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Alt-Classical Punks from Brighton, UK make dark and twisted piano rock.
Morning! Can anyone recommend some good tunes to start the day?
@_readlips Awww thank you x x
@misterjoeblack I see a harp/pianophone collaboration coming on...?
@PopCultMonster it's gotta be 5th element. LOVE that film, can't you tell? ;)
RT @Nialler9: Spread the list: A-Z of lots of PIAS labels with artists and purchase links -
@_readlips wise words... I wonder who said that? ;)
RT @_readlips: To say that this was your idea is simply mad you can't take credit for what you have never had @birdeatsbaby
@cyberschizoid thank ye! now I just need to round up some people for THIS #classichorrorcampaign it's going to be ACE.
RT @cyberschizoid: Just been checking out some tracks by Brighton's @birdeatsbaby ...very cool!! #classichorrorcampaign
woot! RT @Lynxwinch01: RT@birdeatsbaby: 6 days to go before the new video, 'Through Ten Walls' is out... word.
Mishkin's new toy... PIANOPHONE
@warriorgrrl I love that idea! you got a way of recording at yours? I could pop up to London, we could write a tune? :)
@sarahjgorrell thanks Sarah! yes I have but no response so far, would you mind DM me your email? I can send over now? thanks so much :)
Off for a meeting. Hold all my calls tell them I'm very busy and important.
@TashaSkywalker so much tasty tasty win.
@missneonruby oooh I'll check em out! cheers :)
@minimal23 of course not! and less calories tooooo! ;)
@cyberschizoid sounds good to me! any chance of a guest-pass if I bring paying friends? x
listening to Ingrid Michaelson's 'Everybody'. shit this is good.
@cyberschizoid yeah I'm on FB, search for Mishkin Fitzgerald (I'm the orange haired weirdo) and I'm ALWAYS up for dressing up.
RT @dmatryx: @birdeatsbaby sent me a friend request on so I checked em out - really enjoying their music. Dark Cabaret / alt-classical-prog-punk.
@dmatryx thanks! nice to see you on the ole twatter too :)
@MidnightLycan when do you need us to be free... gotta check with @keelymcdbeb - you up for being a zombie in @MidnightLycan video? :D
buying a pianophone... I should probably try to learn how to work my micro-korg first but I can't seem to work instruments from the future!
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