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Brandon Titus

Brandon Titus

A college student in Denver, CO who dabbles in IT, web and software development, social media, and the outdoors.
bjtitus on UIColorCSSConvertible - Define UIColors with CSS color strings -
"This would be useful for reading in colors from a file or something, not a replacement for in-code colors." - Brandon Titus
bjtitus on I'm trying to find more information on why Unlimited ended, but I can't find any relevant articles when I search. Any help? Perhaps you have some info? -
"Google says Unlimited has no mobile support" - Brandon Titus
Just discovered Editor > Embed In > View thanks to @tyson_tune. Not perfect, but a lot better than copying things around manually.
Just discovered Editor > Embed In > View thanks to @tyson_tune. Not perfect, but a lot better than copying things by manually.
bjtitus on Is AT&T Next a good option to get iPhone 6? -
"This appears to be correct: "Limit 4 financed devices per wireless account may apply" from:" - Brandon Titus
I love this: Michael Bay’s Up
RT @mercury: Do you use Illustrator to design for iOS? Download our FREE iOS 7 vector UI kit here:
Suspect charged with homicide in shooting of Sierra Guyton
American Players Theatre's 'The Seagull'
A reason for optimism on Packers’ offensive line
Egg-shaped eco-friendly bike hits city streets, turns heads
RT @mercury: Haven't mastered Swift yet? That's OK...we still want you! Send your iOS dev resume to to get in on the Mercury action!
Quickly calculate any day of the week from a date with John Conway’s Doomsday rule. This is incredibly awesome:
RT @steveofmaine: You should be playing @crosslygame! Classic Crosswords, friendly competition. Accessible and awesome!
RT @geoffkeighley: All I have to say is this.
RT @TimothyWhalin: A case study on designing the new Foursquare by @sambrown
The icon for Mantle is very cool.
Those product videos where people hold iPads upside down.
I’m pretty sure brocade is something entirely different that @beckblack just answered on @crosslygame:
RT @drdrang: I stopped using regexes on the command line to rename files when I got Better Rename. On sale for $2 now
RT @dteare: I made a thing.
bjtitus on Monthly APPreciation Thread for July 2014 -
"[**Crossly**]( A 2-player competitive crosswords game with a few unique twists. Plug for a game I worked on. We had a lot of fun making this game and wanted to bring a great two player experience to crosswords. Price: Free (IAP is optional) Link: [App Store]( Please comment or PM with any feedback" - Brandon Titus
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