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RT @sgblank: whoever says, “failure feels OK in startups" has clearly never run a startup
RT @davewiner: Why can't we buy wifi on flights with miles? Or use our frequent flier numbers?
RT @Stammy: 10,530 words & 3 wknds worth of writing but here's everything you need to know about drones:
Cool to see someone using the MelodIca. #JonBaptiste
RT @davidu: I think most of the world hasn't yet figured out that @imgur has a strong, vibrant community, separate from reddit:
RT @jpm25: Quite a bitcoin landscape that is emerging... $btc
RT @vgr: My favorite Homer Simpson line: "Oww I have three kids and no money. Why can't I have no kids and three money?"
The Bill Seitz Daily is out!
RT @pmarca: @jeetchokshi @abrams I am told the programmer kids are all injecting coconut water between their toes now.
RT @jeetchokshi: @abrams @pmarca if the writers did their homework they'd know the kale smoothie epidemic is neutralizing the drugs one
RT @mrteacup: @paulcarr why not look at data: in 2012, Google employees donated 36x more to Democrats than to Ron Paul
RT @joshm: .@charlesforman the idea of reblogging was originally an Eyebeam project from @peretti and co.
RT @sleslie: @holden "wiki as a model of 'on-demand' community" this is what excited me (and still does tho I let mine drop) about @localwiki platform
RT @noahWG: I accidentally used 11% of my brain, which made me immediately begin attempts to delete all my social media accounts.
RT @shfarnsworth: It's significant 2 realize that the most creative environments in our society are not the ever-changing ones #engchat
My week on twitter: 3 New Followers, 4 Mentions, 4.81K Mention Reach, 2 Replies, 3 Retweets. via
KiK wants to offer a trained-ChatBot service to brands. #AdvertisIng
AppStore maturity/commodification leading to orphan apps.
The Bill Seitz Daily is out! Stories via @MetaGrrrl
ReddIt trying to increase AdvertisIng.
After students read a listicle, do they have to take a testicle?
Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for LastPass now!
RT @puppet_ebooks: All attempts at rational conversation terminate in fact, obsessed with managing public opinion.
RT @puppet_ebooks: BREAKING: Israel
RT @NYCLU: New Yorkers in NYC can use our app 'Stop & Frisk Watch' to record & report NYPD interactions w/public:
RT @rudytheelder: Cosmology buzzwords: Our space is the "brane" and the underlying 4D space that we float in is the "bulk."
. Rich couples get some of this effect through UnBundling, compartmentalizing... #LeanFamily
How long before fractional marriage and childrearing? #SharingEconomy
RT @SanFranciscoVC: 10 scientific ways to be happy!
"@SanFranciscoVC: RovIo made 51 failing games before coming up with AngryBirds...
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