A classic example of Delusion that's borderline psychotic if not already, False Consciousness, Cognitive Dissonance, Homophobia, and being a b*tch. - sofarsoShawn
I laughed when I saw that. I love that she equates marriage with sex, typical right-winger. Still can't figure out why buttsex is her only issue with marriage. - Heather
HA HA HA, really - Ludwig Ipso
Yup really, her term -> moral majority is actually IRL, it's a "christian" coalition of heavy weight televangelists: Dobson, Buchanan, Hage, this focus on the (nuclear) family group, & a bunch of mega churches + more. HRantyP this isn't even her best she's incredible :) for ex: SIDA or AIDS is God's gracious gift to gays; yup really on that on too. Like yeah I say fuck a lot but who says somethings so deeply hateful and cruel like that? ... ^ Her. Yes, RPBP, NJ's/ccoalition <3 her "straight" talk diarrhea - sofarsoShawn
I don't think 'love' means what she thinks it means. - Eivind
/sarcasm. I love her exclamation hash, Charlie, Coke-Ma, Sheen's #winning. In fact, thinking about them, her arrogant tweet speech is quite similar to Charlie Sheen, in his own world quotes. This not too surprising. - sofarsoShawn
What is she a Doctor of? Hatemongering? - Melly
I saw someone ask for her doctorate thesis, but got no response. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
If she was a local GP, I would go to her with a complaint about a sore rectum. - Melly
She isn't a medical doctor, she claims to be an ER nurse in one post. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce