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Steve C, Team Marina
Going to first Clippers game soon. Taking the Blue Metro Line. The "pimp's and ho's" line. It's like Christmas morning taking that route as I never know till I get onboard if I'm the pimp or the ho that evening.
Should be a good game. Portland beat the Clippers yesterday. - Rodfather
Box seats. I was definitely the ho for those seats. - Steve C, Team Marina
I can't hear "Blue Line" without thinking of this song: - Spidra Webster
hah that's a new one for me Spidra - Steve C, Team Marina
Oh, shoot. I just assumed they had the right sample up there. That's another song on the same album. Unfortunately, no one seems to have uploaded it to YouTube. It really is a song (almost doo-wop style) about the Metro Blue Line. - Spidra Webster