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Actually, Andrew Bacevich, the correct answers are ... -
Moar Christians like this one, plz -
Not getting enough Nice Time™ ... -
Line of the Day: 2013-08-25 -
Hey, Google "+". You know enough about me ... -
Good night, and good luck -
Yeah, sure. Like we don't already know the answer will be "Derp!!!1!" -
And you were worried about our coming ROBOT overlords -
Michael Bloomberg: Ultimately, a legacy of utter failure -
Line of the Day: 2013-08-23 -
Huh. You mean some other country is even dumber than the US about what it classifies? -
Line of the Day: 2013-08-19 -
Good piece on Dave Chapelle -
Doghouse's Olios are always good -
So, despite the DH, not really so different after all -
Fundamentalist religion, summed up -
Yeah, yeah. Fish in a barrel. But when the master is holding the shotgun .. -
Did you know Carl Zimmer now has a NYT column? -
I've long known that winning the silver can be painful, but this is news to me -
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