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Brandon Titus

Brandon Titus

A college student in Denver, CO who dabbles in IT, web and software development, social media, and the outdoors.
I’m pretty sure brocade is something entirely different that @beckblack just answered on @crosslygame:
RT @drdrang: I stopped using regexes on the command line to rename files when I got Better Rename. On sale for $2 now
bjtitus on Monthly APPreciation Thread for July 2014 -
"[**Crossly**]( A 2-player competitive crosswords game with a few unique twists. Plug for a game I worked on. We had a lot of fun making this game and wanted to bring a great two player experience to crosswords. Price: Free (IAP is optional) Link: [App Store]( Please comment or PM with any feedback" - Brandon Titus
How come no one told me Omar is in Boardwalk Empire!?
RT @helveticade: Visualising algorithms.
Check out @crosslygame, our first @mercury game. It is unimaginably fun 2-player crosswords (and it’s free to play)
Go check out @crosslygame, our first @mercury game. It’s a 2 player crosswords game:
RT @gittower: Tower 2 is here! The best Git client just got even better
RT @fredbenenson: THIS IS AMAZING RT @waxpancake: Loop Findr, an open-source tool for finding seamless loops in videos -> GIFs:
"Definitively" Prawn Cocktail flavored chips.
RT @nycjim: Train derails in Montana, dumping Boeing fuselages into river. #trainsplanes
Been using @picturelife for a while and love it. Great update today: @viticci has an overview:
Very disappointing. Lightroom’s UI has always looked so terrible to me.
Best new feature of Yosemite? The option+click wifi menu now lists IP address, router IP, and Internet reachability.
RT @chockenberry: I can't help but thinking "how are ads going to screw this up?" with everything we've seen this morning.
Finding myself adding extensions for all kinds of things in Swift. Not sure if that is good or bad.
Storm closing in on @mercury yesterday.
Glad to hear @chipotletweets won at Cannes for their fantastic scarecrow ad with iOS game
Finding a lot of playback bugs in Amazon Music. Somehow I managed to play a song and can’t find anywhere to stop it without refreshing.
RT @BoulderiOS: Hello Boulder! Don't miss our June meetup @occipital will be presenting their sensor SDK
Still holding out for exit numbers on Apple Maps on iOS 8.
RT @jrpowers: We’ve just launched an awesome shipping countdown for all our Kickstarter backers.
RT @trey: Oh, you know. Just sitting in my FORREST OFFICE writing a blog post. The usual.
RT @Mapbox: We just open sourced Mapbox GL and it’s ready for any map styling that you can imagine:
RT @ghoseb: Learn Swift - A curated list of helpful resources about #swiftlang
Really interesting update to Editorial:
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