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My alcoholic and abusive father left and divorced my mother when I was 11...I haven't see him in over 25 years. I grew up poor since he refused to pay child support. Now I hear that my mother is considering remarrying him. I'm speechless...
whut? - Mary Carmen
also, did you find your phone yet? - Mary Carmen
Again...I'm speechless...oh and had to get a new phone...still trying to get all the contacts back in - furrworld
Oh my, I wouldn't know how to react either, though I am sure it would be negative. - Friar Will
Yea me and my brother are just like there are no words right now... - furrworld
!! - edythe
:( - Anne Bouey
At least you're an adult. My parents, who divorced when I was 8 would still hook up from time to time and at one point mom moved back in. She left us with my drunk father. It confused and infuriated me. I have no love for my mother to this day. That warm fuzzy feeling you're supposed to have for mom, NOPE. - A Gunny named Slickback
I guess...I kinda feel like that lost kid I was at 12 again you know the kid who just shows up at the neighbors house at dinner time hoping they will have some pity and feed you cause your drunk dad took off and your mom is too busy partying all the time to even remember she has kids...ok I'm bitter. I said it. - furrworld
dude, if she wants to fuck up the remainder of her life, let her. you don't have to be a part of it. if she doesn't realize what she is doing or how it hurts others, she never will. can't change her. - Mary Carmen
I can't be a part of it and neither will my brother. - furrworld
Well there you go. Just imagine how much less complicated life will be now that you don't have to worry about her. I know it sounds harsh, but she is making a decision that has some serious consequences. - Mary Carmen
She's the only mother I got even if she is a sucky one..I will always worry about her. Classic child of an alcoholic. - furrworld
Sorry I didn't mean to minimize what you're going through I think the main point was going for was I can relate. - A Gunny named Slickback
@g dub you didn't no worries. It's sad so many people can relate to this. I appreciated your comments. :) - furrworld
<shoots you a knowing wink> - A Gunny named Slickback
=O - Shevonne
This will be an absolutely and obscenely unpopular comment, and I mean no disrespect to you, but they're living their lives. They're just two kids in love. Like the rest of us. Take the alcohol out of the equation (and, yes, I know you can't) and it's suddenly not a thing. I'm a kid and I'm a parent; I understand the absolute disconnect that occurs when children start viewing you as a mythical parent and not a kid. We're all kids. We all want love. Some of us are more desperate than others. I'm intimately familiar with this. I'm not desperate after love but I know people who are. It makes you behave irrationally. People desperately in love do really crazy things. Stuff that we can't understand although we're one action away from the exact same thing. It's upsetting. I'm with you on that. Kids rarely make good choices. This isn't one of them. I know of others. Unbelievable. - Akiva
I was thinking the same thing. Love does make people do irrational things, but then again, love isn't everything, which is something that people don't realize. Especially when you are a parent, and someone has done your child wrong, then love goes out the window. However, not everyone thinks like me, so this is when you get a scenario like this one. - Shevonne
What Shevonne just typed. I'm terrified of Rochelle's fiancé. He's going to be in control of my children. I don't at all like the feeling of powerlessness. I'm absolutely desperate trying to see him as a good father and goddamn him if all of the evidence points to yes, that he's a good father, a good man. I want to hate him for stupid reasons but I can't. I need him to be my best friend because of my kids but I'm pretty sure he wishes I was dead. He seems sympathetic but I'm convinced I'm just an irritant to his existence. But I'm not going away. I'm alive right now because of my kids. This is thoroughly uneasy. It's hard to see beyond your local scope. - Akiva
The hardest thing to do is realize your parents are people. Furworld, bounce that thought back and forth. Compassion for the failed person and disassociation with the parent part. - Janet
As much as I would like to say they are 2 crazy kids wanting to be together I will never get the memory of my drunk father viciously beating my mother in front of me when I was a child...not a smack...pounding her with his closed fists...that's not love and that's a big reason why I wont have anything todo with it. - furrworld
I'm so sorry. I know this is something very hard for you. - Shevonne
Wow, i'm sorry - Steve C, Team Marina
Knowing a lot of the backstory of this, I can say that this is not love. It is probably loneliness on both their parts. If I had to wager, I'd say more on your mom's part than your father's. You have to let your mom make her choice, just like she will have to accept the repercussions of those choices. Nothing I know of your dad makes me think he understands or comprehends what love is...he has a very messed up definition of it. Your mom seems lonely and wants someone to take care of her. You and your brother have done more than enough to be there for her. If this is what she wants, let her do it. - Mary Carmen
((((((furrworld)))))) - Half Pint