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Steve C, Team Marina
My brother visited for a bit yesterday. He looks a lot like me only clean shaven. 7 month old was highly confused as to where the fuzzy face went and kept grabbing his chin and giving him a WTF look. :)
Hah that's great bentley (via zu) it wasn't that dramatic but close. :) - Steve C, Team Marina
I just noticed there are a few "baby meets daddy's twin brother" videos on YouTube. - bentley
Taipei avoids ‘vulgar’ station name - Taipei Times -
"Taipei’s MRT system began featuring Hoklo and Hakka announcements of the Taipei Arena (小巨蛋) station name on Sunday, following months of controversy over whether translations could be provided for the station. Since the station opened in November, it has been the exception to the Taipei MRT’s practice of announcing station names in four languages: Mandarin, Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), Hakka and English. Instead of employing Hoklo and Hakka, the system until Sunday repeated the station’s name in Mandarin twice, which netizens described as “needle skipping.” The system did not initially broadcast the station’s name in Hoklo because it sounded “inelegant,” said Chou Hsiang-kuei (周湘魁) a division chief at the Department of Rapid Transit Systems." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The original pronunciation used by Chen was “disgraceful” and “vulgar,” using an oral pronunciation for the Chinese characters that made the place name sound like a Hoklo term for “testicles,” said Maggy Yan (張嘉讌) a lecturer in medical Hoklo at the Taipei Medical University, who advised the Department of Rapid Transportation Systems on the new broadcast. “Hoklo pronunciation can be... more... - Jessie
"The original pronunciation used by Chen was “disgraceful” and “vulgar,” using an oral pronunciation for the Chinese characters that made the place name sound like a Hoklo term for “testicles." Way to bury the lede there, Taipei Times. - Jessie
"Thank you for riding, you are now arriving at the Testicles." - Steve C, Team Marina
"You are now arriving at Testicles. Please mind the gap." - Jessie
"Upon arrival at Testicles please give a little tug." - Steve C, Team Marina
"Thank you for riding the tube. Please depart at the Testicles to avoid serious injury." - Steve C, Team Marina
Anybody want a toddler for the day?
Pass :) Infant is enough work without strapping rockets to them - Steve C, Team Marina
this is awesome guys!
I just think its an awesome idea. I dont have anything worth putting on here (broke college kid) but its so cool to see it - Marissa
Marissa, you can always help us clear out our closets! :) - joey
Christina Pikas
aw man. next house over was foreclosed and is standing empty. it's supposed to be "winterized" but water is pouring out of the walls - literally. I'm guessing sprinkler piping burst over the upstairs. I called the company but they've got to be losing hundreds of gallons of water. and all the new carpeting the company put into it.
Yikes :( - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
Ouch. =( - rönin
:( Do you know how/ where to turn the water off at the street? - Steve C, Team Marina
I'd have to scrape away snow, pull off an access thing and stick something down there to do it at he street. Husband thought he could get in and I asked when I called and they said not to - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Well listed for sale. No mention of anything. Still at least 100k over market. Husband says you can see the bedroom ceilings are down from the window. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Taiwanese woman blows up toilet trying to kill cockroach | Metro News -
Taiwanese woman blows up toilet trying to kill cockroach | Metro News
"When a young female employee at a clean-up firm in Taiwan was called to an office and stumbled upon a cockroach, she didn’t hesitate to act. First, she squashed the bug with a swift thwack of her shoe. Next, she wrapped the cockroach in tissue paper and crushed it. Then she set it on fire." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Just to make sure it was gone for good, she then tossed the cockroach into the toilet – forgetting that she’d just cleaned it. The result of the flaming cockroach and the cocktail of detergents in the toilet bowl was an extremely potent homemade explosive, which promptly went off a bang – blowing the toilet apart and stunning an office full of employees next outside." - Jessie
Due diligence. - Micah from FFHound!
"BURN IT WITH FIRE" usually is not a good idea. - John (bird whisperer)
Would've been doubly awesome if the cockroach survived all that. - rönin from FFHound!
Given what I've seen of roaches in Taiwan, I think that's entirely possible. - Jessie
Completely reasonable approach to the situation i'd say - Steve C, Team Marina
What's your best and worst automobile purchase?
My current car - a Yaris. The car before this one - a Scion (not because it was a bad car, but I let the salesman talk me into buying it as a used car instead of getting the car model I have now). - Friar Will
Best: my first new car, 1991 Honda Civic. Worst: 1988 Merkur Scorpio that replaced said Honda when it was stolen. - Bren from iPhone
Best my current Buick Enclave Worst Mercury mini van which combined bad function with a lease that was worst possible customer experience - WarLord
Best: Buick Rendezvous; Worst: Plymouth Horizon - Kevin Johnson
In the early 90's i bought a Hyundai Excel. a small hatchback. the transmission would fail, and get stuck in 1st. I would have turn the car off to fix. I wanted a reboot button on the dash. Fortunately I now have a 2004 Toyota Highlander (bought it new) that has a few good years left in it. It is like the opposite of that Hyundai. - Mike Nencetti
Best was the '92 Jetta we got in 2000. Worst was the MINI we got in '02. Jetta got stolen which is why we got the MINI. - Anika
Worst was a 1992 Plymouth Sundance manual tranny. Best was a 1989 a Dodge Colt Mitsubishi clone manual tranny. Loved that car maybe because it was my first car. - Joe
Best- 2000 Honda Accord (it has over 300k and is still running). Worst- 1982 Volvo sedan (man, I loved that boxy piece of shit, but it was too expensive to keep fixing it). - Jenny H. from Android
aw...I almost named my 1979 Volvo 240 (DL, I think?) wagon as my best car purchase ever! I loved my Volvo. - Bren
:) - Jenny H. from Android
Best purchase: My ~2000 Ford Focus. It had like 30,000 miles on it, and had only ever been driven around town by an elderly lady. I got it in 2004 or 2005 for ~$8,000. Sadly, I totalled it about a year later, but I got $6-7,000 from the insurance company for it. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Worst purchase (by proxy): When I bought the replacement for that Focus (which happened to be a 2006 Focus), the wife bought a used Kia Spectra (about 2 years old). After we signed all of the paperwork, etc. and drove off the lot, we looked through the glove box of the Spectra and found that they actually sold it to us used for about $2-3,000 above the price it sold for new. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Best: 2005 Honda Civic EX, because each new Civic has been better. Worst: '95 (?) Nissan Sentra, the only non-Honda we've ever owned (my wife's car, replaced by a Civic a few years later). Not a terrible car, but a disappointment by comparison. - Walt Crawford
Worst: my 2006 Focus. From about the time it came out of warranty it was problematic. Consistent electrical problems, 3 or 4 alternators in a year, and no one could find the problem. My best is a tie: my first car purchase was a 1994 Suzuki Swift. Completely unsafe, black car with no air conditioning, but so much fun to drive, and incredibly reliable. I sold it, but apparently it's... more... - ellbeecee
Best: my 2006 Toyota Highlander. Worst: Don't have one. I've only had two cars and the 1996 Toyota Corolla I had was a good car until I was t-boned by an old bat and everything went to hell with it. - Kristin
Best 2002 Subaru WRX. Worst: hmm don't have one maybe Mitsubishi 3000GT by default as it's only car I ever had mechanical issues with. - Steve C, Team Marina
Nellie Oleson
RT @hotterthanjuly: A white girl named Miesha. I've truly seen it all.
The only Miesha that comes up when I look on Google is a white woman, Miesha Tate, 28 year old MMA fighter. Maybe the girl is named after her? - bentley
Further searching tells me that Miesha is a Russian name and an Arabic name. - bentley
Yes I'm confused Miesha is a Russian name. Why wouldn't they be white? - Steve C, Team Marina
It may be in the pronunciation. Black girls are "My-eesha," and white girls tend to be -"Meesha "in my experience - Nellie Oleson from Android
Ah, that makes so much sense. I was pronouncing it more "Meesha" in my head, because that's what I've been familiar with. There are a few other names like that, where the pronunciation seems to make a huge difference towards identifying the background. - Jennifer Dittrich
The Other Yvonne
Logan's a celebrity! This is our Sunnyvale Activity Guide.
That's awesome! - Stephen Mack
Royalties! You are rich I tell you, rich! - Steve C, Team Marina
It's amazing how much of tap class I spend trying not to kick myself in the shins.
Shin guards, they aren't just for soccer anymore - Steve C, Team Marina
At least the routine is cute. Well, it's cute when the instructor does it. So it's only cute if you're a professional and hugely pregnant. But still. - Jessie
Steve C, Team Marina
Sugary drinks are causing early puberty in girls, study says -
Sugary drinks are causing early puberty in girls, study says
"Researchers analyzed data from 5,583 girls in the Growing up Today Study (GUTS), surveying American children from 1996 to 2001, beginning when they were between the ages of 9 to 14. The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, found that girls were 24% more likely to start menarche (their first menstrual cycle) in the next month if they drank at least 1.5 servings of sugar-sweetened drinks a day than if they drank no more than two servings per week. This correlation was true for the carbonated drinks with added sugars, but not for drinks with natural sugars like fruit juice, says Karin Michels, a co-author and associate professor at Harvard Medical School. This study did not examine the underlying reasons for this, but according to Michels, it’s probably because the natural sugar in fruit juice has less of an effect on insulin levels and changes to hormonal metabolism the sugar often added to carbonated drinks." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Steve C, Team Marina
Mom: Family that refused vaccination put my baby in quarantine - -
Mom: Family that refused vaccination put my baby in quarantine -
"One of the most contagious viruses on Earth, measles can hang in the air or on surfaces for hours. If she'd contracted the disease, Livia could become deaf or even die. "We were really freaking out and really worried," Jennifer Simon said. Then the Simons learned from a doctor that the child in the doctor's office had contracted measles because his parents had refused vaccination. Livia, just 6 months old, is too young to be vaccinated. "I'm angry," Simon said. "I've been upset that someone else's personal choice has impacted us so much." In Alameda County, where Simon lives, nine infants were in quarantine as of Tuesday night because of the measles outbreak, a spokeswoman said." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"A happy baby, she doesn't seem to mind being at home, but it's disrupted the Simons' life and cost them money, as the couple had to miss work for several days and then bring Jennifer's mother in from Houston to stay home with Livia. When asked what she would say to parents of the unvaccinated child, she said she would first ask whether their child was doing OK. Then she would ask them a question: "Hey, you guys, what do you think about vaccines now?" " - Steve C, Team Marina
How nice that the doctor's office called to warn them. Would have been even nicer if the doctor had refused to accept unvaccinated patients. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I vaguely wonder if they could sue in civil court for the lost wages/expenses. That would make an interesting precedent. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Steve C, Team Marina
I have already learned a lot from MoTO's get to know Soup conversation. Mainly that I AM THE INNER BITCH. I couldn't be prouder that my lack of filter now has a diagnosis!
So glad it was edifying ;) - Soup in a TARDIS
Just "Inner"? *runs* - MoTO Boychick Devil
and thanks for the reference - MoTO Boychick Devil
That's just it MoTO I bring the Inner Bitch out, I outed the Innner Bitch. I am Outer Inner Bitch! - Steve C, Team Marina
"I am Outer Inner Bitch!" There are times I worry about you, Steve. - Anika
That needs to be put on a sampler, people - Soup in a TARDIS
Steve C, Team Marina
30 babies under isolation as measles outbreak hits Bay Area - LA Times -
30 babies under isolation as measles outbreak hits Bay Area - LA Times
"Thirty babies have been placed under home isolation in Alameda County after possible exposure to measles linked to a holiday outbreak at Disneyland last month. Officials with the Alameda County Public Health Department asked the parents of the infants to keep their children at home to avoid further exposure to the contagious illness, department spokeswoman Sherri Willis said. The babies are not infected, Willis said, but had some contact or connection to the measles patients in Alameda County." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Start countdown for first measles deaths in CA from the youngest innocents. - Steve C, Team Marina
Taking medical advice from a Playboy centerfold... #whatcouldpossiblygowrong - WarLord
Feeding Karina apples is the best thing ever. She likes them and they take her FOREVER to eat. So she’s happy and busy for a LONG time. :)
Steve C, Team Marina
Sam Smith Will Pay Tom Petty Royalties for "Stay With Me" -
Sam Smith Will Pay Tom Petty Royalties for "Stay With Me"
"Tom Petty has been given a songwriting credit for Sam Smith's hit song "Stay With Me." Petty and collaborator Jeff Lynne were added to the song credits after Petty's team noticed a likeness between Smith's song and Petty's "I Won't Back Down." When the Petty camp reached out to Smith's representatives, they settled the matter amicably and agreed that Petty and Lynne will receive royalties." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Steve C, Team Marina
Two neighbors lost their homes to foreclosure this month. Though the banks say they will work with you these days it's not true in CA. There are too many investors lined up to buy any property they know they have a way to get and even make money on their bad loans right now.
One neighbor had been there 40 years. I'm not sure what refinance they did to still have a mortgage they couldn't pay, he still worked full time. - Steve C, Team Marina
The banks have been caught red-handed turning people out of their homes even when they're *up-to-date* on their mortgages. And the feds seem to be doing NOTHING about it. At the time the US was bailing the financial industry out, I thought I saw the point because of all the jobs that depended on it. But after what they've done, with impunity, and then turning around and having NO sympathy or gratitude to the US public - fuck them. Let them burn. - Spidra Webster
I'm sorry to hear about your neighbors. It's a hard experience. My sister is a paralegal working with commercial real estate. She's told me that FHA and Fannie Mae never supported refinancing of troubled mortgages, despite the government programs. - Greg GuitarBuster
Jennifer Dittrich
San Jose Earthquakes to face rivals LA Galaxy in soft opening of Avaya Stadium on February 28 | -
San Jose Earthquakes to face rivals LA Galaxy in soft opening of Avaya Stadium on February 28 |
"The San Jose Earthquakes will open Avaya Stadium with a friendly against a big-name opponent – from the same state. In announcing their preseason schedule on Thursday, the Earthquakes included a Feb. 28 friendly against 'California Clásico' rivals LA Galaxy, to be played at Avaya Stadium before a crowd limited to 10,000, essentially a soft opening for the venue. Earthquakes season ticket holders will have the first opportunity to buy tickets for the friendly. The stadium's first official game will be March 22 against the Chicago Fire and will be televised by FOX Sports 1. Tickets for that match have already sold out to the general public, with some tickets still available as part of season ticket packages." - Jennifer Dittrich from Bookmarklet
Ahh they're gonna lose the first game in new stadium, how sad. :) - Steve C, Team Marina
Eh. Early "friendlies" are such a crap shoot anyway. - Jennifer Dittrich
Sarah G.
I apparently need to make clear that when talking about Elmer, it is @emasters and not E.L.M.E.R. computer program.
Or Elmer Borden. - bentley
I thought it was the glue - Steve C, Team Marina
and one glue to bind them all. - bentley
Steve C, Team Marina
Scientists upload a worm's mind into a Lego robot - -
Scientists upload a worm's mind into a Lego robot -
Scientists upload a worm's mind into a Lego robot -
"A humble roundworm is leading the race in artificial intelligence, showing that it may be possible one day to upload our brains to a computer. Called the Open Worm Project, the research brings together scientists and programmers from around the world with the aim of recreating the behavior of the common roundworm (Caenorhabditis elegans) in a machine. The open source project recently had its first major breakthrough when its software -- modeled on the neurons of the worm's nervous system -- independently controlled a Lego robot. The machine's sensors, without any prior programming, made the robot behave in a similar fashion to C. elegans, approaching and backing away from obstacles or stimulated by food." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
"With the worm's nose neurons replaced by a sonar sensor and the motor neurons running down both sides of the worm replicated on the left and right motors of the Lego bot, the robot could emulate the worm's biological wiring." - Steve C, Team Marina
Andrew C (✔)
RT @nytstyles: In-flight Wi-Fi has become so pathetic that renaming it Airplane Dial-Up would be unfair to dial-up.
RT @nytstyles: In-flight Wi-Fi has become so pathetic that renaming it Airplane Dial-Up would be unfair to dial-up.
What does that have to do with making an airplane look like a cigarette? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Loading bar. - Andrew C (✔)
I thought it was an IUD - Steve C, Team Marina
Alternatives to Evite that don’t totally suck on mobile. Go!
... Facebook? - Stephen Mack
Mailing a letter? - Steve C, Team Marina
Mailing a letter doesn't work at all on mobile. :p And it needs to work for people who have an email address, but not Facebook. (Evite lets you send to an email and people can respond without signing up for Evite if they don't want to.) And it needs to keep track of RSVPs and "what to bring" for potlucks. For some reason Evite won't let you see the "what to bring" functionality on mobile. - Jandy
Have you tested the G+ event functionality? I have no idea if it's capable of doing what you're looking to do, but it's probably worth checking if you haven't already. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Steve C, Team Marina
Father Junipero Serra to be elevated to sainthood, Pope Francis says - LA Times -
Father Junipero Serra to be elevated to sainthood, Pope Francis says - LA Times
"Catching most of the Catholic faithful by surprise, Pope Francis announced Thursday that he plans to canonize Father Junipero Serra, the 18th-century Spanish Franciscan priest both revered and reviled for founding nine missions in California." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Before Serra's arrival, hundreds of thousands of indigenous people had lived in what is today California. But the mission system imposed pressure on Indians to assimilate while also exposing thousands to foreign diseases, wiping out villages, native animals and plants. "Most Indians who came to missions didn't live very long," Hackel said. "Those baptized lived short lives. "It was an... more... - Steve C, Team Marina
This may be a moot point, but can't they just stop making saints? It seems so archaic and goofy. And something like this instance is downright disrespectful to the native people who were harassed by this dude. I just don't like it. - Jenny H. from Android
Guess the streets, hills, schools etc around here that bear his name ain't enough huh. Haven't read the article. Saints have to have performed a miracle right? What was Serra's miracle? - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Becoming a saint? - Todd Hoff
The first miracle attributed to Junipero Serra was the cure of nun from lupus. - Janet
Victor Ganata
9 Reasons You Really Need to Go to Sleep - MoJo
"Sleep deprivation screws with your metabolism. In a study of glucose regulation, scientists found that restricting the sleep of young men to four hours per night for six nights in a row profoundly impaired their ability to metabolize carbohydrates." - Victor Ganata
"Lack of sleep hurts your ability to fight disease…. 'If I give you just four hours of sleep for one night, your immune system function is impaired by about 70 percent,' says Walker. 'So there's a catastrophic implosion of your immune system health.'" - Victor Ganata
aka: don't have babies. All those things come true with little bundles of joy/snot. - Steve C, Team Marina
"Not getting enough sleep likely increases your risk of cancer. Sleep disruptions are so toxic that even partial sleep deprivation can decrease the numbers of cancer-killing cells circulating in your body." - Victor Ganata
TIL that getting into a bowl of sugar pretty much requires a full bath. It's like sand but way stickier.
TIL that getting into a bowl of sugar pretty much requires a full bath. It's like sand but way stickier.
just dunk her in your tea to give it a little southern sweat tea flavor - Steve C, Team Marina
Andrew C (✔)
Day-to-day, the TED talk that's changed my life the most was the one about drying your hands with just one paper towel.
That one blew my mind... - Chris Topher
What? Unpossible. - Joe
That's Brilliant. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Shake.... - Steve C, Team Marina
OMG! I tried this today. It really freaking works. Do it everybody. Shake and fold!! - Marina's Godmother :-)
I concur. Worked like a charm. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Steve C, Team Marina
To mark the release of their upcoming album, No Cities To Love, Sleater-Kinney asked some of their friends to film themselves singing the title track.
I love Sleater-Kinney so much. - Stephen Mack
I won't lie, I almost cried when they announced they were coming back together for a new album. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Nellie Oleson
Let me show you how your pussy works...
But I have an outie - Steve C, Team Marina
Bye, Steve! Lmaoooo - Nellie Oleson from Android
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