My contractor almost got into a fight with this prick who was upset cause he was parked in his space so he had the balls to try to barge into my place.
He calmed down when I told his ass that I was going to call the police and accuse him of breaking and entering. I am so pissed off right now. - Shevonne
What a jerk. - Todd Hoff
He kept saying "I now know what kind of neighbors I had." I said, "You should be saying that to yourself being that you are breaking and entering into someone's home. - Shevonne
bah... pissed that my parking space was invaded, I have decided to invade your private home to tell you about it. - Michael W. May
Hahaha exactly - Shevonne
No wonder I've been feeling weird. :P Usually a few days before and a few days after a full moon the whack jobs come out. That's what one of my friends who work in an ER told me once. - Molly Song ;)