The first thing we do, let's kill all the humans -
On the upside, he's now got more time to go on the down-low -
Statistically improbable phrase of the day -
Um ... yeah. Well, I certainly aspire ... -
John McWhorter: "Txtng is killing language. JK!!!" -
If there were ever a number you'd think no one would underestimate ... -
Welp, we might as well try a little psywar -
Line of the Day: 2014-07-08 -
Lines of the Day: 2014-05-28 -
On this Memorial Day, I would like everyone in the blogosphere to ... -
Line of the Day: 2014: 05-18-2014 -
Anyone have Dennis Lehane's email address? -
Line of the Day: 2014-05-06 -
A somewhat alarming piece of litter -
Yep. This deserves promotion, all right. -
Another measure of the GOP's increasing distance from reality -
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