Death is a part of life....don't jump all over me cause I'm bringing e to her coach's wake. She wants to go and this is part of the grief process. She's my kid and I will do what I think is best. Keep your damn opinion to yourself.
Ass - Mary Carmen
seriously. you're the parent. you get to decide. and nobody gets to judge. - Jenica
Amen. - Friar Will
"Lemme check my pockets for fucks...yup, empty. I got no fucks to give." - That's So CAJ!
I support this message. - Eivind
Yes. When I was eight, my teacher got sick and eventually died. My mom took me to her wake. It was a hard, but good, thing to do. - Katie
We went...it was sad. He was cremated and I think it made it easier on the kids. We waited on line for an hour to pay our respects. e is ok. I know I did the right thing by taking her....thanks for the support. :) - furrworld
Someone criticized you for that? That's ridiculous. - Katy S
I will never understand why people try to shield their children from death. I was 4 when I went to my first funeral. It was for my dad's best friend's mother who at that point was the only grandmother figure in my life. Since I had known her my entire life it was just natural for me to go. I can't say I fully understood what was happening, but my dad sat us down to explain that she had gotten sick and died and was not coming back and that this was our chance to say goodbye. - Elena
I went to numerous funerals throughout my childhood (very large extended family) and it was never a big deal in the shielding/parenting area. I have no clue why people would try and shield kids from it. It's a fact of life that will keep happening. We had tons of animal funerals too (from goldfish in the toilet on up). Losing a fish, hamster or parakeet is practically a rite of childhood. Glad you are doing what you feel is right despite others! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
I went to my grandmother's funeral at the age of 9. My parents made no attempt to shield me from it. Who ever told you to do so with your child truly was an ass. - #cryptic