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Getting Over Procrastination -
Dit zijn onze vijf favoriete zomerlocaties in Gent - De Standaard -
Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion | Writing and Humanistic Studies | MIT OpenCourseWare -
Is Tourism Ruining Barcelona? - CityLab -
Just completed a 2.24 km run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just completed a 2.25 km run - Geslaagd loopje met Saar #RunKeeper
Just completed a 4.83 km run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
BioGeek on [Belgium] Four different moths, which species are they? -
"Thanks! Could the white one in the middle be a [Common White Wave (Cabera pusaria)](" - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on Google Needs to Make Maps for Motorcyclists -
"The Garmin Zumo 390 Motorcycle GPS has a Curvy Roads feature which allows riders to select and navigate routes on winding roads to their destination. Something like that in an app would be perfect." - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on is this Photoshopped? -
"No, it's [Venus the Chimera Cat.]( > The “Chimera” in Venus’s title refers to [chimerism](, which is a naturally-occurring genetic condition in which one organism is born from four parent cells (e.g. two fertilized eggs that have fused together). But Venus may not be a true chimera, her appearance is just as likely due to normal genetic variation." - Jeroen Van Goey
Powerful Portraits Of Facial Reconstruction Patients - Feature Shoot -
BioGeek on What are these plants and are they poisonous for horses? -
"Sorry for the potato picture quality. Location of the plants is Belgium." - Jeroen Van Goey
Antwerpen is stad van de zomerbars - De Standaard -
How I Shot This Portraits In Pouring Rain - DIY Photography -
Before Learning to Crawl, You Must Learn to Swim - -
How to Fold a Julia Fractal — -
Write Clean, Professional, Maintainable, Quality Code in Python | JetBrains PyCharm Blog -
BioGeek on Skûtsje Long Distance Sailing Championship -
"From Wikipedia: > A [skûtsje]( (pronounced 'skootshuh') is a Frisian sailing boat of the type tjalk, originally an ordinary cargo boat, but today a prized ship and one of the icons of Frisia. Skûtsjes were built from the 18th century until about 1930 and are 12 to 20 m long and on average 3.5 m wide, with a maximum of 4 m (based on the standard dimensions of Frisian bridges and sluices). > In the 1920s and 1930s many skûtsjes were fitted with engines and after World War II the sails were even often removed. Nevertheless other, much larger, powered boats took over water transportation in the area and many skûtsjes were rebuilt into houseboats or luxurious sailing yachts. Over time, more and more were restored to their original state. > There is a yearly racing event in Friesland called Skûtsjesilen. Such races were already held in the early 19th century, but since 1945 they are regulated through a committee, SKS. In these races, each Skûtsje..." - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on I'm drying cherries in Wenatchee, Washington, USA. Anyone else up here? Anyone have questions? -
BioGeek on I'm drying cherries in Wenatchee, Washington, USA. Anyone else up here? Anyone have questions? -
"Then you need to sharpen you Google skills! I hadn't a clue what the OP was talking about either, but [this article]( nicely explains it." - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on Bioinformatics and computer operating systems -
"Also see this related question on Biostars: [Which Operating System Do You Prefer For Bioinformatics?](" - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on How many eulers have you solved? -
"I just checked: 68. I also noticed that I solved the last problem exactly a year ago, I really should pick this up again." - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on Learning Python, need help with this. -
"First you store the username in a variable and the password in a variable. If the next thing the user types is `lock`, then you should consider your program in a locked state. To unlock it, the user needs to type in again his username (compare it to the username you have stored earlier) and password (idem)." - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on Learnin's hard! Working on a "simple" script (still), but can't figure out how to split data in an external file.. -
"To answer your the question in your edit (why does `line.split('\n')` return a list with the stock symbol and an extra empty string? ), think of `str.split` and `str.join` as working in pairs. So if the original line is `AAPL\n` then splitting on newline gives `['AAPL', '']` (which makes sense: to the left of the newline was the symbol, to the right of the symbol was nothing). Joining that result with a newline `'\n'.join(['AAPL', ''])` gives back the original string. For more examples, [see here](" - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on Rewatching Twist of the Wrist II... this bit always cracks me up -
"Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!" - Jeroen Van Goey
BioGeek on Rewatching Twist of the Wrist II... this bit always cracks me up -
"Has anyone ever made an edit where all the cringe inducing bad acting is cut out? I would just like to have the condensed hard facts." - Jeroen Van Goey
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