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Hutch Carpenter

Hutch Carpenter

VP of Product for Spigit ( Father of two young 'uns who misses running marathons. San Francisco, CA.
Gamification skeptic? I know. Just add points, voila! But it's more than that. How gamification helps corp innovation
RT @alanlepo: Wow, I just got an email to "buy 5000 twitter followers for $29". Seriously? > Too much! I only charge $9.99! #dontoverpay
Entrepreneur Magazine covers @IXchat Tribeca event from Monday. I spoke on the panel, along with actual heavyweights:
RT @runmeb: I have received many congratulatory calls, but I just received THE call from President @barackobama. #BostonStrong
Chicago bound. Good time in New York with @IXchat event last night. Now for some client work.
RT @ethanteng: Mingle in 2014: it's all about Bringing Simple Back. Thanks to @bhc3's post on #product themes for the inspiration.
Stuck in traffic in a cab in NYC. Couldn't they use Waze to find fastest route?
I'm digging my fellow UVA alum @katiecouric's personable approach in media (social and traditional).
Dragons Den has elevated innovation in people's minds. I'm aware of a few enterprises who use that as a metaphor, model.
How does gamification help enterprise innovation efforts? Apply 4 gamification types to the individual personalities
I'm at @IXchat innovation stories event in NYC, held in Material Connexion offices. HUGE library of cool materials.
Hell of a finish in store at the end of Boston Marathon. Leader has 20 second lead, but 2nd place guy closing hard.
Boston Marathon runs today. Women start at 9:30, men at 10 am.
Riding a cab into midtown NY. On the TV, I've seen ads for AirBnB and for YouTube. Haven't seen those out in SF.
That moment when you've been working happily on your laptop aboard a flight, then the person in front of you reclines their seat. #ugh
Memphis - Oklahoma City NBA series by all rights ought to be a Northwest rivalry. Vancouver Grizzlies vs. Seattle Supersonics.
Expensify option to "request payment by bitcoin". The acid test of bitcoin: do I have a #jtbd to be fulfilled here?
Enterprise 2.0 and the Future of Work by @rawn > Value-creation must drive #socbiz. Hard analyses, real outcomes.
Scientists Find an Earth Twin "It'll remain speculation for long time, if not forever" > Give us 1000 yrs, we'll know
+1 > RT @Renee_Hopkins I must go -- thx @sourcePOV for a great topic, @DrewCM for cat-herding, @JohnWLewis for transcript-herding! #innochat
A4: Flow of insight very relevant for new capabilities. In LW's #innochat re: innovating at the core, we saw need to understand changes.
RT @skap5: Favorite flow characteristic is thixotropy. Static innovation processes don't flow until agitated! #innochat
RT @ScottPropp: A3. Really clear questions bring clarity to OI/CI and allow flow without organizational constraints #innochat
RT @innoalchemist: OI feels like problem solving to me -- ideas not insights in general #innochat
A2: Insight flow conundrum. No structure: no one participates (seriously, all theory aside). Too much structure: kill off insight. #innochat
A2: Structure has many faces. There's evaluation process. But there's also structure for types of insight to be captured. @skap5 #innochat
A1: Ideas are a form of problem-solving. Something we're naturally inclined to do. Insights require more of a discover mentality. #innochat
RT @Renee_Hopkins: In a word - yes! RT @DrewCM But are ideas uninformed by insights doomed to generate concepts in search of users/customers? #innochat
RT @LoisMarketing One doesn't necessarily lead to other. Each can remain free-standing #innochat A1 > Makes sense - other uses for insight
A1: Witzenmann actually has a crowdsourced "trendspotting" effort. Employees post interesting finds they come across. @sourcePOV #innochat
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