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"@rosswolfe: Does identity politics have a rape problem? ShanleyKane, ModelViewCulture, and the case of DanaMcCallum"
Twitter engineer DanaMcCallum accepted a guilty plea for two misdemeanors related to the alleged rape of her wife"
RT @rosswolfe: Does identity politics have a rape problem? Shanley Kane, Model View Culture, and the case of Dana McCallum
RT @MeghanMcCain: This is my favorite thing today.
RT @KimKierkegaard: Drop by our booth at the Smart Tan Nashville tradeshow and check out how easy it is to live in despair.
RT @willrich45: Grooming Students for A Lifetime of Surveillance #education #privacy
RT @pmarca: 3/Unbundling banks: I think banks are getting unbundled with or without Silicon Valley or Bitcoin--due to market changes + regulation.
Be the first to read Unlocking Growth (@growthbook) by @seanellis & @morganb. Enter to win a copy! #growthbook
RT @rstephens: Conscious Uncoupling 2014: Facebook/Messenger Ebay/Paypal Hewlett/Packard Gwyneth/Chris Path/Talk
I won't eat insects until GwynethPaltrow does.
RT @cstross: That previous RT is sufficient to justify NEVER, EVER using an Adobe ebook platform. Untrustworthy and illegal snooping on users!
RT @kevinmarks: I gave up my landline because it was all spam, now phone companies are chasing me off text messaging too
RT @paulg: Has there been a case yet of 2 people with hyphenated last names marrying and opting for a 4-part name?
RT @stephen_wolfram: 20 years ago today, our first website. 2 yrs later, first added computation … grew to #wolframalpha and #wolframlang
RT @SavedYouAClick: Not that Eric Holder. RT @moneyries: Eric Holder marries his former stepmother
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