Re: College IT Offices Sever Ties With Terrorist Acronym -
"Sterling Archer also faced this struggle." - Bill Sodeman
Blue Steel and Magnum are so 2001! Today's hottest trend is the new Hootsuite dashboard:
South Korea drives Asia%27s love affair with cosmetics - -
MeTV Network %7C Gilligan%27s Island -
Can you imagine this cast%3F Jayne Mansfield turned down the role of Ginger%3B Carroll O%27Connor tested for the role of The Skipper%3B Dabney Coleman tested for the role of The Professor%3B Raquel Welch auditioned for the role of Mary Anne%3B and Jerry Van Dyke turned down the role of Gilligan. - Bill Sodeman
DeMarcus Cousins%2C Kenneth Faried and Rudy Gay Combine for Elusive Triple Flop %7C Bleacher Report -
%27Archer%27 Season 6 Teaser Gets the Gang Back Together - Spinoff Online - TV%2C Film%2C and Entertainment News DailySpinoff Online - TV%2C Film%2C and Entertainment News Daily -
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TV NEWS %3A Search Captions. Borrow Broadcasts %3A TV Archive %3A Internet Archive -
The Internet Arcade %3A Free Software %3A Download %26 Streaming %3A Internet Archive -
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History Without Hitler%3F - -
The windowless plane set for take-off in a decade %7C Business %7C The Guardian -
The big-eyed children%3A the extraordinary story of an epic art fraud %7C Art and design %7C The Guardian -
The zombie anti-vaccine lie-Peter Doshi and the appeal to authority -
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Cartoon%3A Capt. Kirk vs. the internet -
14 TV Moments That Were Almost Fatal - -
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60 years in an iron lung%3A US polio survivor worries about new global threat - NBC -
Illumination%3A Let%27s Clarify%3A What Constitutes Q%26A%3F -
How fast to travel across the U.S. - Imgur -
SNL Transcripts: Lauren Hutton: 11/07/81: TransEastern Airlines -
It's like flying in a cattle car with wings - Bill Sodeman
On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're the 'Wrong' Professor | Vitae -
"I'll fucking cut you." Behind the scenes of the 1491s' segment on "The Daily Show" | Green Room | Missoula Independent -
Textbook Case of Bad Textbooking -
5 Things You Didn't Know About Charlie Brown - Website - Home -
Re: At Tech Trade Show, a Push to Give Colleges Better ‘Digital Intelligence’ -
"Analytics can be a helpful tool for student retention. Many .edu institutions are using enrollment management business practices that are woefully out of date." - Bill Sodeman
Optimism About MOOCs Fades in Campus IT Offices - Wired Campus - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education -
In Collier's Magazine, World War III Already Happened...In 1952 -
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