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RT @balajis: 1/ What's the most important thing CS has that biomed currently underemphasizes? IMO, low-risk visual demonstrations of large effect sizes.
RT @anildash: This week, we've been under the cherry moon & shown sometimes it snows in April. Prince predicted it all: @3RDEYEGIRL
Minnesota VoTech ApprenticeShip programs.
Re: Old-time laptops -
"I had a model-100 for awhile. The only thing I can remember doing with it was writing stuff, then jumping through hoops to copy them over to my Mac via serial cable (null-modem?) at a slow enough speed that you could watch the words zoom by..." - Bill Seitz
RT @hnshah: People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves. @SamuelHulick #microconf
RT @patio11: People starting businesses: addons for established ecosystems like Wordpress, Stripe, Twilio, etc = accelerants for early growth. #microconf
RT @patio11: Always tier your pricing. It works, almost invariably. 1X, 2.2X, 5X is best performing on @gumroad. @delk #microconf
RT @brianhogg: "Sure I could program in PHP, but I could also use a sundial to tell time" #microconf
RT @robwalling: The 4 questions Moraware software asks during their phone sales calls (after doing well over 1,000 of them):
RT @davewiner: Drone selfies take vanity to new heights.
RT @tehawesome: The way you complain every time you get "friendzoned." It's fedorable
RT @robwalling: "Don't build multiple products for multiple niches, build multiple products for a single niche." - @nathanbarry at #microconf
RT @balajis: Minimum viable workout: run one mile as fast as you can.
RT @ftrain: Look at this beautiful Adventure Time one-essay website
RT @moorehn: I will never get over how tech companies sound like My Little Ponies. Here, Yahoo's acquisitions.
RT @balajis: Quantified self for fitness: gym 2.0 where metrics are auto-recorded for you as you use various machines (treadmills, weights, etc.)
RT @pmarca: @ezraklein Is there an app that lets you trigger that remotely? Please say yes.
RT @pmarca: @BenedictEvans You do realize "It Might Not Have Worked" would be a great title for the comprehensive history of Silicon Valley? :-)
RT @cshirky: Moody’s downgraded 28 colleges annually between 2008-13, more than double the average in the prior five-year period.
A matrix organization gives you n^2 people who can SayNo.
Every time I hear about a "matrix organization" I want to yell "take the red pill!"
It's a Holly, Jolly, easter...
RT @balajis: Why SF (and SV) housing can't scale. Meticulously researched, in-depth piece by @kimmaicutler.
The Bill Seitz Daily is out!
There's enough true detail in this book to make it good for a civics class.
RT @lacker: Vaclav Smil: the diesel engine and the gas turbine made globalization possible
RT @cbeard: Excited to step in as interim CEO to continue shaping the future of the Web for public good w/ fellow Mozillians:
RT @ftrain: The whole social media team at Taco Bell is just sitting there nodding at the screen with their lips pursed.
RT @ftrain: Someone needs to tell the Virgin Airways social media team that it's okay to wait.
RT @TNLNYC: New York state ELA tests: Sucking the love for learning right out of my students.
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