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RT @ericelia: new blog post - Amazon #FireTV from a publisher perspective. Should you develop for Fire TV? 5 things to know.
thank you #WhateverThingProtest in San Francisco - you've made downtown work annoying today. i firmly don't support your #WhateverCause
RT @jesseredniss: The NEXT wave of #TV is coming in all New Forms. #socialtv #SecondScreen
guess I'm too old to start a billion-dollar business... oh well, i'll just have to settle for other definitions of success in life...
I've set a Reminder for Silicon Valley #NextGuide
anyone understand google analytics enough to tell me where to look if i want to know the avg # of visits per month for recurring users?
for the record, last night's chicken selfie ( is actually *MY* chicken, not just *ANY* chicken...
RT @pkafka: weird it's like everyone on twitter cares about broadcast tv shows which can't possibly be right because no one watches TV so it's confusing
true - much improved: This GRAVITY Alternate Scene Will Forever Change The Way You Watch The Movie
I'm so curious as to the sad, harrowing events that caused dishwashers and dried rice to become mortal enemies...
my latest blog post: Thoughts on Amazon Fire TV
awesome vid to start your afternoon: This is how an engineer feels when he's surrounded by idiots via @CNET
RT @xpangler: weird >>> Gary Busey Meets Amazon Fire TV: via @YouTube
RT @xpangler: weird >>> Gary Busey Meets Amazon Fire TV: via @YouTube
this is perfect (warning: spoilers!!!) Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones: S4 coming:
this is perfect (warning: spoilers!!!) Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones: S4 coming:
RT @barenakedladies: Tune into @CBC @ 7pmET - we'll perform the National Anthem before the Leafs vs. Jets game for #HockeyNight in Canada
10 Simple Tricks To Help In Improved Sleep. JT- missing 11: send your little children to boarding school...
RT @eatsustainable: Top 10 Food Lies That Keep Us Sick and Fat, Part 1 via @HealthyLiving @markhymanmd
RT @truTV: Want to see more #CarbonaroEffect? All-New episodes start May 15! Set a reminder now using @NextGuide
Amazon announcing their kindle iSTB - looks good, no surprises so far...
Fun read: 7 Reasons Why 'Face/Off' Is The Most Insane Big-Budget Action Movie Of The Last 20 Years
How Google Fumbled Glass
Sometimes even a content farming robot makes mistakes! oops
thank you @techmeme for NOT filling the page with wannabe April Fool's gags from the tech sector!
wow, didn't realize @mailchimp automatically creates archives of my #Futuretv newsletter!
RT @nickbilton: SF startups spend thousands of dollars on April Fool's joke sites when they could donate the money to help the city's homelessness instead.
RT @JasonWomack: Are you one of the 77% of Americans?
I guess my morning blog post touched a nerve, lots of good feedback! Facebook's Brand Extortion Perception Problem
Facebook's Brand Extortion Perception Problem (my reply to @eat24 @mathewi @mikeisaac @techmeme)
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