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Bill Ludwig

Bill Ludwig

I'm a web developer in Topeka Kansas.
RT @geekpharm: #OzsInbox Of all the quacks and charlatans you've interviewed over the years, which has been the most influential on your own practice?
This is really really cool >> interact.js for drag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures
RT @ShaunKing: Is #pointergate the most racist news story of 2014? Stand up for Navell!! READ & RT --->
RT @rauchg: 7 principles of Rich Web Applications
Re: Launching Open Source Library. I know Step 1 is design icon, but is step 2 write code or organize conference?
Is there a do not call list for yellow pages delivery? #recycled
Enduring CSS: writing style sheets for rapidly changing, long-lived projects
RT @wilw: Hey Media? Maybe instead of sending cameras to Robin Williams’ house to be ghoulish, you could send cameras to #Ferguson to be journalists.
Tweeting to remind myself to read this again > Speeding up AngularJS apps with simple optimizations via @toddmotto
Hey @jasodonnell want to take a look at when you have some time to spare.
The concerted campaign to kill the metric system in America: via @slate
RT @KennettDems: Dear Independents: The two parties are not the same. It's not hard to spot the differences if you look for them
RT @Jon_Eiseman: I don't even have a joke to make this is just incredible
Alright everyone, cross your fingers!
RT @billclinton: Happy birthday @BarackObama! They say the job of president ages you. But...well, that's it.
mind === blown >> RT @AdderAllStar: Obama Obala Ebala Ebola it makes so much sense now
RT @mattyglesias: For maximum trolling, House GOP should sue Obama over his refusal to enforce the UN Convention Against Torture.
I've been coding too long. Forgot the name of the conference we attended earlier this year. Googled it, and have now forgotten it again.
RT @the_ajohnston: If you don't read Rapid Development at least read @codinghorror 's article it lists the common mistakes #programming
RT @LASDBrink: #Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue, please don't call us about it being down, we don't know when FB will be back up!
Think I'm going to adopt this pattern > Testing Private Functions in JavaScript Modules by @jonahkagan >
Hey @jasodonnell you will like this > Stockholm by Jason Isbell >
I'm sure this is old news but searching Google for <blink> is pretty cool
RT @j_antman: software development is not an assembly line. you cannot replace an experienced dev like you can replace an assembly line worker.
I know what I'll be reading this weekend > Eloquent JavaScript 2nd Edition
I'm watching @codepo8 Write less, achieve Meh and you should too >
Interesting idea, would like to know if anyone has used this > Replacing switch statements with Object literals
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