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Brad Biddle
@amykt Hi - I would like to pitch the right person at Toyota about getting into the current plug-in Prius beta test program. Can you help?
are you currently a prius driver? - gregory leff
yes, 2007 Prius, lease expiring and trying to decide what to do next. First choice is the 2011 plug-in Prius; there are 150 avail in the US right now. Alternatively, may wait for the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. Or maybe get an 1980s Mercedes diesel and start homebrewing biodiesel, in order to really practice what I preach,not yet sure. - Brad Biddle
v. cool ideas, agree on all those transport choices but have a really hard time making successful argument to my "house finance committee" that it's practical for a family of 4. The Volt or PHEV Prius would be the closest to meeting our needs. - gregory leff
yeah, none of these ideas are particularly economically rational or practical -- I have such a hatred for the brown cloud though that I'm willing to pay a premium / be an early adopter / live with some practical challenges in order to play a small part in pushing the market in a positive direction - Brad Biddle
Brad Biddle
#PHX, you MUST not miss the chance to see Sundance-award winning documentary FUEL before it closes this Thurs.
Saw it yesterday:-) - Francine Hardaway
Very inspiring, I thought. Gordon LeBlanc from Petrosun (interviewed re algae) is speaking at our thing on Fri, FYI ( for anyone interested) - Brad Biddle
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