes? (ii) Are ideas viable? #innochat
A1: Group 'innovation' definitions into 5 types: Business Model, Applied Invention, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Unmet User Needs. #innochat
Hello innocats, Hutch Carpenter with @hypeinnovation here. Been a too busy summer of vacation and work. But checking in today. #innochat
RT @JohnWLewis: Join us in 5 mins for #innochat. @Renee_Hopkins focusses on "innovation" as an intro to #semantichat. See framing:
MT @rungarycohenrun RIP Robin Williams. At Redwoods HS,1969, he ran 1:59.4 half mile, 52.3 440 yds & on school record mile relay. #fast
Just heard about Robin Williams. Damn.
RT @IvanCNN: 15 year old Aziza cried whole flight to safety. Her father got separated during ISIS attack 1 week ago. Still missing
My comment on "How to Gamify Innovation" @Forbes:
Oh Russia...those spots never change, do they? > In Reprisal, Russia Imposes Trade Sanctions on the West
RT @dahowlett: Mongo DB's CEO wants a better life - who can blame him: < very classy explanation why he's stepping aside.
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