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RT @SeanBesser: Mandatory tasting menus: Tyranny or awesome? I am starting to lean towards tyranny.
3 facts about "6 californias": 1-it will waste my tax dollars 2-it will waste my politicians time 3-it will fail. Thanks in advance!!!
RT @JohnCleese: There’s been a reshuffle at Xiao Yue is front walker with 2612m!
there's literally no possibility that anonymous gossip apps for techies are just a fad, right?
Future of TV News for 07/14/2014 -
Does Anyone Even Want a Smartwatch?
Yep - What Silicon Valley refuses to learn from Steve Jobs
"40%! Not too shabby!!"- @foxnews anchor... Top Fact-Checking Group Finds 60 Percent Of Fox 'News' Is False http://www.thenewcivilrightsmo...
TV Shows That Viewers Love to Time-Shift -- Vulture -
As much as I'm not a fan of "binge" viewing, I am still a huge believer in "watch on your schedule". Though it is getting increasingly lonely watching Season 4 of The Soprano's. - Jeremy Toeman
Why Dish’s opposition to Comcast’s massive merger is so important - Quartz -
I sentimentally agree here, but the reality is the NBC/Comcast merger was much more impactful to the industry than this is. And I have nothing against Comcast here - but I just don't think a mega-mega-cable company that also owns the content production side that also owns a lot of technology is really good for anyone. - Jeremy Toeman
Tribune Digital Buys What’s-ON | Multichannel -
Quickie here - but it is getting interesting to see just a single company own pretty much *all* the metadata in the now-international ecosystem. - Jeremy Toeman
Aereo continues to fight: CEO sends new letter to users with game plan for the future - Lost Remote -
As long as they are replicating the cable industry's business model with alternate tech, I have a hard time seeing success here. Wonder if they can't find a way to give the platform away free to consumers, then monetize elsewhere - that would certainly put a dent in the claims from the broadcasters. Though it's not an obvious model either. - Jeremy Toeman
RT @ManuKumar: Congrats @kentgoldman on @upsidevc!
Love stories like these!! How I Developed my First iPhone App in 2 Weeks
Maybe they'll actually try to *do* something?? GOP’s magical impeachment epiphany: “Wasting everyone’s time” is bad!
RT @VM_Mandy: @viggle The @NextGuide has been a wonderful tool in helping me plan my shows! It even lets me DVR my shows! I recommend using @NextGuide
Such a great flick: Check out "The Big Picture" -
good read: What are you revealing online? Much more than you think via @TEDTalks
thanks @greengart @joelsef @davezatz @mattlangan @RedRussak @YevP for the advice - going with the MB Air!!
RT @Tomorrowish: TV Shows That Viewers Love to Time-Shift -- Vulture
retina macbook pro or macbook air - any opinions?
if your first game of soccer, ever, was yesterday, today's probably a bit of a shocker... #worldcup
OMG the #MOST #TWEETED #THING #EVAR just happened #AGAIN! (i feel sorry for everyone who was just required to write 500 words on that topic)
RT @extratv: Tonight on @extratv: @SivaTheWanted is co-hosting with @MarioLopezExtra. Don’t miss it. Set a reminder!
i really feel i missed an opportunity in not creating
We actually elect these people?? Kentucky Senator on Global Warming: 'There Are No Coal Mines on Mars'
All sorts of social media "ninjas" trying to think up clever #WorldCup "carnage" tweets to promote their brands...
RT @GoT_Arya: There's more scoring in this game than there is at a Lannister family party. #BrazilvsGermany
RT @AdamHertz: Why do hotels put Earl Grey, Chamomile and scary fruity herbals in the minibar? Cuz they know we won’t drink them? @LeMeridien @Westin
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