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Steve C Team Marina
Fallon's epic battle with Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani - -
Fallon's epic battle with Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani -
"So what happens when "The Tonight Show" host has two popular singers perform songs by not actually singing? A whole bunch of awesome, apparently. The setup is simple: Each celebrity contestant selects a song and then lip-syncs a snippet. Shelton kicked it off with Taco's '80s hit "Puttin' on the Ritz," including some faux tap dancing. That was followed by Fallon's version of Ellie Goulding's "Burn," and Stefani ended the round with Call Me Maybe" - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Louis Gray
Five years later, I still point people to the FriendFeed changelog as an example of best practices for transparency.
"Description: too tired to finish this right now" lol - Brent Schaus
^ Sleep is unproductive and a waste of time. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
"steampunk tweaks from kevin" - Steve C Team Marina
"Because I have to stop working now, computer is going away :(" - L'Andre
That is strangely fascinating - Laura Norvig from iPhone
At first I was all "Ooh, I haven't looked at this for years." But then I was all "Since August of 2009, in fact." - Slippy
That changelog is a beautiful thing. - Sean McBride
Karina’s been playing happily in her room for the past two hours. I’m concerned about how much stuff I’ll have to clean up in there.
Steve C Team Marina
Metro yanks Fox TV show bus ads branded as racist, offensive to women - LA Times -
Metro yanks Fox TV show bus ads branded as racist, offensive to women - LA Times
"The ads for the series that premiered this week show actress Octavia Spencer next to the words “Scary Bitch.” Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Mark Littman said the agency decided to remove the ad because that label “denigrates women.”"....." Littman said CBS Outdoor, which handles the agency’s advertising contract, usually flags possibly questionable ads for review, but these were not flagged." - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
I just saw the ad on Twitter. The fact the white girl was labeled "Mean Girl" shows how normalized it is to just called black women 'bitches'. - Anika
Steve C Team Marina
Iranian youth behind 'Happy' video sentenced - MSN Music News -
Iranian youth behind 'Happy' video sentenced - MSN Music News
"TEHRAN, Iran (AP) Six young Iranian men and women videotaped dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" and the homemade video's director have been sentenced to suspended jail terms and lashes, their lawyer said Friday. The Iranians' case attracted international attention when they were detained in May for participating in a production deemed indecent by hard-liners in Iran. The video showed the men and women, none of whom wore obligatory headscarves, dancing together in sunglasses and silly clothes on Tehran rooftops and alleyways. Lawyer Farshid Rofugaran said the seven received suspended sentences of six months in jail and 91 lashes each. He said the suspended jail term was punishment for acting in the video and the lashes for ignoring Islamic norms." - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"The suspended sentences mean that verdicts against the defendants won't be carried out unless they commit crimes and are found guilty in the next three years. "My clients did act in a video and their actions are contrary to religious requirements but are not crimes to deserve legal punishment. Saying prayers is a religious obligation in Islam but no one gets jail terms for not saying... more... - Soup in a TARDIS
Orangutans create a wide variety of tools in the wild, including umbrellas made from repurposed leaves. What intelligent animal behavior impresses you the most? -
Orangutans create a wide variety of tools in the wild, including umbrellas made from repurposed leaves. What intelligent animal behavior impresses you the most?
Orangutans create a wide variety of tools in the wild, including umbrellas made from repurposed leaves. What intelligent animal behavior impresses you the most?
این سایت چه سایت خوبیه کلن. مرسی - جواد
خواهش میکنم. یکی از سایتهای موردعلاقه خودم هم هست. - Mahdi
I swear the first picture is an uncle of mine. - Steve C Team Marina
Steve, I think we have the same uncle :) - Mahdi
Oklahoma City man arrested for washing himself with mayonnaise in public fountain - -
Oklahoma City man arrested for washing himself with mayonnaise in public fountain -
"One man was arrested for using mayonnaise to wash himself in a public fountain. Oklahoma City police say they received complaints about the man who was said to be bathing at Reno and Mickey Mantle. Officers reported finding Jorge Arturo Perez, 23, soaking wet and breathing hard in the city fountain. Perez told the police he was taking a bath in the fountain and was washing his hair with mayonnaise." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Ketchup is better at getting smells out. - Steve C Team Marina
Steve C Team Marina
Antidepressants rapidly alter brain architecture, study finds - LA Times -
Antidepressants rapidly alter brain architecture, study finds - LA Times
Show all
" A single dose of a popular class of psychiatric drug used to treat depression can alter the brain’s architecture within hours, even though most patients usually don’t report improvement for weeks, a new study suggests. More than 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. use these drugs, which adjust the availability of a chemical transmitter in the brain, serotonin, by blocking the way it is reabsorbed. The so-called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, or SSRIs, include Prozac, Lexapro, Celexa, Paxil and Zoloft." - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"The findings could be a first step toward figuring out whether a relatively simple brain scan might one day help psychiatrists distinguish between those who respond to such drugs and those who don’t, an area of mystery and controversy in depression treatment." - Steve C Team Marina
اولی چه خنگ و خوبه :)) - nejat
جا داره دیسلایک ِ لینک توهین آمیز بدم به این فیدت. تنها و تنها لایک میزنم برای خودت که فیدهات همیشه شاد و مثبت و از همه مهم تر خوشمزه! است :دی - آریــوبرزن
Do you know the film Elephant man ? - moreya
آره نجات اولی خیلی فانی شده :)) - Mahdi
آریو جان یعنی فیل ها اینقدر مقدس هستند. ممنون از لایک. به نظر میاد که شما از فیل دوست های حرفه ای هستید. البته من خودم هم هستم :) - Mahdi
Moreya, I have not seen the Elephant man which this movie is older than me. :) - Mahdi
You must see the film Elephant Man - moreya
I will watch it, Thank you for suggestion. - Mahdi
عشق ما به فیل سخن امروز و دیروز نیست رفیق :)) - آریــوبرزن
moreya! the 'elephant man' movie is not about elephants at all! its abt a man with deformed and scary face and a very kind-hearted doctor! its ofcourse a masterpiece by David Lynch but why do you suggest it under a link about elephants? :) - آریــوبرزن
ehehehe because the name of the film is about elephant :p - moreya
I think the first elephant mug would make an excellent glass bead from Shannon. - Steve C Team Marina
Moreya, there are several movies which used elephant name in their title like "elephant", "elephant in dark room", "the blue elephant", "elephant song", "the elephant princess" and so many more. I think you can watch all of them :) - Mahdi
عه عه لیوان فیلی. رونوشت به گیص ^.^ - زی
Steve, good for Shannon :) - Mahdi
زی اتفاقا صب میخاستم بت رونوشت بدم:)))) - گیص فرفرونҨҩ from Android
Steve C Team Marina
Craig Ferguson says he used to drop acid with Doctor Who - LA Times -
Craig Ferguson says he used to drop acid with Doctor Who - LA Times
""When the rest of the guys were at Emerson or Harvard or doing stuff like that, I was taking acid in the back of a van with the guy who ended up playing the Doctor," Ferguson said. The Dreamboys was a Glasgow-based punk band that featured Capaldi on lead guitar and vocals and Ferguson on drums. According to the BBC, the band released a three-song vinyl album in 1980, but the group didn't remain together for long. As Ferguson notes, the band unfortunately, shared a title with the most successful male stripper act in Britain. "We didn't strip," Ferguson said. "We should have, but we didn't."" - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
I actually knew that! He's discussed in Ferguson's autobiography - Soup in a TARDIS
I had no idea -- but the first episode of the season (the only one I've seen so far) I kept thinking that Capaldi was channeling CraigeyFerg! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Looks like that group of strippers is still around: - Spidra Webster
Steve C Team Marina
JetBlue flight forced to make emergency landing in Long Beach - LA Times -
JetBlue flight forced to make emergency landing in Long Beach - LA Times
If you're counting at home it takes 6 news helicopters overhead to report everything was fine and there is nothing to see here. #frickinloud - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
We had quite a few copters in town today, too, as they were hunting burglars. Overkill. - Spidra Webster
Map: Kindergarten Requirements Nationwide -
Map: Kindergarten Requirements Nationwide
"States that require school districts to offer kindergarten differ on whether they must offer a full-day or half-day program, which could be as short as 2.5 hours a day. Districts often choose to offer a full-day program even when the state does not mandate it, with the funding coming from local revenue or fees charged to parents. In other cases, such as in Minnesota, districts may receive state funding for full-day kindergarten but are not required to offer it." - Anika from Bookmarklet
I think we're getting very close on full-day becoming far more standard, and better funded. - Jennifer Dittrich
I didn't know half-day kinder was still a thing. When my brother started kinder in '89, it was full day. Not all public schools offer kindergarten, but they're usually full day. My son's school lost their funding for Head Start, but the IB program requires they offer a pre-k, so they have Transitional Kindergarten which is half-day and partially funded by the district. - Anika
It seems really split here, with urban schools far more likely to have full-day, and rural with more half-day. It isn't fully funded, so if the district doesn't have the cash, you don't do it. Our county is mixed, so some schools have it and some don't - which means that you get that weird competitive kindergarten shuffling from parents to get their kids in the 'right' one, even if their local school doesn't offer it. - Jennifer Dittrich
Kindergarten around here is still split Anika, One friend in Cerritos is half day. One friend in LB is full day. - Steve C Team Marina
At public schools? I know Montessori and many private schools have half-day, but LBUSD follows LAUSD closely and also offers the half-day Transitional Kinder, while Kinder is full. - Anika
In my county, they're almost all half-day and a lot of people fight the idea of full-day kindergarten, usually with the argument that kids that young can't handle a full day. It's almost always a "think of the poor children" argument As it is, a lot more people seem to be waiting year to enroll their kids in kindergarten. I imagine even more would wait to enroll their kids if it went to a full day. But, people here don't like change, either. - Katy S
That's interesting. I thought kindergarten was required in Idaho. Everyone I knew attended. We had full-day kindergarten there. In New Mexico, my oldest had half-day kindergarten but the school changed to full-day kindergarten by the time my second son attended. - Jenny H. from Android
Simply Caroline
Dear stalker. You not only violated my privacy but the privacy of my friends. I'm pretty approachable online you didn't have to steal my #
What about Scotland Yard?
It will now just be Yard - Steve C Team Marina
Let's not speculate about what it means that my lucky bamboo is dying.
If it helps we had two die and then the boy was born. I don't know what that means. - Steve C Team Marina
I Was An Extra On The Sleepy Hollow Set, And Here's What I Learned -
I Was An Extra On The Sleepy Hollow Set, And Here's What I Learned
"Action! The AD walks up behind my co-visitors, leans in DURING THE SCENE and whispers, "OK after he's done talking, just walk in front of the camera." I instinctually decline. He smiles and says, "OK, now." The silent club becomes a reverberating nightmare echo chamber of my shoes clomping around. I walk past the two actors mid-scene with a look that my cat gives when she's leaning back to bite me. "Maybe you'll be a wipe," someone suggests. I'm sorry, America." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Hah that was hilarious. "Action! Another journalist sits a few spaces down the bar from me, this clever devil has developed cues and interactions with other extras far beyond my own. His character mutely gestures to the lovely co-ed at the bar, asking her if she'd like a drink. She declines. He continues this pantomime every, single, take. It's the Groundhog Day of rejection. " - Steve C Team Marina "[Ichabod] smells of flannel and lavender. I AM NOT JOKING." *runs off to buy scented candles* - Jessie
*breathes in* - Katy S from iPhone
Monique Judge
First morning this week we aren't already burning 🔥 in hell by 9am.
To be fair we might still be in hell it might just be a different level. - Steve C Team Marina
High of 88 up here. I fear swimming season might be over - unheated pool means high of 95* or water is unbearable. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Lmao Steve, no joke. Mary, you guys are only getting to 88 today? Wow! - Monique Judge
We were supposed to get to 78 today, but then I heard 76 and now I'm guessing it won't even hit that since it's 65 at nearly 1pm. This is the warm day this week, too... - WebGoddess
Oh, Robin. That sucks. Monique, that's right - and it was 97 yesterday, over 100 Mon and Tues. Upper 80s, low 90s the next ten days - tennis tomorrow AM is going to be glorious. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Daily goal 103.1% achieved on 2014-09-17! 1031.2 of 1000 points earned via Misfit
Misfit? - Betsy
Misfit Shine it's a fitness tracker that's water resistant. I can swim with it! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Misfit - it's that thing where Zulema straps a midget to her wrist and uses it as a flotation device. - Steve C Team Marina
^Also that. Yes. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
<3 Steve - Heather
Andrew C (✔)
RT @shrillcosby: Dude is a New York Times political reporter who studied history at Yale.
RT @shrillcosby: Dude is a New York Times political reporter who studied history at Yale.
Wow, just. Honestly, I've got nothing. - Jennifer Dittrich
Wut. How does anyone get out of college not knowing that in some form or fashion? - Hookuh Tinypants
I think that's sixth grade Shakespeare if I remember correctly - Steve C Team Marina
A lot of grade/middle/high schools leave "The Merchant of Venice" out of the curriculum in favor of plays with less antisemitism, but I'd expect someone with a vaguely related humanities degree to at least know the historical use of the term. - Jennifer Dittrich
We never read it in high school, and my college Shakespeare class didn't read that play. Still, I've I've known the reference since I was a teen. - Katy S from iPhone
Yeah, that's the other part of it - it was something I knew long before I read the play (though I did that on my own in HS,) and the character was specifically discussed in our AP English Lit class (along with several others for works we didn't have time to read.) - Jennifer Dittrich
His ignorance of the term is shocking. - Stephen Mack
Had to look up context of this comment. Oh, Joe Biden /facepalm - Victor Ganata
Just in case it saves someone some searching: - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I really, truly can't recall this term. You can color me ignorant, but I don't seek it out. - Eric - Poppa Large
I guess I'm doubly ignorant: Not only do I not know what the term means, I wasn't aware of the controversy. - Brian Johns
^this - ETA - that said, I don't know that I've ever even heard the term "shylock", so I certainly wouldn't have used it in any context. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
But it was John Travolta in that weird movie with uma therman. Not just Shakespeare. C'mon! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
All the shylocks I know are Italian, not Jewish. - April Russo
Morton Fox
Well, it’s my birthday and also National Cheeseburger Day! Although a cheeseburger with a candle on it might be a bit weird. :)
Happy birthday! - LB: Unable to Can from Android
You could always get one of those cakes they sell at Martin's/Giant grocery stores (not sure if you have those out your way - if not, one of your grocery stores might have them) that looks like a cheeseburger. They look like they're crazy-heavy on the icing, though. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
My nephew had a cheeseburger cake last year. It was yummy! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday!! - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
w00t! :) - Steven Perez
Happy birthday! - Kevin Johnson from Android
Happy Cheesebirthday! - Steve C Team Marina
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
We must all observe this. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Happy Cheezburger to you - WarLord
Happy birthday! We're having the Sacramento Burger Battle today so I shall raise a burger high in your honor! - Corinne L
Yvonne Renee
So, exactly how many new shows are there about superheroes? Gotham? Flash? Already watching Agents of Shield... I need to get my TiVo going!
No, seriously... Are there any others I should know about? - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I've really liked Arrow, but that one's not new :) - Jennifer Dittrich
I think there are a few more then that actually coming this year hmm Jed might know - Steve C Team Marina
We WERE watching Arrow, but he kept making annoying choices. So we gave up. :-/ - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
holly #ravingfangirl
"Dear Loan Arrangers" WELP, got my new ILL band name. ;)
my ILL band name will be Loan Avengers, because that's how I read it. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I saw Loan Avengers too! Lol! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
As a fan of weeding, I like The Culling Crew. - Katy S from iPhone
Hi ho silver dollars away! Shouts the mighty Loan Arranger. - Steve C Team Marina
Somewhere Kanye West is furious he didn't come in ahead of all of that. - Steve C Team Marina
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Scott's post reminded me to update y'all: derm office called yesterday to say the spot they biopsied on my behind was benign. no skin cancer on the backside for me. and thank goodness b/c I would never have lived that down.
Woohoo! Squeaky clean butt! - Spidra Webster
Bottoms up to the clean bum! - Steve C Team Marina
It would have been a pain in the butt. - John (bird whisperer)
Yay!!! <insert witty bum quip here> - Jenny H. from Android
Yay!!! <you can put that all behind you now> - Todd Hoff
I love you all. You know that right? - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
something something bum's rush. yay! - Betsy
And don't let your derm office account get into arrears. - Joe
something something booty butt checks... glad you're okay, doll. - MoTO: Team Marina
Steven Perez
Whoever ordered the monsoon for me: thanks, but I distinctly said "BLIZZARD".
Even in the AC it's getting sticky - Steve C Team Marina
And now the rain is gone and the air is super humid. Fun. :P - Steven Perez
Steve C Team Marina
Patrick Stewart makes fan's wish come true - -
Patrick Stewart makes fan's wish come true -
Is there a better surprise for a Trekkie than a visit from Patrick Stewart? The actor took some time out from his appearance at Atlanta's Dragon Con on August 29 to meet a fan named Dawn Garrigus. The young girl has mitochondrial disease and asked to meet Stewart through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Stewart talked with her for a while, signed autographs and gave her a heartwarming hug - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Here's Why Longsword Fighting Is Now A Popular Sport -
Here's Why Longsword Fighting Is Now A Popular Sport
"If you love sword battles in your fantasy films, then this emerging sport may be perfect for you. Called longsword fighting, it's a revival of a once-forgotten ancient skill. There's been a renewed interest in what enthusiasts call historical European martial arts, or HEMA. It includes such things as grappling and several types of swordfighting. But it's the longsword that's getting much of the attention." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I found your activity to replace reading! - Jessie
I'm still holding out for jousting for Soup - Steve C Team Marina
I've wanted so badly to learn how to sword fight! - Jenny H. from Android
Dude, I'd rock at jousting. - Soup in a TARDIS
Steve C Team Marina
Social media sleuths aid gay couple beating probe -
Social media sleuths aid gay couple beating probe
"Police searching for a group of suspects in the beating of a gay couple say they got an assist from social media users, and a defense lawyer said Wednesday that some of them were turning themselves in for questioning. A security video of the group strolling downtown was posted by police Tuesday and set the online community to work. Within hours, a Twitter user posted a photo of the well-dressed men and women gathered at a restaurant. Another got help figuring out which restaurant, used Facebook to find people who had "checked in" there and started matching faces to names. "This is how Twitter is supposed to work for cops," Philadelphia police Detective Joe Murray tweeted late Tuesday as the crowd-sourced investigation exploded online" - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Steve C Team Marina
Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me - YouTube -
Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me - YouTube
Spidra comment spurred my Peter Gabriel instincts alive again. - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Steve C Team Marina
L.A. schools police will return grenade launchers but keep rifles, armored vehicle - LA Times -
L.A. schools police will return grenade launchers but keep rifles, armored vehicle - LA Times
"The Los Angeles School Police Department, which serves the nation's second-largest school system, will return three grenade launchers but intends to keep 61 rifles and a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicle it received through the program." - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"In Stockton, the school police department was given less-controversial equipment — including a podium, an exercise bike and a pair of televisions." - Steve C Team Marina
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