Steve C, Team Marina
Drone ranger: Unmanned plane to spy on rhino poachers - -
Drone ranger: Unmanned plane to spy on rhino poachers -
"But now bosses at Ol Pejeta are planning to test an innovative solution to supplement their security efforts for the protection of the endangered animals: unmanned aerial drones that will help monitor and track wildlife across the reserve night and day, as well as providing immediate notifications over the presence of poachers. Last week, the Kenyan conservancy successfully concluded its campaign to raise $35,000 via crowd-funding website Indiegogo to help it buy its first drone from U.S. company Unmanned Innovation Inc. The electrically powered "aerial ranger," with a final cost of about $70,000, will be fitted with a high-definition camera featuring a powerful zoom for day operations and infrared thermal imaging for night flights." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Good use of technology originally developed for military and crowd-funding. - Steve C, Team Marina