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Heather Piwowar
RT @AhmedMoustafa: And it just went all well :) Promotion with tenure is now official. Thank you @Impactstory!
Cameron Neylon
Chapter, Verse, and CHORUS: A first pass critique -
The Association of American Publishers have launched a response to the OSTP White House Executive Order on public access to publicly funded research. In this they offer to set up a registry or system called CHORUS which they suggest can provide the same levels of access to research funded by Federal Agencies as would the widespread adoption of existing infrastructure like PubMedCentral. The bottom line is that it is necessary to bear in mind that this is the same group that put together the Research Works Act, a group with a long standing, and in some cases personal, antipathy to the success of PMC. There is therefore some grounds for scepticism about the motivations of the proposal. However here I want to dig a bit more into the details of whether the proposal can deliver. I will admit to being sceptical from the beginning but the more I think about this, the more it seems that either there is nothing there at all, or alternately the publishers involved are setting themselves up for... - Cameron Neylon
nice. I really like the last paragraph. - Heather Piwowar
Heather Piwowar
My five NSF biosketch Relevant Products: 1 software project, 1 dataset, 1 preprint, 1 journal pub, and 1 newsletter pub. #walkinTheTalk
Heather Piwowar
We've been invited to submit a $300k NSF EAGER grant to track software reuse in ImpactStory! So exciting!! There will be textmining :)
Congrats! Both for getting the invite but also for getting this on their agenda! - Egon Willighagen
As tweeted, I love to see the CDK used as use case. E.g. how can we track how much this CDK-based tool is used (in literature)? "CRAFT - Chemical Reactivity and Fate Tool" -> - Egon Willighagen
walt crawford
I'm delighted to note that the estimable Kevin Smith is now using "predatory publisher" language in connection with a subscription publisher, in a high-profile venue:
And, for those who haven't seen it, Mr. Predatory himself finds it inappropriate to fault a subscription journal for unsavory practices. That's only appropriate for OA journals: - walt crawford
Good response by Kevin. - Joe
"Mr Predatory" is the name by which Beall shall henceforth and always be known. And I think the comment Walt linked is the last straw for me -- I never wanted to believe that Beall's agenda was deliberately anti-OA, but now I frankly do believe that. - Bill Hooker
Kevin Smith actually talked directly about this exchange at the ACRL ScholComm Roadshow yesterday, in response to a (general) question about Beall. He (Smith) was remarkably level-headed and reasonable in his summary of the situation and the debate between himself and Beall. Not that he needed them, but he earned a bunch more points in my book for that. - Catherine Pellegrino
walt crawford
It Didn’t Work for Phil Ochs, It Doesn’t Work for Jeffrey Beall -
Does someone have a copy of the 2013 "Predatory OA" paper of Beall? Sounds like a fun read. - Egon Willighagen
Walt, yes. If you unglue it, I'll contribute and encourage others to also, for sure. Be sure to set a minimum level that makes you happy, though. - Heather Piwowar
Egon: Since the serials crisis is over and everybody has access to all the subscription serials they could possibly read, you must--MUST--be able to read Beall's article. Of course, I can't (not without paying $23.68, an oddly specific sum), but that's because I'm one of those nonexistent unaffiliated folks who don't matter. - walt crawford
Heather: I will do that. So far, I've received 0 email and 0 comments on the post itself, but it's early yet. - walt crawford
I'm just puzzled. He's a librarian right? At a university? Who presumably has to argue for a budget? Which he's just lost all leverage over for ever and for all time because "there is no problem"? Am I missing something? - Cameron Neylon
He's at the University of Colorado Denver Auraria Library. If his ScholComm role is similar to the one at my uni, he doesn't actually have any collection development responsibilities or a budget to manage. How the UCD electronic resources and collection development librarians feel about what he's saying would be very interesting to know. - Hedgehog
"Jeffrey is the Scholarly Initiatives Librarian at Auraria Library." I think his background is as a metadata/cataloger. - Joe
yes, he started out as a cataloger. He previously had a holy war against Dublin Core and argued for MARC. - Sarah
Which may make me indirectly partly responsible for him (except that I never argued *against* DC), for which I apologize. Come to think of it: I never argued *for* MARC except to say that if you're going to call it MARC, you should know what you're talking about. - walt crawford
I think I am detecting a tendency towards high profile tilting against windmills as a consequence of "being on t'internets" which seems to lead to highly polarized positions being taken up. Profile building seems to require taking extreme, even archetypal positions.</potCallingKettleBlack> - Cameron Neylon
Cameron, indeed. The more "extreme" your statement, the higher the impact. And because it is hard to find new scientific results that are extreme, people focus on things around science. (or make new science finding sound more extreme than they are... which is *very* common deep inside the publishing world, as we all know) - Egon Willighagen
Heather Piwowar
Exclusive license to publish != Open
I am thinking we should change the Open Access Spectrum so that rather than "author retains copyright" that column says "author retain rights to distribute under any chosen license". Copyright in and of itself is useless... - Cameron Neylon
nature lets authors retain copyright, but they require worldwide exclusive publishing rights - DJF from Android
...and exclusive commercial rights. So basically authors "own copyright" but actually have a set of rights that are pretty much limited to some personal uses. - Cameron Neylon
Yup. - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
+1 on the analysis. - Egon Willighagen
Cameron Neylon
What’s the right model for shared scholarly communications infrastructure? -
There have been a lot of electrons spilled over the Elsevier Acquisition of Mendeley. I don’t intend to add too much to that discussion but it has provoked for me an interesting train of thought which seems worth thinking through. For what its worth my views of the acquisition are not too dissimilar to those of Jason Hoyt and John Wilbanks, and I recommend their posts. I have no doubt that the Mendeley team remain focussed on their vision and I hope they do well with it. And even with ... - Cameron Neylon
Cameron Neylon
I do believe I just got mansplained...though not about gender issues
Marriage Equality Catalog Cards -
Marriage Equality Catalog Cards
created by Emily Lloyd - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
But what is the LC call number? - Joe
If you have to ask... - Aaron the Librarian
walt crawford
In case you're not one who reads my blog, here's the gist: As of March 25, 2013, I’m walking the walk: Original content is now covered at least implicitly by a Creative Commons “BY” license: It may be freely used as long as credit is given. Period. I’ll have the actual license and icon as soon as I figure out how to add it. (And I'm thinking about it for C&I, despite the almost total lack of revenue...) - walt crawford
And it's (CC BY) now there on individual posts. Not quite sure how to get it on the overall blog, but this is a good start. - walt crawford
Nils Reinton
Friendfeed is slow and Google reader is shutting down. I feel old.
Heather Piwowar
In which I stop pulling punches with H Morrison (comments):
you go, girl - Meg VMeg
So her arguments not really making sense isn't just my reading comprehension problem? Good to know. - kendrak
Why is she being a jerk when you're essentially on the same team? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
she's not the only one who does that, PETER MURRAY-RUST and MICHAEL EISEN and STEVAN HARNAD and LI'L RICKY POYNDER. (There, see, they've got ME doing it.) - RepoRat
I've had Christina's question in mind for a while, and I think RR has the answer of sorts (and maybe add Bremb to that list). In Morrison's case, part of me hears a need to be The Authority on OA (with a doctorate on the subject and all). I suspect SK does less harm to OA than its "OA BUT ONLY ON MY TERMS!" advocates. Heather P, good to see you in the Suber camp (as I interpret the route you're taking). - walt crawford
The OA movement does seem to attract a fair bit of almost religious zeal on the part of some of its adherents. I think they all want to be pope of OA. Locking them in the Sistine Chapel and maybe losing the key doesn't seem like a bad idea. - John Dupuis
And the whole "nobody can charge for anything ever" isn't part of my definition of OA. - John Dupuis
it feels very empowering to call a trolling comment a trolling comment. I should do this more often. - Heather Piwowar
John: That last one is particularly interesting. Peter S. and others (e.g., Walt C) have noted for years that it would be both appropriate and interesting for a Gold OA journal to make all refereed articles free and charge for (a) print subscriptions, (b) non-refereed editorial material. I believe Science, for example, would do very well with such a structure. And be in the letter & spirit of OA. - walt crawford
Yup, BMJ has this model I believe. I do think it is a bit too bad... there is lots of great stuff in the magazine section that it would be better if the whole wide world could read.... but people gotta charge for something and the moral/research-progress arguments for magazine content being OA just aren't as strong. (fwiw this is why I was willing to write non-OA content for Nature's magazine section) - Heather Piwowar
Absolutely. The idea that only a very small number of business models are "pure" is counter productive, especially for non-scholarly content. (ie: - John Dupuis
Walt, I forgot to mention: yup, I am in the Suber camp on pretty much everything. If I ever find myself not in the Suber camp I reevaluate my position because I am likely wrong :) - Heather Piwowar
You folks are giving me so many good ideas for fresh material for my late-April OA precon (if enough people sign up for it). Keep it coming. (Sorry: Mild threadjack.) - walt crawford
+1 Heather. - John Dupuis
HM's comments are head-scratching, that's to be sure. It's like she's arguing that if Elsevier made its content CC-BY and then someone else developed a fee-based commercial product around that content that somehow the original OA content is thereafter compromised or less useful or no longer OA. Am I reading her totally wrong? - John Dupuis
It's like how some people think gay marriage rights somehow affect the sanctity or validity of existing straight marriages. - John Dupuis
I think you're reading her right, which is wildly frustrating. - walt crawford
It's like a car crash, I can't look away. - John Dupuis
That, Graham, may be the most patronising e-mail I have seen! Parsing it as '*I* know OA, leave it to me, you do whatever Sciency stuff it is you do' - Pete's Got To Go
Yeah, I think you were oaexpertsplained. - John Dupuis
Wow. Just wow. - walt crawford
HM is unexplainable. Does she not understand that the source remains oa and freely available no matter what happens to the downstream revisions and mashups? - Joe
Not cool to post private email in public, even when said email is weapons-grade assholery. - Bill Hooker
I'll hold my fire on Stevan Harnad, and PMR just pisses me off every time he shows up these days (what the fuck is with the stuffed animals? is he losing his marbles?). But Eisen and Brembs are very much part of the solution imo; without a few strong voices on the OA side it's too easy for the SKitchers and allies to slide the Overton Window their way. And how is Richard Poynder a problem?? - Bill Hooker
Eisen doesn't often screw this up, but when he does -- as IMO he did with the reaction to the OSTP memo -- he does it big. Brembs is very, very good at pushing organizationally infeasible Big Plans, which makes me (at least) shut right down when he starts up with his "libraries will save us!" crazytalk. Poynder has openly dissed libraries and librarians, taking his cues there from Harnad and PMR. - RepoRat
@404: I've argued with HM about exactly that. She worries about incentives for the commercial entity doing the enclosing to try to do away with the original, OA, source version. E.g. EvilCo™ Publishers duplicates PubMed Central and then lobbies the US gummint, which is famously and horribly susceptible to such nonsense, to reduce costs by defunding PMC itself. (Not to put words in HM's mouth here, any errors mine etc) (Edit: PubMed Central, not PubMed) - Bill Hooker
@RR -- ah, mine own ox was not directly gored by RP so I missed that. Mea culpa. Eisen is a good sport, you can yell right back at him (I did, over the OSTP memo, and I am but an egg in his HHMI-funded presence). Brembs can also take it as well as dish it, but I understand if you are just tired of pointing out where ugly facts undermine his beautiful theories about libraries and what they can do in the real world. - Bill Hooker
Well, the evil companies did try to shut down pubmed once, for being an anticompetitive use of government money intruding on the private sector. - DJF from Android
I'll admit that I'm likely deluding myself as to how much of the potential libraries have, they will be able to realize. However, I find the potential is large enough to warrant unrealistic visions and push for them. And besides, my library now does pretty much exactly what I would dream all libraries should be doing, and so is the entire TU Delft, so it can't be totally out of this... more... - Björn Brembs
Plus, I do feel somewhat sad to find myself on a blacklist set up by people who I thought were on the same team as me... :-) - Björn Brembs
Oh hey, there's no blacklist, there's just us arguing. It's all good. - Bill Hooker
@bb I'm quite enjoying the reactions to your recent article -I read a lot of the thoughts on your blog but having them in an article seems to be getting more attention. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
What Bill says. There's no blacklist. Well, there is, but only SK is on it. - walt crawford
Bjorn, don't worry you're definitely on my non-black list. I really do appreciate your vision of the role that libraries could play in scholarly communications, even if the path from here to there can be a bit hard to visualize at times. - John Dupuis
Berci Mesko, MD
From Doctor to Futurist: Step #4 The Mission -
John: Thread Killer
I'm formatting ebooks and I just want to give some love and admiration to Walt because I wouldn't be able to do it without his book: THE LIBRARIAN'S GUIDE TO MICRO PUBLISHING. Thanks Walt!
You're welcome. I would say "tell your friends" but you're doing that. So, thanks to you also. - walt crawford
I tell everyone I can. I'm hoping to make this into a program at my library (potentially even making the library into a publisher). - John: Thread Killer
I must admit: You're one of those I would think wouldn't really learn anything from the book that you didn't already know, so I really do appreciate the compliment. - walt crawford
Sarah gave me the all too infrequent gift of seeing just "myriad" and not "myriad of". SWOOOOOOOON.
"And they call it pedant looooooove..." - Spidra Webster
I had to cringe reading a handwritten note from_a teacher_ tonight. I mean, I'm not picky, but..... okay, I am picky. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Heather Piwowar
RT @jdudley: I think it would be great to randomly fund some rejected NIH proposals and compare success after 3 yrs between committee funded and random.
Actually, that's a really cool experimental design. Reserve a (relatively) small amount of money and then randomly assign projects just below the existing cut off to the control or experimental group. - Cameron Neylon
Jonathan Eisen
WooHoo - The NorCal Butterfly Guide App (free) is out from Melissa Whitaker from #UCDavis -
WooHoo - The NorCal Butterfly Guide App (free) is out from Melissa Whitaker from #UCDavis
Pierre Lindenbaum
Calculating time from submission to publication / Degree of burden in submitting a paper -
Antony Williams
Last night I won the Jim Gray eScience Award from Microsoft Research. I am proud and off to deliver on the commitments
Congrats! - Noel O'Boyle
Cameron Neylon
"Walking away from the American Chemical Society" from @jenica26 I have to admit to doubt that anyone would jump 1st
how do you mean? - RepoRat
Intellectually I thought that someone had to go first and take the plunge, emotionally I doubted that any chemistry faculty would ever have the fibre to actually do it. Obviously it makes the difference if the library has significant backbone, which I suspect may have been deciding factor here. - Cameron Neylon
*furious applause* - Bill Hooker
Our library has never (as far as I know - at least for 15 years) subscribed to any ACS journal due to the cost. - Andrew Lang
heh. SUNY Potsdam's library director does not lack backbone. - RepoRat
^^^ that. :) - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
Heather Piwowar
My study of author's attitudes+experiences w journal data sharing policies is going so well! 1.5y in, 2200 responses. http://studyonimpactofjournald...
Can you publish this research, like, YESTERDAY?! - RepoRat
I know, right? Would release snippets, but there is fear it would change future respondent's responses. Only comforted by the fact that in many ways policymoves so slowly that it will, alas, probably still be just as relevant in 2 years... - Heather Piwowar
Heather, are you suggesting that we won't have reached the Optimal and Inevitable Future of 100% Green OA in two years? Shocking! - walt crawford
Data sharing, Walt. Different issue. :) - RepoRat
Ah. Sorry: Missed that. I'm guessing data sharing is in even worse shape than OA? - walt crawford
Yet again, "like" button insufficent. "I fucking love this" button required. - Bill Hooker
Very nice. It would be great if you could also add some interviews - Christina Pikas from iPhone
First I've heard of this. Mind if I spam a bunch of science librarian discussion lists to ask them to send to science faculty and students? - Joe
Thanks for the enthusiasm! Please do spread the word it is happening, but it is actually participation-upon-invite... I'm sending the link to corresponding authors of a set group of journals a few months after the authors publish their papers, asking them what they did about their data and some hypothetical questions about alt journal policies. - Heather Piwowar
This approach will let me have an idea about the characteristics of *who doesn't respond* (so important!) and track similar types of respondents over time. - Heather Piwowar
Christina, alas interviews are out of scope for me on this one. Would be happy to share details of study though if anyone wanted to do a complementary interview-based thing themselves! :) - Heather Piwowar
Walt, good Q, I dunno how to easily compare status of open data to status of OA. In some aspects further ahead, in some ways not, in some ways has more acceleration, in some ways not. - Heather Piwowar
Does it have more acceleration in some fields over others? Geoscience data sharing ahead of chemistry? - Joe
Great question. I don't know. Anyone else with an opinion and/or facts on that? - Heather Piwowar
My vague sense is that the presence or absence of a respected data repository is the determiner. Which is of course a chicken-and-egg problem. - RepoRat
The thing I think of is this that has been around maybe 15+ years, - Joe
only in a very sparse, narrow range of disciplines, though. - RepoRat
Heather. You wouldn't believe how timely this post is! Can I ask how easy it is to find a list of journals with data policies or did you just have to go through them one by one?? We are already looking to target our authors who are about to publish in such journals to urge them to use the organization's data repository. - suelibrarian from iPhone
Right now one by one, but jisc has funded a project which will hopefully categorize data policies in Romeo in the future. - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
Thanks. We have a list of the top 100 that our authors use so will start with that. - suelibrarian from iPhone
Wrt sharing data- its often sub-disciplinary - has to do with shared resources, proximity to industry, way new knowledge is made. See birnholtz dissertation. Also work from cornell (forgot her name starts with v probably finished phd by now) about the differences within chemistry - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Heather Piwowar
RT @Villavelius: Utopia Documents 2.1 released, incorporating PLOS article-level metrics
K.G. Schneider
OH last wk on campus: student agitatedly pacing, cell phone in hand: "They say I have to study every day! Yeah, no s--t--EVERY DAY!!"
Heather Piwowar
Georgia State University gave a copy of Peter Suber's #OA book to every new faculty member and administrator!
DUDE. <3 - RepoRat
Bora Zivkovic
RT @Laelaps: After 31,800 years, a seed buried during the Ice Age blooms into a flower Paper:
Jonathan Eisen
My ?? for @erictopol & others at #Scifoo session: how much are people faking / hacking / manipulating their digital quantified self data
Heather Piwowar
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Once NBC learns who Tim Berners-Lee is it will make setting up a live steam for the next Olympics much easier.
There was a live feed. Not sure if it was serruptitious or not. - Joe
Heather Piwowar
I'm getting better at reporter interviews: kept my responses to right length in last two :) #practiceMakesPerfect #interviewsBegetInterviews
Go you and your bad self! - RepoRat
Tried to save a graphic, accidentally made a Pixar. Don't know what to do with these billions of dollars in revenues now. #firstworldproblems
Oh no! :( - Eivind
I mean the taxes alone! - Micah
True facts: the Pixar image format was designed for the Pixar Image Computer. The Pixar Image Computer is what Pixar made and sold before technology advanced far enough so that it could start making the type of films it wanted to make. - Mark Trapp
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