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Chief Community Officer at Forum One Networks - events, research, community and social media strategy.
Autodesk & Innovation - good and critical read by @haydn1701 - ps, thanks for the shoutout :)
"so, like you're the VP of spite?" #siliconvalley
on the receiving end of a red stapler moment right now.
Continue to see tons of churn in the community space. Tons of open reqs (and growing) + high burn positions. stay frosty people #octribe
Will Solid by the catalyzing (~web 2.0 summit) moment for new industrial revolution?
With my #linc partner in crime @thecloudist preparing for our session in May. See you there! @LithiumTech
RT @betahaus: German Startups Discover an Old Strength: German Engineering! We love #hardware
RT @lizasperling: How and why startups like Lyft and Quora are increasingly taking big late-stage investments
RT @RealGRRM: The entire world right now.
Seeing tragedy of the commons all over again w/ many sharing economy models. If there isn't a fair & agreed upon value exchange, not sharing
A Wearables Startup Playbook " community management must become a core competency of your company from the get-go"
"First Balloons and Drones, Now Dirigibles: The Race for a Truly ‘World Wide’ Web" good read
"First Balloons and Drones, Now Dirigibles: The Race for a Truly ‘World Wide’ Web" < cloud city soon
"Check Out This Futuristic 3D Printed Car Body" industrial 3d printing ftw
"Changing Minds Isn't Like Changing Light Bulbs | Errors We Live By | Big Think"
Really excited about the stuff I'm working in right now. Need to take the time to blog about it this weekend.
RT @themaria: Brilliant! Must read! “The Problem with Community” by @cjpedregal #cmgr #octribe <short & spot on
The @sparksandhoney 2014 Elements of Culture trends preview is worth a second look
The Facebook redesign is causing a cascading ugly effect. Looking at you Spotify.
Google book search: I love you so much.
"3D Hubs opens an API to connect its network of 3D printers with more creators"
"Google’s modular phone project begins to take flight as first resources for Ara are released"
apparently I asked someone to "hologram" something for me today. Thanks autocorrect!
Just A Little Bit: Why Big Goals Demotivate And Incremental Changes Mobilize via @themaria
Building a sense of purpose at Pixar
screw the singularity, I still want my X-Wing
We are working on a series of enhancements to the @adskFusion360 community: 1st up: the newsletter. Feedback please? - this is cool. #openhardware cc @jowyang
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