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Bill Ludwig

Bill Ludwig

I'm a web developer in Topeka Kansas.
Just signed up for the MongoDB for Node.js Developers course at MongoDB University.
RT @KAKEnews: Toddler saves elderly man accidentally locked inside hot car:
RT @PaulDavisKS: Big day for our campaign. Want to add your name to the board? Join #Ksgop for Davis: #ksleg
Apparently I scared everyone off of Hearthstone.
I love @duckduckgo because I can read xkcd comics at work. #privacyalso
RT @dougmillsnyt: President Obama shares a light moment Mayor Mike Rawlings, with Gov. Rick Perry at the end of the table.
I'm starting to feel like I can make better stuff with Angular/Node/Mongo that I can without it. it's time to re-start some projects.
RT @lawblob: the hardest Yo-Yo trick to learn is self respect
Holy crap this is cool >> Designing Characters with Box Shadow via @codeschool
Good video, need to start doing this. >> jQuery: Now Ideal For Low Bandwidth - Timmy Willison
Homeowner assesses damage after 14-inch artillery shell enters home #AMERICAFUCKYEAH
RT @burkeholland: @bradlygreen @angularjs @KendoUI Also now officially integrated in all Kendo UI Demos!
Best thing I've seen all day >> RT @Deadspin: A young Marlins fan stars in the best Vine ever:
Good article on error handling in Angular >> via @OdeToCode
My next project doesn't have to be based on Node Angular and MongoDB but if it is that would be great. #favoritewebappplatformsofar
It shouldn't be this difficult to publish to our private NPM server.
RT @JavaScriptDaily: Resources for Staying on Top of JavaScript:
Just read and bookmarked this great article on the upcoming will-change css property by @SaraSoueidan >>
RT @zeldman: "Some little, heartbreakingly inadequate thing." The Color Purple. #663399Becca
Spending my day off working on side projects and watching @jsconf videos.
Read Node.js in Production this morning, very good walkthrough.
I broke 1,000 twitter followers, what did I win?
Glad to see @alistapart getting involved. >> We Have Work to Do: #yesallwomen and the Web
The Story of Barack Obama (As Told By Conservatives)
RT @jasodonnell: @billludwig The factory vs service discussion continued after you left. Hey @angularjs, can anyone explain the real difference to us all?
Watching @SenWarren on @maddow is pretty awesome. by @yafd is simply awesome. Really makes me want to start playing with again.
RT @CorbettBarr: If u watch 1 thing today, this 2 mins should be it: Don't be a dick: Everybody is "relevant" via @garyvee @Fizzle
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