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Get it off your chest: politics, movies, bad TV, stinky people, cable companies, lame websites, crappy tech, Croc sandals, the jerk in the next cubicle, whatever. Point your mouse and shoot! Feeling positive? Head over to the Lovefest Room.
Big Joe Silence
fscking expensive-ass car repairs on a dinosaur we can't afford to take out in the back and double-tap to the base of its skull. first the windshield wiper mechanism and now the power steering pump? GAH!
There's a reason so many ancient Voyagers are still on the road. Mine is 21 and the most reliable car I've had. But old age takes its toll. I'm so sorry yours is trying to give up the ghost :-( - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
ours is a '94 we got used in 2001. i ran it into the ground around 2005 with 3 hour per day commutes to my last job. i'm amazed it still functions at all! - Big Joe Silence
just got off the phone. garage says power steering pump is toast and the previous work on the steering is no longer under warranty. that's a $400 part. plus labour, that's gonna SUCK. :( - Big Joe Silence
:( It's death by a thousand cuts. Our 2001 Escape has been really reliable, but it's $500-$1000 (or more) every time it's in the shop. We need H1B visas for Cuban mechanics. - Greg GuitarBuster
I'm doing a presentation with someone that likes to make asides, usually ones that undermine the topic at hand. We're doing a run-through today. Seriously tempted to start over any time he pulls that, only we'd probably be here all night. Argh.
The Other Yvonne
I can tell my ear is getting better, but every time I put drops in my ear (twice a day) there's a period of time when I can't hear out of it. It's soooo annoying! Plus the ringing. I'm going mad!!
Boo! I hope it gets better soon. - Stephen Mack
Hope it's improving today! - Anne Bouey
Oops! Forgot to put drops in this morning! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Big Joe Silence
ah, the joys of unbricking an iOS device.
turned out to not be as bad as i'd thought. new app crashed not very gracefully. was enough to make yon delicate fscking flower iPud faint, tho. nothing lost. - Big Joe Silence
Text To Speech does BAD things when you leave it running and the screen goes black on your iOS device. quite entertaining to make it say "kiss my big fat nadgers" in a sexy female Aussie voice, tho! - Big Joe Silence
earlier i had it saying "I am a punk rock lollipop" over and over in Singlish. :D - Big Joe Silence
Corinne L
I was injured during this morning's feline foot race, when they decided my head was a good obstacle to hurdle. Cut by a claw on the bridge of my nose. Another inch & it could have been my eye.
:( i keep being afraid that terror's claws are going to slip one day when he's jumping and hit me from the neck or above - Sir Shuping is just sir
And now I'm all on edge, too, from not getting enough sleep for fear of cats trampling me again. UGH. - Corinne L
Ouch! Naughty kitties! :-( - vicster
:( - Katy S from iPhone
Tamara J. B.
Yessss! We broke $100,000 for her last hospital stay. *cries and rolls eyes* It's highway robbery, I tell you.
2015-01-14 17.42.31.jpg
Holy shit. In a country with socialised health care, this is unfathomable to me. - Melly
It's unfathomable to me too. When we pay $1,000 a month for insurance, seeing large bills like this, even though we'll only have to pay 20% is still outrageous. Who needs a mortgage, when you have hospital bills!?! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
So you owe 20% of $100k?? :( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yeah but just tack that on to the portion of the other hospital stays and endless co-pays. It's all too overwhelming but what can you do? I'm too busy dealing with her health on a daily basis to process it all. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
:-( - Brian Johns
Good grief! *hugs* - vicster
:( - rönin
Isn't there an annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses? Individual as well as family? - Anne Bouey
Wow. On top of everything else... - Stephan from iPhone
Blown away by the cost. Tamara, can we tempt you to move to Aus? - Mo Kargas
Jesus. :((( - Jenny H. from Android
That is ridiculous, Tamara :( - Linda M. Jose
Such bullshit! - YvonneM
you know I know - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
wait what? your insurance doesn't have an annual out of pocket maximum? :( - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
That's what I wondered/asked, too, Jeff. Hopefully, there is one. - Anne Bouey
Oh man. The numbers are too big to process. - Yolanda
i see it now Anne, I scanned so fast before that I didn't see your comment. - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
The smiling teddy bear makes that bill so much worse. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:((( - Eivind
Somebody cleaned my soda-bottle "collection" at work. I asked that they clean away a nearby old whiskey package/bottle collection, too.
Mo Kargas
+13kg heavier than this time last year and it's not muscle. I'll fight this fight all my life it seems
Kindred. Genetic base? I know mine is. Low carb is the only way for me. - Janet from FFHound!
Pretty sure it's carbs - Mo Kargas
Big Joe Silence
sometimes people who display well-tuned decorum in person...act like fucking chimpanzees on the telephone. how does that come to pass? where is the disconnect? *BOGGLE*
Ditto for the internet / email - Mo Kargas
Big Joe Silence
when music publishers squat rights on old folk tunes from 100-150 or more years ago.
Corinne L
FIVE freakin times you have asked me to reschedule our meeting because you cannot keep your calendar straight. So NO, I will NOT reschedule for a sixth time. You are screwing up my schedule and calling me sweetie and dearheart and xoxo DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR THE FACT THAT YOU ARE NOT RESPECTING MY TIME.
Sweet lord I am so pissed. - Corinne L
If it has been rescheduled that many times it can't be that important? - Stephan from iPhone
It's fairly important, as our contract ends on the 20th and this is the final training. I think part of the issue is that she would like me to stick around and hold her hand through everything, and that isn't how I work. Plus I would charge her more money than she can afford. I have given her too much leeway in the past, so I helped create this monster. - Corinne L
::fistpump:: - YvonneM
April Russo is STILL screwed up, STILL treating my husband and I as roommates and not a married couple. They STILL refuse to combine our incomes and determine Medicaid eligibility based on household income, rather than individual income. I am still eligible (of course) but my husband is STILL not. :(
I am going to go cry now. :( - April Russo
Mo Kargas
All I see on the news is these ISIS and Boko Haram murderers with brand new shiny military gear. Where are they getting it from? Journos need to be following the money.
Because everyone else is playing drag-ass, we only have three writers who consistently put out material on FreakSugar's site: my comics/toys/lifestyle editor, me, and another guy in the same department. This is despite the fact that, including editors, that we have about 10 folks who could be putting out material.
Way to make the site look functional, guys. If it weren't for the three of us, the site would look like a ghost town. - Jed
If everyone put out an article a week, that's at least ten articles. And the three who are doing the lion's share of writing do more than that. - Jed
Mo Kargas
Free speech is only free speech when it's groupthink sanctified
Yes! This! - Jed from iPhone
Tried to explain something to do with our insurance to work colleague in a meeting. Got 1 sentence and a half sentences through before they grabbed two key words and went on a massive rant trying to guess what I was saying. I didn't say a word and after two minutes I stood up and walked out.
The Other Yvonne
My SIL has FINALLY made it to the 2nd trimester with a pregnancy (her 6th one). She's at around 14 weeks now and just found out there's a 93% chance the baby has Downs. While it's not the end of the world, I just wish she could catch a break. *sigh
I'm sorry for her -- how does she feel about it? - Stephen Mack
Oh man. I'll hold out hope for that 7% and that she has an otherwise healthy baby. - vicster
Jury's still out. She's obviously upset by the news, but it's still sinking in. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
If she has CVS, I would be concerned. Typically, the quad screen is done between weeks 15 and 20 of pregnancy — the second trimester. If she had one done at 14 weeks I would be suspicious of the results. - Janet
She goes back tomorrow to see if it was a false positive. IMO while I'm sure the news was a shock, if I'd had so many miscarriages, having a baby with Down syndrome wouldn't stop me from finally being a mom. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
:( I really pray it was a false positive. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Oh jeez. That's rough. I really hope she'll get different results on the next test. - Jenny H. from Android
Results are back. It wasn't a false positive. My heart aches for them and the choice they now have to make. =( - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Mine too. They will be in my prayers. - laura x from iPhone
Such a tough situation for them. :( - Anne Bouey
I am so very sorry. - Janet
Oh my goodness. - YvonneM
Lots and lots of love for your family xx - Melly
I have an uncle with a brain injury that he received as a child, so I grew up with a dramatically disabled family member. I know what the challenges are in that, but also the joys and dignities. And so this was my greatest fear when I was pregnant. My heart goes out to you all -- it's not simple. - Jenica
Oh my gosh....I'm glad you're engaged but the "Which Disney couple are you?" link on Facebook was a bit much for Ms. Single & Bitter over here.
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Mfer, take your 2am texting trifling ass somewhere the fuck else. Dumbass.
>.< - Jenny H. from Android
The Other Yvonne
Logan doesn't play Minecraft yet, but watches YouTube videos about Minecraft whenever he gets the chance. It's all he talks about. I'm so sick of it already. If Minecraft was a person I'd punch it in the face.
*fistbump* - Marina's Godmother :-)
It's actually easier when they do play it, because then at least they're more likely to be doing it instead of talking about it! - Marina's Godmother :-)
*fistbump* back! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
My son sits here and watches people play it on YouTube. I don't get it. - Eric - ill subliminal
I'm afraid he'd then want to PLAY it all the time. That would drive me over the edge. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
I play it and watch people play it. Then again people play football in the park then watch other people play it on TV so I'm cool with it. - Johnny
I used to stand and watch people play Pac-Man so I get the appeal, but I guess today it's just so much more content. It's such a big industry. - Eric - ill subliminal
His personality (he's 6) seems to be the more he watches the meaner and more disobedient he becomes. He's like an angry drunk. It creates more conflict in our home life. He needs more activity than he realizes. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
The live streams on are popular too. It's interesting watching different designs. - Rodfather
Yvonne, yes! Minecraft can't be at the expense of physical activity. OTOH ... - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Resistance is futile. Honestly, if you learn about it enough to set it up so he's just building stuff instead of playing as a game, it's pretty creative. But yeah, Wade talks about it a lot. I pretend to listen for awhile and then perfect the art of tuning it out or just break it to him that I don't want to hear about it. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Both my kids play and while my son typically isn't a very talkative person, he once jabbered to me about Minecraft for 2 hours straight while I was driving somewhere. No breaks. I am not exaggerating. He also watches one particular series of Minecraft Youtube vids and it's gotten to the point where I can't tell if the stories he tells me of what he's done in Minecraft is stuff he's actually done or he's just projecting himself onto these vids that he's watched. - rönin
Crazy how it's taken hold of so many! I'm sure we'll give in at some point, but not yet. =) - The Other Yvonne
Hahahaha, Stampy friggin' Longnose and iBallistic fecking Squid. Josiah knows if his behaviour falls below acceptable levels then his iPad is the first thing to go. There will be days when it seems everything he does is Minecraft related, but he might mix the actual activities up even though they all revolve around the same thing - so watching the videos, playing the game, reading the... more... - Melly
And awesome kids book about computer games is "But It's Just A Game", helps teach kids about balance: - Melly
Thanks for the recommendation, Melly! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
OMG, Melly - Stampy! His voice drives me INSANE. Before him it was these two guys who were much more mellow and easy to take. I miss those days. - Laura Norvig
Jayden talks at me about Pokemon, the Marvel Universe, Yu Gi Oh, Sonic and friends, all his obsessions...constantly. Every day. Ad nauseum. I care about none of it. He knows, and doesn't shut up. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'm okay with discussing it occasionally. But they seem to get stuck on it. don't they? I try to steer the conversation elsewhere but it doesn't always work... - Melly
I've told Logan he can only watch Minecraft videos once a day during the school week. Hopefully then we'll make it to the end of the week unharmed. =) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
I played Skylanders with Josiah today. Together, one mission takes about half an hour. That I can handle. I've tried Minecraft and just can't get into it! - Melly
I think Minecraft is great. It's digital legos. Except you can't walk around inside lego buildings. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, you can if you have enough legos. - Amit Patel
Today Josiah keeps talking about the Pokemon texture (?) pack in Minecraft. His interests are melding, help! - Melly
Melly, there's a mod called Pixelmon that Wade plays - sounds like he and Josiah have a lot in common. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Funny you should mention that - Josh is getting it for Josiah this weekend as a good behaviour/helper reward ;o) - Melly
Mo Kargas
I wonder what the long game is? Expel all Muslims to the Middle East and North Africa, then have an endless war between the West and East? Imagine the profits in arms sales to both sides!
Depressing, isn't it? :( - Jenny H. from Android
Big Joe Silence
Yet another small quake in the north end of town just now, centred on the fracking well down the road from my wife's office.
Ugh >:( - Jennifer Dittrich
Now watch our city government deny a connection, just like with the other quakes near the other well sites in the past few years. - Big Joe Silence from Android
according to various tweets and FB entries from local friends and family, there was quite a cluster of quakes all over the DFW area today! USGS is looking into it. - Big Joe Silence
It made the LA Times (when I was browsing earlier this evening). - Spidra Webster
Yep, they're all just southeast of DFW airport. - Jason Huebel
they're actually spread out further than that, only the ones SE of the airport are in the news. i live well south of the airport and we got a solid boomboom this afternoon. my cousin's wife WAY to the east in Farmer's Branch (northern greater Dallas area) reported 4 of them spaced out over a few hours. their dogs were going nuts. - Big Joe Silence
yah, that's not accurate. also, the strongest one was in Irving, just west of Dallas, and was a 3.6-3.7 according to USGS. tiny for Cali but we don't build for seismic activity here in Texas cos, for the most part, THERE WAS NONE before 2008 when all the hydrofracking cranked up full tilt. - Big Joe Silence
Boo. :((( - Jenny H. from Android
ClusterFrack - Greg GuitarBuster
Heard a snippet about this cluster on NPR this morning and they said some water mains broke. What a mess. We've been lucky so far that most of our biggest ones have been in more rural areas, so there was less damage than there might have been. - Kirsten
11 earthquakes rock north texas in the past 24 hours - Greg GuitarBuster
Middle America will be swallowed whole - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Then it will truly be flyover country. - bentley
Or perhaps we'll sink back into a giant mid-continent sea again and they'll start a ferry service between St. Louis and Denver! - Big Joe Silence from iPod
at any rate, i'm sure the GOP Congress will cut USGS funding as soon as they establish a link between fracking and quakes! :P - Big Joe Silence
C to the A to the J..Hey!
I hate that that the words "I don't understand how/why..." come out of my mouth related to so many many things here at work. Primarily, it's a terrible lack of communication and organization. Latest fiasco? Ordering company fleeces. Simple task, right? Let's verify who's in the company and send them an email? Nope, that would be too easy...
...let's send a message to the All_Company email address for people to fill out a surveymonkey form without verifying that everyone is on that mail list. Perfect! And then, let's not have a plan to distribute them to people who don't work Monday - Friday daytime hours. <sigh> - C to the A to the J..Hey!
(Also, people who don't read their emails don't help. Stories for another day.) - C to the A to the J..Hey!
And it's not really a fiasco...but still a great example of how things (don't) work around here. - C to the A to the J..Hey!
We have a rule at work that if you begin a sentence with "You'd think that..." you immediately shut down the sentence and sigh. - Johnny from iPhone
You'd think that we'd have a rule like that at work. - Amit Patel
HAHAHA, exactly, Amit. :-) - Jason Huebel
Called about a second house I saw listed. Got a text back saying they'll email me the application & let me know date of open house. Texted them my email. So when he sends me the app, it's in an email with six other interested parties! Their email addresses visible to me, mine to them!
Good grief. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah what a noob. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'd say that isn't common, but...yeah I had to remind a professional organization not to do that. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I politely called his attention to the mistake. Hopefully he won't do it to anyone else. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Big Joe Silence
fuckin' New Year gunfire. was never this loud or constant, even in the 70s.
not even here in Texas. not even when the effective edge of town here was a mere 2 miles away and there were still farms and ranches inside the densely populated area and you could buy hard liquor by the bottle. - Big Joe Silence
I'm going to work tomorrow for the morning for the first time this month. Con: Sixteen days ago I sprained my ankle, still hopping around on one leg with crutches, still hurts like hell. Pro: I'm bringing Sophie with me so it will be fun.
I hope it goes well! - Spidra Webster
Been there, done that -- good luck on a full recovery soon. - Sean McBride
Thank you. I don't plan on doing much. Software update here, hot chocolate there. :) - Stephan from iPhone
Fucking Sims free play. Finally got to build multiple stories & fucked up my favorite family's house. Now I don't even wanna play. Kinda wanna demolish everyone's houses & let em die on empty lots.
Too bad there's no undo. :-/ - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Right? Almost installed my original Sims game on the laptop but I'ma hold out til I can afford Sims 3 or 4. Also, playing The Sims without a simoleon cheat is frustrating, lol. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
It might be ok in another reality, but in this one, the person in charge of desserts makes sure there is pumpkin pie at Christmas dinner. Key lime pie and a berry pie are lovely any other time.
Eric - ill subliminal
People who send you an email wanting something right away, but when you have a follow up question that needs an answer so you can help them and they seem to have dropped off the planet. #festivus
Big Joe Silence
the central library in my city is closing permanently on the 23rd. oldest is pretty upset about this and i am none too pleased myself. she made me promise to bring her back this week with a camera and take more photos and let her say goodbye.
Oh geez, that's awful! Can you get library cards for another city or will Arlington just not have a library? - Jessie
we have loads of branches. supposedly they will build and open a new central library by 2017, but it's a bit like W saying we're going to the moon and then gutting NASA. the old library site will be a new commercial real estate development and will likely stand empty like the rest of our dead downtown area. - Big Joe Silence
:( - Alix May
we can give Jerry Jones and the Cowboys a free $1.6 billion stadium (and then make them tax-exempt) but we can't do shit for the citizenry or their children. - Big Joe Silence
Fuck, I'm sorry. - Meg VMeg
:( - Jenny H. from Android
:o( - Melly
Ah, that sucks. Poor kiddo. Hopefully she'll love one of the branch libraries just as much. - Kirsten
Wow. - Joe
i remember when this building opened in 1973. alot of good childhood memories for me there, not to mention happy memories of our kids discovering a greater love for reading and story-telling. - Big Joe Silence
both girls and i went to the library this evening and, after getting permission on condition that we do not include patrons in shots, took dozens and dozens of photos of the inside and outside of the library with special emphasis on areas that are either special to us personally or haven't changed much since the early/mid-1970s. got some very good shots of the main stairs and some monuments outside, including one commemorating a mineral well that was on Main at Center until 1951. - Big Joe Silence
the central library closes forever at 9pm tomorrow evening. - Big Joe Silence
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