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RT @awolk: BAM!! Nielsen funded study shows Twitter and Facebook Wield Little Influence on TV Watching - MUST READ!! HT @jtoeman
Future of TV News for 04/11/2014 -
Was hoping to finish chicken coop tonight but still a few too many little details to deal with. Getting close!
question on #heartbleed: can i just login, change password, then change to same password i was using? cc @PasswordBox
RT @roybahat: .@Twitter feature request. I want to select a tweet to filter out all similar tweets. Yes, I now really, really know Zynga has a new CFO.
gonna have to share this link *several* times today - on how @facebook/@twitter don't really "drive" #SocialTV
best. socialtv. reading. ever.
Future of TV News for 04/10/2014 -
Another class move by @tesla vs douchey lawyers: When Life Gives You Lemons...
the latest version of @NextGuide for iPhones is now available in the app store!!! way to go team @dijitdotcom
RT @CaseyNewton: Quora raises LOL million dollars for a valuation of AYFKM
Just left dentist. Need to find Bill Cosby’s classic bit!! Smobek! Smobek!
RT @viggle: Check into @AgentsofSHIELD tonight at 8/7c for a 3X bonus! Set a reminder on @NextGuide:
Conspiracy theory: #heartbleed is a deliberate effort by the brick and mortar retail industry to fight off etailers!!!
Not totally following Quebec elections but from what I'm seeing it appears that this was a bad year for crazy... #qc2014
RT @nannymaroon: Racism has no place in our political structure. Thanks to Quebecois for rejecting Marois charter of values #qc2014
Chicken coop nearing completion!
is there a way to tell google not to show me any results from webpages indexed between 2006-2011???
pretty awesome: Game of Thrones Theme - The "Smooth" Version ft. Dave Koz: (set a reminder:
pretty awesome: Game of Thrones Theme - The "Smooth" Version ft. Dave Koz: (set a reminder:
exclusive leak of new Xbox original titles: The Rockford Excel Files, PowerPoint of No Return, World World, and a sequel to The Office...
RT @hardie: I used to love SF. It keeps getting harder.
RT @jcallison: Netflix Starts To Stream In 4K | Multichannel:
RT @salsop: Great analysis via @jtoeman. "The Disruption of Cable Television Has Arrived" | Buyside Notes
Today's project: build a new top for outdoor table. Half reclaimed wood too!!
AWESOME!!! Honey Maid Tells Homophobes to Take a Hike in Best Response Ad Ever
this is about the most damning thing on Facebook advertising i've read: - wow.
RT @ericelia: new blog post - Amazon #FireTV from a publisher perspective. Should you develop for Fire TV? 5 things to know.
thank you #WhateverThingProtest in San Francisco - you've made downtown work annoying today. i firmly don't support your #WhateverCause
RT @jesseredniss: The NEXT wave of #TV is coming in all New Forms. #socialtv #SecondScreen
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