Ms. Fishko considers the honorific Ms. Do give a listen. One of the delicious things about NYC radio.
Because you need to know about the Bechdel test.
I'm a member, in good standing, of the Letter Writers Alliance and recommend you join too.
I can always count on The Millions for an interesting read. Here's proof:
Because this is San Francisco. Saturday's Naked Bike Ride.
RT @gapingvoid: When taking selfies becomes a mystical experience, you know you've lost the plot.
RT @VanityFair: The stars of the cult classic My Dinner with Andre reunite at the Vanity Fair offices
RT @Salon: "I find it tragic that Southerners are so careless & willfully blind about which history they choose to love..."
RT @Q2music: Now Streaming: Lisa Moore spins music for many hands! Here's Julia Wolfe's "My Lips from Speaking" for 6 pianos.
Bull Durham's "I Believe In..." speech -
Bull Durham's "I Believe In..." speech
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