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Re: I'm a <i>Narrate Your Work</i> guy -
"Maybe some sort of tagging? If you use unique-enough tags (SmashedTogetherWords), you don't even need to support them in your system, you can rely on Google or whatever to find matching entries. You could make sure a progress note has both the product-tag (LittlePorkChop) and category-tag (ProgressNote), then search for the combo." - Bill Seitz
RT @ftrain: my degree in manscape architecture was a huge mistake
RT @pborenstein: I hear Pepsi is coming out with a new drink called Standard Coke.
RT @anildash: The only credible evidence for astrology is that today's Beyoncé's birthday & tomorrow's my birthday and we are obviously similarly blessed.
RT @StatFact: "It’s funny. I’m the statistician, but I’m more skeptical about statistics, compared to these renowned scientists."
RT @pmarca: No one on their death bed ever said, "I wish I had spent less time plugged into the global hive mind and repository of all human knowledge."
RT @leonardr: "May the odd be in your favour." --Minecraft map description, and useful life advice in general.
RT @ILikeBigBot: I like big liars and I cannot lie.
RT @waxpancake: @leonardr I feel like an idiot for waiting this long to read Constellation Games. It's so, so good.
RT @Zzt_ebooks: Walter: Robots? shopkeeper: Yes, I used to think they were
Re: What "coder" means to me -
"Classic wikiwikiweb page:" - Bill Seitz
The Bill Seitz Daily is out!
RT @ftrain: They should stop with all the separate brands and just rebrand themselves as EYEMASTERS GLOBAL.
RT @sustaincities: If you live in #SãoPaulo, you lose one month per year sitting in traffic. http://sustainablecitiescollec... @GlobalSitePlans
RT @ftrain: Oh wait LensCrafters is owned by Luxottica check out how EVERYTHING YOU PUT ON YOUR EYES is owned by one company
RT @patbits: @ftrain I imagine on that day he strolled onto his balcony, nude, wearing those Oakley MP3 glasses.
RT @BlueDuPage: 2 months ago, the entire House Democratic leadership voted AGAINST demilitarizing local police
RT @ezraklein: #Ferguson police to reporter: “Get the fuck out of here and get that light off, or you’re getting shot with this”
RT @padresj: Going to start a thing on YT called,"ReBoxing". Take most of your stuff, put it in a box, & promise not to buy useless junk in the future.
RT @insanityreport: "There's a problem with looting" " many looters have you arrested" "Well see the way our tear gas is set up......"
RT @jayrosen_nyu: Stonewall the outsiders, then cave when your ombudsman comes calling. @NPR refuses to admit an obvious error.
RT @WtfRenaissance: Once completed, Hannah's Ice Bucket Challenge video was probably going to break the internet.
RT @WtfRenaissance: Jason and Bobby couldn't disguise their disappointment at not making this year's NME cool list.
RT @MWStory: Desensitising drivers to driving over children in the road is a great idea
RT @JebBoone: More and more foreign news outlets sending their war correspondents to cover #Ferguson
RT @samueloakford: Amnesty International just announced they've sent a human rights team to #Ferguson, the first time they've done that in the US.
RT @JubilantGem15: 😤 RT @TerrillCharming: No tear gas here. Interesting "@KhaledBeydoun: Does this "protest" have a curfew? #Ferguson"
RT @WtfRenaissance: Shannon was stoically battling through the cinnamon challenge.
RT @SamSykesSwears: Another advertisement unwittingly falls prey to the unintentional venn diagram.
RT @Timcast: Roads all completely blocked off. Heading back for now. #Ferguson
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