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Just finished latest book by once favourite author. Not very good. Can't decide if I've changed or she has in 5 years since previous book. Bit sad either way.
It is sad when that happens. Happened to me recently with an author I'd recently discovered & thought very good for the first couple of books. Talk about a plunge in quality in a couple of later more for me. - Maxine
Oh, I've had that happen too. Sorry to hear it Bernadette. I hope it's just a one-off. - Margot Kinberg
If it happens I usually try to read another to see if it was an aberation or a full scale decline. - Bill Selnes
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Has anybody read any Christopher Reich: Rules of Betrayal, Rules of Deception etc. Are they in our genre?
I DNF'd one a couple of years ago - fairly ordinary cookie-cutter thriller - and he seems to get blurbed by James P quite often - not exactly a glowing recommendation IMHO - Bernadette
Thought it was a Hollywood thriller on paper but possibly even less credible. Characters do not reach 2 dimensional. - Bill Selnes
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Writing on the Wall by Gunnar Staalesen – Varg Veum is almost 50. He has been a private investigator in Bergen, Norway for a long time. He is intrigued when a... -
Writing on the Wall by Gunnar Staalesen – Varg Veum is almost 50. He has been a private investigator in Bergen, Norway for a long time. He is intrigued when a...
Can't comment on blogger Bill. This was what I wanted to say: Thanks for your review, Bill. I've not read this one, but Yours Untill Death and it seems to me you may like it more. Can't tell if he is more often as bleak as in this one since I have not read more. - Jose Ignacio
I really like this series but have only been able to read the translated ones - 3 or 4 so far. One was supposed to come out last year but it never has done - think the publisher may have gone bust. They do have bleak (realistic) elements as Varg was a social worker for children before becoming a PI & the books tend to follow these themes. But also very funny & quite Chandler-esque. - Maxine
Jose Ignacio: Thanks for the comment. Sorry you could not get through on Blogger. I hope for less bleakness. - Bill Selnes
No worries, Bill. It's not your fault. - Jose Ignacio
Maxine: I did not find humour in this book. I hope it offsets some of the bleakness in further books I read of Staalesen. - Bill Selnes
Writing on the Wall was a DNF for me some years back. Found it a bit too slow and earnest for my tastes. - LauraRoot
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100 books already? You're a machine Kerrie. :-) - Craig Sisterson
Impressive - Jose Ignacio
Amazingly impressive! - Bill Selnes
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Book review: Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg -
I am glad you enjoyed the first book in a strong legal mystery series. - Bill Selnes
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Review: The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly -
Review: The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly
I enjoyed everything about the book but the ending. Connelly writes as well about lawyers as he does about police. - Bill Selnes
I agree in general that Connelly's books are all good, but most of them have a part that lags (for me) - sometimes the beginning, sometimes the middle, and sometimes the end. I can't remember too much about the end of this one, but I do remember enjoying it a lot, assuming it was the one about Mickey as the "bottom feeder" representing people who were about to have their houses repossessed, finding ways to delay the money men. I loved that element of it. (But I may have the wrong book!) - Maxine
that's the book Maxine - Craig Sisterson
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2012 Ngaio Marsh Award finalists revealed -
2012 Ngaio Marsh Award finalists revealed
apologies for the delay on this guys - i've been laid up in bed the past 48 hours with a really nasty flu virus. - Craig Sisterson
Hope you're feeling better now, Craig. - Margot Kinberg
Hope you'll get well soon, Craig - Jose Ignacio
Thanks Margot and Jose. I'm still not good, but a heck of a lot better. Feel vaguely human again, which is a start :-) - Craig Sisterson
After going through a pair of summer colds I have empathy for your winter flu. Drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest. - Bill Selnes
Jose Ignacio
Back home after a few days off. I'll catch up during the next week
Glad to see you back, José Ignacio. - Margot Kinberg
I look forward to some photos - Bill Selnes
Thanks everyone. Sorry to disappoint you Bill. It was mainly a family event and I don't have photos to share. Next time. - Jose Ignacio
Welcome back, Jose Ignacio. I'm also away for a long weekend & the internet access here is so painfully slow I'll catch up when I am back, either tomorrow or if there is too much to do when I get home, Tues. - Maxine
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Exclusive interview with Anne Perry and thriller round-up in this week's NZ Listener -
Exclusive interview with Anne Perry and thriller round-up in this week's NZ Listener
interesting stuff. the first time in decades Perry has really spoken to NZ writers/journalists, and opened up to anyone at all about the infamous 1954 murder... - Craig Sisterson
I look forward to reading the article when it is online. I wonder how much more insight can be gained in a murder by teenagers than is not already available. - Bill Selnes
My thoughts too (what more can be said?) - there have been quite a few feature articles in the UK press over the years about this, but I don't read them as I am not interested in "true" crime stories. - Maxine
I hate it when people assume I must like true crime because I read crime fiction. They are vastly different kettles of fish and I have no interest in the true stuff at all. - Bernadette
Hear hear! - Maxine
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Connelly scoops Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction -
Connelly scoops Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction
good book too. well deserved - Craig Sisterson
I am going to have to learn more about this Prize. I had not heard of it until your post Craig. Thanks. - Bill Selnes
It's quite new Bill - just inaugurated in 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. - Craig Sisterson
The real Inger Ash Wolfe stands up - The Globe and Mail -
Perhaps Bill S can enlighten us as to whether this is a shock or not. I've never heard of the bloke but my knowledge of things Canadian is not vast. - Bernadette from Bookmarklet
Just saw the article tonight. Will have a post on Monday. - Bill Selnes
I had thought it would be a woman, so that goes to show how much I know & how easily I am fooled by these shenanigans ;-) I haven't heard of the author either, so look forward to your post, Bill. - Maxine
I'll look forward to your post too, Bill. - Margot Kinberg
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Maxine - I can't find how to comment on your post, but I'll follow your advice and read BURNED first. - Jose Ignacio
Yes the comments section seems to be turned off. I loved Burned and I have Pierced to read. Looking forward to it. - Sarah Ward
Sorry, all - this is a WordPress error, I have not done anything to disable comments. I've checked all the settings this am and they should be allowed. But a test comment via the dashboard does not work. I've reported to WP so I really hope they fix it. - Maxine
skimmed review only, I am planning to read this one myself shortly - Bernadette
Comments are not "closed", this is a Word Press bug. It seems that I can post comments via the dashboard, so if anyone wishes to comment, please email me at maxinelclarke AT gmail DOT com, and I'll post manually (I hope WP will fix this bug, I have reported it). Or write one here and I'll add it to the blog. - Maxine
Sorry to hear about the WP bug! How completely annoying! But your review is excellent as ever, for which thanks. - Margot Kinberg
I enjoyed the review. It brought to mind a true life Canadian story. Clifford Olson was a serial killer of boys and girls who, when caught, offered to provide particulars of where they were buried if $100,000 was paid to his wife. Amidst considerable controversy the offer was accepted to give the families the chance to have their children returned. - Bill Selnes
Thanks Maxine for taking the trouble to sort it out - Jose Ignacio
What a sad and horrible story Bill. I don't think it would be legal in the UK as a law about profiting from crime was brought in about 15 years ago. - Sarah Ward
Oh, Bill, that really is an appalling story! I can imagine there was controversy about that decision. Sarah, there's similar legislation in the US. - Margot Kinberg
Margot Kinberg
Harry Bosch Crime Novels Being Adapted for TV -
Who is going to be Harry? - Bill Selnes
Presumably not Tom Cruise? ;-) ;-) Seriously if they'd made the series a good few years ago. Harry Dean Stanton would have been perfect. Clint Eastwood was good as one of his other characters, Terry McCaleb, but he's also far too old, now. - Maxine
I thought Cint was way way too old for Terry - Bill Selnes
Yes, I think they rewrote the film to allow for it, but yes, I agree. Though he was good. - Maxine
Just got a promo for a self-pub book offering this incentive to read "Think of it as Uncle Tom’s Cabin meets The Untouchables" I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to imagine what kind of Frankenbook that would be and now I need a cup of tea and a lie down
So.... I'm looking forward to your eagerly reading and reviewing this Bernadette ;-) - Margot Kinberg
Like Simon Lewis's Border Run, "Lord of the Flies meets The Beach" according to the blurb. Dream on in the case of LOTF (have not read The Beach). But, agreed, it is not a patch on yours, Bernadette! - Maxine
I went to talk by Peak District writer Stephen Booth who said one of his books was reviewed in a national newspaper as 'Stephen King meets Charlotte Bronte" which is fairly mind boggling. - Sarah Ward
LOL Margot - I might write a review without actually reading the book - Bernadette
Now I've got images of Stephen King meeting Charlotte Bronte in my head...trying to guess which of them would win in a pillow fight - Bernadette
Oh, Bernadette, what a *great* mental image! LOL!! - Margot Kinberg
Yes it's got a Monty Python feel to it. - Sarah Ward
Oh good way to put that Sarah! - Margot Kinberg
Runaway slaves with machine guns exact justice on their oppressors! - Bill Selnes
LOL, Bill!! - Margot Kinberg
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Though I note Bill has not read The Fear Index ;-) - Maxine
It is not going to be a priority in my life. - Bill Selnes
I should think not :) - Bernadette
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Unfortunately not available via Amazon UK unless you are prepared to pay a great deal of money (same for #1). Sad. - Maxine
Nice and fair review Bill - I also thought this one dragged a touch in the middle (although other readers/reviewers and judges were much more enthralled than me). Still a good read, and I hope Greg/Alix will write another in the series. I was chatting to him about this at the Auckland Writers Festival earlier this year - let's just say the door is open, especially as he'd always envisaged at least three books about Anna ... PS Maxine, are you going to be at Harrogate? - Craig Sisterson
Thanks for the comment Craig. I value your thoughts, especially on New Zealand writers. I hope Anna will have more adventures. - Bill Selnes
Seems unlikely, Craig. - Maxine
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I loved the early books in this series, but found this one less than riveting. There are few series I read that I find vary as much as these... but in general love the characters, and love Laurie (R) King. - Moira Redmond
I did not like the one book I read in this series, though enjoyed another series by her some years ago. Have "lost touch" with her for years now. - Maxine
I've only read #1 and really didn't like it but perhaps I should try again (when though?). - Karen Meek
I have mixed emotions about the series. I loved the first book. Some of the others I read but was left uncertain about continuing to read the series. - Bill Selnes
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Don't know if it's Blogger or the iPad but I can't seem to comment on your blog Bill - today the captcha had a little symbol that looked a bit like an alien ship with 3 legs - I've no clue how I was supposed to recreate that in text format! I was going to say that it is a nice review and I like the character of Hazel - she's quite believeable - perhaps apart from her penchant for going to places alone that she really shouldn't go. - Bernadette
Thank you for the comment Bernadette. I am sorry you are having the comment problems on my blog. Please feel free to email me or to comment here. I appreciate hearing from you. I have noted captcha is now enclosing barely legible numbers in a second box. - Bill Selnes
Blogger changed its captcha system recently so that all the blogs now have an indecipherable word AND squiggles in a box. However, I have found that if you make up two numbers when there are weird squiggles in the box, the system accepts it. (I know how those squiggles come about but won't bore you with it....and it is tedious). - Maxine
Thanks for the tip Maxine - I had seen the ones with numbers but today was the first time I had hieroglyphics. I wondered if someone had slipped vodka into my water bottle while I wasn't looking but decided I wouldn't be that lucky :) - Bernadette
one level of captcha requires that you get one word right, but I have no idea how you set the levels on Blogger. Since I stopped using Captcha on my blog I really haven't had many problems except that if the person uses Anonymous as id then it is auto assigned to Spam - but it is Blogger determining that, not me. 722 Anonymous comments since 12 March. One wonders why they bother since they never see publication. - Kerrie
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Canadian Reading Challenge completed in the nick of time -
Canadian Reading Challenge completed in the nick of time
Good on ya, Kerrie!! - Margot Kinberg
Well done Kerrie. I've enjoyed Canadian crime over the years - i should definitely officially do this challenge next time. You could try Chevy Stevens, Linwood Barclay, Lou Allin, RJ Harlick, Howard Shrier, and Mark Zuehlke, amongst other authors to add, as well... - Craig Sisterson
Thanks folks. Craig, for some reason Linwood Barclay, Vicki Delany, and others didn't get into my list this year. Thanks for the other names. - Kerrie
Congratulations Kerrie. I am glad you are reading books from the Great White North. - Bill Selnes
Well done Kerrie! - Jose Ignacio
thankfully I'm only doing one challenge this year (read 365 stories) and I'm probably hopelessly behind on that. Well done. - Rob
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Me neither, though I have to by osmosis at times like Euro 2012. - Maxine
Maxine, I am sure, if it is not already available, it will soon be possible to watch T.V. on your e reader. - Bill Selnes
Scream! - Maxine
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Congrat. Rob, Well done - Jose Ignacio
Well done! But take care in Morse country it is a dangerous place for academics. ;-) - Norman
Congratulations, Rob! Well done! - Margot Kinberg
Congratulations! - Bill Selnes
Crime and mystery fiction
ah, my favourite Canadian author (with apologies to Linwood Barclay, Rick Mofina, Chevy Stevens, Lou Allin, and a few other terrific Canucks)... had the pleasure of meeting Deverell in Vancouver back in 2008, and it was our conversation about crime fiction then that really got me rolling with being a reviewer, interviewer, festival chair, awards judge and more when I returned to New... more... - Craig Sisterson
Thanks for adding your personal contacts with Deverell. I would like to meet him. - Bill Selnes
Margot Kinberg
Oooh, Margot, another picture! Lovely- I think I prefer this one to the previous one, marginally, but then I am a sucker for that beautiful turquoise of your blouse. I also think it is nicer not having your arm in the way ;-) Very attractive. - Maxine
Oh, thank you, Maxine :-) *Deep blush* Yes, the blouse you see is my very favourite one in my very favourite colour. The photographer who did this and the other wanted to create a more "dressy" professional one for my blog, for contacts with publishers (cross fingers!) and so on, and a more casual look - this one - for here, for Facebook and so on. - Margot Kinberg
Well I think it is lovely, & hope it brings you all the luck you so richly deserve. - Maxine
*deep, deep blush* - Margot Kinberg
Margot: I agree with Maxine. I don't know why the photographer considers the other more professional. I say this photo portrays you beautifully and, even before you said the blouse was your favourite, I thought it was your colour. - Bill Selnes
Yes, I agree, I think this one is the more "professional" of the two & is great, as the colour of the blouse really "makes" it. - Maxine
Bill and Maxine - Thanks so much :-) That's really awfully kind of you *blush* - Margot Kinberg
Fully agree with Maxine and Bill. Lovely pic. Margot. - Jose Ignacio
*Blush* That's very kind of you José Ignacio. - Margot Kinberg
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Book Review: The Stranger House – Reginald Hill – two perspectives - http://crimewritingmonth2012.w...
Thanks to Rhian and Margot for organising this. I've linked to the post on my blog today. - Sarah Ward
It's an excellent pair of reviews, Sarah and Bill - Margot Kinberg
Thanks for the kind words, Margot. - Bill Selnes
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I'm proud of you.both - Jose Ignacio
Well done Karen and Maxine! - Sarah Ward
Well done!!!!! Congratulations - Margot Kinberg
Thank goodness I didn't write "Asa Larsson is the next Jo Nesbo" ;-) - Maxine
LOL, Maxine!!! - Margot Kinberg
Well done, Maxine! - Norman
That's brilliant! - Rich Westwood
Congratulations. I expect to see better blurbs in the future when publishers are looking to eurocrime. - Bill Selnes
Well done guys! I've been pleasantly surprised to find a few blurbs based on my reviews on books in the past couple of years - always nice (usually it's the name of the publication I write for, eg NZHerald, The Listener, NZLawyer, etc). Just saw another one the other day on the paperback version of a book - and have had a couple on international authors too, not just Kiwis, which is nice... - Craig Sisterson
Links to Maxine's reviews now added. - Karen Meek
Crime and mystery fiction
I have now just realised this author is male ;-) - Maxine
An author I've had at the edges of my radar but was not prompted to make him front and centre until now...sounds really good (BTW I did try to leave a comment at the blog but I'm afraid the captcha defeats me even with my contact lenses in) - Bernadette
Our book group read RIVER OF DARKNESS soon after it was published and enjoyed it, but I've just never got around to any more. - Kerrie
I loved R o D but didn't got on so well with the second, blood-dimmed tide (?) and so haven't read #3. - Karen Meek
Thank you for the comments. Bernadette, I regret your difficulties commenting on the blog and appreciate you commenting here. Karen, you sound like myself with this author though I have the 3rd to read and expect I will read it. - Bill Selnes
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Are Rural Mystery Series more Unique than Urban Mysteries? -
Are Rural Mystery Series more Unique than Urban Mysteries?
Thanks, Bill :-) - Margot Kinberg
You're welcome. Without your inspiration there would not have been the post. - Bill Selnes
Yes, a very interesting post, and question, Bill. - Maxine
Clued in: 12 mystery masters name their favourites - The Globe and Mail -
Reading recommendations of "buried treasure" from Michael Connelly, Natasha Cooper, Tana French and several Canadian authors eg Gail Bowen, Louise Penny, Robert Rotenberg, William Deverell. - Maxine from Bookmarklet
Is sad and Canadian that none of the Canadian authors named a favourite by a Canadian. - Bill Selnes
Crime and mystery fiction
Quite fiendish, Norman! :-) - Margot Kinberg
Interesting but far too difficult for me - Bill Selnes
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