Hutch Carpenter
Office 2007 - really, really confusing if you're used to Office 2003 or prior versions.
Definitely a learning curve, but nice once you get used to it (IMO) - Herb Hernandez
Thx Herb. My wife is struggling with it right now. I'll let her know there's light at the end of the tunnel. - Hutch Carpenter
best UI they ever put out. hang in there. it will all make sense. and keep in mind i hate their apps. - Carlos Ayala
Yeah. The Ribbon is far superior to a morass of button bars. - Akiva
You can get used to Office 2007, but you need to stop using Office 2003 first. - Bill Sodeman
I can't stand it. I've tried for months to get used to it but it just does not make sense to me. :/ My brain doesn't work that way. - Rochelle
I'm fairly certain keyboard shortcuts didn't change, so if you're used to them, use them. - Jordan Hofker
Jordan, I am. If I didn't have those, I would throw the whole thing out the window. - Rochelle
Takes a while but it's a better experience than 2003 once you get used to it. - The Fat Oracle
Try using Office for Macs. It is horrible. - Mona Nomura
I've always been a big fan of Office for Mac. - Akiva
Helen - that's what I'm hitting. Looking at my wife's laptop, it's hard to figure out where things are. - Hutch Carpenter
I'm impressed by the number of positive statements here. Good to hear. - Hutch Carpenter
Using styles is way easier now. - Aaron Hood
I totally agree!!! I absolutely hate the new ribbon! What really ticks me of is that MS did not provide an option to use 2003 style menus. - Jeff P. Henderson
Hate is such a strong word. And it only begins to describe how I feel about office 2007. - Josh Haley
It might not be so bad once you learn it, but I'm stuck using 2003 at work and have 2003 installed on three other computers that I own. (Only my newest Dell desktop has 2007). I'm not about to spend $$$ to upgrade three computers to a software version I really don't like using. - Jeff P. Henderson
exactamundo - Josh Haley
The main issue I have is their default file format is new. It's ok otherwise. The main app I use is Onenote though, which doesn't have the ribbon. - Rodfather
There is an alternative, OpenOffice, whcih is free. It looks just like Office 2003. I installed it on my new Netbook recently and it is a fine alternative to MS Office. - Jeff P. Henderson
I think their file format change is for the better long term because all of their files (the ones ending in x anyway) are based on XML. - Aaron Hood
Some of my users have been really grateful when I point out the Quick Access Toolbar. Heck, I've been grateful to myself for using it! - MiniMage
I haven't even seen it. Is it that different? - Adriana
@Adriana: It is the small tool bar on top (with Save- and undo/redo-buttons by default). It can be customized. - Jemm
I'm still getting used to the new 2007 toolbar! - Kol Tregaskes
The problem is my client's machines use old office so I switch from one to the other, mostly using the old one. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
pro tip: DON'T save your files in the 2007 format if you're sharing them with others... be considerate for those who don't want to move or might not have the compatability pack installed for whatever reason. - alphaxion
Once you get used to the toolbar, it's pretty nice. I like 2007 a lot better over 2003. Although, I have to admit, I rarely use them anymore instead using GApps for domains. - Jason Shultz from twhirl