in 1st place going into the Playoffs in my fantasy football league Looks like another easy championship for me. I sure do make it look easy
some dude was tailgating me & i tapped my brakes, he followed me to gas station & was mouthing off, his tone changed when i got out the car
@Constance13 why yes I am. Hope you all approve of it.
Anybody seen this show "Better Off Ted" The boss lady on this show has some MASSIVE Eyebrows.
its a balmy 12 degrees outside today. Looks likes its time to break out the swimsuit
For the most part I am loving life, getting rid of negativity and going after what is best actually can make you happy. Who Knew?
@Constance13 good luck with the baby popping out, please send me a video if it like bursts out of your belly and starts tap dancing.
the best thing about me is, i get to grow out instead of up. At this rate, i'll be a fetus before I know it.
RT @hotdogsladies: Christmas lights are like Catholic girls; impenetrable without liquor, swearing, and an extremely patient man.
@itradio hey no stealing of ideas sir
lol Danica Patrick is going to Nascar, i'll be surprised if shes even competitive in the Nationwide series.
off i go to script read throughs for Peter Pan you guys keep an eye on the internet for me.
ugggh i shouldnt have procrastinated on these lab reports. im not a fan of writing this many papers in a row. At least the Colts are ahead
@sentezari hello sir, where you at sucka!
@sentezari open lab went well sir, i missed you wednesday i was without all the answers but i do have some libraries on board for next smstr
when the world tries to hate you just remember the ones that hate you only hate because they envy you
omg super craving for some hot wings. someone feed me
negativity is another reason i choose not to talk to people. if the world wasn't so self-absorbed friendships might be possible.
I felt myself getting ready to internally combust, so i visited and now the feeling has subsided! You should do the same. Live Now for a special christmas reading. Merry Christmas. A Live Reading of A Christmas Carol will be going on at the link at 10 eastern time
it does sadden me that a hole-in-one isnt good enough for Tiger Woods *rimshot*
@HeatFan is it a common thing for you to carry widows in your car? what is on them that you have to scrape off? Barnacles?
@RoganDawes no thank you sir, I have since figured it out, was just having proxy issues. keep up the good work sir.
side note: if you get an email from your bank today, i swear it isnt me :)
sweet i just impersonated a web attack to where i exploit ajax and get free money. hmm now should i use this to my advantage or not?
daggum webscarab is not cooperating this morning
love the latest idea from @Square, still curious how it protects the data during the transaction & what prevents number being stored on fone
so apparently some christmas hating man swiped a red kettle. hmm i surprised another person hasnt done that yet
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