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Missed this last week, but ... -
Oh, man. Cosby on Colbert? -
Hey. Stop living my dream. -
Oh, you must read this article by E. O. Wilson -
Line of the Day: 2014-09-19 -
Line of the Day: 2014-09-16 -
Can you imagine? Never mind fluoridation, this would make chem trails fall right off the radar. -
What could possibly go wrong? -
The magical free market sparkle pony gives you the bestest cheapest cell phone service!!!1! -
Line of the Day: 2014-08-24 -
What's black and white and read all over? -
The first thing we do, let's kill all the humans -
On the upside, he's now got more time to go on the down-low -
Statistically improbable phrase of the day -
Um ... yeah. Well, I certainly aspire ... -
John McWhorter: "Txtng is killing language. JK!!!" -
If there were ever a number you'd think no one would underestimate ... -
Welp, we might as well try a little psywar -
Line of the Day: 2014-07-08 -
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