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Nina and Kenny are featured in How Do You Pray?, a new book exploring prayer through a collection of essays.
Watch Oakland-based young artists' latest video, "Are You Loving It?" #foodjustice
In @AnnieMLeonard's latest podcast, she describes how you can become involved in a sharing community.
Hotel rooms sell out fast for #Bioneers. Don't forget to get tickets early and make your hotel reservations now!
Also, check out Sandra Steingraber's Bioneers talk on the links between the environment and our health
Join bioneer Sandra Steingraber on 7/23 at the SF Public Library for a discussion on #fracking and public health.
Bioneer Jason McLennan fights climate change with living buildings that get energy from the sun and water from rain
"The cost of solar electricity has dropped by an average of 20 percent per year since 2010." - @algore
Check out the Biomimicry Student Challenge finalists' bike safety mechanism based on animals' whiskers!
Listen to Nalini Nadkarni on the first episode of Bioneers Radio Series XIV
Join the @BuckyFullerInst at Washington U for a presentation exploring the challenges and opportunities for STL
We are excited to announce the launch of Series XIV of our award-winning radio program. Find your station to listen.
Registration is now open for the 25th Annual Bioneers Conference! Hurry, prices go up August 15th.
Listen to Cheryl Dahle discuss her work with The Future of Fish
If things don't change, our oceans could be depleted of edible seafood by 2050!
Hear bioneer Sandra Steingraber discuss how Dryden, NY initially #bannedfracking
Breaking: NY's Court of Appeals ruled that NY municipalities have the right to keep fracking out of their borders
Listen to @GloriaSteinem discuss gender and social movements
RT @UN_Women: "The human race is like a bird with two wings,and if one wing is broken,no one can fly"- @GloriaSteinem #Beijing20
RT @Surfrider: Picasso didn’t scuba, but @FCousteau does! A painting lesson 63 ft under the sea: @Mission_31
Check out Winona LaDuke's 2007 Bioneers' speech on indigenous people and food sovereignty here:
"One hundred and fifty years ago, the land provided well for those who lived on it." - Winona LaDuke
"IFAM represents a huge shift to self-control and self-representation in the Native Art world."
Clayton Thomas-Muller and @IdleNoMore4, continue to battle big energy resource extraction practices #NoTarSands
Learn more about #labelingGMOs at our in-depth workshop on the subject
With help from @TrueFoodNow, VT passed GMO labeling legislation. @GroceryMakers is suing VT over the law.
Read the Bioneers interview with Bryant Terry on Grub, one of his other books
Activist-chef Bryant Terry creates a new culinary expression of his ancestral cultural cuisine in his new book
Hear from some of the next generation of organic farmers
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