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FriendFeed ‘Likes’ Compatibility Index -
Is liking an article about likes wrong? - Louis Gray
Louis. I liked it too, but then I'm really just stalking you! - Robert Scoble
I could pick worse people to stalk me. You'll do. - Louis Gray
If you like something, it's OK to like it. Gonna stalk Hutch - Charlie Anzman
Mikey likes it. - Mike Fruchter
I wonder if Robert and Louis should get married or something like it. Then they could "like" each other in public ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
Louis isn't my type. :-) - Robert Scoble
I could automate this... - Yuvi
I just gotta "like" this. :) - Morton Fox
...if they fixed this bug: - Yuvi
I'm also noticed not many women on FriendFeed compared to Twitter, so don't feel too bad. ;-) What's the female ratio in my networks? Tribe 26/44 (60%) Facebook 82/240 (35%) Twitterers Following Me 33/148 (35%) LinkedIn 67/248 (27%) Twitterers I'm Following 17/132 (21%) FriendFeeders I'm Following 19/128 (15%) FriendFeeders Following Me 10/102 (10%) --- The Twitter 21%/35% and FriendFeed 15%/10% ratios are opposite, so I guess the women on Twitter like me more than the ones on FriendFeed... :-) - Mitchell Tsai
I'm going to have to do this when I get home - seems a great way to find new people to subscribe to. - Colin Walker from fftogo
Love the idea of discovering more people through Friend Feed. Especially if they are just a little outside the main stream. - Patrick
That is actually an interesting "discovery" metric. I wonder if the FF folks have looked into "share" recommendations yet. If they have friend recommendations, shares seems like a logical extension. - Rob Diana
@Rob That would be great since it's another way to cut down on the "noise" - Shey
When I get some time later, I'll have to look my own stats. Sounds like a great feature for FF to implement. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Thanks for the Toluu mention. We are currently working through some enhancements to our recommendation algorithms now that we have much more real world data in the system, which we think will make matches more relevant and interesting. - Caleb Elston
Yes, number 9! Take that, Charlie Anzman! - Mark Trapp
Yuvi, does that bug exist when doing queries against the API? - Phil Glockner
This could be completely off-base, but in my experience, there aren't a ton of women ON FriendFeed yet. Now my experience might be biased b/c I follow a lot of the tech news/geeky stuff (not a high concentration of women in that yet), but even if you look at the comment thread of this post, you won't see many women (I actually think none but me, but names can be deceiving!) I would actually be interested in knowing the breakdown of men/women on FF. - Melissa Chang
For me, 15.1% of my followers on Twitter are women, and 15.3% on Friendfeed are. If I had to guesstimate activity usage by women on my Friendfeed feed vs. my Twitter stream, it's much, much higher on Friendfeed than it is on Twitter. Everyone's FF experience is a little different, I guess. - Mark Trapp
@Phil - Yes, it exists in the API too. - Yuvi
@Yuvi - Does the limit of going back beyond page 11 risk the script failing? Or does it limit the data collected? - Hutch Carpenter
Louis, Robert - get a Room! - Hutch Carpenter
Melissa, Mitchell, Mark Trapp - interesting to hear your perspectives on any sort of gender divide there is. Divide between FriendFeed and Twitter, or maybe just Web vs. Social Media. - Hutch Carpenter
I did a bit of number crunching on my own account, and came up with some more data about the (possible) gender gap. You might find it interesting: - Mark Trapp
@Mark Trapp - Good stuff! I do wonder if there's some sort of gender divide. This post ( from ReadWriteWeb says that 50.4% of Internet users are women. But the numbers are very heavily skewed toward men on FriendFeed. - Hutch Carpenter
Louis and Scoble's Index: Conclusion: No, Scoble is NOT stalking Louis ;) - Yuvi
It'd be nice if accounts specified gender, then Yuvi could create a nice script to provide tons of data about this gender divide question. I guess you could always hook up into a names database and guess. - Mark Trapp
@Mark: Well, I'd have to "Guess"! And, I suck at guessing genders (many people do, I guess) Besides, they need to get rid of that only-last-300-entries bug if I am to do any useful data collection.. - Yuvi
I just created a little javascript to go and grab the last 30 likes of anyone and do a basic calculation. Have a couple more features I want to add, but no more time today - what do y'all think? - felix
@Louis Gray - but it feels so right. ;) - Yolanda
See the whole stats discussion/obsession which Hutch started As of May 31, Felix - the programming god (with help from the amazing Yuvi) - added 2-D charts to his "Like Compatibility Calculator", a great supplement to FriendFeed's regular stats. - Mitchell Tsai