last yr iphone 5s announced on 9/10, presale 9/13, sale 9/20. in other words, if you are in a store line today, you might just be a ____
Why Twitch Will Be Bigger than Baseball (Smart Move, Amazon!) -
never been at the top of @HackerNewsFP before! "timing is everything, yo".
enjoyed this read: 6 Things The Happiest Families All Have In Common:
RT @jesseredniss: More interesting targeting and insights news for the #secondscreen and #socialtv marketplace from @viggle @kmarrix
best review title ever: The Expendables 3 Makes the First 2 Movies Look Like Seven Samurai
do we really need a drawn-out debate about "What is a TV Show"? can't we keep this as easy as <22m, 22m, 44m, >44m (clip/show/show/movie)
Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet - The Atlantic
How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done - 5 Expert Tips:
Great: Men Need To Work Smarter, Not Harder, Says The CEO Who Quit His Job To Spend More Time With His Family
#want: Tesla X to devour premium SUV market: Morgan Stanley report
Internet: can you deliver some ice cream to our office please? Willing to download an app if need be...
i could compare Netflix to HBO... or to Ford, Starbucks, or any other company. what's the point?? both are smash hit businesses...
Awesome!! Man Buys 23 Burger King Apple Pies to Spite a Small Child
any recommendations for beginner-level Swift/Xcode tutorials and hands-on learning?
I scored 13 out of 13 on @Vulture's Can You Guess Famous Caddyshack Lines From Just a GIF?. #BeatThat
Watching Teenagers Stand In A 'Selfie Line' To Take Photos With YouTube Stars Is One Of The Weirder Things You'll See
getting into debates because VCs share their political opinions makes as much sense as listening to Jenny McCarthy's views on... anything.
this is filed under Awesome: @RickyGervais' Feature Film Spin-Off of 'The Office' Shooting in 2015
Shop now, at a bargain price of only $349: Fortran Programming by Donald D. Spencer @Amazon
Shop now, at a bargain price of only $349: Fortran Programming by Donald D. Spencer @Amazon
Neat trick to avoid all forms of telemarketers, cold callers, and survey takers: have my 3.5yo answer the phone. Works every time
moving from gcal to outlook web access for web-based calendaring is just... painful. how hard are, say, keyboard shortcuts?
Back from vacation to find a nice gift in the backyard! #chickens
Yes! These plus "all fight scenes" ... 20 Screenwriting Tricks And Tropes We Never Need To See Again
Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App By @ctrlzee via @FastCoDesign
RT @KevinSpacey: Want to grab BBQ at Freddy's? My treat. Enter here:
RT @viggle: BREAKING NEWS! @Viggle launches on @windowsphone and @windowsstore. Get rewards for watching TV & discovering Music.
thing i've learned today: it *is* in fact possible to cancel Comcast service! and it only took 21 bloggers to recap:
RT @SeanBesser: Mandatory tasting menus: Tyranny or awesome? I am starting to lean towards tyranny.
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