Re: The Techies Who Are Hacking Education by Homeschooling Their Kids -
"Some links on unschooling and related topics: UnSchooling Sudbury School HomeSchool John Holt Project Based Learning "Coolest School In America" Yong Zhao's "World Class Learners"" - Bill Seitz
Re: Tonight's meetup in NYC -
"I haven't been there in awhile, but the Saigon Market/Grill right in that neighborhood has a big capacity and often lots of empty tables." - Bill Seitz
Re: Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2014 ~ Stephen's Web -
"Building FTW!" - Bill Seitz
Re: The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: We Need a Coherent Alternative Idea -
"Which I later started to flesh out as a Fractally Generative Pattern Language." - Bill Seitz
Re: The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: We Need a Coherent Alternative Idea -
"A few years back I framed this as the "Fractally Open Society"." - Bill Seitz
Re: The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: We Need a Coherent Alternative Idea -
"I think it's particularly difficult to sell a coherent future, even if we could define one, during a period of Economic Transition that's scaring the crap out of everyone." - Bill Seitz
Re: Source code for content -
"Sometimes saving the rendered version is left to a caching layer rather than the CMS itself." - Bill Seitz
Re: Attention All Software Engineers: Please Volunteer During The Hour Of Code -
"I can find a list of schools with events planned, but no detail on any event, such as a coordinator to contact. Am I missing something?" - Bill Seitz
Re: A smart phone with no phone -
"Maybe one of the Meego players? Still phones, you'd have to just not put a SIM card in..." - Bill Seitz
Re: Chrome is dying -
"I don't think I'm running Canary, and I have v39.0, and the wikipedia page says the latest "stable" version for Mac/Win/Linux was 38.0 on Nov11. So I'm not sure about that "not being maintained" thing. I rarely (monthly?) get crashes. I have Settings/Content/Plugins/ClickToPlay set. To keep HTML-5 videos from auto-playing you need to add an extension. Might not be worth it. I occasionally check out the TaskManager to see what's eating cycles or RAM. Scroll-forever pages that you don't close and eat up a lot of RAM and not release it - so I sometimes use the TaskManager to kill those. Likewise sometimes a page is eating cycles for no obvious reason (cough Flash that I clicked yesterday) so I kill that." - Bill Seitz
.@RogerSchank: "Actually I am trying to overthrow the education system."
RT @ftrain: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia she Jansplained.
RT @ftrain: I tried to get with Syrinx but she wouldn't have it and turned herself into some reeds, so I cut the reeds and made a flute, he Pansplained.
RT @vgr: All wisdom-of-age sounds roughly like: "too many cooks spoil the broth...BUT NOW I REALLY KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, TRUST ME!"
RT @SandyHendry: Fossil fuel subsidies = $550 billion Renewable subsidies = $120 billion Living in the past. via @BloombergNews
RT @vgr: @pmarca tl;dr of your broader point: half-life of facts is going down, half-life of laws is going up. There's a word for that: religion.
RT @vgr: Hypothesis: 1% of buyers of Piketty book have read more cumulative pages of it than the other 99% of buyers combined.
RT @pmarca: The human race is about to land a freaking probe that's been in space for 10 freaking years on a freaking comet.
Follow @Philae2014 for live updates on Rosetta mission to land on comet #67P.
The Bill Seitz Daily is out! Stories via @DamnInteresting @rands
RT @windley: @pmarca So long as he doesn’t put a collection of lobster neurons in orbit I think we’re safe. Book reference? ;)
RT @ftrain: My wife does our books. Last night I asked, could I make writing a career? She shook her head for 30 seconds in silence. JavaScript is cool.
RT @vgr: I am now a big skeptic of curated subscription boxes like Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club. Appointment consumerism = appointment TV = way out.
RT @jzellis: "War is hell, but smoking cigarettes makes it all worthwhile." -- Neal Stephenson Happy Veteran's Day.
RT @DamienFahey: Today we honor the brave men and women who risked everything so I could act like a little bitch when I drop my iPhone.
RT @HyperEntity: "Alright, children, it's time for bed. Now hurry upstairs and get to sleep before Shingy the Digital Prophet gets ya!"
All the world's a CoffeeShop; and all the men and women talking a little too loudly at the next table.
Anyone of url describing Mac app from the 80s called "Consultant"?
RT @SavedYouAClick: Yes. RT @TheAtlantic: Is there a better way to observe Veteran's Day?
RT @jerrymichalski: Hmmm, I’m not grokking it, mobile or Web… RT @billjohnston: its official: I like Inbox. Nice work Googlers
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