Steve C, Team Marina
Women Spot Snakes Faster Before Their Periods - Yahoo! News -
Dwight Schrute would be jealous: A new study suggests that women can detect snakes faster during the premenstrual phase of their menstrual cycles. The quirky character on the sitcom "The Office" has plenty of theories about both snakes and menstruation, including a color-coded chart for the cycles of his female co-workers, but even he didn't see this one coming. Study researchers say the idea makes sense, as fluctuating hormones can influence the amygdala, a brain region responsible for fear and anxiety. During the luteal phase, or premenstrual portion, of the menstrual cycle, women are quicker at detecting photos of snakes, a threatening stimulus, than they are during the early and late follicular phase of the cycle, when the ovaries prepare to release an egg. - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
There women go with their falic obsessions. PS who studies this??? - Steve C, Team Marina
O.o. Exactly. Who studies this and why?? - Tamara J. B.
It sounds like the scientists are the ones with the phallic obsessions. - John (bird whisperer)
and they make this data available on int'l womens day ?? - Peter Dawson
So that Snakes on a Plane movie would have played out very differently if it starred a woman, eh? ;) - Soup in a TARDIS
++ Soup.. - Peter Dawson