sign you live in #SanFrancisco - 23-year-olds on @UrbanSitter post minimum hourly rates above $25 - and get them. :(
RT @gip89: US cable and telcos angrily reject Obama net neutrality call
RT @corybe: The best response to @SenTedCruz's tweet about Net Neutrality comes from the @Oatmeal, naturally -
It Only Takes 175 Words for this Canadian to Lay an Epic Smackdown on Idiot Americans Who Rejected Obama for the GOP
phone screen day. have yet to find a candidate who is *not* a "fast learner" nor a "great communicator"
Congratulations consumers, we've reached a new all time low. #chanukah oh, and isn't it still November???
great advice for any founder/entrepreneur from David Goldenberg
funniest thing i've seen all week: 18 Animated Gifs That Got The Michael Bay Treatment thx @TheBSideOfLife
Journos giving great advice to founders on tech PR #MenloSummit @levynews @StrictlyVC @puiwingtam @loyalelectron
Really enjoyed hearing @deepnishar perspectives on building great products @LinkedIn #MenloSummit
.@AustinLigon (@CarMax) says there was NO data around used car market in 1991! Can't think of any modern parallels... #MenloSummit
Great framework for negotiations here (aka money slide). Thx to Barry Nalebuff (@HonestTea) #MenloSummit
First time I've ever seen a speaker hold a room with 0% of people checking email in lieu of listening! #MenloSummit
Looks like #MenloSummit is off to a great start, great venue and people!
tough to say if i'd rather watch high schoolers bicker or @lyft and @uber... so similar...
Lobbyists :( “@SFoodie: What city do you think made the right call? Berkeley passes soda tax; S.F.'s soda tax fizzles
is it fair to automatically reject anyone who puts "Microsoft Word" as a skill on their resume?
awesome: On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs - David Graeber via @libcomorg
Why can't autocorrect learn my email address?
Congratulations, Voters. You Just Made This Climate Denier the Most Powerful Senator on the Environment.
RT @savitz: On this historic election night, let me just say, I wish there was a baseball game to watch.... http://www.springtrainingcount...
i've found that when i say "agent" in a more hostile tone, the automatic phone systems work better...
anyone know if there is a maximum number of phone numbers you can have in a single iCloud contact entry?
SUH-weet! Amazon Prime Members’ Newest Benefit Is Free, Unlimited Photo Storage via @techcrunch
The@altavistaschool annual food drive w @SFMFoodBank starts today! Last year we collected 1000lbs of food! #proud
Is Chevy Missing a Golden Marketing Opportunity? And Stuff? -
Blocking Apple Pay Won’t… Pay. -
Nine Thoughts On An Unbundled HBO -
Better Hobby: Blogging or Coding? -
Why Apple Watch Pricing is Brilliant -
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