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laura x
Male Birth Control, Without Condoms, Will Be Here by 2017 via @CousinDangereux
Male Birth Control, Without Condoms, Will Be Here by 2017 via @CousinDangereux
" It promises to be a parsimonious solution to the age-old problem of preventing unwanted pregnancies. This is nothing short of Occam’s razor for your testicles. While the way Vasalgel works inside a man’s body might be simple, its cultural impact would be complex. The Religious Right, in particular, has grown accustomed to a world in which regulating access to birth control means regulating women’s bodies, rather than men’s bodies." - Steve C Team Marina
Note: "Occam’s razor for your testicles" is a LOUSY marketing slogan. - Steele Lawman
LOL - lris
I am WAITING for the day that a birth control story discusses the ongoing need for safe, legal, affordable abortions AND the need for pre and postnatal care, parental leave, and affordable child care. Hasn't happened yet, though, because everyone suffers under the illusion that if everyone just had birth control, there'd be no problems. - laura x from iPhone
They should put that into Nattie Lite as an additive. - Eric - It's My Thing
(Not that I'm bitter or anything) - laura x from iPhone
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
pretty sure my therapist just pulled me from the brink of a total meltdown without even realizing it. Lord help me the day she retires from practice.
on a related note, it's okay for me to admit that I am scared and nervous and irritated and little hurt that today is my last day of full-time salaried employment of 8 years, and it all seems pathetically unceremonious and sad. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
and I should not have watched Girl Most Likely last night. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Hugs, you deserve a meltdown really you do. A major life changing event is hitting you and you did nothing to precipitate this event. Hugs sent your way. - Janet
thank you, Janet. I think I'm going to take myself out to dinner. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Isabella Brown
How to Make Compost -
How to Make Compost
How to Make Compost
How to Make Compost
رونوشت، بهار، مه یا و عسل - Mahdi
مرسی - Mahyaa
I hate moose being fake drunk, don't you? 'Drunk' Moose Terrorizing Sweden Probably Not Even Drunk: Scientist
I hate moose being fake drunk, don't you? 'Drunk' Moose Terrorizing Sweden Probably Not Even Drunk: Scientist
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
This young guy at the pub is adorable y'all. Adorable! I probably shouldn't be talking to him. He went out to his car to get a cd he wants me to listen to. How cute is that?
I would have been more impressed had he gone to get a mixtape - Steve C Team Marina
Let me know when he goes to his car to *make* a mixtape. - Bren
ha. I love my ffeed peanut gallery. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
in all fairness, I think he may have been trying to pitch on behalf of his friend who we met through. apparently the cd is that other guy's old band. which makes him even cuter I think. plus it turns out he's a ceramic artist. adorable! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
this cd turns out to be pretty good actually. sounds like a tightened up pavement with southern angst. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
DB, Lil LB's Dad
We realized we hadn't done any formal pictures of Lincoln in a while. The situation was rectified this past weekend. #babyburnsnumber1
What a gorgeous family! - Anika
Beautiful! - Anne Bouey
The kid is super cute and all but your wife's a babe. :) - Steve C Team Marina
You know it Steve. I wonder every day how I ended up with such a beautiful catch. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Note to selves. Don't schedule a photo shoot in the middle of what's supposed your baby's normal nap time. I'm honestly surprised we got any usable shots. He was not a happy camper for most of our time there. These are literally the best shots. That said I think these came out well. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Walt Crawford
For those of you who don't already check NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day daily, you gotta see today's: A full rainbow--the full circle--with most of a double around it:
Wow! - Marie
That's AMAZING! - Iain Baker
In case it wasn't obvious, I'm also suggesting adding that site to your daily review list--the pictures are always informative and frequently spectacular. Even if they can cause an ongoing time sink like my wife's fascination with the live camera feeds from ISS... - Walt Crawford
But... where's the end? Where's the pot o' gold? - Betsy
Where it's always been, I'm afraid. - Walt Crawford
DB, Lil LB's Dad
Do kids ever sleep through the night? Our Little Man just hit the 14 month mark and I can count on 2 hands (only needing a couple of fingers on the 2nd hand) the number of times he's slept all night. Good Lord it's tiring.
I just woke up 2 hours ago and I'm already in need of a nap. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
There will be a time where they want to sleep until 2PM. Trust me. - Eric - It's My Thing
We're in the preparation phases for welcoming Baby Burns #2. I don't think I'm ever going to sleep again. Ugh. I miss uninterrupted sleep. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Well, boo for sleep deprivation, but YAY for Baby Burns #2! - vicster: full-bodied
Our's is at 3.5 months and have reverted back to waking up every two hours. You are nuts but congrats on Baby Burns 2 - Steve C Team Marina
At about 4 years, they suddenly want to sleep all night, and never want to get out of bed in the morning! - Iain Baker
TBH ages 3 - 5 were the worst. They not only wake up in the middle of the night, but they crawl in bed with you and stab your armpits, eyes and nether regions with their tiny toes of hate. - Anika
Linky has the toes of hate working already. Man that dude has some strong toes. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Steve C: This was very unexpected. We were planning (correction I was planning) on starting the process again next summer when little man turned two. Adoption is a grueling process for all involved. I wasn't all that enthused about jumping right back in with both feet so soon. That being said this opportunity kind of came out of nowhere and we felt like we were being called to parent this child. So now we're compressing a process that took us almost 2 years the first go round into about 4 months. Fun stuff. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Things you shouldn't have to explain:
How to find a guide to the guides to the literature. - Joe
how to spell your name - Iain Baker
How to achieve peace in the Israeli--Palestinian conflict - Todd Hoff
Estimating the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. - Joe
*wanders past, banging coconuts* - Iain Baker
:) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @stayathomemum: Goodbye Stranger Danger: Introducing the Tricky Person - a great piece on child safety - @HopsctchHarmony
RT @stayathomemum: Goodbye Stranger Danger: Introducing the Tricky Person - a great piece on child safety  - @HopsctchHarmony
Tricky people: Ask children for help (safe grownups go to other adults for help) Tell children to keep a secret from their parents. Teach children: Not to do anything, go anywhere or take anything from ANY adults unless they ask for parent permission first That if they can’t check with a parent first, then the answer is NO! They don’t have to be polite if they feel scared or uncomfortable. It’s ok to say NO to a grown up Secrets that make them feel uneasy need to be shared with a parent - Steve C Team Marina
15 Health Benefits of Saffron You Didn’t Know Yet | Health Digezt -
15 Health Benefits of Saffron You Didn’t Know Yet | Health Digezt
Show all
One of the most costly yet effective spices in the world, saffron is derived from the flowers of Saffron Crocus or Crocus Sativus. Saffron is considered to be the “Golden Spice”, which is not only used in making and cooking exotic dishes, but is also excellent for skin and health problems. The exceptional colour, zest, and various other properties of saffron provide it superb medicinal and culinary characters that make it a distinguished spice, globally. Mostly known for including in eatables, saffron has various health benefits that make it a wonderful spice. Saffron promotes overall well-being of a person, and it contains many plant derived chemical components, which are known to thwart various diseases if used in cooking on the daily basis. - Mahdi from Bookmarklet
m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Happy Birthday, Iain Baker!
Happy birthday! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday! - Anne Bouey
Happy Birthday! - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday! - Corinne L
Happy birthday, Iain! - Big Joe Silence
Happy Birthday music hero! - Steve C Team Marina
Happy happy! - Meg VMeg
Happy birthday Iain! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday, man. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday, Iain! - vicster: full-bodied
Happy happy! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Happy birthday! - Stephen Mack
Hope you've had a great day! - Signs Point to LB from Android
Happy birthday - Eric - It's My Thing
Happiest of birthdays! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Happy belated birthday! - Jenny H. from Android
Aw, thanks everyone! Had a wonderful day, party in the garden, with friends, family, food and wine until the wee small hours. All good x - Iain Baker
Victor Ganata
OK, seven hours of sleep does work a lot better than caffeine.
But I still need the caffeine :) - Victor Ganata
Off-season at Åmotdammen by Jenny Hansen / 500px -
Off-season at Åmotdammen by Jenny Hansen / 500px
"Fall foliage reflects off the water at Åmotdammen reservoir in Østmarka, east of Oslo, Norway." - Eivind from Bookmarklet
Aww. You pulled in my photo! <3 - Jenny H. from Android
wait, how did I NOT know Jenny Badass was a super talented photographer? I'm slipping. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
LOL, just an amateur with a passion. ;) - Jenny H. from Android
Beautiful autumn... - Mahdi
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @depresseddarth: When someone asks if you like Star Wars
RT @depresseddarth: When someone asks if you like Star Wars
Luis Suarez Can't Bite Any FIFA Players Until October 26
Luis Suarez Can't Bite Any FIFA Players Until October 26
Shannon - GlassMistress
"HoHoHo" always make me think of Brett Butler and her MIL arriving at the door saying HoHoHo ... "Who you callin' ho!?!) LOL - Shannon - GlassMistress
Sold! Woot! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Have you ever tried making the Grinch? - Jenny
I have not. To be honest I avoid most well known characters because I'm a chicken. There's a lady who puts Mickey ears on everything ... I'd be afraid the Disney legal team would be standing on my stoop the next morning. I make and sell such characters when asked, but I don't make them for stock and sales. Also, I've found its darn difficult to make someone else's character look right? I was asked to do a Totoro, simple right. Took me five tries! :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
what should I get my father for his birthday? your guess is as good as mine.
what he wants is drugs I can't put through the mail. he'll be 78, I think, meaning I feel like I've gotten him every conceivable gift at some point. what else is there? EDIT: he would also love a new Camaro, which ain't happening. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
a gross of guitar picks with his name on them? not flippant, just grasping. - Big Joe Silence
Can you have his lawn spiked with a million pink plastic flamingos? - Meg VMeg
Joe, long story why, but that would actually be weird. Meg, great idea, alas not doable unless we know someone in Tallahassee. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
*mind blown* - Big Joe Silence
he loves science and nature stuff, yet he bitches about "having too much crap" so I don't know.... former Marine weightlifting champion pothead old man into sci-fi and nature stuff. you know, the usual. ;) - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
ZOMG, MEG! that is frickn awesome. sadly he is in Leon county. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
he recently got a tablet of some kind and is learning how to use it... I think he'd like a Mars Rover app or something, but I have no idea what he can or cannot manage tech-wise. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
how about a subscription to Discover Magazine? Not sexy, but kinda fun? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Rudi, that might be the ticket. you're a genius! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I buy my folks books for their Kindle and have them delivered throughout their birthday week. Also tickets for stuff is always a hit. - SAM
SAM, I think he has a nook actually... hmmm. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
If he has an iOS device, The Elements is a cool science app. - Spidra Webster
This is a cool catalog for neat-o science meets Archie McPhee things: - Spidra Webster
Red ginseng with a bow on it - Louis Haygood
Does he like to build things? Does he have a backyard and perhaps a neighbor he doesn't like? - April Russo
California's Ongoing Drought Linked To Climate Change -
California's Ongoing Drought Linked To Climate Change
California's Ongoing Drought Linked To Climate Change
"Using a sophisticated combination of computer simulations and statistical techniques, scientists at Stanford University have shown that the extreme atmospheric conditions associated with California's lengthy drought are likely caused by today's global warming conditions. The new research shows that the immediate cause of the California drought appears to be a stubborn "blocking ridge" over the northeastern Pacific, which climate scientists have charmingly dubbed the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, or "Triple R." It prevented winter storms from reaching California during the 2013 and 2014 rain seasons. And according to lead researcher Noah Diffenbaugh, this persistent region of high atmospheric pressure was much more likely to form in the presence of modern greenhouse gas concentrations." - Me from Bookmarklet
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
As of midnight, it is my kid sister's 21st birthday. Just wow. She is such an awesome young woman.
Happy birthday! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
So the Australian government's welfare reforms violate our UN Human Rights obligations. Hey, at least they're consistent asshole. #auspol
Don't worry - our govt. also does things that violate UN treaties and obligations all the time. Turns out they don't fine you or anything. Oh yeah - we don't pay our UN bill either. - Brian Johns
The thing is, this government used the UN Human Rights stuff as a massive hammer against the previous government in an effort to win power - Johnny from iPhone
laura x
This is the last of my BA.
sallie mae.JPG
Refuse to pay. :P Seriously though, congratulations. That's excellent! - Soup in a TARDIS
I'm on the last few months of paying for grad school. :-) - laura x
Awesome! - Soup in a TARDIS
Shannon - GlassMistress
Obligatory salon dryer pic.
Shannon is being beemed up to the mothership! - Steve C Team Marina
laura x
PSA: Early to mid-stage R.E.M.: still good. Of course, I did go back to Rockville. Twice.
Talk About the Passion. - Steve C Team Marina
Did you never call? I waited for your call ... - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Not only deadlier, smarter too. - Steele Lawman
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
It's Monday and raining. I woke up around 6-ish and decided to stay up, get dressed (in outside clothes), and go somewhere as practice for getting back to regular living hours again (maybe, someday). Walked down to the corner store for a few things. Point of the story is, I successfully talked to people in a nice way before I had any coffee in me.
on a rainy Monday morning just after sun-up, I might add. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Teach us your ways ;) - Pete : Team Marina
I'm still recovering from the shock myself. Perhaps after I've had some coffee, I can reflect on what made this phenomenon possible. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
We are not worthy - MoTO: Team Marina
also the outing reminded me that the crossing guard on my corner is wonderful. don't know her name yet, but I can tell she's a lovely person by the way she always says hello to me, even though I have nothing to do with getting kids to or from the school down the street. I see her once in awhile on the other end of the school day; totally forgot that kids would be going to school around now bc I'm never out at this hour. So I got to see her and exchange comments about a rainy Monday morning. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
There has to be a certain amount of awesome in one's person to want to be a crossing guard, IMO. They sure don't do it for the $$ - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Nine's crossing guard was awesome. She gave all the kids candy canes on St Nicholas' Day.One day my mom was out walking and stepped off the curb in front of "Ms Gert" and she yelled "Hey! Susannah's Nana! Wait until I cross you! She knew Susannah's name AND her Nana. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
When Susannah started first grade, Ms Gert said "I remember you from when you carried her to the pediatrician in the Snugli." - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
m9m, I rode past the school bus on my way home a minute ago and smiled remembering your crossing guard story. thanks for sharing! I can totally see that happening in Bawlmur. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
laura x
I am now taking name suggestions for the new x-mobile, which will be here in a few days. It will be a baseline 2014 Subaru Impreza in either blue or silver. Go!
The X-Mobile - Catherine Pellegrino
The My Story Machine - Pete : Team Marina
Subaruversive - Pete : Team Marina
Imprezi *grins, ducks, runs* - RepoRat
Jack. - Marianne
I always suggest the name Urabus for a Subaru. - A Gunny named Slickback
Previous cars have been Viktor ('98 Honda Civic), Maximus ('87 Chevy Nova, named for Charles Olson's Maximus poems), the Phoenix ('83 Subaru that I drove for one summer), the Sphinx ('86 Volvo wagon), and the Octopus ('84 Chevy Cavalier). Weirdly I never named my most recent car ('00 Subaru Outback) or the one I've had on loan since January ('00 Toyota 4Runner). - laura x
New Rambler - maʀtha
Midnight Blue? then Midnight Rambler. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Oooh. I like Midnight Rambler. I might just call it Midnight. - laura x
Jason Toney
RT @joshacagan: good news, DC, I fixed it for you
RT @joshacagan: good news, DC, I fixed it for you
Holly's favorite Anna
I love this so hard. - Hookuh Tinypants
I want to do this at a con, but I'd need a group. - Holly's favorite Anna
Jason Toney
RT @metrolibrary: 28 years ago today: Metro Red Line Groundbreaking, with L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley, Sept. 29, 1986.
RT @metrolibrary: 28 years ago today: Metro Red Line Groundbreaking, with L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley, Sept. 29, 1986.
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