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California prisons to block use of smuggled cellphones - -
California prisons to block use of smuggled cellphones -
"A private company has agreed to pay millions to install technology in California prisons to block Web searches, text messages and phone calls by inmates using smuggled phones. The deal won't cost taxpayers a dime, state officials insist, because the company, Global Tel Link, also owns the traditional pay phones prisoners can legally use. Company officials are betting that once the contraband cell devices are disabled, demand for pay phones will skyrocket. Like other states, California is battling a plague of phones smuggled to inmates. Many are used by lonely prisoners to stay in touch with family and friends, but they've also been used to run criminal enterprises on the streets, organize assaults on guards and intimidate witnesses, prison officials say." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
The payoff for the firm is expected to come entirely from increased demand. Last year, a one-day test of a similar system at a single California prison intercepted more than 4,000 attempts to place calls, send text messages or access the Internet, prison officials said. - Steve C, Team Marina
I know it's tough to get anyone worked up over prisoner's rights, but some of the monopoly phone service deals set up in prisons are evil. See, for example, this article: - Stephen Mack