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Brandon Titus

Brandon Titus

A college student in Denver, CO who dabbles in IT, web and software development, social media, and the outdoors.
RT @adouglas20: Having too much fun with this one...” @mercury
Based on reactions from Twitter, it sounds like the success of smartphone assistants is joke and easter egg quality.
I can't be the only one who thought Don might fall off that balcony.
RT @GameOfThrones: "And not a soul to hear." @SigurRos performing "The Rains of Castamere" in #TheLionandTheRose #GameofThrones
RT @tylerhall: Minion for Mac is live! /cc @bradchoate Please report bugs!
If anyone wants a @KeybaseIO invite, I have a few.
Verifying myself: I am bjtitus on BvKwU12GPHMrNRQcbDe9SAc0jDyfzVm-_dzc /
Think I’ll stick with @picturelife over @carouselapp for the time being.
Verifying myself: I am bjtitus on 0N31qN9Lvu59vFFW0PbYKuWCxV9W3znoRZPU /
Definitely enjoyed Silicon Valley. Especially the first 15 minutes.
Now this is something different:
Random selection for WWDC 2014:
Somehow my old Flickr account has gotten into a state where it is no longer attached to a yahoo account and I have to call to get it fixed…
It looks like Square Cash is available in Tennessee now! @seekbus
RT @elakdawalla: RT @CPPGeophysics: See tsunami waves coming in real time on Pisagua Sea Level Monitoring station:
RT @Horse_iOS: We strongly encourage you to adopt Auto Layout in your apps. Very strongly. No reason. We just do. But seriously, a bigass iPhone is coming
RT @jvaleski: The Danger of Wet Floors - this guys' stuff is amazing!
RT @jvaleski: The Danger of Wet Floors - this guys' stuff is amazing!
Just spent 30 minutes trying to get a movie from @iTunesMovies to play on an Apple TV. Wonder if this was Jobs' "cracking it".
Verifying myself: I am bjtitus on nHRuTeYY1ToqDDASJt_Sy2NzzsdYAkjGH6vK /
RT @hannibalburess: This is America's Next Great Action Hero
RT @SteveStreza: I was just enjoying space and then Facebook paid way too much money for a thing again dammit
RT @mike_matas: The Beauty of Mathematics. They played this video at the beginning of one of the TED sessions this year. Love it.
Lazify on Spotify is my favorite new find. Just drag in some tracks for a similar playlist.
Ya know, just playing the @Twitterrific Flappy Bird clone.
RT @rcw3: Yay! My first attempt at authoring (co-authoring more accurately) is now available…
Videos from @Prismatic’s Expressive Objective-C Night are up here:
Another day, another language extension because, what else is there to do?
Love this TIME cover
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