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Bill Hooker

Bill Hooker; all original contributions CC0/public domain
RT @Etche_homo: Oh, go on. Feel good about your altruism and be any sized part of worthy biomedical research: @react_community
RT @avinashtn: I hope this gets more people to change the way they do science: The way academic publishing should be by @brembs
RT @edyong209: And of course even the fistbump pales in comparison to the pinnacle of hygiene that I call "the bleachpalm". Here, let me show you.
RT @SarahKSilverman: Whaddayasay we have y'all's Gods fight it out & keep the children out of it, sound good?
RT @dgmacarthur: While @eperlste and I have our disagreements, what he’s achieved with @PerlsteinLab is seriously impressive.
RT @ianho78: Probably the best photo bomb ever in the history of photo bombing.
RT @roseveleth: No please tell me more about how a Hollywood blockbuster gets science wrong I am riveted never stop.
Uncovering Algorithms: Looking Inside the Facebook News Feed | MIT Center for Civic Media -
Tags: lostart - Bill Hooker
The cells I will never record from | InBabyAttachMode -
Tags: lostart - Bill Hooker
What can you do when your PI does not have your back? | InBabyAttachMode -
Tags: lostart - Bill Hooker
Misadventures in Grad School, Reboot: I Suck | pan kisses kafka -
Tags: lostart - Bill Hooker
RT @ChemConnector: If you have dedications to make to JCBradley or photos of him (!) and cannot make the #jcbms symposium send them to me for a slide loop
RT @jamiekilstein: You guys. The PC police aren't real. You're not going to go to jail. You're just an asshole.
RT @wilbanks: p.s. i pay cash at mcdonalds, motherfuckers.
RT @wilbanks: Hospitals mining credit card data to predict illness. And we worry about our medical data privacy.
RT @CalEvans: Managers: If you call your people "resources", they get to call you “overhead”. Ingrain that in your memory.
RT @rmounce: Want to share your data but not sure how? Read this: 9 simple ways to make it easier to (re)use your data #ievobio
Shocking Secrets Revealed! What Big Libraries Pay for Big Deals | Library Babel Fish @insidehighered -
Tags: lostart - Bill Hooker
RT @avinashtn: How your food would have looked without genetic modification in the last 1,000 years (HT @geneticliteracy)
RT @biocs: Abbildungsabstandsangst: vertigo induced by looking at date stamps of your unpublished results/figures and realizing how much time passed
RT @scicurious: Today I discovered you can put sriracha on salad. My life is forever changed for the delicious and spicy.
RT @mathowie: A telemarketer sent me a LinkedIn request due to my Klout score. There are so many things wrong with that I don't know where to begin.
RT @CameronNeylon: @ctitusbrown ...but you forgot the most important bit. Validity of your argument depends on the grade of pipette tips you can afford...
RT @cshperspectives: A survey for those who've left academia [so a lot of people..] #PostAcStory via @Stephen_Curry
RT @rmounce: David Wojick of TrollKitch is trying to sell $500pa subscriptions to content written entirely by himself HT S. Harnad
RT @SarahKSilverman: Why yes I did say comedy is art, Fuckface
RT @MarkHahnel: Open peer review site @theWinnower launches:
RT @MyTChondria: @scicurious @TheScienceGuy Nuh-uh!! Damn Bill Nye is famous now that he's selfie-ing with you!!
RT @jamiekilstein: Wins Internet. RT @elizaskinner: @elizaskinner This is the real abortion barbie. She got to pursue her career.
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