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Get it off your chest: politics, movies, bad TV, stinky people, cable companies, lame websites, crappy tech, Croc sandals, the jerk in the next cubicle, whatever. Point your mouse and shoot! Feeling positive? Head over to the Lovefest Room.
Pet peeve: Folks who say, "You don't know what love is until you have a child." Presumptuous and condescending much? I may not know paternal love, but there are all sorts of kinds of love. True facts.
Right on. - Big Joe Silence from iPod
But, a childless adult IS cold and selfish, right? That part is true. #rollseyeballstoChina - AHnix (Anna Haro)
"Oh, interesting. Did you push your wheelchair-bound son in over 255 triathlons, 72 marathons, and a half dozen Ironmans, completing 1000+ races together like Dick and Rick Hoyt? No? And yet they've never questioned you nor me about love knowledge. That's pretty kind of them, isn't it? I think so." - Micah
All of this! - Jed
I work and live in a small town and I thought it'd be ok b/c I have a great job but that's not enough anymore. I can't seem to make friends (except for one) and my closest family member is 200 miles away. im actually starting to resent my colleagues' cheerfulness. Inner monologue: "How can you be so happy here? Do you not know it sucks?" :-0
:( - Anne Bouey
Big Joe Silence
foxtrot uniform charlie kilo mike echo!
Say again, Dallas. Your last transmission was garbled. - Steven Perez
The Other Yvonne
I love the fragrance of the flowering trees right now! Smells wonderful! ACHOO! ACHOO! ACHOO! I friggin' HATE the flowering trees. This sucks!!
This insurance situation is difficult enough without you injecting your conspiracy theories. Please don't tell me them, I've heard them all already and they don't hold water. Also, don't interrupt my serious discussions with the people involved to seed the theories cause it muddies the quest for clarity.
AHnix (Anna Haro)
Tendonitis is a giant asshole. >_<
No lie :((( - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
*comfort* - Alix May
Booooooo! - Jenny H. from Android
:( sana sana - Yolanda
At least it isn't tendonitis of the asshole? #SilverLining - Kristin
:( - Janet from FFHound!
Damn... - #cryptic
lol, Kristin, I just spent way too many seconds thinking about how that would feel. o_O :| - AHnix (Anna Haro)
If it wasn't for tonight's hidden surprise card from Sophie saying "I love you, Dad" my day would have easily been filed as one of the worst.
I love that kid. - Stephan
That is really really sweet. - Spidra Webster
*hugs* - Alix May
Sick of remarks about getting free stuff, the phrase public assistance spoken in a certain tone, assumptions being made about freeloading. In situations where I'm obliged to remain pleasant and businesslike. I tell people Fuck You, in my head, constantly.
Like, I don't get a damn thing for free. Not even J's MediCal. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Like, what were you doing in 1984? 1995? 2001? Because I was working 40+ hours a week for decades, bitch. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
The dilemma becomes, do I pay $25 to apply for this apartment when I'm 99% sure this mufu would never rent to me. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
My children are good children, They are polite and respectful until pushed. As a teacher I expect them to respect all teachers. Very few teachers have had complaints about them. Until this year. I am so fed up with the stories they have come home with this year. I have had more than one conversation with teachers about issues. And I have a feeling
I'm about to have another one next week. I'm on the verge of printing up cards that say "If you have a problem with this student please call xxx-xxxx or email me." - Elena
Big Joe Silence
i stupidly agreed to clean up my wife's friend's laptop which it turns out is CLOGGED with malware and hasn't had a virus scan of any kind since 2012. part of me feels like demanding compensation for sorting out this clusterfuck. GAH. going on for literally hours and hours.
I actually like cleaning up people's computers - is that weird?! - Melly
this is like running through fast-flowing thigh-high rivers of human faeces. - Big Joe Silence
backup.. delete HD.. reinstall.. - Me
Not that it will stop the NSA that infected the HD. - Me
as usual, the install media is on the hard drive. been a bad idea since it was first devised. - Big Joe Silence
pulled out all the stops but to no avail. the registry is too damaged. wipe and reinstall the OS. they can reinstall and configure their own fsckin' apps. I SURE HOPE THEY BACKED UP THEIR DATA! BWAHAHAHAA!! - Big Joe Silence
WHY am i still doing this?? - Big Joe Silence
Sucker! - Melly
only if asked nicely. ;) - Big Joe Silence
I dislike recruiters.
Mo Kargas
The amount of times per day I hear people muttering how much they want to round us up and shoot us or gas us is getting depressing. If you're going to do it, just do it. Let's see how much being "civilized" is talk and how much is action. Go ahead, slide right into fascism and tell yourself it's righteous.
I'm really sorry to hear that phobia is so bad that you're hearing it even daily. :( - Spidra Webster
The last 8 months it has gotten quite severe. Intellectually and historically I understand how these things work. I don't have to like it. - Mo Kargas
I wouldn't see why one would. It's terrible stuff. - Spidra Webster
The entire "us vs them" narrative is so ingrained now, I've actually lost dear friends I knew since childhood. Still, I nurture a little glimmer of hope it won't end up in pogroms. - Mo Kargas
Do you think Islamophobia is even worse in Australia than the US? - Spidra Webster
Not yet. It is becoming popular though. Personally I think we're going to see the rise of fascism in several countries simultaneously, in the West and the Middle East. - Mo Kargas
Ugh. It's terrible. - John (bird whisperer)
We are certainly at a high risk of it. I don't understand why people are so much more willing to go after whatever scapegoat is pointed to rather than follow the money and see what's happened over the last couple decades, but at least since propaganda was invented, masses of people do seem to do that... - Spidra Webster
I think the biggest problem is the collapse of news organisations into very few, very corporate outlets with an emphasis on shock jockery and profit. Also the destruction of educational integrity. People aren't taught to be critical thinkers. - Mo Kargas
Motherf*ck! I'm so done. $800 repair bill for Eric's car on Friday and then the basement floods today costing us another $300. I'm so sick of the cars and house breaking down at the same time.
Oh wow. I hope the house and the cars are done breaking down. - Half Pint
Ugh :o( - Melly
I really need a job. Beyond the money aspect, I need to be reminded I'm good at something. Volunteering won't cut it because, you know, money. Also, I need to be assured, "Here, you're competent enough that we'll pay you to do what you do." I need for the universe to give me some indication that all this education and time and busting my ass...
...hasn't been in vain. That is all. Just venting. - Jed from iPhone
holly #ravingfangirl
fyi, that phrase does not mean what you think it means. so. you know.
which phrase is that? - Sir Shuping is just sir
On the other hand... - Jennifer Dittrich
utilize that phrase, yo. - ellbeecee
on the other hand, maybe it does - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I <3 this thread. - Jessie
I phrase in your general direction - Hedgehog
on the other other hand I think it means holly is wrong - ellbeecee from Android
I agree.... "These are not the droids you are looking for" is always misused since they WERE the droids he was looking for!! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Mo Kargas
Anyone who has a "mansplaination" or any excuse for rape is still going to feel my fist in his eyesocket.
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Some shitcock is trying to use the Open Mic at Curious as a soapbox for him to whine about how the Curious Mic is stopping peoples Freedom of Speech... Please learn what you are talking about before being an ass and also complaining to owners/online. You can say what you like, we have no responsibility to allow you to use our microphone to do so!
I wasn't there on Sunday but apparently there was a whole ordeal. I kind of hope if it has to happen again it happens this week while I am there so I can take the brunt of it because I will be a dick I will black out/cut mic/play music immediately on this person and then stop the show while I explain why I did so and why it is ok for me to do so. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Vendors who change their URLs without notifying people. Oddly enough, that means our proxy doesn't carry over. BAH.
I would like to find whoever is responsible for teaching all of Asia to use the phrase "on the other hand" incorrectly, and personally punch them in the face.
How do they use it incorrectly? - Andrew C (✔)
They're using it as a synonym for "additionally", "moreover," or "furthermore," when the correct use is more like this: - Jessie
It's just odd because it's not limited to any specific region - Chinese, Koreans and Taiwanese all make the same error if they learned English overseas. Which makes me think there must be a hugely popular textbook with this mistake. - Jessie
Would you punch them in the face with the one hand or the other hand? - Andrew C (✔)
LOL with the other hand - Jessie
I haven't heard that, that is hilarious. Like, "there are so many reasons for X that you need two hands to count them." - Meg VMeg
"How many hands do you have, exactly?" - YvonneM
Offering to buy me new sneakers and a cell phone are very poor substitutes, love. I am ungrateful for what I have apparently.
:-( - Mary Carmen from iPhone
:-( - Half Pint
'Ain't nothin like the real thing' :-/ Sorry, boo. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Jenny H.
Nothing like starting the day by spilling boiling hot coffee all over your hand. Ouch! >.<
Damn, girl. I think that's a sign to head back to bed. The universe isn't playing fair! - Hookuh Tinypants
Owww - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:-( - Stephan from iPhone
Bastard coffee. - Eivind
^ I'm going to make this my rally cry on a bad day from now on. "BASTARD COFFEE!" *flings mug against wall* - Hookuh Tinypants
What coffee giveth it can taketh away - Mo Kargas
*fist bump* - Corinne L
Word. Seriously, it can die in all the fires. - Jed
Laura Norvig
Having one of those days. Talk me down.
The good news is that the day is almost over. I hope that your day improved :) - Linda M. Jose
I wonder how many more family members are gonna delete me from Facebook. Jesus Christ.
You say that like it's a bad thing. - Daniel W. Crompton
Well, it was a brother this time. Didn't realize anything was wrong. - Jed
I have a cousin who has deleted, re-added, and limited my access to her posts multiple times simply because she and my sister don't get along at all. I've never done anything to her. Well, I did ask her once to not trash my sister in a public post, which pissed her off, but otherwise it's all on her. It's completely random - I never know when I'm in and out of favor. Which is all to say... more... - Katy S
More than anything, it's just odd. - Jed
Yeah. - bentley
I removed all of my homophobic, anti-woman, poor people bashing, hypocritical, conservative Christian in-laws last year and do not regret my decision. My newsfeed is so much better without their hateful crap. - April Russo
WHAT DID YOU DO??? :) - MoTO Boychick Devil
The Other Yvonne
How the hell does me posting some stupid fb status like 'how do I get rid of foot fungus?' raise breast cancer awareness? And if you need to tell me not to be a spoil sport, you know it's stupid, too. So why bother? Eff these people.
Um, what? I'd be tempted to mess with them and do a mash up of all those dumb memes. Something like "I'm going to Paris for 8 months wearing a purple bra so I can get my foot fungus cured!" - Corinne L
I changed my fb status to this: Your fb statuses might be true, or they might be elaborate traps. I'm not going to like or respond to them for the time being because I don't believe cryptic messages promote breast cancer awareness. - The Other Yvonne
We go out for my birthday and at the table you realise you have zero cash for you and your kid. I loan you $40 cause I don't want that shit on my birthday. 4 weeks later, still no payback but you've asked me twice to go to super expensive places and are always eating out with friends. Hmmm
You also owe my $150 from 6 months ago. Maybe I should take the Judge Judy "don't throw good after bad" approach - Johnny from iPhone
You should say something! Don't let it fester any longer. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Brent Schaus
My protein macro (can't believe I'm using that term, but there you go) should be at 40%. It ain't. It's the fat that's killing me :P - Brent Schaus
Yeah, it really does (and money). It's why I'm temporarily off the wagon while I'm stressed out. Good luck with it! - Spidra Webster
Well, I usually eat out way, way too much. And end up eating way, way too many carbs. So, even though proteins are expensive, I almost never eat out these days. In the long run, i'm saving money :) - Brent Schaus
That's So CAJ!
The payroll/HR people at work are really becoming annoying. First, they say I can use December 2014 holiday hours by end of March if I wasn't able to take them. When I try to use them for time off, two of the three days got changed to PTO. PTO =/= Holiday. Oh, and that third 2014 holiday? It was deducted from my 2015 holiday total. <sigh>
The Other Yvonne
HELP! My computer is riddled with malware! I don't know how to stop it. I tried Resetting IE and running Norton Power Clean or whatever the heck it's called and it's getting worse and worse. Can anyone help? It's seriously never been this bad before. =(
My Kid hooked me up with Malware Bytes. That mostly worked. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Yvonne, do you have a boot disk? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Malware Bytes is great. - holly #ravingfangirl
I'll try to download that. Every time I press enter another window pops up. =( - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
@Stephen Mack: I'm sure there's one around here somewhere. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Can you reboot in safe mode w/o networking? - Linda M. Jose
Malware Bytes is running now. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Good sign :) Sometimes malware won't even allow that to run. - Linda M. Jose
It took FOREVER to download it since every time I pressed Enter 3 extra windows would pop up. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
And I've had to restart it over and over. Soooooo time consuming! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Success!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - The Other Yvonne
Brent Schaus
"Inherent Vice" is not playing in my city. In fact, it's not playing anywhere on Vancouver Island. Pisses me off. Where am I? Pleasantville, British Columbia? WTF?
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