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i really feel i missed an opportunity in not creating
We actually elect these people?? Kentucky Senator on Global Warming: 'There Are No Coal Mines on Mars'
All sorts of social media "ninjas" trying to think up clever #WorldCup "carnage" tweets to promote their brands...
RT @GoT_Arya: There's more scoring in this game than there is at a Lannister family party. #BrazilvsGermany
RT @AdamHertz: Why do hotels put Earl Grey, Chamomile and scary fruity herbals in the minibar? Cuz they know we won’t drink them? @LeMeridien @Westin
can someone remind all these bloggers that Popcorn Time isn't "maybe" illegal???
Future of TV News for 07/08/2014 -
MUST-VIEW The Future of (Digital) TV -
This is a 75p slideshow that you basically need to see, addresses the industry from the most rational and sane perspectives I've seen, ever. WARNING - this doesn't include any hype/noise/bloviating, so if you're looking for stuff about #hashtags, you aren't going to get em. - Jeremy Toeman
More Than Half of Millennials Use Tablets with TV -
I don't agree with *any* of the conclusions about what people are doing on their tablets, but I *do* believe they are using them. Probably a lot more gaming and other "goof-off" activities that people avoid answering on surveys... - Jeremy Toeman
coming up soon on @kickstarter.... cole slaw!
this is a MUST-SEE if you work in the TV industry. LUMA's The Future of (Digital) TV by @tkawaja
file under excellent: To Improve Accuracy, BBC Tells Its Reporters To Stop Giving Air Time To Climate Deniers
well said by @mathewi - It's getting harder to tell what's a real Silicon Valley startup and what's a parody
Serious hate for San Franciscans who think the bus is a perfect time to catch up with a friend on their phone...
Just saw Snowpiercer. No spoilers but it is not your traditional action-packed edgy thriller. More like Oldboy, but on a train.
When I hear the "modem connection sound" on ads to represent "internet", I get nostalgic. But what do young people think of the weird noise?
RT @maeghansmulders: So many beautiful Quebec faces in les affairs today :) @gregisenberg @jtoeman @froginthevalley @ianmtl @PasswordBox
RT @Rectify: Tonight's the night! Get your reminder to tune in to #Rectify:
RT @mat: This is irresponsible and sleazy and exactly what people hate about startups sucking the life out of San Francisco
Great morning read: 23 Things People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently
Debating the Future of Pay-TV at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014... w: me @awolk @simpletv @hardie @redfurynyc
hysterical - The 18 worst things about San Francisco houseguests @Thrillist
Wish I could've gone to this!!! Monty Python Forgot Their Lines on Opening Night, but Who Cares?
for the next 90 minutes i may randomly tweet "GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL!" just to mess with people... #WorldCup #GoHabs
Encouraging!! Kevin Smith Left The Star Wars Episode 7 Set Crying Today
RT @jesseredniss: Strong move. “@VentureBeat: Yahoo makes its original TV play by giving 'Community' a sixth season by @tched
before the world cup i never realized just how much whistling there was out there... lotta whistling...
this is pretty awesome: The Beer Fridge - O Canada | Molson Canadian: cc @thec100 @deblanda
this is pretty awesome: The Beer Fridge - O Canada | Molson Canadian: cc @thec100 @deblanda
RT @Hottatomic: Nothing like binge watching @screenjunkies and boy does the time fly by. Thanks @halrudnick and crew.
RT @Elise_Holman: If Algeria beat Germany, they will play France on July 5. The day Algeria celebrate independence from France. Good story. #WorldCup2014
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