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Yep. This deserves promotion, all right. -
Another measure of the GOP's increasing distance from reality -
Why does Paul Krugman have to be right about everything? -
In a better world, just saying "context matters" would suffice -
Oh, this is such a good read -
From the Department of Better You Than Me -
So. Not actually ALL bad. -
And you thought that label for those posts of mine was just libtard mewling -
So, the good thing about the government shutdown is ... -
Science: It's cool, bitchez -
Or, you might be two steps behind, and headed in the wrong direction -
Some new research on crack and meth addiction. Or "addiction." -
The mind reels. (But, really, how else to stay on track with Ms. Noonan?) -
Line of the Day: 2013-09-13 -
Eleven-dimensional chess now goes to twelve -
Actually, Andrew Bacevich, the correct answers are ... -
Moar Christians like this one, plz -
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