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RT @conradhackett: Preschool tuition in Manhattan: up to $40,000 Preschool admissions coaching: up to $35,000
RT @sarahjeong: @doingitwrong @harrisj @AdrianChen don't bring a social media intern to a gun fight
RT @tubelite: So all the races of Middle Earth signed up for Sauron's "Ring as a Service". You'll never believe what happens next.
The Bill Seitz Daily is out! Stories via @mariakatris
RT @trouteyes: My nephew's just qualified as a Homeopath so I sent a card with a cheque inside for £0.00000000000005p
RT @harrymccracken: I am in the presence of greatness: Julie Newmar, Adam West, and Burt Ward.
RT @buster: Thanks to @jeremyirl for storifying my tweetstormish thread about closing down:
RT @Mark_J_Perry: CHART: US violent crime is lowest since 1970, <half 1991 rate. Why have we become United States of SWAT? @radleybalko
RT @robreich: Are Stanford Students Just Excellent Sheep? My early take on Deresiewicz @medium.
RT @vgr: If you had to describe the history of the last 50 years in 3 graphs, which ones would you pick?
RT @vgr: @pmarca can't. At some point it becomes NP hard.
RT @pmarca: @vgr Check your splainingsplainingsplaining privilege.
RT @trello: Trello is now its own company, Trello Inc.! Read all about it on the Trello blog:
RT @mengwong: Why can't we express contracts, esp. term sheets, in concise JSON, for programmatic expansion into boilerplate? Open standard mini-language!
The Bill Seitz Daily is out!
RT @davealevine: We just might be starting to tap into the cognitive surplus @cshirky pointed out years ago...Long way to go.
DavidSchmaltz: Re-FramIng can often convert a DiLemma into a TriLemma or more... #InfiniteGame
DavidSchmaltz: WindYourWatch so you DoNoHarm. #ProblemSolving
DavidSchmaltz: don't let False UrgenCy trick you into framing a Difficulty as a ProbLem.
DavidSchmaltz: no ProjectManager has ever solved the ClueLess ManageMent difficulty, so don't call it a ProbLem.
New JohnRobb ThinBook: the AmericanWay via @feedly
RT @AndreaKuszewski: Colombian Student Faces Prison Charges for Sharing an Academic Article Online via @EFF #OA #openscience
RT @zseward: New York State essentially paying CBS $16 million to keep the "Late Show" in New York
RT @anildash: Now we are all Jennicam.
RT @buster: 43 Things, my first startup, is apparently closing down. The broken logo and eternal spinner make it extra sad:
Re: How to mirror my iPad on a TV? -
"I got ChromeCast working with my Nexus7, and failed with my wife's iPad. My notes are here: That page links to a thread about RealPlayer which you might find helpful. I suspect this might be an iTunes/protection-lock issue..." - Bill Seitz
RT @isaach: this is lovely. "We are convinced that any business needs its wild ducks"—Thomas J Watson, former IBM Chairman
RT @pourmecoffee: @xeni First, they cancelled the Backstreet Boys concert, and I said nothing because I hate the Backstreet Boys.
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