Hutch Carpenter
Wondering which will be cheaper for wireless...3G iPhone tether or an EVDO card?
If you already have an iPhone, probably the iPhone tether: it's 30 dollars in addition to the required data plan (or at least that was the word on the street). EVDO service runs about 45 dollars in addition to fees and (possibly) having to buy the card itself. That said, with tethering, iPhone's data plan is like 60 bucks a month, which is a lot. If you don't already have an iPhone, just getting a card would be substantially cheaper. - Mark Trapp
There are other perks to having a dedicated EVDO card, though: it doesn't tie up your phone, it doesn't rely on a battery, and the service is probably substantially better (assuming you go with Verizon or a service that has better 3g coverage in your area). - Mark Trapp
Good points Mark. I have the 3G iPhone already. Is that monthly fee, $30 for tethering? The 3G coverage is a great point. Something that I'll need to investigate. - Hutch Carpenter
I saw a dude at a meeting last month whip out a Dell Mini with a little USB EVDO dongle. It BLEW MY MIND. Netbooks in meetings with 3G internets? yes please. Oh, it was @joespake. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Hutch: that's what the rumor was a few months ago: I think it's kinda crazy since you're already required to have a data plan. Seems like it should be pro-rated to like 15 bucks a month. Edit: source, - Mark Trapp
@Mark: It makes sense to me, they're charging you for more data than you already use now. If you start tethering you'll get more data out of your current plan, so they have to bump up the prices to maintain (or likely improve) the profit:bandwidth ratio. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I looked into it and tether wins for price. I connect via Bluetooth to my Moto Q9h. Phone is still fully functional. Yes, it's an extra $30! I had to swallow that pill, and it's a 5GB cap on the included bandwidth. Don't be doing a bunch of video when you sign up. - Eric - Final Countdown
It's not like airlines let everyone move to the unoccupied first class seats once it's time for takeoff. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel, the thing is you're capped to 5GB (there is no such thing as "unlimited" data plans) anyway. I'd concede that you're using more data then just using an iPhone, but it seems like you're only "upgrading" your iPhone data plan to a full-fledged data plan. For 45 bucks a month, I can use my EVDO card on unlimited computers (up to 5GB). So why do I have to pay 60 bucks a month just because I have an iPhone? Heck, I'm even saving the carrier money by not having to subsidize another evdo card! - Mark Trapp
I don't like wireless data plans in general, that's why I have the cheapest FamilyTalk plan from ATT. My wife and I use minimal (shared) minutes and we do our web work via home DSL (over wifi) or at the office. I'd love to join the iPhone club but I just can't swallow these data rates. The idea of paying more for one phone than I'm currently paying for TWO phones is just too much for me. - Daniel J. Pritchett
jailbreak and get pdanet ;) - Keith - @tsudo