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Planet Labs' fleet of 28 tiny satellites will send back aerial shots for cheap -
With the goal of capturing frequent snapshots that show the planet's changes in real-time without breaking bank, California company Planet Labs has revealed its plan to launch 28 teensy satellites called "Doves" to space. Existing imaging satellites are extremely expensive to make and usually capture huge pictures that take days to send back. Each Dove, however, consists of relatively affordable 10-centimeter-wide Lego-like building blocks called CubeSats and will quickly beam back mid-res photos. The firm has yet to mention how many CubeSats will go into each Dove, but the two test satellites launched in April (see sample images they took at the source below) had three pieces each. If everything goes off without a hitch, the fleet could be orbiting the Earth at a low altitude as soon as December. Once operational, we can use the pictures they send to update online maps and monitor melting ice caps, deforestation, or even traffic jams. [Image credit: NASA] Filed under: Misc, Alt... - Bill
Netflix renews 'Orange is the New Black' for season two, before season one launches -
Netflix is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to building a library of first-run content, tonight announcing it's signed up new series Orange is the New Black for a second season, set for release in 2014. That's particularly notable because unlike Hemlock Grove's renewal last week, this series hasn't even been posted to the streaming site yet. It's not the company's first bold move however, as it signed up for two seasons of House of Cards without seeing anything first, but that had David Fincher and Kevin Spacey attached. This new show is written by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan and follows a woman from Brooklyn sentenced to 15 months in federal prison -- season one debuts July 11th. Filed under: Home Entertainment, HD Comments Source: Netflix - Bill
Defense Department Blocks Access to Guardian to Prevent Viewing of NSA Leaks -
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Google is developing its own Android game console - Report -
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FCC to auction two pieces of 1,900MHz spectrum for mobile broadband -
The FCC may be most concerned with portioning out lower frequencies to bandwidth-hungry carriers, but it's devoting some attention to higher bands today. The agency has voted in favor of auctioning off two slices of 1,900MHz spectrum, the lower H block (1,915MHz to 1,920MHz) and upper H block (1,995MHz to 2,000MHz), for the sake of mobile broadband. Both are relatively close to Sprint's PCS airwaves, but the provider reportedly has nothing to fear when rules are in place to minimize interference. If all goes well, an auction could take place in late 2013 or early 2014 -- just soon enough to deliver a quick capacity boost ahead of larger spectrum wars. Filed under: Cellphones, Wireless, Mobile, Sprint Comments Via: PCWorld Source: FCC - Bill
Human enhancement: does nature know best? -
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Four years ago, Ed Snowden thought leakers should be ‘shot’ -
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What's Really 'Immoral' About Student Loans -
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Half-Life 2 crowbars its way out of Linux beta, brings Oculus Rift support with it -
Valve's Half-Life 2 along with Episodes One and Two are out of beta and available for download on Steam for Linux, the company announced today. While we welcome any Half-Life news, it's hard to not get disappointed when the number three isn't involved. Gordon Freeman's last known appearance uses the new SteamPipe content delivery system and "numerous" community bug fixes have been implemented. That's not all! Oculus Rift (and other virtual reality device) support has been added as well. We aren't aware of any other VR units besides the Rift, but in March Valve told us it's pursuing hardware itself. Speculating about other VR systems isn't far from speculating about Half-Life 3's existence -- we don't know anything at this point. However, Linux gaming site Phoronix says to expect more good Valve Linux news in July. We reached out to Valve for more info and will update if we hear anything back. Filed under: Gaming Comments Via: Phoronix Source: Steam - Bill
Marc Andreessen: Beijing Should Be Another Silicon Valley, But…. -
Man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk -
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New VC Service Level Agreement -
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Inside iOS 7: Mail gets advanced gesture support and reworked UI -
Although not as striking a change as some other first party apps in iOS 7, Apple's makeover of Mail offers a number of usability changes that are welcome improvements over its predecessor, including gesture controls and a cleaner layout. - Bill
Announcing a pre-release of F# 3.1 and the Visual F# tools in Visual Studio 2013 -
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The NSA Can't Tell the Difference Between an American and a Foreigner -
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Firefox gets a new logo, rolls out desktop and Android Beta updates -
Firefox is an ever evolving beast, and that includes both its friendly orange fox logo, and its Beta channel browser. Today Mozilla unveiled the fourth Firefox logo, a (slightly) less textured and glossy icon for its favored web browser -- and if you're . Meanwhile, the latest update for for Firefox Beta brings access to the company's Social API and, consequently, Share buttons to the platform -- so Facebook fanatics can have one-click sharing of images, articles, videos and links from the Firefox toolbar. The new Beta is also getting a Mixed Content Blocker that prevents HTTP (read: nonsecure) content from loading on HTTPS websites. Plus, there's a new Network Monitor feature to let devs see how quickly individual page components load and optimizations for OS X 10.7 that enable its scrollbar style and and the scroll bounce behavior Apple fans love. Oh, and for you mobile fans, the Android Beta was updated today, too. Now, it's got an auto-hide Awesome Bar, a URL autocomplete function... - Bill
Sean Parker Hates The World He Helped Create -
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Toshiba will launch 84-, 65- and 58-inch 4K TVs in August, prices start at $4,999 -
We caught a glimpse of Toshiba's second generation 4K TVs at CES in January and at a European event in March, and now the company has announced it's delivering three versions of the L9300U series this fall. All feature its CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core processor built-in to handle image processing and its suite of Cloud TV apps, plus built-in WiFi, Miracast and WiDi. It also announced Technicolor has certified its Blu-ray player and streaming media box for delivering HD content to its 4K TVs. The 58-, 65- and 84-inch models will all ship in August for $4,999, $6,999 and $16,999 respectively -- we'll see how they compete with similar Ultra HDTV options arriving from the likes of Sony, Sharp and Samsung. Gallery: Toshiba L9300U 4K TVs Filed under: Displays, Home Entertainment, HD Comments - Bill
YourMechanic (YC W12) is looking for full stack engineers -
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iOS 7 beta: Apple's 'Voice Memos' app returns in latest build -
While it was absent from the first beta of iOS 7, the built-in "Voice Memos" application has returned with Monday's release of iOS 7 beta 2. - Bill
Hacker Scrapes Thousands Of Public Phone Numbers Using Facebook Graph Search -
Google Launches Cloud Playground, A Browser Environment For Trying Its Cloud -
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iOS 7 beta 2 released, brings its magic to iPad -
We got to see quite a bit of iOS 7 back at WWDC 2013, but we only saw it working on an iPhone. Well, we've got some good news for big screen Apple devs, as a new iOS 7 beta's been released OTA and it now works on the iPad. Of course, the new beta also brings the usual nebulous "bug fixes and improvements" for all devices, and among those improvements is the addition of the Voice Memos app and Siri's new voices in English as well. It's available now, so if you're in the beta, you best get to downloading! Filed under: Software, Apple Comments Source: TUAW - Bill
Google Play for Education now accepting developer submissions -
Google's getting serious about education. Its Play for Education portal, announced last month at I/O, is creeping ever closer to a full launch, with a call for application submissions starting today. Developers that want to be considered for Google's curated storefront can mark their applications for consideration now via the Play Developer Console. But unlike the wild, wild west of the Play store at-large, where anything goes, not every education-focused app will get the greenlight. In fact, Google's submission process requires all applications marked as suitable for K-12 to first pass through a network of non-affiliated educators for evaluation before then being measured against the Play for Education store's requirements for classroom use. If selected, developer's applications will be made available to the many pilot programs currently underway across the country, with an eventual full-scale rollout when Play for Education officially launches sometime this fall. Filed under:... - Bill
Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta For iPad And iPad Mini With New Update, Brings Voice Memos Back -
Snowden sought Booz Allen job to gather evidence on NSA surveillance -
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Win A Case For The Unreleased Redesigned iPad -
There Is No Google Reader Replacement, Only Alternatives -
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