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Steve C, Team Marina
Cyndy Garvey Sues UCLA Over Master’s Program Tuition Scheme -
Cyndy Garvey Sues UCLA Over Master’s Program Tuition Scheme
"Cyndy Garvey has sued the UCLA over a Master’s Program tuition costs. Cyndy Garvey, the ex-wife of former Major League Baseball star Steve Garvey, says she was hit last year with a $20,000 tax lien for an unpaid debt to the school. The reason why Cyndy Garvey is suing UCLA is because she allegedly was offered a special deal by college officials at the UCLA. In return for her “celebrity status,” which includes hosting The Morning Show with Regis Philbin, UCLA supposedly offered to pay for the cost of her education if she enrolled in a Master’s Program at the university’s Public Health school." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Does she have any signed documents on this agreement? Otherwise, good luck. - Jessie
I was really hoping this was about someone suing them for their "professional degree" surcharge. - Jessie
Fuck public universities offering "special deals" to celebrities. Fuck. That. Noise. - Spidra Webster
^ Also, this. The degree is not that expensive for a celebrity. At the time I was there it was around $50k. Probably a lot more now but still well within the bounds of what someone like this could afford. She did not need to make that deal to get an education. - Jessie
For a second there I was bummed I forgot to DM this to you Jessie, but I'm glad I could still get ya riled indirectly. UCI>UCLA - Steve C, Team Marina