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Andrew Baron
...and...GROAN. - BISQ
Hahaha! This would look great in a shirt! - Jonas
Old one, but a classic =) - DAVE ID
A guy I used to know had a huge fan autographed by Steve Vai - dario
jonas - sells a shirt with that exact design :) - Brett Kelly
Metal fans should check out this. - Evan Ryan.
sip - Merry Land
Robert Scoble
I've been on Twitter 886 days. How long have you been on? Answer here: (I joined November 20, 2006).
I just tried getting on this as you tweeted it and you crashed the site! or did your followers? - Matthew Sauer
Damn Scobleffect! - Kevin Kuphal
Matthew and Kevin: hah! - Robert Scoble
TechCrunch got on it February 7th, 2007. - Robert Scoble
786 days. Started on 28 February 2007. By the way, it doesn't seem to work on Chrome on Windows. Had to fire up Firefox. - Sam Grover
CenterNetworks got on it December 12, 2006. - Robert Scoble
I got it on August 23 2007, 610 days - Jaffer
758 days! - Matthew Sauer
sir, you just crashed that site. edit - previous attempt chrome, same FF on XP - shayne catrett
I think you just killed their website... - Roy Herrod
I created on March19, 2008. Only 401 days for me. :) - Paul Wade
470 days ago. wow ididnt realize it was that long i've been on twitter - Fuad Arshad
I joined twitter 910 days ago on 27 October 2006 - Willem Karssenberg
I joined on April 23, 2009. - 1 day. Took me long enough, right? - Angus Burton
You don't need to use some third party site, this information's in user info available via the API. Just look for "created_at" in the url, using your user ID, of course. - Ken Sheppardson
300 days - Thomas Power
I deleted my account at one point, and have subsequently shuffled and renamed some stuff, but it looks like KenSheppardson's been there since November 5, 2007 - Ken Sheppardson
Jul 30, 2007 - Pat Hawks
April 19, 2007 - Joe Buhler
Your account was created on 1 August 2007 - Jay Neff
20 March 2007, to follow @Veronica. :) Even beat @leolaporte by 20 days! - Surferbill
11 August 2007, 623 days ago. - Chris Charabaruk
26 January 2009 - so 88 days ago... not really that long to be honest, I kept avoiding it! - Roy Herrod
756 days ago for me - Donald Matheson
Dec 6, 2006. 870 days ago - Rodfather
759!!! - Iain Baker
568 days ago. - Simon Wicks
799 days. - Morton Fox
November 30th 2007, A year less than you. - Paul Bainbridge
218 days ago. Now how about - Kiran Patchigolla
617 days -- more important though - when was the last time I actively used it (not sure -- is there a similar tool to tell me when I joined FF? :-) ) - Brian Sullivan
775 days johnr99a - John
710 days "only" - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Scoble effect > digg effect - Tim McDougall
Jun 2007 - Zee.
I joined twitter on 25 August 2008, 243 days ago: the rest is History - sofarsoShawn
still haven't and not gonna. - Andrew C (✔)
Joined Twitter 754 days ago - Michael Kreidler
I make it 279 days if my math is correct. - Sharron Field
You're on Twitter? :-) - sofarsoShawn
The website is down at the moment, but I already know the answer. I'll be celebrating my one year Twitter anniversary on May 06. - Sharon McPherson
448 which actually suprised me, must have early adopted then just forgot I had the account. - Richard Tousignant
I've got it going on - trying to figure out how to point the domain name to it - can anyone help? (What a noob) - Neville Ridley-Smith
665 days - chrisofspades
I joined April 2007. wish I could figure it out # of days...the link above isn't cooperating :( Loving tho that I have been on over 700+ days ;) --- thanks Sharon McPherson for the redirect. It worked - 748 days - enza (aka iVenus)
Neville, I'm no expert, but you can redirect the domain's index page to in your .htaccess file. Or you can just use a meta redirect. - Sharon McPherson
I joined twitter 743 days ago I feel so old now :-) - Dan owns
752 Days ago. Funny little tool--the app, not me. ;) - BISQ
515 days. Kaspersky is warning of a Trojan downloader on that site. - Elpie
872. Seems like yesterday. - Kevin Gamble
667 days - seen lots of whales - Jack DeWitt Smith
dude, everything you touch, breaks..gettin' a 404 :) - George Dearing
Ok - forwarding has been set up - site is live again - Neville Ridley-Smith
775 days for me. - iTad
I think we need a new verb: The site has been -- robertscobled or scobleized? - dario
it was pretty hosed before he got to it but it certainly didn't help matters! - Neville Ridley-Smith
765 days. huh? didn't know it had been so long - Ted
773. - MikeAmundsen
I joined twitter on 13 August 2006 - I joined twitter 986 days ago! - Carlos Granier-Phelps
I joined 576 days ago (09/26/2007). - Joey Gibson
Looks like i've been on twitter for 527 days. I don't remember using it before November of this year..... - Eric
3-8-2007 (778 days) - George Dearing
I joined twitter 806 days ago - Kim Landwehr
774 for me. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
I joined Twitter 803 days ago (February 11th, 2007). - James Rishabh Mishra
April 29th 08: "I'm just killing time at work right now. Looking forward to keeping updates on my friends." - David Cook
July 13, 2007 for two accounts, April 10, 2008 for the other. - Kathy Fitch
19 March 2007 - 768 days ago. Just set up an account for my company and was explaining to my coworkers - when I mentioned I'd been on Twitter for about two years, they were like, wait, I thought it was only a couple of months old! *sigh* Funny that my guesstimation was so close, though! - Jandy
April 8, 2007 - rob
I'd sure like to see a personal Twitter timeline similar to coverflow where I can easily go back and forth through tweeting history and see what I've said over the years... - Glenn Batuyong
So I'm the oldest twitterer here? - Carlos Granier-Phelps
I joined twitter on 23 July 2006 - (jeff)isageek
i beat ya by a few days carlos :) - (jeff)isageek
@jeff, beat me by about 3 weeks ;-( - Carlos Granier-Phelps
March 20, 2007 - Shevonne from fftogo
Since September of 2008 - Adam Martin
25 April 2007 crap that's 2 years tomorrow - Rodzilla
Nifty little site, Robert...774 days for me. - Ken Kennedy
I joined Twitter 460 days ago. I joined FriendFeed 556 days ago. - Louis Gray
July 14, 2007 ... 650 days - Stuart Liroff
17 November 2007 - BEX
766 days -- 21 March 2007 - xero
800 days...beat Morty by a day :) February 14, 2007 <3 day.... - Mark Krynsky
1yr 1mo ago ... 24 Mar 2008 - Craig Brownell
524160 minutes. - imabonehead
563 days ago- 9 October 2007 - metalerik
26 August 2007 - 607 days :) That's pretty good, yeah? - Michael Forian
I joined Twitter 10 days before you, Robert.. November 11, 2006 - Pico Seno
What is Twitter? - Dominic Jones
I joined twitter 767 days. - Paul from twhirl
I joined twitter 1015 days ago - Wayne Sutton
only 261 days, just caught the tale end of twitter's more innocent days. - Mike Elliott
1016 days ago. A day before Wayne! - Kevin Fox
Wow. Kevin, Wayne, and Dave are cooler than me! - Robert Scoble
Is how many days we've been on Twitter the new status bar to measure up to now that there are million+ following @aplusk? (766 days) - Peggy Dolane
421 days. - Sue Radd
yeah, like way back in the olden days... last summer. - Peggy Dolane
08/29/2008 - John Wright
823 - Johnny
848 days. - Alix May
762 days - Sean Reiser
807....7 Feb 2007 - Live4Emma (L4S)
1002 days - rob
13 April 2007, 743 days. Though wasn't very active (and still aren't) - Jemm
October 26, 2006, 912 days ago. - Erik S
819 days ago - Rob
twitter 17 November 2007, 525. friendfeed 12 February 2008, 438 days ago - AdamoLanna1(chiuso)
731 days for me - Jesse Stay
I joined twitter on 9 September 2007, so 594 days ago. - Peter Kruit
26 August 2007, or 608 days ago - David Young
less than 1 week. - auburn
I joined Twitter June 18, 2008 - 311 days ago - Tony C
4 April 2008 386 days - Jamie Vidamour
Hah! 1002 days. - vimoh
67 days :( - rama mamuaya
777 days! - Roshan Vyas
I joined twitter 507 days ago - Meriç Dağlı
699 days ago, 27 May 2007 - Majento
750 ish - Jamie
A late starter, 419 days, joined 2nd March 2008. - Kol Tregaskes
I've been here for 738 days (April 18th, 2007). - Brome
2 June 2007 I joined twitter 693 days ago - Felter Roberto
I've got a pretty silly do you know when you started using Twitter? - Christian (Simply X)
@Christian: Check out the link on top :) - Jemm
I joined twitter 268 days ago (July 30, 2008), and i just twitter my 802nd tweet.... - Marina
lol oh, durrrrrr. Oops totally missed that. 57 days? w00t! 02/27/2009 - Christian (Simply X)
I joined twitter 714 days ago, on 12 May 2007 - A. T.
2 days before A.T. 10th May 2007 - nouhad
I joined twitter on 8 April 2009 - ? I couldn't resist any longer, @leolaporte kept talking about it. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
821 days ago on Jan 25th, 2007 :) - embee
I joined twitter on 25 April 2007- happy anniversary to me!! - Brian Sheehan
910 days. Joined in 27 October 2006. - Martin Añazco
I joined twitter 153 days ago on 23 November 2008. On the other hand, I've been on FriendFeed for a year and Facebook for 5 years. - Bora Zivkovic
I joined twitter 309 days ago - DAL
i joined twitter 43 days ago - John Wood
Funny I joined Twitter on Feb 21 2006, the day after you. - Ernie Oporto from Nambu
778 days (March 9, 2007) - Kevin Tunis
723 days ago, 03 May 207 - Bill Rawlinson
332 days - Damond Nollan
772 days - i was invited much earlier but didn't see the value for me (in nyc) since it was all about what silicon valley folks were having for lunch, wait has that changed ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
I joined on March 28th 2007 (759 days ago). - Daniel Rowley
769. What's next? Slashdot user numbers are now passe. What's the next measurement of geek coolness? - Andrew Leyden
I joined twitter 223 days ago - onurc
I joined twitter on 30 November 2008 - ? - Roshan Ramachandran
I joined twitter on 23 January 2007, 823 days ago :) - CantorJF
303 days on Twitter, geez, what a newbie - Rick Bucich
769 days ago - Victor Panlilio from Nambu
495 im young compared to yall XD - Zafarali
Joined on 16 March 2007, 771 days ago. (Yes, WDYJT crashed yesterday) - Red Label
714 days - - Amund Tveit
244 days on Twitter so far :) - Frode Stenstrøm
Wow. I guess I joined the same day as you ;). What were we thinking?!? - Michael Lehman
695 days plus the days from an old account thats no longer found - Monique
863 days ago. I joined on 14 december 2006 - Cristian
1015 days ago, 16 July 2006 - Dobromir Hadzhiev
886 as well - Michael Specht
funny! i joined Nov. 20th 2006 as well. :) - Eddie Codel
788 days ago. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
27 August 2007 - Tony Vota
716 days - Ryan Dadey
Ok, I'll admit it, I've shamelessly hitched a ride on Robert's coat-tail by embedding the feed from this discussion into a page on my website. - Sharon McPherson
724 days! Joined during MIX07. - Gregg Le Blanc
I was only slightly exaggerating yesterday. I have been on for 863 days. I joined in December 2006. - Francine Hardaway
I joined twitter 786 days ago on March 1, 2007. - Rajiv Doshi
I joined a day after Scoble (November 21, 2006) - Michael Markman
I beat @techcrunch! But as usual I trail you by a couple of months, Robert. ;) - Denise Howell
782 days, joined on March 5 2007, wow didn't realize it was that long ago - Keith - @tsudo
421 days, joined on 1 March 2008 - I joined twitter and FriendFeed on the same day :) - Susan Beebe
912 days, cant believe I was there before you :-) - Patphelan
762 days ago on the 27 March 2007 - Mick Stanic
Took me Twanalysis to finally find it .... Sept 12 '07 Late adopter? - Charlie Anzman
I joined twitter 179 days ago - ? - Geoff Jackson
Robert, check this out : - AlpB.
Dave Winer
Raw Video: House Explodes in Queens. (So they say, just looks like a fire to me.)
Raw Video: House Explodes in Queens. (So they say, just looks like a fire to me.)
Wow. That's not good at all. - BISQ
Jeremy Toeman
The FriendFeed Drinking Game -
Let the games begin! - Justin Korn
I am going to be in trouble here. - Louis Gray
Oh Christ, it's a weekday! Think of the children! - Mark Trapp
That is both brilliant, and humiliating. - BISQ
No one who is on friendfeed tonight should be driving :) - Gavin
You hide a Flickr entry because it's NSFW, take a drink. You see an entry from more than two weeks ago come up again, take a drink. The entry from more than two weeks ago is Eddie Murphy's huge head, chug it! - Mike Doeff
Now that's a drinking game that everyone can "win". :-D - David Cook
Let the game end! Please, I feel sick already. (should have replaced the beer by applejuice). - Ton Zijp
Louis, don't give in! You and I will be the only sober ones here. ;-) - Jesse Stay
That's really good stuff Jeremy. (takes drink for making comment #12 on this post) - Hutch Carpenter
Jesse, I was planning on consuming a lot of Diet Coke. :-) - Louis Gray
Louis, Pepsi all the way here - tempted to go for the hard stuff though (Mountain Dew) - Jesse Stay from twhirl
That game would have me drunk in no time! hehehehe! - Susan Beebe
this game is unbeatable hehe nice one :-D - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Can I play at work? :P - Shey
@shey of course you can! what do you think the bathroom stalls are for?! - acedanger
I guess I should add: if your own entry hits Best of Day, chug away! - Jeremy Toeman
I take it there are a lot of hangovers this morning if everyone played this yesterday! - Joe Dawson
I was awake all night - Jesse Stay from twhirl
This would be a short game. - Pete D
Mark Krynsky
FriendFeed etiquette. Find the original blog post to "Like" when you see other users promote it.
I also try to comment on the original post item. Especially with so many folks using the FF Plugin for their blogs. - Mark Krynsky
Agreed Mark, I subscribe to this etiquette, everyone should as well. - Mike Fruchter
Let me put it this way. I'll try, but until FriendFeed joins all of the article references together, I won't hunt for the original. - Mike Wills
Hunting is not necessary. It's usually fairly easy to do. Click on the Greader share, delicious link, tweet, whatever to get to the story. Read it and if the blog is using a FF plugin the original post will be linked. Click on the link, click like. You're done. - Mark Krynsky
Rob, it's fine if people don't follow this but I think it's worth a shot to try. At least to provide a little help centralizing the credit & conversation. Look at this example. I had a popular post which only got 5 likes here's the delicious link from Louis which generated 28 Likes not counting mine - Mark Krynsky
I plan to discuss this on Friday. Thanks Mark. - Louis Gray
Also if the blog is using the FF plugin this is a benefit for the user as their Likes & Comments will be listed on the post which is better for FF user discovery. - Mark Krynsky
maybe there needs to be a Like trackback? - Nathan Chase
Mark, wishful thinking. I agree it's optimal, but it's not very realistic, at least not if FriendFeed grows beyond ~1000 very active users. - Robert Seidman
It's a nice idea but that's not a point of etiquette, you're being nice to do that but it shouldn't be a required code of conduct - it's too much trouble and people won't do it. Just enjoy the discussion that popped up wherever it is and bask in the attention and extra traffic that otherwise wouldn't have existed. - David Knight
I would love to do this, but sometimes it's hard to find out where or if there was an original if I come in on it after it's passed a fewpages, and the "first" person (as far as I know) to post it gets my like. - BISQ from twhirl
Hmm. New service Moopz was released today and it's supposed to help with this issue. - Mark Krynsky
Yep, not doing that kinda work. It's an impulse emotion. - Eric Rice
Probably very complicated but duplicates need to be removed, Moopz is the right direction but needs to be personalised - Kol Tregaskes
I find myself doing this when I have the time...otherwise, I just comment where I want to. As FriendFeed evolves, I'm sure this will become easier to do - Bwana ☠
Paul Thurrott
Brother---LOVE the DS. BE the DS. - BISQ
Mitchell Tsai
My Twitter followers have returned! From 171 back to 221... Anyone else?
how do people notice the drop off in followers? do many really check their twitter follower numbers daily? - Lou Paglia
Yes the evil spirits have been exercised!! LMAO - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Like baptism of the dead! - Oldengrey (Jay)
Lou: I've been keeping a daily log of my social networking stuff since I started exploring 1 year ago. In a world with more time, I'd be able to look at everyone who follows me to read their blogs/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google etc... In reality, I've got a huge backlog of people to follow back... - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell: My twitter "Following" count is back to normal! But the "Followers" count is still off by 100+ Getting there! Almost restored...?! - Susan Beebe
Susan: Twitter Status reports "Followers and Followings Restored" (Thu 5:28 pm PDT) We have restored 99.6% of the following/followers that temporarily disappeared as a result of a database error. The remaining 0.4% are on their way back. - Mitchell Tsai
However this Twitter episode has pointed out that I should have 24 additional followers (according to my "X is now following you on Twitter" e-mails). It's possible that the additional 24 were removed by Twitter's anti-SPAM program. I'll look into it tonight after I finish another project for my Dad. - Mitchell Tsai
I am moving most of my conversation away from Twitter. They have completely lost my trust, especially if they can't respect my followers. I will give them no more publicity, no more sharing, as few posts as I can help on the service - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Mine are back! - BISQ
I don't care! :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
I am back to where I was before. I do check daily, not for ego massaging, but to make sure I block the spammers. It's not easy to block them enmasse, so I get them as they follow. - Justin Whitaker
I joined yesterday because of this Twitter issue. Bye, bye Twitter! - Mitchell Tsai
We just need a "Also send this comment as an @reply" box in FriendFeed. :-) - Mitchell Tsai
I am moving most of my conversation away from Twitter. They have completely lost my trust, especially if they can't respect my followers. I will give them no more publicity, no more sharing, aMitchell, be sure to announce your hiatus from Twitter, then, completely ignore it. I'm going to try and do that tonight. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Jesse, unfortunately I send 90% of my Twitters as responses via FF. And not all of my Twitter friends are on FriendFeed or yet. :-( - Mitchell Tsai
I never kept tabs on my numbers for Twitter. Didn't think I would have to. I could be missing thousands and not even know :) - Rahsheen
Rahsheen: There are probably better way to do this, but I use and save PDFs of the output. - Mitchell Tsai
I don't know about moving from twitter. the value of networks is critical mass, and twitter seems to have it. looks great, but I wonder if there are enough of the people I find interesting to make the switch worthwhile. - Justin Whitaker
Hutch & Justin: My problem's easier than you guys, since I'm still new (221 Twitter followers - probably 30% SPAM. I'd be more screwed trying to reconnect with 685 FriendFeed people) I vaguely recall someone piping messages into Twitter tweets. Would that be a way to run both at the same time? - Mitchell Tsai
We need to build slowly so we are not at the will and tyranny of Twitter developers! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Justin Korn
FriendFeed Followers - Lurking or Particpating? -
Participating. Let's see if the rest of your followers are. - Louis Gray
I encourage anybody who has their FriendFeed follower stats memorized to read this, and wonder how your community is engaging. - Louis Gray
For me, there's at least 50 people following me who don't do anything on Friendfeed; presumably they signed up, checked it out, and left. In terms of "interesting stuff:" there's been a lot of talk about it, but I don't know what that means or what people are implying by it. Is it based on some objective measure of interestingness? Is it based on popularity? Interesting to whom? Is saying "I ate a mango" interesting? Did it become interesting when 3 dozen people liked or commented on it? Does it matter? - Mark Trapp
Participation is important, but I think it's more of an art rather than a science to getting your audience engaged. Some things you'll try that you think are really interesting nobody else will notice: other things that you share offhand will really take off. I guess I'm missing the project in this post (and your comment, Louis): are we supposed to be looking for ways to get more likes and comments on our stuff? Are you imploring your followers to be more engaged with their subscriptions? - Mark Trapp
I neeeeeeeeever participate - Mona Nomura
I'm still around, Mark. I do a lot of reading, Not as much commenting. - BISQ
Oh BISQ, there are people way less active than you :) Some people subscribed to me have 0 comments, 4 all time (or less), with no updates since June. - Mark Trapp
Present. Good article. - Hao Chen
Justin ... while you were Particpating .. I really lurked this - Charlie Anzman
was actually thinking about this the other day. i feel I participate quite a bit but I rarely see my posts, whether they are Tweets, blog posts or straight FF comments get remarks. Fortunately I find participating rewarding and I don't view people participating on my threads as a major element of the "score card" - Lou Paglia
Hoow does one define a lurker on FF ? (a) person never likes/comments on FF (b) person who never comments on your post (c) a person who never posts. Participation is important, but also remember a wise man holds his tongue !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Justin, I just tried to submit this to Digg, and it keeps throwing up URL error, for some reason it doesn't like your URL structure - Duncan Riley
I can tell you that our data on socialmedian shows that about 10% of our users are driving the site for the other 90%. When I was at AOL years back we counted on 1%. Which is still probably the right metric with scale for these sites. That's probably similar to what Digg is at. Of course, if a FF or a socialmedian can get to scale with 5% of the users, that would be a big big homerun - Jason Goldberg
Justin, I think you should make the RSS image on your site a link to your feed as well as the Subscribe text. Very interesting post, BTW :) - Rahsheen
Mark Trapp: Personally, I was just trying to see the engagement level of my followers within a 24 hour period. As I mentioned in the post, everyone gets what they want out of FriendFeed and I am not trying to dictate that commenting and liking indicates your "activity." You can be a "passive aggressive" user by referring to FF everyday but not commenting or liking. However, I believe the point of a social network is be active by posting, commenting and being, well, social. - Justin Korn
But Justin, are you blogging for yourself? Or for participation and comment counts? - Mona Nomura
Also, I want to make it clear that I am not imploring anything. I simply just did a quick analysis of how people are engaging with my threads/post. It is always nice to get feedback, but it is understood that not everything will get feedback. - Justin Korn
Lou: I find participating rewarding as well and try to comment/like anything I feel interested me or at least engaged me. - Justin Korn
Mona, no he's bloggin only for you :)- .. but thats a good question !! Do what you love. It works for the Pope and Steve Jobs !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Peter... my name's mona =( - Mona Nomura
Why is every link, internal and external, rel=nofollow on your blog? - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
Mona: I am blogging for myself. However, I participate in social networks to be "social" - Justin Korn
Justin, understandable: I'm trying to understand this. What can that information be used for? So 1/3 of your subscribers interact with you over a 24 hour period of time. Are you suggesting that more people ought to be more involved in participating? Or are you suggesting that you personally ought to do something to increase that level of participation? It's one thing to measure... more... - Mark Trapp
Jake: No idea. I just started this thing...still tweaking the bugs. What should the links say? - Justin Korn
Duncan: I'll try to fix it...could it be due to feedburner? - Justin Korn
Dah ? what are your sayin Mona ?? - did I do something wrong..hehehhe :)- - Peter Dawson
@Justin Korn: I have a Firefox extension that hilights nofollows. After looking into it, it appears you have "<meta name='robots' content='noindex,nofollow' />" in your <head>. This means that all links are invisible to search engines... even your internal links. I recommend removing this. The only thing you may want to nofollow is blog author URLs, but Wordpress should take care of that anyway. Note: Twhirl messes up this post badly! View it in FriendFeed! - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
lurk lurk lurk... pay no attention, I am not really here. - Louie
Why sit around in a room as noisy as FF if you're not going to participate? Heck, most days, the conversations here are far more interesting than anything I could have blogged about off in vacuum by myself, anyway. - Derrick Burns
And I just joined yesterday, and am still trying to get the lay of the land. So there, now I've commented and I'm not a lurker. But it will take some time for people like me to acculturate enough to participate, and we have lots of competition for attention. At least I'm reading FF several times a day. - Dimitrios Diamantaras
Participating! - Andrew Fielding from twhirl
Mark: Yes, I think people should in some way or another indicate they are participating, that's what a social network is for. Yes, I think I need to produce more engaging "stuff" to get my followers more engaged. I haven't exactly come to a conclusion on what the numbers mean yet. That is for the reader to determine at this point. After a few more of these analysis, I am hoping to have a better idea. It is hard to get a clear vision of what is going on over a single 24 hour period. - Justin Korn
Dimitrios: Welcome and take your time. Once you get a hang of it, you'll love it! - Justin Korn
Jake: I'll take a look. Perhaps I have one of the settings set incorrectly. - Justin Korn
Breakfast is for WINNERS! - Thomas Hawk
Jake: I think I found it. Should be good now. Duncan: can you let me know if the fix I just made helped with the Digg issue as well? - Justin Korn
Thomas: Totally agree :) Speaking of which, I gotta eat dinner! - Justin Korn
I have been absent from FF lately due to vacation, but I missed it does that count? - Blackopsmanners
Only 20 of 68 of my followers are active. The rest are somehow just lurking. And the main point there is that those 20 are the most active at FF as a whole. Hao, Mona, Louis, Bret, Mark, Duncan, Allen, Steve C, Steve R, Chris, MG... - AJ Batac
@Justin Korn: Looks good! - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
-schweet lurk thread - videopixil from twhirl
Participating.Good stuff - Igor Poltavskiy
clearly I am boring too my followers most do not comment. - R. Ferguson
LOL - bit of both. ♥ to participate WAY more... simply not enuf hours in the day. Focused on Facebook & Twitter (um, when it's working!!) Still, @GuyKawasaki did include me on his Top 100 peeps to follow on FriendFeed, along with @Scobleizer so I must be doing *something* right. haha. - Mari Smith
participating... as usual! ha! - Susan Beebe
Katie: Good points, thanks for sharing. IMO, I think every comment/like is fun to get. It shows people have read, appreciated what was said. With a blog, you have analytics running in the background telling you people are visiting and gives you the feedback you need to see if you are reaching out to people. On FF and other social networks, the only way to know you are reaching people is if they comment or like (in FriendFeed's case). - Justin Korn
Marcantonio - if you left a comment in Italian, I would find a way to translate it (as long as you noted it was Italian). - Justin Korn
I really enjoy participating in Friendfeed. I read tons a day but rarely get the chance to talk about it/offer my own spin. I simply don't have the time for a blog (and if I did, I'd be doing it on peer reviewed cognitive/social/neuropsychological research) so throwing in a quick $.02 is really satisfying. Besides, most of you here are really interesting and add relevant information to the content that's being shared (as opposed to Digg). - Derick Valadao
Mitchell Tsai
Circular gorge (900×643) [friday4th, Pixdaus] -
Circular gorge (900×643) [friday4th, Pixdaus]
Awesome! - Mahdi
Mahdi's comment +1 - Mark Forman
That's incredible. - BISQ
Wish I knew. These Pixdaus people post 90% without references. I'd love to dump this picture into a "picture search" engine to find a match... - Mitchell Tsai
i also like to dump many photo into a search engine and find many thing about them. is it a dream? - Mahdi
Mahdi: I'd love that dream also. Maybe someone has made one? - Mitchell Tsai
Wow, it's amazing! - fbrunel
Pixdaus has some ridiculous pics. DeviantArt is nice. I've got to start fishing the pictures from photographers' home websites. There are some incredible photographers out there. I wonder if I'll ever shoot pictures like these... It's more fun looking at other people's pics than processing my own (procrastinating habit is tough to kick). :-( My last 100 favorites - - Mitchell Tsai
i hope someone made it soon. DeviAntart is very good and attractive website - Mahdi
Ian_Boys (Flickr) has a different shot of Horseshoe Bend - Page, Arizona (3008x2000) - Mitchell Tsai
Scott Beale
Firefox 3.0.1 security and stability update now available for download -
that's fast, only a month after the release now they have update - Kate Mag
Thanks Scott. For some reason it did not auto update? - Dave Martin
they probably roll that out later on, I had no problem manually running the update - Scott Beale
Thank you, patching now. - James Brust
Got it right away, thanks. - BISQ
The hell. Flash doesn't work. Back to 2.0. Again. - Cyndy
Really? That would be SO purchased by me. - BISQ from Bookmarklet
Dread Pirate PJ
Sesame Street - ABCDEF...Cookie Monster! -
Sesame Street - ABCDEF...Cookie Monster!
q-r-COOKIE MONSTER! hahahhah - Mona Nomura
That's awesome. If they played this on screens at Apple stores yesterday, people wouldn't have been so pissed. :P - BISQ
thats cuz she knows that cookie > kermit - Allen Stern
"I love you!" Cuteness levels off the charts. - Mark Trapp
Faith in humanity restored. - AJ Kohn
Two more favorited on the way. :-) - Dread Pirate PJ from NoiseRiver
+1 on AJ's comment - Nicķ
WOW! I actually remember that from when I was a kid. Thanks for the flash-back. - David Cook
lol cute overload but funny. that kid has got to be, what, 80? 90? by now...? - Karim
According to whomever uploaded to YouTube, this segment is from 1972. She'd be mid-40s. - Dread Pirate PJ from NoiseRiver
That STILL cracks me up! - iTad
Jeremiah Owyang
Have you seen the movie Bicentential Man? A thoughtful forecast of the human condition as it meets the android condition. A robot slowly becomes more human, falls in live, and then happily dies --as a human
Really enjoyed that movie, and the message over all. Good for rewatch. - Todd Jordan
Er...spoiler alert? :D - BISQ
I liked the movie and other Asimov stories as well - maxim shevertalov from twhirl
Fantastic movie, excellent story line, pertinant issues discussed and subtle humor. Highly reccomended - Roberto Bonini
BISQ yeah spoiler alert, but it's an older movie and based off a book by Asimov. - Jeremiah Owyang
Not so thoughtful. Trite by now. That's been the issue in every damn android story since R.U.R. in 1921. (see Terminator 2, I Robot, for the most accessible pop versions. See Blade Runner and Artificial Intelligence: AI for more challenging versions.) see also: - Michael Markman
Preferred the Asimov stories myself... but the movie was fairly well done. - Lucretia Pruitt
I much prefer A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE as a good discussion of human/machine evolution: - dennis d. mcdonald
I love this genre of movies (like Spielberg's AI, and of course Bladerunner). I think they all get at core questions like 'what is humanity at core?', 'is all of humanity quantifiable?' and 'are qualities like consciousness/free will/the spirit/love' ultimately illusions? Personally, I think we will be able to mimic humanity, leave our 'echo' or 'ghost' (so to speak) --but that there is ultimately a part of us that does transcend the material & cannot be quantified. If not, we must admit no true freedom - Leif Hansen
Also, Michael: Your wikipedia link to R.UR. turns up nothing -I think you meant this: - Leif Hansen
Thanks, Leif, for the better link. When I read R.U.R in high school, nobody bothered to tell me that Spencer Tracy played one of the robots. Bless you, wikipedia. - Michael Markman
For a longer list of movies with android themes, see - Michael Markman
FCC chief says Comcast violated Internet rules -
Cool. - BISQ from Bookmarklet
Early YouTube Engineer Tells All -
This is cool--thanks Om. - BISQ from Bookmarklet
How The Second Generation iPhone will Ruin Your Life! -
Good for a laugh. Thanks to Dvorak - BISQ from Bookmarklet
Loic Le Meur
"if everybody likes you, you are probably pretty mediocre"
If everybody likes this tweet, what does that mean? - Hutch Carpenter
@bhc3: This means that this tweet might be true. @loic is not his tweet... --I rock in logic, I know :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
Amen. The trick is having people dislike you for reasons you can live with. - BISQ
if everyone likes you, you're either biting your tongue or haven't found your passion. - Morgan
@KathySierra corollary: Being Loved or Hated (or both) is ok (even good); but ambivalence or indifference is Death. - dave mcclure
I'm sure plenty of people hate me -- chances are I've probably blocked them :( - Shey
we need a "hated this" on friendfeed - Loic Le Meur
*BLOCK* :P - Shey
we need a hate this on friendfeed! - Loic Le Meur
+1 Hutch - Shey
one of my favorite videos by Honda is "Hate Something" (on YouTube) - dave mcclure
Loic, that's so sad! (Is the opposite true, if everyone hates you then you must be a maestro!) - Dave Winer
Loic be nice or I'll block you on Seesmic! LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
@davew: Your implication is not logically true :) @loic come on NoiseRiver ;-) We have better than "hate this" - directeur from NoiseRiver
@Aaron Dave says thanks for reminding him :P (*kidding*) - Shey
Boring people don't have enemies. Not all interesting people do, but boring folks never do. If you're lucky tho - your friends like you as much & as passionately as your enemies hate you. - Lucretia Pruitt
Next time someone tries to do a block on me, I will retaliate with DOS denial attack on their server! Block per Block! lmao - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Loic, Does this mean I have to become the only person that doesn't like you to save you from a life of mediocrity? I love seesmic so much I would do that for you. - Cathleen Rittereiser from NoiseRiver
I'm pretty medicre but my friends have lots of haters. What does that mean? - Robert Scoble
I only clicked Like for the irony. - Zach Underwood
@cains: It's true of every community. The alternative: What, you're going to force me to be with people I DON'T like? Who gave you the power to choose for me? And what about freedom of association in the Constitution? - Alexander Williams from NoiseRiver
This brings to mind a couple versus from R.Kipling: ... If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; If all men count with you, but none too much, If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it... - Franklin Naval
What's wrong with being mediocre? Doesn't mean you can't do extraordinary things. - Jim Kukral from twhirl
Jim: I'm extraordinarily mediocre. - Robert Scoble
It's not possible for everybody to like anyone. If everyone else in the world likes a person, then my husband will hate him/her. - MiniMage
If you always try to get everyone to like you and never say anything that expresses your true feelings for fear that someone might be offended does that mean you hate yourself? - Guilty Party
Part of me really agrees with the quote, but part of me also thinks it's a load of crap. I think that if there's someone everyone likes, that person is probably hiding something or not allowing themself to be fully transparent. For me, I prefer total transparency - I want to know if I'm going to like you or hate you. Any middleground just wastes time and energy. - Sam Dodge
I agree to a point. You have to have an opinion and stick up for that, but you can't just be generally abrasive. - Jeremy Vaught
I was thinking about this some more Loic. I think this statement is bullshit propaganda tripe spouted by people who think being a dick is "interesting". No, it's just you being a dick. Being liked is a good thing. Let's not try to claim that good people are boring as you suggest. - Jim Kukral
Asuming you're good, I think it's easy to be disliked and come across as arogant. It's far harder to be good and liked. - Ben Metcalfe from twhirl
There's no such thing as "everybody." There's nothing wrong with mediocre. Being hated does not mean you are more [interestng, intelligent, creative] etc. Being liked and being mediocre are factors independent of each other. - Roxanne Darling from twhirl
You can be liked by many people, but it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Sometimes you will bump into people that you don't like. I would say "If everybody likes you, you are not honest" - Erno Hannink
yes that is 100% true unless you are an antagonizer. Notice Amanda Chapel is both intelligent and has people listening to her. - NoahDavidSimon
To be a real jerk in social networking brings people to you. but it makes ur life a nightmare. I would prefer mediocrity - NoahDavidSimon
Everybody Loves Raymond - Morton Fox
and then there are the Chris Brogans... - NoahDavidSimon
in an optimized system (social or economic) mediocrity is healthy =) (retweeting myself here into FF, since FF doesn't pickup the twitter conversation) - Thomas Knoll
I got my twitter account back @NoahDavidSimon and I notice by not being there I still have around 1000 followers. - NoahDavidSimon
by not tweeting I got a better share of listeners... but not really. I just didn't piss them off yet - NoahDavidSimon
I would rephrase it : “if you want attention from everyone, you are probably ZERO" or "if you want to be liked (loved) by everyone, you are mediocre" LOLOLOLOL - Lora Lufark
If everybody comments you...:) - Igor Poltavskiy
everybody hates me - Pokai
Glenn Slaven
Portable Autonomous Sentry demonstration -
Portable Autonomous Sentry demonstration
Wow. - BISQ
Louis Gray
Quick Poll for Twitter & FriendFeed: Have you used TweetDeck since it was announced? Are you still using it? http://www.tweet
No. - directeur from NoiseRiver
Nope, I haven't checked it out yet. - Eric Florenzano
Boy, I munged that URL: - Louis Gray - not yet, but it is on my todo list :) - Tim Hoeck from NoiseRiver
No. uses too much real estate and I am on a 15" MBP. I need my screen space, tyvm - Cyndy
Looks interesting but I haven't ... Adobe AIR for some reason has some issues with my video driver ... :( - Nick O'Neill
twhirl still does it for me - Eric Schlissel from twhirl
yes...because twhirl keeps bouncing me for some reason... i like t-deck but have the same screen real estate issues that peeps like @cyndy have. plus, i like the more playful look-n-feel of twhirl. but that's just me. - .LAG liked that
Use tweetdeck but prefer twhirl because it gives me Friendfeed and multiple twitter user accounts at the same time. - Alexander von Halem from twhirl
yes I am still using it. I love the grouping feature but I still notice some bugs so that keeps me from using it as my default. I still use Twhirl. Also Tweetdeck doesn't do FF so that make's it tough. - Tac Anderson
Installed Tweetdeck but found the screen real estate issue too distracting for me. Stuck with Twhirl... - Chris Dahl
Yes, tried it, no, not using it. Screenspace + Twhirl is still far more richer in tool set for Twitter. - Duncan Riley
Started using it, now back to twhirl. Just couldn't deal with not being able to dock it. Has some great features though. - Shey
Tried it, but it seemed clunky - far prefer Twhirl and NoiseRiver - I alternate - Cheryl Allin
No, I haven't used TweetDeck. - Morton Fox
Tried it and liked it but forgot about it and stayed with Twhirl - Francine Hardaway
Yes... And yes. Like it a lot. - BISQ
missing Chinese support for China twits - Elliott Ng
Nope, have not used it yet, I plan to test it out soon though. - Mike Fruchter
Nope. I'm using Hahlo + Fluid on my desktop. Perfect client. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I have loaded tweetdeck, and I don't use it anymore. The columns aren't as easy to navigate as I'd hoped. - Robyn Miller
been enjoying it! still has a few little bugs but will stick with it with hopes that they'll work it out. - michael sean wright
I don't even know what TweetDeck is. I've heard of it; I just haven't looked into it. Ok, I'm looking into it now. - MiniMage
Tried it. Wasn't my thing. Trashed it. - Adam Turetzky
Like Chris I use Halo on my iPhone (Twitterific now that it's out) and SSB on my desktop. - Adam Turetzky
Tried it, Twitter was down - pb30
Haven't use TweetDeck. - xero
over-engineered - Ethan Kaplan
I'm waiting for the bugs to be worked out, or for Twhirl to implement something similar - Jesse Stay
When I am not at work ;) with my dual monitors I love the software. - Admiral70
Yes, I've tried it. I use it sometimes, but I mainly use Twitterrific. - Albert Willis
tried it, but not really using it, twitter spy is my new shiny toy - Dobromir Hadzhiev
No, I haven't. - Jake (aka Jawee)
Given the loss-in-confidence in Twitter, will anything with Twitter as the core backend functionality still pick up? And nope.. I haven't used it yet. - Winston Teo
no, confusing - americanm
No, I prefer twhirl due to FF support. - Jason Shultz
Mona Nomura
it's the thought that counts....? =( -
it's the thought that counts....? =(
i wonder if that person knows it looks like a goblin =( - Mona Nomura
That is terrible - RAPatton
what's even more terrible is my stomach hurts from laughing so hard =\ - Mona Nomura
i SO feel my abs tightening. screw yoga! HA - Mona Nomura
ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
scary stuff. - Todd Jordan
He probably asked for the death zombie version of his wife. That works pretty much! - Éric Senterre
That is one of the sweetest, most disturbing things I've ever seen. And I've seen pandas hump. - Roger Benningfield
Oh dear. - BISQ
HAHA @ Roger! Pandas don't do that!!!! ;) - Mona Nomura
Mona: Know why? Pandas don't know how to mix drinks. - Roger Benningfield
hey the person getting tattooed is the one that is supposed to get drunk, not the tattooist... - Mark Forman
awwww. That's just sad. - Yolanda
100% friedfeed - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
OH NOES!!!!11 I can't 'like' this, it's horrible. And sad. Poor guy. - Vincent X
I've seen this a million times before, and it's STILL funny a million and one times later. Sorry, but it's funny, haha. - ::Kristen::
That girl should really see a doctor about her torticollis. - invariant from twhirl
It's kind of like those missing child ads, with the picture on the left and the age-progressed version on the right. - Karim
Robert Scoble
If the A list is really dead, so is the Z list and the B list and the E list. How come no one ever writes about the death of those?
well Robert - I am on "a list" .. but not "the list" ... hehe - LPH™ and his dog P™
LPH: You're on the "T list" for "Tablet PC freaks." I'm on that list too. - Robert Scoble
when the A list is dead, doesn't the B list become the A list? - Eric Schlissel from twhirl
Eric: I thought the A list was dead. I'm so confused. - Robert Scoble
Tablet PC Freaks - I just about fell out of my chair! We call ourselves Tableteers. Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno - LPH™ and his dog P™
Me too. There's always a list. - Eric Schlissel from twhirl
I think the list is more like a lava lamp...some bubbles float, some drop. - Andrew Feinberg
Robert, I used to be on the Z-List before you upgraded me. Now, I have no clue. - Louis Gray
You're on the F-list, which is still alive! - Jake (aka Jawee)
Oooh, can I be on the T-list, too? I'm tired of being on the Z-list. Oh, wait, I'd actually need to post something, wouldn't I? - MiniMage
Your argument exhibits a confusion of universals and particulars. The people on the A-list lost their influence, replaced by the people on the other lists. Since the power of the A-list is distributed across all other lists, the B list doesn't automatically gain the influence of the A-list. Let's say the A-list had an influence factor of 100, and the B-list had an influence factor of... more... - Mark Trapp
I am THE list. (if that is not pompous!! :) ) - directeur from NoiseRiver
There will always be an A-List because we want one - Sprague D
I don't think it is. See my comment on the post that started this in the first place. Too long for even FF. Better metaphor is "this season's sports starts vs. Hall of Famers." The reason no one writes about the death of the D-list is because few people aspire to it or are envious of those on it. :) - Lucretia Pruitt
How can it be dead if so many people are interested in it? Many here seem to obsess over the Techmeme leaderboard. It's straight out of Yogi Berra "nobody ever goes there anymore, it's too crowded" - Robert Seidman
With the A list dead, everyone else moves up one step in rank. - DGentry
Seidman: I used to obsess over the Techmeme leaderboard. Now I obsess over how many likes Allen Stern gives me. - Robert Scoble
Now, seriously. The fact is popularity is a recursive thing. Once you're at it and keep it for a while: you're popular. That doesn't mean that everything you'll say will be "true" but you'll have plenty of "followers" that will "fight" for your ideas. Which in a sense gives a "truth" value for your opinions. That said, I'm not against A-lister. Of course! Just wanted to say that being an A-lister is the fuit of a hard work... - directeur from NoiseRiver
Haha Scoble. Still, anecdotal FriendFeed data suggest though you've given up your obsession, not everyone has: - Robert Seidman
@Candace - not sure I agree - I think I'd rather be famous on the internet than famous in the tabloids... it means I've got a better (more intelligent?) class of readers! ;) - Lucretia Pruitt
Speaking as a member of the Z list, I find that I am quite alive. - Vermyndax from twhirl
I feel you @Vermyndax ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge from twhirl
@Candace I disagree. I bet A-Listers have a lot more things they can do when they get off the computer. Who's more likely to be able to vacation on the other side of the planet? An A-Lister or a Z-Lister? Who's more likely to be able to attend a conference on another continent? Seeing more of the world--crossing more water--holds a LOT of water with me. Of course, you can be unlisted and still be well-traveled, but I don't care. - MiniMage
It's called Kathy Griffith syndrome. Seems to flare up every few months. - Christian Anderson from fftogo
there's an "a list"? I feel like the kid that missed the ice cream truck. - Renee Hendricks
one of the "fonzis" says "Aaayyy", and we talk about the fonzis. Great stuff. Can we to back to everyone posting interesting things again, please? Oh, would one if the fonzis hit the jukebox? We need some music in here. Kthxbye. - BISQ
The new rule for being on the a-list is cutting in line. - Jim Kukral
I would kill to be on the dead list, oh wait - adolfo foronda
because they're much less self-important and annoying - Ethan Kaplan
Because no 'List' will ever die. - Eric Rice
I think it's time to get on the "Eh-list" because we could all be a little more Canadian - Mark Dykeman
With popularity now rapidly becoming associated with your online brand and how active you are in cyberspace, does this mean that the traditional role of a PR manager will soon give way to that of SEO manager/Feed Manager - Tim Hawkins
Robert Seidman
'The Electric Company' powering up again | Los Angeles Times -
'The Electric Company' powering up again | Los Angeles Times
"Hey you, guuuuuyyyys! A newly re-envisioned “The Electric Company” will begin lighting up PBS starting in January which, though different stylistically, will feature the same educational goal as its predecessor -- to encourage and teach children to read. The show’s creative team outlined a rough sketch of its updated version of the beloved children’s program in Beverly Hills Saturday morning, as part of the Television Critics Assn., a semiannual gathering of national television writers where networks preview their upcoming programming." - Robert Seidman from Bookmarklet
this show was too much for the soccer moms. bring it back! I like the violence. will Spiderman still be on it? - NoahDavidSimon
A new show like the original 'Electric Company' would never fly these days. Everything is far too sanitized and touchy-feely. When they started censoring Bugs Bunny cartoons and stopped showing the Three Stooges, I knew future generation of kids were doomed. - Akiva
Electric Company, 3-2-1 contact and Great Space Coaster are three of the greatest shows of all time - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Oh, I hope it's still cool! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE - BISQ
Helen, no mention of Ms. Moreno, though with her being in her mid-70s now I doubt it. - Robert Seidman
That show was an experiment in the possibility of television being able to educate. You should see the DVD for the challenges they faced in the beginning. - Eric - Final Countdown
I'm guessing Morgan Freeman won't be reprising his role as Vincent the Vegetable Vampire. Yes, I'm that old. - MiniMage
awe> <some = awesome - Boo
Liking Boo's comment. - Akiva
MiniMage, in case no one has told you lately. You rock! I remember him as Easy Reader, but I had forgotten about Vincent the Vegetable Vampire. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Great to see, especially now that I have a five-year-old of my own... But can't think it will be the same without Oscar winners like Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno - Chris Reed
My early childhood education would have not have been complete with out many afternoons watching the original Electric Company. I think this is awesome. I wonder if the original is available in DVD format. - James
James, there are definitely some "best of" DVDs for the original, not sure if the complete full series is available. - Robert Seidman
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I think the saddest thing about it is that were I to meet this kid in a deathmatch, he'd totally pwn my ass. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Wow that costume must be the biggest chick magnet at recess ;) - Michael Forian
i need the diagram to a cardboard codpiece! - Cee Bee
I was really suprised that he didn't end up painting his armor pink. I figured leaving it up to his viewers to vote on the color was one sure way to end up with a pink suit. - MiniMage
I think he's a bit obsessive. The fact that he does the teabag maneuver is a bit disturbing. - Clay Newton
Honestly? if he were 5 yrs older it would be lame - at that age, wicked cool that he spent his time doing that rather than JUST playing the game. - Lucretia Pruitt
someone please make a mashup! - Jeremiah Owyang
I found the video to be disturbing and kind of sad. The disturbing part was the tea-bagging. The sad part is I'd have to guess this kid has an enormous amount of free time that he spends mostly by himself. He should be outside playing with friends. Finally I'd hate for him to play with any of his creations outside. It's just the sort of thing you can see a cop freaking out at and killing him over. "I didn't know it was cardboard. The kid was menacing." - iTad
someone please add laser and exploding effects asap! - adolfo foronda
I agree with Lucretia. This kid is a bad-ass. I don't know what type of geeks you all were when you were kids, but I spent a lot of my time making giant lego cities, building model rockets and taking apart electronics. That's a good geek upbringing. This kid'll probably be a tech millionaire by the time he's 25! - Nicķ
Jeremiah Owyang
Describe yourself in High School, did you ever expect to be where you are today?
I was a band geek, very creative, in Jazz, and very social. Got into trouble as a senior, broke a heart, had mine broken in return. I always though I'd be an architect, the internet was barely in the back of my mind, let alone the front. - Jeremiah Owyang
I was a total geek in high school, and had a very very close circle of a few friends. I still have those friends, and am still pretty geeky, but have found my social side, which has helped me get to where I am. - Michel Savoie
Quiet, not very sociable. Was never with the "in crowd". Somewhat of a geek, but more of a pre-computer era geek. Had plans to be a naval architect because my Dad was one, but that never panned out. Now I'm a Software QA Specialist for a global high-tech software corporation. Never would have predicted where I am today. - Scott
I was a major geek. Do you remember that guy who got called to the principal's office to reset his digital watch every time DST began or ended? That was me. I could solve a Rubik's cube in just under a minute. And I played offensive guard on the football team. I always knew I'd be doing computer stuff, but I had no idea where it would take me. Didn't even hear about the internet until my first Unix class in college. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I was a total band geek (trumpet) as well. Sr. year, Youth Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and music theory. My favorite part (still) is improvisation. However, tech is my other passion and that's the direction I went. - Ben Thomas
Class clown. Wanted to be Stephen King. Turned out to be a rodent who writes. - Sprague D
Can't describe myself in H.S. - I was too complex then. Yes, in some ways and No in others. I expected not to have to stay in the box I kept get putting in by my adolescent peers - and that came true. But the rest of my life is and has always been an unpredictable adventure. - Lucretia Pruitt
Trumpet player and band geek champion. Artsy fartsy and theater dweeb. Always drawing on my notes and folders rather than paying attention in class. Didn't much care for the majority of my classmates but was lucky enough to be left alone by the bullies and jocks. Had no idea what I wanted to do in life but always trusted my gut and listened to my heart. Don't think I ever expected to be... more... - David Murray
Lots of trumpet players, me Trombone, low brass section leader - Jeremiah Owyang
When I look back at high school, I can't believe how eccentric I already was. Sure, a lot of it was typical teenage posing but some of it was astonishingly strange even then. I had always expected to pretty much be where I am now although I expected it to have happened sooner. The only thing I've not yet done is to have become a published author. It's been my lifelong dream since first grade that's constantly been the victim relegated by transient hobbies and computer programming. Need to get back on track. - Akiva
I was fat but somehow one of the "popular" crowd, though I never felt like I belonged there...or anywhere. I was nicknamed Encyclopedia or Britannica. I was good at making people laugh, and used that as my primary survival skill. I had a horrendous home life, and always was desperate to escape. I hoped that I'd travel and live in other worlds, maybe even expected to. I am always amazed and glad that that's exactly what I am doing. Every day, I am astonished to be where I am. Very blessed. - Jackie Danicki
I was a computer geek then and I still am now :-) - Jason Herald
Thanks Jackie, you're with friends now. - Jeremiah Owyang
I was Gravy Dave, started an underground newspaper, led student strikes, smoked a lot of reefer and did lots of other drugs. Participated in student govt, ran for class president (lost), held a big rock concert, dropped out, went back, managed to get a bit of education in all that. It was a funny time, late 60s early 70s, that's actually the kind of stuff people were doing then, if you can believe it. Had my own apartment too. Got in a lot of trouble and made a bunch. I was one of the in crowd an a-lister. - Dave Winer
In High School I was a Band nerd, Dungeons and Dragons nerd and generally shunned by nearly everyone. I was fortunate enough to have a few close friends, but high school was mostly a nightmare. I didn't really begin to become the person I am today until I decided in college that it was high time to have a girl friend and start a grown-up life. Back in high school I never would have thought I'd be a programmer today living in a nice house with a pool married to a beautiful nerdy woman. - iTad
I was a total theater geek and bookish nerd ... and while career-wise the place I am now bears no resemblance to anything I'd imagined, from what I've been told by folks who've known me since I was a mere pup, I'm not all that different. Once a geeky-nerd ... always a geeky-nerd, I think ... and proud of it too! - Cathy Brooks
I was very much a NON-techie and never imagined that I would someday "grow-up" to recruit technologists. I was pretty active in virtually every imagineable activity in school...played tennis for the school team, part of the weight-lifting team, Student Gov. VP in my Senior year. I had lots of friends and tended to mingle with a fairly eccletic crowd. I entered college, and pretty much replicated what I had accomplished in HS,...VP of SGA, Pres. of my Fraternity, etc. Life turned out good for me. - Michael
DaveWiner I'm not surprised at all. :) - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah, the funny thing is if you had told me I'd ever do anytihng with computers I'd have laughed. I really looked down on the kids who hung out in the computer lab at the school (we actually had one, even then). Never in a million years would I have guessed I'd go down that path. - Dave Winer
Big athlete, smart but only top 20% student in class rank (put in some effort, kid!). Voracious reader, especially SciFi and Fantasy. Thought my career would take me toward sales or banking/business, but it turned out it took me right back to public education. - BISQ
I probably do need to add that I was the only girl in Computer Club in high school tho - back then, I was a serious anomaly. - Lucretia Pruitt
I think I'm the same now as I was in high school. I won "best personality" which is to say - I'm nice and can be a bit of a push-over. I just want other people to be happy. I never thought of myself as technical at all. I didn't start getting into tech until I worked at In fact, in high school I never would have thought I'd be into journalism. I got into that at UC Berkeley while majoring in philosophy. - David Cohn
This one time at Band Camp... Actually I wasn't in the Band, but worse the War Games club. Fortunately, though I was in the nerd section, I hung out with the Football team and got to be in the "in crowd". - Stephen Terlizzi
@davewiner I'm not sure it has anything to do with computers, just an independent spirit we've come to enjoy from you. - Jeremiah Owyang
. academics nerd. excelled in English, history, philosophy, was on school newspaper , nights/weekend job at dept store as sales, model & stylist, eclectic fashionista that was outside current HS style. totally not in the right spot. HS was *boring*.. I hung out with friends who were 5-10 years older. went to big univ & didn't follow my dream-- but am now. - Stevie
In high school I was a nerd. I loved technology and I love literature so it made sense that I would be involved in the Web with my writing. I was in high school in the mid nineties but I was one of the few kids with my own site and it was a poetry/literature site to boot. I never would have guessed that I would be doing plagiarism work, I had always seen myself as a future author, but I knew my future would involve the Web and writing in some way... - Jonathan Bailey
School always got in the way of my education. I played football and helped establish radio station WJSV-FM - paul mooney
Kinda disappointing, I don't see any of my friends from high school anymore. I never had a lot of friends, but we kinda split up after graduation. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
wow! Jeremiah you wrote my entry too! - Nathan Eckenrode
I'm commenting since I am still in high school. I'm on our band (includes marching and concert) in addition to jazz band and performed in the pit for Beauty and the Beast last year. I'm friends with the popular and unpopular kids and my best friend is a popular kid. I can (apparently) make people laugh and listen well. To be honest, I don't know what people see in me because I think I'm pretty boring most of the time. Life's a mystery. You just have to roll with it. - Zach Flauaus
Attended high school for smarty/arty kids (no sports) & then performing arts school for theater. Lots of good friends, parties, etc. Thought I'd be an actress/singer very involved in politics. Not surprised I wound up in film production & now multimedia, but wound up on the corporate side of it by falling ass over teacups and finding I liked where I'd landed. That the corporation has anything to do with IT continues to amuse me on a daily basis as I'm lucky to get my laptop in the 'on' position. - dfugate
The answers here were fun to read. Not sure about the etiquette for commenting on friendfeed. I just do it when something is interesting even if I don't know the person. So my apologies if doing so is out of line. In high school I was pretty much the same in that regard. Much better at asking forgiveness than permission. The former provides so much opportunity for practice. I fully expected that I would be dead before now, but people are so forgiving! - Boo
Boo, you're doing it exactly right. - Akiva
High geek factor, although at the time (1985-1991) not because of computer skills, just the looks ;-) Nothing special during my high school years, better than average student, although I did not have much trouble getting the right grades. Spent all of my high school years playing competitive snooker, so I did not party, practiced and played tournaments each weekend. Did a lot of catching up in later years ;-) - Marc Dierens
I was expecting to be a bit further down the line, but the path has never changed - Dobromir Hadzhiev
interesting thread - i split my high school years between hawaii where i played football and tennis for the school and surfed ever swell & upstate new york where i played football & hockey and hung out w/ the physic geeks who were all musicians (i was not) - i had good grades, sat etc... & took classes at local college while still in hs, also hung out in their comp lab - mainframe w/ punch cards - i was an enigma, still am ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Hmmm.... high school... I was "different", that's for sure. I wasn't in any clicks, but I was always invertently starting new trends. I never really had any expectations as to where I would be in 20 years, but I didn't expect to have been a world traveler, nor hold down some of the jobs I've had. It's been an interesting ride! - Dominique
Mark Forman
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson :: :: Reviews -
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson :: :: Reviews
In all the memories gathered together in "Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson," there was one subject I found conspicuously missing: The fact of the man's misery. Did he never have a hangover? The film finds extraordinary access to the people in his life, but not even from his two wives do we get a description I would dearly love to read, on what he was like in the first hour or two after he woke up. He was clearly, deeply, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and after a stupor-induced sleep he would have awakened in a state of withdrawal. He must have administered therapeutic dozes of booze or pills or something to quiet the tremors and the dread. What did he say at those times? How did he behave? Are the words "fear and loathing" autobiographical? - Mark Forman from Bookmarklet
I miss this guy. The world was a better place when he was around. - Mark Forman
this one is high on my list - Dobromir Hadzhiev
I've never laughed as hard at anything as I did when I read his work. The guy was clearly another "tortured genius". I miss his work...but his early light was clearly fading. Just read his later work--it's not the same. - BISQ
Yep-this guy was definitely conflicted. Conflict while very destructive to the soul that is experiencing it, creates some great art. Look at all the good bands-they were often fighting or hated each other. - Mark Forman
A favorite line: "Of all the correspondents," says Frank Mankiewicz, McGovern's 1972 campaign manager, "he was the least factual, but the most accurate." Also- Mark, thanks for reminding me why I love Ebert so much. - Donna Mugavero
Donna-Ebert was big into punk rock back in the day. Dude has some depth. - Mark Forman
@Anna-Punk as Text sounds interesting. One of my buddies in college was a clean cut all-American boy type guy from LA. Don't think he had so much as a beer and copiously swallowed vitamins and ate healthily. He was on track team. One day he showed me a Ramones album. At first I scoffed but I gradually got heavy into punk. He ended up dropping out of school and returned to LA. He was a regular on LA punk scene and doing some hardcore drugs. He ended up being a mohawked extra in Bladerunner. - Mark Forman
@Anna Maybe Mark is like Zelig. He's always where history is happening. @Mark I didn't know that about Ebert but I love that as much as knowing Peter Schickele wrote music for "Oh! Calcutta". - Donna Mugavero
@Donna-not Zelig but did go to same High School as Woody Allen-albeit much later :P - Mark Forman
Sound of jello wobbling -
Seriously? Seriously. - BISQ from Bookmarklet
Where are the women on the web? -
Great find. - BISQ
"Not once does Jimmy mention the words "hot" or "sexy" in his comments about women online. Refreshing" absolutly. - Nicole Simon
The author says she won't use Friendfeed unless they build sex discrimination into the recommendation algorithm. - Andy Roberts
No, Andy, she's saying she wont' use FriendFeed until there is a true representation of actual users. - Cyndy
@Cyndy wait, she won't use FriendFeed until there are more women on FriendFeed? Does not compute. (need to RTFA still). - Nathaniel Payne
just one note to her post - if FF added a random style default option, then women and men would both show up though I don't know what percentage of people on FF are women. - Allen Stern
Cyndy - Quite a few of them (and excellent reads) for the most part are here - Charlie Anzman
Nathaniel, she's pointing out that the "most subscribed" list that's pre-populated is all men. It's going back to Allen's post about the stuffing of the ballot box. - Cyndy
I don't think I subscribe to any of the most popular. I think the two most popular people I subscribe to are women: Ginger Makela and Edythe. Pick who interests you, and don't worry about what everyone else is listening too. Everyone subscribing to the same people just makes it like broadcast media. This is the new world and you can build your own channel (feed). - RAPatton
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
it all sux.. - NoahDavidSimon
Yes! MacBook Pro. I bought it last week and it's my first Mac ever. I'm not technically switching since I will still continue to use a PC but I consider this a huge step. I love my new machine. - Ryan
I may... well, not "switching" so to say but to get a Mac to do my photo/video editing on. - Outsanity
I've been a MacBook user for over three months now. Man, what a great decision that was. - James Mowery from twhirl
My friend switched late last year. That, coupled with OSX86 (which let me test drive some Mac apps before I jumped), got me to purchase my first Mac in January. Now, after playing with my Macbook, three more of my friends are buying Macs this year. All it takes is getting their hands on one. That's when the bug bites. - Lee Adkins
Already did many months ago. Still have a number of boxes I built or bought, buy the Mac is my main machine at home now. PC laptop for work. - BISQ
Switched a few months back. Very happy, and running Windows apps when necessary via Fusion. - Patrick Jordan
Once you go Mac, you don't go back! - Mona Nomura
Not switching.. but buying a MacBook is crossing my mind often. - Muthu Ramadoss
No. Stickin' with Linux for everything where I have a choice. - Joanmarie
Apple is an evil company - no Apple since 1997 - Marc Canter
yup, 4months in mbpro - Shiva
Nope, never (never say..) will I go for Macs (except for derived-by-concept iPods (/w 14 of them I know broken/replaced) with one of them that was destroyed by me [getting it to read an IDE HDD drive with WMAs (can be done with the first model, that I did pre-order from their factory in... Sheng Liang or something like that, not sure.. thinking of it anyways, their first point of delivery...) - Zu from AOD
switched... in early 2004 (gosh, that long ago?) - Stephanie Booth
Switched over 18 months ago. I'm a UNIX guy so Mac OS X is perfect for me and I no longer have to put up with endless wizards, irritating search dogs, or annoying ballon tips. - Paul Grav
Switched already in june 2006 - Luca Filigheddu
Switched to Mac about 2 years ago and never looked back. - Mike Nally from twhirl
Switched last year to a MacBook Pro, life hasn't been the same since. The Mac is a computer that you actually have feelings for! Saves time in about a million ways, maintains my sanity, gets things done. In this one year period, I rescued 4 more people from the torture of Microsoft. If only I could replace my work computer to a Mac as well. - Parth Awasthi
yeah back in 1996 (NeXTStep/OpenStep before Jobs went back to Apple).... but now I'm split 50/50 Mac and Linux, but probably more Linux - nick carrasco
If my partner has her way then she is looking to shift very soon.... - Joe Dawson
Always been a mac guy... used a PC briefly at work, but switched to my Mac when I got one. Much better. - Robert Accettura
Has anyone gotten Time Capsule to work with Windows Vista? - Ryan
Chris T.
API limit: 100 Requests per hour. @al3x said they're okay so far, but if they have to lower it, they "won't be going lower than 70". Amazing. -
Thanks to Evan Wheeler, eh? - BISQ
Yeah, thats what I hear. - Aaron Myers
Scott Beale
A look at virality █████ -
I hope this one was a very fast flameout. Funny in very low doses. Very unfunny in any other dose. - BISQ
█████ - AJ Batac
And now that the sober analysis has started, the fun has passed (no offense, Scott! :-) - Josh Bancroft
Yeah, it has totally jumped the 鮫. - Ken Sheppardson
This is starting to look like a US Gov't report with all the black outs of information. - Larry Kless from twhirl
Thank goodness. I was wondering if Ubuntu was showing me something different from what everyone else was seeing. :-) - Russell Beattie
i ♥ █████ - AJ Batac
ok how do you use it? - Admiral70
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